Ultima: Everything you need to know about this brand of dog kibble

ultima dog food

Ultima is a very popular dog and cat food brand among European consumers.

Indeed, this one has convinced a large number of pet adopters, who offer kibble and canned food to their beloved dogs every day. Note that the canned food is only available for felines, as Ultima does not yet offer canned food for dogs.

But what are Ultima dog kibbles really worth? In this article, find out everything you need to know about the brand and its products: history, values, composition and ingredients.

Presentation of the brand

Ultima is a brand that belongs to Affinity Petcare, a Spanish company that has been an expert in animal nutrition for some 40 years. It is a real player on the European market, competing with other big names.

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From this company was born the Affinity Foundation in Spain. It carries out actions in favour of the wellbeing of animals, especially dogs and cats. The foundation fights, among other things, against the abandonment of animals by raising awareness about adoption.

In addition to taking care of the happiness of animals, the Affinity Foundation takes care of humans through our beloved pets. Indeed, animals have an undeniable impact on humans' mental health. The foundation therefore carries out actions in this regard, whether with disabled people, elderly people in homes or isolated people.

By buying Ultima brand kibbles, you indirectly donate funds to the Affinity Foundation and support all the actions carried out for animals and humans.

The recipe composition of Ultima kibbles

The Ultima brand promises complete, balanced and varied dog food with mainly natural ingredients.

First, Ultima lists animal proteins as the main ingredients in its kibbles: chicken, lamb, beef, and turkey.

To ensure that your dog has a more complete diet, Ultima has added a variety of vegetables to the kibble recipes, including peas, carrots and mineral sources. Finally, rice, barley and cereals complete the recipes.

Recently, recipes have also been developed to allow pets to significantly boost their natural defences by adding natural prebiotics. Prebiotics are food substances that are designed to rebalance the intestinal flora by acting directly on the microbiota of living beings, including dogs. There are all sorts of ingredients in which prebiotics are naturally found. Among the best known are rye, leek, onion, chicory, barley and dandelion.

Ultima dog food therefore provides all the energy sources our dogs need and ensures their vitality on a daily basis.

The classic Ultima range

These are the classic kibbles, which can be found in sub-ranges adapted to the different needs of dogs, since they all have specific needs depending on their age or whether they are sterilized or not.

Ultima also differentiates between dogs of different sizes and weights, as there are sub-ranges for mini dogs (under 10 kg) and for med-max dogs (from 10 kg). To vary the pleasures, these croquettes are offered with beef and chicken.

The natural range

This range contains a higher level of protein than in the classic range of kibbles. This means that they are closer to the natural dog diet. Indeed, dogs are carnivorous animals so proteins must be at the heart of their diet. This range is available in several flavours: lamb, chicken, and grain-free recipes (no grain) with turkey.

In addition to these two ranges, Ultima offers treats to please your dog. Once again, these products are designed to suit your dog. In particular, there are light biscuits designed to control your pet's weight while giving him a few treats.

So you should be able to find what you need at a low price with Ultima, no matter what your dog's needs, specifications and tastes are.

Ultima kibbles: a safe value?

One of the reasons why the Ultima brand is so popular is that its products are available on the shelves of a large number of stores. The brand has also made a name for itself through advertising campaigns. You probably haven't missed the Ultima ad in which several breeds of dogs, including a magnificent Westie, play the leading roles.

Moreover, the quality of Ultima kibbles is renowned as superior to other brands of kibbles that are available at the same price. But what do consumers really think?

While Ultima dog food recipes are balanced with quality products, customer reviews are mixed.

Some consumers have complained about the low protein content compared to competing brands, as well as the high cereal content. In response to this, the brand has developed kibbles that can meet the needs of its customers: Nature kibbles with a cereal-free recipe.

Other dog owners have noticed some digestive problems with their pets after offering them Ultima menus. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to make a gradual transition when offering this brand of kibble to your dog.

We are interested in your opinion about Ultima dog food!

If you too have chosen Ultima dog food, don't hesitate to give us your opinion on your experience and that of your dog.

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