A Police Officer Saves A Dog Tied To A Porch In Freezing Weather

man saves dog tied outside freezing

In the dead of night, with temperatures plummeting to a bone-chilling -20ºF, Officer McCombs was on his routine patrol.

His mission was simple yet profound: to look out for dogs in distress.

What he didn't expect was to find a dog chained to a porch, left to fend for herself in the harsh cold.

Moved by the sight, he approached her with dog treats in hand, his heart heavy with a mix of anger and resolve.

“I was angry because it was intentional. Who could do this? Somebody had the thought of I'm gonna chain this dog to a porch and leave her there while she's completely malnourished,” Officer McCombs expressed his disbelief and frustration to The Dodo.

Without a second thought, he untied the dog.

The Rescue

The rescue was nothing short of a dramatic turnaround for the frightened canine.

“She was petrified, her tail was lagging between her legs. She just bolted and just jumped into the car,” recounted Officer McCombs, describing the dog's mix of fear and sudden hope.

Once in the car, the warmth and the offer of food seemed to wash away her fears momentarily.

“You could tell in her face she was like ‘I'm safe,'” he observed, witnessing a silent but profound moment of relief.

Despite the warmth, the harsh reality of her condition was evident in the frostbite that nipped at the tips of her ears.

The next step was to take her to an animal shelter, a place of safety but also of uncertainty.

Officer McCombs's heart ached as he pondered, “Who's gonna take care of this dog? This dog deserves better than a 4 by 8 crate.”

The Adoption

The story could have ended there, with the dog safe in a shelter, but fate had a different plan.

Officer McCombs, touched by her resilience and perhaps by a bond that had begun to form, decided to adopt her.

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Integrating her into his home, he observed her cautious exploration of this new world.

“She had no idea how to dog. She wouldn't jump on the couch, she wouldn't jump on my bed. Like what dog doesn't like peanut butter?” Officer McCombs

But with time, patience, and a lot of love, she began to embrace her new life, running and playing with the joy only a rescued dog can show.

“It makes me feel grateful for what I have, seeing what she didn't have,” Officer McCombs reflected, grateful for the journey they had embarked on together.

Now, with her tail wagging in constant motion, it's clear she's found not just a home, but a companion who saw her worth and chose to act on it.

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