8 Dogs That Look Like Deer

greyhound in a backyard

Dogs and deer are two animals that you wouldn’t naturally compare. After all, a Golden Retriever doesn’t look much like Bambi, does he? But surprisingly, there are a couple of dogs that look like deer. Trust us!

Before adopting your new pooch, it’s important to consider the dog breed carefully. Many breeds have specific requirements when it comes to grooming and exercise, which might not fit in with your lifestyle. When possible, start by going to your local dog pound. There might be plenty of deer-like dog breeds waiting for a new home!

What Makes a Dog Look Like a Deer?

Maybe it’s easiest to start out with dogs that don’t look like deer. Basically any on the lists of pups that look like teddy bears or dogs that look like lions

Rather than being hairy and many different colors, deer dogs tend to be skinny and gray or red/brown in color. Most dog breeds that look like deer have longer faces, large ears, big cute eyes, and may have a slightly unsure expression. They may have a couple of white spots on their gray or red coats and will either have a skinny tail or a very short one.

You’ll also find that deer dog breeds are generally fast and very agile. They can run over a number of different terrains, seemingly with ease!

8 Dog Breeds That Look Like a Deer

Here are 8 of the dog breeds in the world that look most like this woodland animal. All are sleek, cute, fast, and make great pets.

Pharaoh Hound

pharaoh hound skinny dog

The Pharaoh Hound is an ancient breed. Images similar to that of these dogs have even been found in the pyramids of Egypt! These sturdy, energetic pups were bred as hunting dogs. They’re intelligent and can pursue small prey over very difficult terrain.

Pharaohs are very graceful, much like deer. They have a stunning red coat, nose, paw pads, and eye rims. They also have really beautiful light-colored eyes which all dog owners just love. They require very little grooming, a weekly brush will be enough to keep them clean and their coat healthy.

Like many hunting dogs, Pharaoh Hounds need a decent amount of exercise a day to keep them healthy. Some will be happy entertaining themselves in a fenced-in yard, whereas others will need 2 daily walks.

If you’re thinking of adopting one of these stunning hounds, then you’ll need a red dog name to give them.


greyhound in a field

Greyhounds are known on the track as being one of the fastest dog breeds in the world. They also look a lot like deer. These skinny pups are wonderful, caring, and sensitive dogs that, surprisingly, don’t need a lot of exercise. A good walk will be enough to keep these dogs happy, combined with a sprint around a fenced-in yard. It’s always important to keep them on a leash when out on a walk. Greyhounds are sight hounds and will chase after smaller animals.

There are lots of standard Greyhound colors set out by the kennel clubs. There are many combinations of gray, brown, and red which really make the dog look like a red deer. They don’t require much grooming apart from the odd rub down if they’ve rolled in something. You also need to check their ears for wax build-up which could get infected.

Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound portrait

Italian Greyhounds are the much smaller version of their non-Italian cousins. They’re also an ancient breed and are thought to have been first bred in Turkey (when it was under Roman rule, hence the name). During the Renaissance period, it was very fashionable for aristocrats to have toy versions of dogs, so these dogs started to become very popular.

Italian Greyhounds really look more like fawns than deer. They’re very elegant, swift, and fast whilst running. They can easily cross many terrains. They’re wonderful family dogs and are a great mix of aristocratic hound and cuddly lap dog. This breed is good with other pups and older children who know when to give them some space. 

Their sleek fur can be in many standard colors, including red and fawn. If you’re looking for an adorable small dog, then the Italian Greyhound is a great option.

Spanish Galgo

portrait of a spanish galgo

From one European country to another. Spanish Galgos, however, are much more similar to standard Greyhounds than the mini Italians. In fact, the AKC doesn’t recognize the Spanish Greyhound as a separate breed. The United Kennel Club, however, recognized the breed in 2006

If you adopt a Spanish Greyhound you’ll be getting a pure hunting dog. They’re amazing sighthounds that can see hares, foxes, and other smaller animals from far away. They’re fast, elegant, and have the typically slender body and neck of the Greyhound family.

Their short coats can be a couple of colors including burned chestnut, cinnamon, yellow, and red. White markings are also allowed which add to the overall deer-like look.

These dogs are great companions but are also serious pups. They get on well with other dogs but need their own space too.

Podenco Canario

podenco canario sitting

This breed is another one only accepted by the UKC, not the AKC. These pups have long legs, big ears, and a sleek frame which really makes them look like deer. Like many others on the list, they’re a sighthound from the Canary Islands and are amazing hunters. They can be any combination of red and white and the red can be very pale orange or a deep mahogany color.

Podenco Canarios are serious hunters that love doing the job they’ve been given. They’re extremely friendly with their family but might take a while to warm up to those they don’t know and other canines. If you’re thinking about adopting one of these stunning hounds, then you need to be able to keep up with their exercise needs. They need a fenced-in yard to play in as well as plenty of time in the fields running around.

Ibizan Hound

ibizan hound lying down

This is an amazing, skinny tall dog breed bred to hunt rabbits in the rocky Balearic Islands. These dogs have large ears, sweet eyes, long faces, and very elegant legs which all give them a distinctly deer-like appearance. Ibizan Hounds can be white and red. The red can be orange, light brown, or a deep red color, and they usually have stunning light-colored eyes. 

Ibizan Hounds need a lot of exercise. As well as being very energetic, these dogs are known to be great jumpers so they need to be in a high, fenced-in yard. They’ll love playing as well as chasing after a frisbee or a ball. Because of their natural hunting instincts, these dogs should be kept on leashes when going for a walk. They’ll run after anything they perceive to be prey!

If you adopt an Ibizan Hound, you’ll be getting a loving dog that’s a great family pet. They’re cute, endearing, charming, and relatively easy to train. They also don’t need too much grooming. Wiping down their short and wiry coats with a slick brush with keep them healthy and clean. Check their ears for wax build-up and clean their teeth regularly.

Deer Head Chihuahua

This is not a separate Chihuahua dog breed, but rather a variation of the more common apple-headed pup. The deer-head Chihuahua tends to have a longer face, larger ears, and a little longer legs

Chihuahuas might be the smallest dog breed in the world, but they’re famed for having big dog personalities. They’ve been known to stand up for themselves in front of a Great Dane! These cheeky little dogs need lots of training otherwise they might become too dominant. They’re confident, cheery, and fun-loving canines that are wonderful family pets. They like to be the center of attention and will enjoy playing with children – although care should be taken because Chihuahuas are delicate pups.

Chihuahuas don’t need a lot of exercise although they are active. They can usually get the exercise they need from running around after balls in the home. They will also benefit from trips outdoors for extra stimulation and it’s important to socialize them. As small dogs, they make great canine companions for those in cities and apartments.


whippet left alone

Whippets are sweet, calm, and cute dogs that are somewhere between a Greyhound and an Italian Greyhound. Like the others, they’re also dogs that look like deer. Whippets can have many different coat colors, including fawn and red. They also have long faces, big ears, and inquisitive eyes.

They’re nimble, quick, and athletic dogs that love to use up their energy by sprinting around the yard. They’re also sighthounds, so need to be in fenced-in yards to stop them from running after something small. They should also be kept on a leash when going on walks.

Whippets are very calm dogs and are actually a breed that can be left alone for a while. Although we don’t recommend leaving them for long periods of time, they won’t mind curling up on the couch for a nap or entertaining themselves whilst you’re out. These dogs are soft, sweet, and affectionate. They respond best to lots of positive reinforcement and don’t like being scolded. 


There are lots of skinny, cute, big-eared dogs that look like deer. Most of them are sighthounds that have particular requirements. They need lots of daily exercise and space to sprint.

Many were bred to chase small animals over harsh terrain, so they need to be in fenced-in yards to keep them safe. It’s important you think about whether this will fit in with your lifestyle. 

All of these canines make wonderful companions for the right owner. They’re affectionate, intelligent, and maybe timid – just like deer!

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