Tuareg Sloughi, Tuareg Greyhound, South Saharan Greyhound

This sighthound, considered for a long time as a variety of Sloughi, is in fact a runner, hunter and wonderful companion. A sports or hunting master is ideal for him. He will prefer the countryman to the city dweller because he likes wide open spaces where he can run as he pleases. By devoting a little time to him, the master will have an excellent companion, hunting or running dog depending on the situation.

Height 60 to 74 cm
Weight 15 to 25 kg
Life expectancy 10 to 12 years
Hair Loss Medium
Excercise Need High
Home country Mali

Quick Overview of the Azawakh


  • Very reserved and independent
  • Nervous, but attentive
  • Gentle and loving
  • Fierce and vigilant


  • Elegant and slender
  • Dry and very fine hair
  • Aerodynamic physique
  • Fairly robust with great liveliness


  • Rustic and robust despite his appearance
  • Intolerant to confined spaces
  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Azawakh

Very reserved, nervous, attentive, gentle and affectionate, the Azawakh is rather independent in character. Fierce and vigilant, he tolerate absolutely no intrusion into his territory.

His strong and determined character requires an iron fist.

An excellent hunting dog, he can also become a good life companion, but you have to control his ardor and his rather assertive temperament. A good firm education is the key.

He is tender, gentle and affectionate with those he identifies as his family or friends but he is totally intolerant towards others. He is therefore an excellent guardian.

Unsociable and very reserved, he must receive a firm and early education. Socialization, hierarchy and obedience must be instilled in him from an early age.

azawakh personnalité

Breed Appearance


Elegant and slender, the Azawakh is a dog that exudes an impression of great finesse. His silhouette reveals his muscular and skeletal structure under dry and very fine hair.

Despite his deceptive impression of fragility, this dog is very robust and lively. His rather aerodynamic physique allows him to leap and be efficient in hunting work, especially when hunting birds in flight.


Between 64 and 74 cm (25.20 to 29.13 inches) for the male
Between 60 and 70 cm (23.62 to 27.56 inches) for the female


Between 20 and 25 kg (44.09 to 55.12 pounds) for the male
Between 15 and 20 kg (33.07 to 44.09 pounds) for the female


His coat can be in all possible shades of fawn with white chest and white patches on the extremities of the legs and tail.


His hair is totally absent on the belly and is short and very fine everywhere else on the body.


His long head is very fine and a little narrow, but in complete harmony with his slender silhouette. His almond-shaped eyes are large and color ranging from amber to dark.

His flat and fine ears are drooping on each side of the skull.

His nose can be brown or black. His fine tail, in harmony with the silhouette, is very slender and ends with in a lovely panache.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 10, section 3 and is #307

Characteristics of the Azawakh

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Azawakh pictures

Tips About this breed

This magnificent specimen, which can reach an incredible speed of 70km/h (44m/h) over short distances, is very much appreciated in cynodromes for racing events. This talent gives him lots of energy and a great need for exercise. He is a born runner.

Apartment living is definitely not for the Azawakh. He has to run and exercise in large spaces, vital in his case.

Well educated, he will make the best of dogs but he remains a nervous dog and his contact with the very young is to be watched closely.

Health of the Azawakh

Rustic and robust despite his apparent fragility, this dogs is generally in excellent health. However, he doesn't tolerate confined spaces at all.

No particular pathology is related to the breed and he generally enjoys a good longevity.


A good weekly brushing is necessary for his very fine hair. No other special maintenance is needed.

History of this breed

This sighthound comes from Mali on African territory and is native to the Sahelian region from Burkina Faso, Niger and of course Mali.

Centuries old, the breed first appeared in Europe in the 1970s. It was recognized in 1981 by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and its first standard was only published in 1982.

Although he has been known for a long time, his official recognition is very recent.

Used for hunting because of his great speed, making it easier to deal with birds in flight and antelopes, the Azawakh is also a pet and ceremonial animal in his country of origin.

Bred as a pack dog by African nomads, he was also used by them to guard and protect their families always on the move as well as their belongings.

Even if he is greatly appreciated for company, he has a rather nervous character and needs to be educated very early.

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