Majorca Shepherd Dog

Perro de Pastor Mallorquin

This large specimen with a particular appearance is a magnificent dog endowed with great loyalty and exceptional courage. His strong character must be absolutely mastered and controlled. He is the ideal dog for single people because he does not like to share his affection with other people. He will only be faithful to one master. His fighting temperament and protective instinct should be considered before purchasing one. The master must be ready to invest in a firm and constant education and needs to know the dog he will be living with because once he has won him, his dog will not want to part with him and will be forever loyal.

Height 40 to 73 cm
Weight 20 to 27 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 13 years
Hair Loss Medium
Excercise Need High
Home country Spain

Quick Overview of the Majorca Shepherd Dog


  • Noble and intelligent
  • Faithful and docile
  • Suspicious of strangers
  • Courageous, rather aggressive nature 


  • Well-proportioned silhouette
  • Muscular and strong build
  • Very agile and noble look
  • Broken triangular ears


  • Hardy and great sturdiness
  • Rarely ill
  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Majorca Shepherd Dog

Noble, intelligent, faithful, docile, affectionate and unique, the Majorca Shepherd Dog is the dog of one master. He is very suspicious of strangers and refuses to let them approach.

This guardian at heart is very courageous and will stop at nothing to defend his master or his property. He is of a rather aggressive nature as much with strangers as with other dogs.

He has a strong temperament and sociability is not really one of his qualities.

berger de majorque personnalité

Breed Appearance

berger de majorque

This large dog but not too large, has a well proportioned figure. With a muscular and strong build, he still has a very agile and noble look despite his great robustness. His physical characteristics are not unlike those of the black Labrador Retriever.


Between 66 and 73 cm (25.98 to 28.74 inches) for the male
Between 40 and 50 cm (15.75 to 19.69 inches) for the female


Between 20 and 27 kg (44.09 to 59.52 pounds) for the male
Between 20 and 27 kg (44.09 to 59.52 pounds) for the female


The only authorized dress is black, lightly dotted with white only on the feet and chest.


The coat is rather soft and fine, whether long or short. The short coat has an even finer undercoat and the long coat is about 3 inches (7cm) and slightly wavy.


His head has a slightly convex skull with a marked stop. His small almond-shaped eyes are a pretty shade ranging from light to dark honey. His ears are triangular and medium length. His nose is black.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 1, section 1 and is #321

Characteristics of the Majorca Shepherd Dog

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Tips About this breed

He has great skills for guarding and protecting. However, this large dog must be mastered and educated with a steady hand. He is extremely devoted to his master but will only have one. He doesn't like strangers and doesn't want to know them. He likes to fight and he is very aggressive with other dogs.

This intelligent dog but all the same docile if well educated is very loyal and will defend his master against all odds. His education must be very early and firm. Socialization must be instilled in him at a very young age because it is really not innate in him.

Stimulating his aggressiveness unnecessarily can even make him dangerous. His fighting instinct must be mastered by his education, especially if he has to live with other canine specimens.

Even if he loves the great outdoors, he must be able to be near his master as often as possible. A garden where access to the house is completely free will be perfect happiness for him.

He can thus enjoy his freedom outside, spend his energy there and join his master whenever he wants. He can easily live outside, but since contact with his master is essential, he must be able to be close to him at will.

Health of the Majorca Shepherd Dog

This hardy dog is very robust and rarely gets sick. The breed is not affected by any particular pathology and the specimens generally age in very good health if they are able to exercise a lot on a daily basis.


The Majorca Shepherd Dog must be brushed daily. Even if it is short, his winter coat allows him to withstand the weather rigors but it requires a good brushing every day. On the other hand, no other particular maintenance is necessary.

History of this breed

Very widespread over the past decades in the Balearic Islands, the Majorca Shepherd  Dog is originally from Spain. The breed almost disappeared at a certain time but the relentlessness of some passionate breeders allowed him to remain very much alive. Originally used to guard flocks, the Majorca Shepherd Dog was, in the 20th century, in great demand for guarding property.

Two varieties exist according to the standard established in 1982, one short-haired and the other long-haired. The most common in Spain is the Shorthaired Shepherd. His smooth coat is very popular in his home country.

It was in 1992 that he appeared for the first time on display in the city of Valencia, in Spain. He is greatly appreciated for guarding and defense, but not necessarily suitable for the family. His  fighting instinct makes him an ideal dog for singles.

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