Black Norwegian Elkhound

Norsk Elghund Sort, Black Elkhound

The primitive Nordic look of the Black Norwegian Elkhound can delight his owner, as long as he is willing to accept and respect his true nature. This dog is an excellent life companion, but remains independent by nature. Predator, he's an exuberant and primitive dog with all that this implies.

Height 43 to 49 cm
Weight 25 to 30 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 15 years
Home country Norway

Quick Overview of the Black Norwegian Elkhound


  • Predator and dominant
  • Calm and affectionate
  • Player and independent
  • Sometimes disobedient


  • Compact and short appearance
  • Slight severe look
  • Very shiny coat
  • Very dark eyes


  • No pathology, except hip dysplasia
  • Generally healthy

Temperament of the Black Norwegian Elkhound

Predatory, dominant, calm, affectionate, playful but independent, the Black Norwegian Elkhound is sometimes recalcitrant and a little disobedient.

Even if he is sociable, he is an excellent protector and very good guard, but is rarely aggressive. He is compatible with children as long as they respect his limits.

This elk hunter and sleigh dog never tires. He can work for a long time and seems to have great stamina.

He can also play with his family without ever getting tired.

This courageous and friendly companion is a very special dog with great hunting, sleigh and family skills.

He is independent and has good guarding skills. He has a beautiful voice and does not hesitate to bark.

He is very gentle and rarely aggressive, but he is a predator at heart. If he detects prey, he doesn't give up easily.

He hates any form of brutality and does not appreciate sudden gestures. This is why the children around him must respect him and avoid harassing him.

His education should be early and should teach him to socialize, especially with other animals and children.

Even if he is an excellent companion, he is still primitive and his education must be firm and uncompromising. However, it must be done with respect.

Living indoors or outdoors does not cause him any problems. Since he loves to dig, you should think twice before setting him up near a flowerbed or landscaping arrangement.

chien d'élan norvégien noir personnalité

Breed Appearance

black Norwegian Elkhound

The Black Norwegian Elkhound has a very typical Spitz-like physique. His silhouette is rather short and stocky. He has a compact and short gait and rather smaller than average. His appearance is a little different from his counterpart, and gives him a slightly more severe look. The Black Norwegian Elkhound is somewhat larger and heavier than his cousin the Grey Norwegian Elkhound.


Between 46 and 49 cm (18.11 to 19.29 inches) for the male
Between 43 and 46 cm (16.93 to 18.11 inches) for the female


Between 25 and 30 kg (55.12 to 66.14 pounds) for the male
Between 25 and 30 kg (55.12 to 66.14 pounds) for the female


The color of his coat is almost black, but there may be a little white on the chest, feet and forelegs.


His coat's black hair is very shiny.


His head has a domed skull and a well marked stop. His eyes are very dark.

His ears are straight up. They are pointed and small but very mobile. His pretty nose is all black.

His tail is typical of Nordic dogs and is nicely curled on the back.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group , section and is #

Health of the Black Norwegian Elkhound

No pathology affects the breed except for a few cases of hip dysplasia.

The dog's health is generally very good and his long life expectancy is also appreciable.


His beautiful shiny coat is easy to care for, regular brushing will suffice.

History of this breed

Originating in Norway, as his name suggests and like his counterpart, the Norwegian Grey Elkhound, the Black Norwegian Elkhound also has very ancient origins.

He shares his origins with his gray counterpart. He is said to have accompanied the Vikings on their elk and wolf hunting expeditions.

The two distinct varieties, black and gray, have the same effigies that were discovered back in the Stone Age, where skeletons of similar dogs have been found in the middle of lakes and rivers in the Taiga region, a region of the great Norwegian forests.

The Black Norwegian Elkhound was officially recognized in 1877, but unlike his gray colored counterpart, he is virtually unknown outside the Norwegian borders. The Black Norwegian Elkhound is definitely less popular than the gray.

Although he is still used as an elk hunting dog, he is also used for deer, wolf and stag hunting.

He is also prized as guard, search, therapy and companion dog. He combines these multiple functions well.

He is used for hunting and also for pulling sleighs, but only within Norway's borders.

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