Braque Saint-Germain

Saint Germain Pointer

The Braque Saint-Germain is said to come from a white-orange Pointer female named Miss. This female, bred by Baron de Larminat, was mated with a Braque. This mating resulted in a beautiful litter of seven puppies that were entrusted to the hands of inhabitants of Saint-Germain, hence the name Braque Saint-Germain. This lovely white coat with orange spots is said to come from pretty Miss, his Pointer ancestor.

Height 54 to 62 cm
Weight 18 to 26 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 14 years
Hair Loss Low
Excercise Need High
Home country France

Quick Overview of the Braque Saint-Germain


  • Balanced and gentle
  • Affectionate and attached to his family
  • Cohabits with anyone
  • A little rough with other dogs


  • Strong frame
  • High endurance
  • Looking more sporty than sedentary
  • Short hair not very fine


  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Braque Saint-Germain

Faster than the French Braque but less impetuous than the Pointer, the Braque Saint-Germain shows extensive hunting search skills in marshes as well as in undergrowth or on plains.

Balanced, gentle, affectionate and very attached to his family, the Braque Saint-Germain can perfectly live with all, regardless of the age of the family members. He is gentle with children as well as with older ones.

Even if he is sometimes a bit brusque with other dogs, he is still an excellent companion that is easy to live with and train.

His upbringing must be firm but never aggressive and it is preferable to socialize him at a very young age.

Breed Appearance

braque saint germain

Endowed with strong bones and muscles well adapted to his physique, the Braque Saint-Germain has great endurance. His entire physique is adapted to the demands of the work to be done and resistant for long periods. His gait is more sporty than sedentary.


Between 55 and 62 cm (21.65 to 24.41 inches) for the male
Between 54 and 59 cm (21.26 to 23.23 inches) for the female


Between 18 and 26 kg (39.68 to 57.32 pounds) for the male
Between 18 and 26 kg (39.68 to 57.32 pounds) for the female


His coat is white with beautiful orange spots.


His short hair is not very fine but never hard.


His head has a slightly domed skull and gentle accentuated stop. His large eyes are golden yellow. His rather short ears are rounded at the end and slightly detached from the head. His nose is a beautiful pinkish tint. His tail, carried horizontally, goes beyond the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 7, section 1 and is #115

Characteristics of the Braque Saint-Germain

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Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Braque Saint-Germain puppy: between 600 € / $ 1 / £1 and 900 € / $ 1 / £1
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Tips About this breed

If he can exercise at will and on a regular basis, the Braque Saint-Germain will be happy anywhere and with all types of owners. He likes sedentary people as well as playful ones, but he loves being able to exercise.

Even if the master is rather sedentary but allows his dog to run at will, he will be happy in an apartment.

This Braque is very easy to train and can adapt and enjoy all lifestyles. However, he requires a good, firm education without brutality or abruptness.

He totally abhors sudden or brutal movements. Early socialization will allow him to live well with his canine peers or other animals in the household.

He can live outside, but he likes the comfort of the fireplace and fears very cold temperatures, so it is best to reserve a corner of the house for him.

Health of the Braque Saint-Germain

Hardy, solid and robust, the Braque Saint-Germain does not suffer from any particular pathology. He generally enjoys excellent health and life expectancy. He can easily withstand heat, but fears the cold. His coat does not allow him to withstand too intense cold temperatures.


Even if his ears are average size, it is best to inspect them regularly. His coat requires regular brushing but no other special care is necessary.

History of this breed

Created at the beginning of the 19th century by a cross between a French Braque and a Pointer in the royal kennels, first in CompiĂšgne and later in the town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France, the Braque Saint-Germain is a hunting dog used at that time for hunting rabbits and pheasants.

He was very popular at the beginning of the 20th century and was the most famous pointing dog at the first dog shows, notably the one in Paris in 1863.

The breed club was created in March 1913 and the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) officially recognized it in 1983.

Today, competition with the Pointer is fierce and the Braque Saint-Germain's numbers are unfortunately declining. This excellent hunting dog also has very good aptitudes as companion dog.

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