Braque du Bourbonnais

The Braque du Bourbonnais, sometimes called Short Braque because of his naturally shortened tail, is a very exceptional dog. Even if he is not the fastest pointing dog, he has an extraordinary sense of smell that allows him to track if the need arises. The Braque du Bourbonnais is a passionate, intelligent, energetic dog with a flexible character without being nervous. He is an excellent companion.

Height 48 to 57 cm
Weight 16 to 25 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 14 years
Hair Loss Medium
Excercise Need High
Home country France

Quick Overview of the Braque du Bourbonnais


  • Affectionate and kind in family
  • Cooperative and balanced when hunting
  • Passionate about what he does
  • Easy education


  • Strong and powerful
  • Strongly built and compact
  • Short, fine and dense coat
  • Large dark amber or hazelnut eyes


  • Very robust
  • Rarely ill
  • No particular pathology
  • Ears must be inspected regularly

Temperament of the Braque du Bourbonnais

Affectionate and kind in family, the Braque du Bourbonnais is cooperative and balanced when hunting.

With an unparalleled flair, he runs with his head high. This pointing dog is precious and very useful to hunters. He's passionate.

His training is easy but must still be firm.

braque du bourbonnais personnalité

Breed Appearance

bourbon braque

Strength and power are combined in his muscular, well-structured and compact, yet elegant and special build. His peculiar pointer look gives him a rather unique aspect. This medium size dog has a very nice appearance.


Between 51 and 57 cm (20.08 to 22.44 inches) for the male
Between 48 and 55 cm (18.90 to 21.65 inches) for the female


Between 18 and 25 kg (39.68 to 55.12 pounds) for the male
Between 16 and 22 kg (35.27 to 48.50 pounds) for the female


His dress can be different colors. It is nowadays accepted in brown with spots of different sizes with mixed hairs.


His short, fine, dense coat is sometimes longer on the back and a little rougher.


His large eyes are a pretty dark amber or hazelnut color. His ears are medium length, slightly protruding or reaching almost the throat. His nose is in harmony with the color of his coat. His tail is shortened.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 7, section 1 and is #179

Characteristics of the Braque du Bourbonnais

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Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Braque du Bourbonnais puppy: between 600 € / $ 589 / £529 and 800 € / $ 786 / £705
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Tips About this breed

Useful and precise, balanced and passionate, he is an excellent hunting dog much appreciated by all lovers of this sport.

Also very appreciated as a pet dog because of his gentleness and affection, he must however be given enough space to spend his beautiful energy.

The city dweller can own a Braque du Bourbonnais but he will have to invest time so that his four-legged companion can enjoy many walks, or give him a magnificent garden where he can run around freely.

He's naturally affectionate and sociable. His education is therefore very easy, it must nevertheless be adequate and firm but marked by a beautiful softness in order to not encourage stubbornness because of his strong character.

Health of the Braque du Bourbonnais

This hardy dog is very robust and rarely sick. Specimens are generally in good health and no pathology affects the breed. The life expectancy of the Braque du Bourbonnais is also excellent.


A good regular brushing is necessary to keep his coat healthy and his ears must be inspected on a regular basis, especially when he returns from hunting. No other maintenance is required.

History of this breed

Known since about 1598, the Braque du Bourbonnais is very old.

Around the 1950's, breeders wanted to standardize the breed in a very limited way, with a short tail and rare and original color then called "stale lilac".

At that time, the already reduced breed almost didn't survive these too severe changes. Fortunately, a team of breeders set to work to save the breed. After this measure was initiated in the 1970s, the first registrations were made in 1973 and 1975.

It is a few years later, around 1981, that his club was created.

The Barque du Bourbonnais is a pointing dog par excellence, adaptable to all types of terrain and game. He is a tracking dog and is specialized in woodcock and partridge. He has great aptitudes as a hunter but is also very appreciated as a companion dog.

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