Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Welsh Corgi, Corgi

There is a tendency to believe that this friendly dog is a favourite of Her Majesty, the Queen of England. Make no mistake, even though they look very much alike, Pembroke Welsh Corgi are Elizabeth II's favourite dogs. The Queen must have influenced a good number of fans of the breed, because the Pembroke is much more widespread than the Cardigan in England and everywhere else in Europe, except France, where both breeds are still quite unknown.

Height 25 to 33 cm
Weight 11 to 17 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 15 years
Home country United Kingdom (UK)

Quick Overview of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan


  • Friendly and cheerful
  • Good character
  • Intelligent and dynamic
  • Very playful


  • Short on legs
  • Elongated silhouette
  • Strong constitution
  • Head reminds one of a fox


  • Very robust despite his size
  • His spine needs special attention
  • Avoid overexertion
  • Overweight is to be avoided

Temperament of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Sympathetic and cheerful, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is endowed with an excellent character. He is intelligent, dynamic and very playful. He loves everyone, especially children.

He's very gentle and patient with them, no matter how old they are. Not aggressive at all, he is however very brave and will tend to go headfirst.

Barking and impulsive, his senses are always alert. He needs a firm but gentle upbringing. His good temperament makes him very easy to train.

welsh corgi cardigan personnalité

Breed Appearance

welsh corgi cardigan

Short on legs, and with a very elongated body, like most Bassets, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a strong constitution, giving an impression of volume and strength, but in a reduced size.

His head reminds one of a fox. Despite his size and elongated appearance, his silhouette is very well proportioned.


Between 25 and 33 cm (9.84 to 12.99 inches) for the male
Between 25 and 33 cm (9.84 to 12.99 inches) for the female


Between 14 and 17 kg (30.86 to 37.48 pounds) for the male
Between 11 and 15 kg (24.25 to 33.07 pounds) for the female


His colour can vary in all shades except pure white.


His coat is very resistant to bad weather, and it can be short or medium length.


His head has a rather flat and broad skull, with a moderate stop. His medium size eyes are generally hazelnut color or rather dark.

His large ears are set well back, and carried very straight. His nose is black. His tail is raised in action and low at rest.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 1, section 1 and is #38

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppy: between and
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies near me

Tips About this breed

This cute dog can live outdoors as well as indoors. He can live just about anywhere and in all conditions.

He adapts easily and his good temperament allows him to be with everyone, big and small.

Stairs are not recommended and exercise should be adapted to his condition to ensure a long and peaceful life.

He is intelligent, but very impulsive and has a slight tendency to bark frequently.

A gentle but firm training will allow the dog and the master to live together well. However, his training is very easy, as he is receptive to commands.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi will make the best companion and guard dog once his education is complete.

This will allow him to control his impulsiveness and his frequent desire to bark for nothing.

Health of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Very robust, despite his size and appearance, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, however, like all short-legged dogs, requires special attention to his spine.

Excessive effort should be avoided and exercise should be adapted to his condition. Overweight should be prevented at all costs.

As he is very robust and enjoys excellent health, if the conditions are suitable and respectful of his fragile back, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi will be able to live in good health for a long time.


His fur is easy to care for and requires little time on a daily basis.

History of this breed

Originally, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi were one and same breed. Around 1934, the two breeds were separated, each with his own characteristics.

The first Welsh Corgi specimens were apparently brought from Central Europe by Celtic tribes more than 3,000 years ago. The origins of the race would be in Wales.

Once separated from the Pembroke, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi almost disappeared altogether, but fortunately the breed was saved, although it does not enjoy the same popularity as his canine counterpart, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Descendant of the Basset's family, he would apparently be a result of the transition between the Spitz and Bassets.

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