White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Calm, attentive and watchful, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog looks a lot like the German Shepherd. He is friendly, loves everyone and his white and uniform dress makes this breed unique and splendid. This dog is also an excellent defender and is very robust.

Height 55 to 66 cm
Weight 25 to 50 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 13 years
Hair Loss High
Excercise Need High
Home country Switzerland

Quick Overview of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog


  • Excellent character
  • Versatile
  • Dynamic and obedient
  • Very sweet, he loves everyone


  • Powerful and well-muscled silhouette
  • Uniform and white dress
  • Medium or long coat
  • Oblique, dark almond eyes


  • No particular pathology
  • Strong health

Temperament of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog

This beautiful dog is for everyone. The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is blessed with an excellent character. He truly is man's best friend. Very versatile, his great skills as a shepherd allow him to be a rescue, track, guide and sheepdog, an obedience dog and excellent companion dog.

He is very dynamic and obedient once he is properly trained. His education must be early and vigorous in order to prevent his slight aversion to strangers.

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a dog that will never show his teeth. Not aggressive at all, he is an obedient dog who is loyal to his masters.

Even though he is very sweet and adores everyone, he remains to be watched and educated. The White Swiss Shepherd Dog will never be aggressive towards strangers, but can still be a little shy and reserved. It is very important to socialize the White Swiss Shepherd Dog puppy as soon as possible.

This breed is not very difficult to train. It will be necessary to combine rigor and firmness so that his education is successful. Being an obedient, intelligent and respectful breed, your White Swiss Shepherd Dog should not be too stubborn in this respect.


berger blanc suisse personnalité

Breed Appearance

berger blanc suisse

He is a little more elongated than the German Shepherd, but is a robust dog with a powerful and muscular silhouette. Medium size, the pretty white color of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog gives him a special and distinctive look.


Between 61 and 66 cm (24.02 to 25.98 inches) for the male
Between 55 and 61 cm (21.65 to 24.02 inches) for the female


Between 30 and 50 kg (66.14 to 110.23 pounds) for the male
Between 25 and 35 kg (55.12 to 77.16 pounds) for the female


His dress is completely uniform and always white.


His coat, medium to long, is flat and very dense.


His wedge-shaped head is rather powerful with a very slight stop. His almond-shaped eyes are slanted and dark. His medium ears are straight in the shape of an elongated triangle with the auricle forward. His nose is preferably black. His very bushy tail is sword-shaped.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 1, section 1 and is #347

Characteristics of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog

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Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a White Swiss Shepherd Dog puppy: between and
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

White Swiss Shepherd Dog puppies near me

White Swiss Shepherd Dog pictures

Tips About this breed

Endowed with a strong temperament, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog possesses a slight natural aversion towards strangers. The puppy, whose education should be firm and precocious will be able to control his impulses very well once adult. Rarely aggressive, he is more protective than dangerous. As he is not afraid, he will not back down and will stay to protect his family if he feels that they are threatened. In all circumstances, he is generally successful in maintaining his composure and taking the right decisions.

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is full of energy. It is therefore important to bring him out often, to spend his boundless energy in large open spaces.

Health of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog

No particular pathology affects the White Swiss Shepherd Dog breed. He is a very robust dog, just like the German Shepherd. The fact that he is white affects in no way his health and his color is not linked to any pathology as some urban legends suggest. He generally enjoys excellent health and life expectancy.


As his fleece is dense, he still needs a good regular brushing. You have to plan a little time every day to maintain his beautiful white fur.

As for baths, it is not necessary to wash him frequently (approximately twice a year).


Like all dogs, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog needs a carnivorous diet of quality and low in assimilated carbohydrates. You will, therefore, have to choose the best dry dog food and learn to read the labels to provide him with the ideal diet.

History of this breed

White is a typical color of sheepdog breeders. The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a German Shepherd with white hair. Initially, the German Shepherd breeders had many white-haired dogs. Subsequently, he became the Swiss Shepherd and then, thanks to his color, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

Before the 1900s, it appears that purebred white Shepherds were raised at the royal court of the Habsburgs in Alsace-Lorraine.

It was in 1913 that the first Swiss White Shepherd Dog was entered in the studbook and in 1933 that the color white was banned for German Shepherds. The human being is sometimes strange and illogical and, following this ban, most of the white puppies of the time were killed at birth. The color then justified the massacre.

After this questionable decision, the white dogs were saved from death thanks to the North Americans. In California, in 1964, the first White Shepherd club was formed to preserve and defend the breed. After having imported the first dog to American territory in 1967, Mrs. Agatha Burch saw the birth of Lobo White Burch on March 5, 1966. The White German Shepherd Dog not yet being removed from his breed book, the American Kennel Club (AKC) could thus register this white dog in the Swiss studbook under “White German Shepherd Dog”.

It was not until 2003 that the SCC Federation officially recognized the White Germain Shepherd Dog breed.

This magnificent Shepherd luckily survived the massacre that followed the abolition of the color white in German Shepherd. A very questionable and perfectly unnecessary decision, this magnificent dog with a pure white coat is an excellent life companion and could not have existed without the help of some breeders with a good conscience and big heart.

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