Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Sheepdog, Norsk Buhund

Widespread in his native country, but also popular in Australia and England, the Norwegian Buhund is an excellent dog for all kinds of owners. His fine aptitudes and great qualities make him highly appreciated and in great demand on several continents. This magnificent Nordic specimen is faithful to the reputation of this category of dogs, as much for his character, qualities and temperament as for the great reliability he shows at all times.

Height 41 to 47 cm
Weight 12 to 18 kg
Life expectancy 13 to 15 years
Hair Loss Medium
Excercise Need High
Home country Norway

Quick Overview of the Norwegian Buhund


  • Energetic and courageous
  • Tireless
  • Faithful and obedient
  • Attentive to his master


  • Harmonious silhouette
  • Friendly look
  • Very dark oval shaped eyes
  • Ears pointed and erect


  • Robust and solid
  • No particular pathology
  • Rarely ill
  • Very appreciable life expectancy

Temperament of the Norwegian Buhund

Energetic, courageous, tireless, loyal and obedient, the Norwegian Buhund is, like all dogs in his class, reliable and attentive to his master. He loves his family and is very devoted to them.

Despite his great devotion, he is quite independent, slightly noisy and ready to warn as soon as he detects something.

He barks as soon as he becomes aware of anything unusual. Proud, bold and an excellent worker, he is nevertheless very docile and easy to train.

This eclectic dog is very adaptable and can handle many tasks and functions.

The Norwegian Buhund has a very keen sense of hearing and an exceptional sense of smell, which allows him to be successful both as a hunting and search dog in the rubble.

buhund norvégien personnalité

Breed Appearance

Norwegian buhund

This Spitz-type dog is slightly smaller than average, with a body that easily fits into a square.

His frank and alert expression gives him the look of most Nordic dogs, which are lively and always attentive.

He has a harmonious silhouette that leaves a pleasant impression of a hard-working and friendly dog.


Between 43 and 47 cm (16.93 to 18.50 inches) for the male
Between 41 and 45 cm (16.14 to 17.72 inches) for the female


Between 14 and 18 kg (30.86 to 39.68 pounds) for the male
Between 12 and 16 kg (26.46 to 35.27 pounds) for the female


His color can vary from light wheat to yellowish red and black. It is preferable for the coat be one color and that the tones do not influence the basic color too much, but sometimes, the tip of the hair is lighter, a facial mask is present and white can appear in some spots.


His double coat is thick, hard, flat and smooth as a topcoat, while the undercoat is thick and soft.

The hair on the chest, neck, tail and back of the thighs is longer, while the hair on the head and front of the legs is shorter.


His head, with an almost flat skull, has a well marked stop. His oval shaped eyes are very dark. His pointed and erect ears are medium length. His nose is black. His tail is curled over the middle of the back. It is never on the sides.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 5, section 3 and is #237

Characteristics of the Norwegian Buhund

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Tips About this breed

Used regularly in landslides, he is an excellent avalanche search dog.

Protecting herds, searching for and protecting people, guarding property, warning of intruders, whatever the task, the Norwegian Buhund excels at it.

He also excels as companion dog because he gets along with everyone, big and small, and is extremely patient with all members of his household.

Even if he is noisy and quite independent, he will do everything to protect his family and be in their company.

He can cope very well with an indoor life but his need for exercise is intense and he must be able to spend his great energy.

He is compatible with most owners, but since he barks regularly, apartment neighbours may not appreciate him.

Health of the Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund is robust and does not suffer from any particular pathology. He is rarely sick and his life expectancy is very appreciable.


His pretty dress does not require any particular maintenance except a good regular brushing to keep it clean and healthy.

History of this breed

This very old Norwegian breed, originally used to guard sheep, is an excellent shepherd dog.

Introduced to Iceland in 874 by the Norwegian colonizers, the Norwegian Buhund was the source of most of the local breeds of Norwegian Sheepdogs.

In the Middle Ages, he was widespread throughout Scandinavia. His name comes from his basic functions, hund for dog and bu for shepherd.

This excellent shepherd was also used, for a long time, for hunting and guarding.

Towards the end of the 19th century, his standard was published and official breeding of the breed began.

The breed made its way to Great Britain shortly afterwards, then crossed the European borders to the United States where he was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the 1930s.

Today, the Norwegian Buhund can be found on every continent of the world. He is used for hunting, guarding and companionship, although he is primarily a sheepdog.

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