Slovakian Hound

Slovakian Mountain Hound, Slovensky Kopov, Slovak Hound

Although he is very popular in Slovakia, he is quite rare outside the borders of his country of origin. Even though he is an excellent hunter, the Slovakian Hound does not really excel in other potential functions of a four-legged companion. He is not really compatible with children, and is not a companion dog. Despite his fine hunting qualities, he is somewhat confined to the borders of his country, probably due to his solitary and rather selective temperament.

Height 45 to 50 cm
Weight 15 to 20 kg
Life expectancy 12 to 13 years
Home country Slovakia

Quick Overview of the Slovakian Hound


  • Lively, enduring and very independent
  • Dedicated and affectionate
  • Assertive nature


  • Dense hair of medium thickness
  • Eyes of a beautiful dark color
  • Drooping ears
  • Black nose


  • Robust and solid
  • Rarely ill
  • Generally in excellent health
  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Slovakian Hound

Lively, hardy and very independent, the Slovakian Hound is an outstanding hunter. He is devoted and very affectionate with his master, but he is not so good at company. He has a strong character and must be properly trained.

Known for his constancy, energy and vigor on the hunt, he can be trained for guarding with good results. Lively and energetic, he is not very happy in an apartment. He prefers, by far, the countryside and its wide open spaces where he can run.

Appreciated for hunting, he is not really compatible for a family. Even if he can be very nice with children if he is well brought up and accepts cohabitation of his fellow dogs in the household, he is a very independent dog who lives mostly only for his hunting and exercise sessions.

His very assertive temperament requires a firm and adequate education. The master must know how to handle him in order to control him completely.

Breed Appearance

The Slovakian Hound is finely built, with solid bones and an elongated silhouette. This medium-size hound has an athletic, pleasant gait.


Between 45 and 50 cm (17.72 to 19.69 inches) for the male
Between 45 and 50 cm (17.72 to 19.69 inches) for the female


Between 15 and 20 kg (33.07 to 44.09 pounds) for the male
Between 15 and 20 kg (33.07 to 44.09 pounds) for the female


The coat of the Slovakian Hound has a black background and reddish-colored markings on the legs, eyes, chest, throat, cheeks and lips.


His dense coat is well coated and of medium thickness. His length is between 2 and 5 cm (1 to 2 inches).


His head has a rounded skull and the stop is at an angle of about 45°. His eyes are a beautiful dark color.

His drooping ears along the head are medium length. His nose is black. His hanging tail almost reaches the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 6, section 1 and is #244

Health of the Slovakian Hound

Robust and solid, this dog is rarely sick. He is generally in excellent health and does not suffer from any particular pathology. His life expectancy is appreciable.


A good regular brushing is necessary and his ears should be watched, especially after a hunting episode. No other special maintenance is required.

History of this breed

Probably dating back to antiquity, his origins are thought to be a cross between native dogs and European hounds.

Despite the breed's age, it was not until the 19th century that it was identified and its standard issued in 1924. It was in 1963 that he was officially recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).

The Slovakian Hound is a remarkable hunting dog for his constancy in following a fresh track or trail for hours on end.

His extraordinary bark never fails. In his country of origin, Slovakia, he is renowned and greatly appreciated for hunting wild boar and carnivores.

He is a hunting dog and even though he is very devoted to his master, he is still and above all an avid hunter. He hunts alone, especially when hunting wild boar, and he excels on all types of terrain.

His exceptional sense of smell and sense of direction make him a much appreciated hunter.

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