Fryske Stabij, Stabijhoun

Better to be the athletic type to equal the Stabyhoun. Sedentary people may find it difficult to keep up physically. This calm, obedient and affectionate pointer possesses wonderful qualities, making him a pleasant companion in life. He will bring happiness to the people around him as long as he is fulfilled and benefits from the necessary space to spend his overflowing energy.

Height 49 to 54 cm
Weight 15 to 20 kg
Life expectancy 13 to 14 years

Quick Overview of the Stabyhoun


  • Rather calm and quiet
  • Affectionate with his masters
  • Loves children
  • Not aggressive at all


  • Strong build
  • Proportionate and balanced
  • Neither too thin nor too rough


  • Generally in excellent health
  • Rarely ill
  • Hardy and very robust
  • Appreciable life expectancy

Temperament of the Stabyhoun

Rather calm and quiet, the Stabyhoun is very affectionate with his owners, and adores children. Not aggressive at all, he is still a good guardian.

He is reserved with strangers and will only impose himself if he feels the need to intervene. He is sociable, and loves humans, especially children.

The Stabyhoun is very intelligent and naturally docile. His education is easy, but has to be nevertheless firm.

stabyhoun personnalité

Breed Appearance


With a strong build with balanced proportions, the Stabyhoun is a dog with a harmonious physique. Neither too thin nor too rough, his medium-size body is built with power.


Between 52 and 54 cm (20.47 to 21.26 inches) for the male
Between 49 and 51 cm (19.29 to 20.08 inches) for the female


Between 15 and 20 kg (33.07 to 44.09 pounds) for the male
Between 15 and 20 kg (33.07 to 44.09 pounds) for the female


His dress is black, brown or orange color. White spots are added, and speckles are accepted, as well as a mixture of colors.


His long hair is smooth on the trunk, while it may be slightly wavy on the rump. It is short on the head and abundant on the forelimbs, more precisely on the posterior section.

His thighs are also hairy, the hair is however more bushy than fringed.


His head has a slightly domed skull and a moderate stop. His eyes are medium size, and light to dark brown.

His ears, of medium length, are carried against the head, in the shape of a trowel. His nose is black, brown or orange depending on the color of the coat. His tail is long and almost reaches the point of the hock.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 7, section 1 and is #222

Tips About this breed

The Stabyhoun is not a city dog. He needs lots of exercise and wide open spaces to satisfy his thirst for action.

He is an outstanding tracking dog, and his hunting skills are highly appreciated. He also has all the qualities to play his role as a companion dog. He is gentle and sociable, and gets along with the entire family. He is particularly fond of his owners, and makes a very good watchdog.

He is naturally docile and intelligent, and his education is therefore greatly facilitated. It will still have to be rigorous and consistent, but also very smooth. The Stabyhoun is a dog of the great outdoors, where exercise takes precedence over all other activities.

Health of the Stabyhoun

He generally enjoys excellent health. His dress allows him to withstand cold temperatures, and he is rarely ill. This hardy dog is very robust and enjoys a good life expectancy.


It is best to brush him regularly and take care of his slightly drooping ears. No other special maintenance is necessary.

History of this breed

Of unknown origin, the Stabyhoun does not have much historical data. Coming from Holland, more precisely from Friesland in the North of the country, the breed has been known since the 19th century.

Some say he comes from Spaniels imported by the Spaniards to the Netherlands, apparently having subsequently been crossed with the Drentsche Patrijshond.

Little known outside the Dutch borders, he still has some success in his country, mainly thanks to his great qualities as a tracking dog. This hunting dog has barely ever managed to cross the borders of his country, and is still not well known today.

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