The 5 best dog beds for Labs

best dog bed for labs

Making sure your Lab has somewhere cozy and warm to sleep is really important. Not only does it stop them from taking over your bed, but it’s also better for their joints and bones. There are loads of beds for large dogs out there, ranging from orthopedic ones to more simple ones, expensive to cheaper versions. But which is really the best dog bed for Labs?

What to consider when buying a bed for a Labrador?

When thinking about buying a bed for your pet Lab there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The bed has to be the perfect one for your unique dog and your circumstances. 

  • Functionality. Does your pup suffer from any particular health problems? Maybe they have joint issues and would really benefit from an orthopedic bed to make sleeping a bit easier? It’s important that they’re raised up off the floor for support and so that they don’t get cold.
  • Durability. Labradors are not known for keeping still and being chilled. Any bed you buy will need to withstand rabbit chasing dreams, playtime, and probably some burying. 
  • Cost. Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean it’s a better bed for your Lab.
  • Size. Labradors are large dogs and they need a big bed. However, you don’t want something that takes up an entire area of the living room, doesn’t fit in their cage, and that you can’t get into the trunk of the car.
  • Practicality. It’s important that you can wash and dry your Lab’s bed. Especially as we all know dogs love to roll in the weirdest smelling things.

Best dog beds for Labradors

Bearing all that in mind, here are five great dog beds for Labs. They’re made of different materials, are different shapes and sizes and some are specific for those pups with joint concerns. That means you’ll find something to perfectly suit your Lab!

PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Dog Bed

petfusion dog foam bed
This bed for large breeds is ideal for a Labrador. The mattress is 4 inches of solid memory foam, so you can be sure your pup will have a good, comfortable, and supported night’s sleep. The stuffed sides make the bed feel protected, which some dogs like and they also offer extra comfort for the spine, neck, and head. The cover is made from polyester and cotton, making it breathable which your pup will love.

The mattress cover can be easily removed and cleaned which is really convenient. As well as being easy to clean, the cover is also waterproof (ideal for pups that have accidents during the night) and is tear-resistant.

The sides, however, are not waterproof and are not as easy to clean. Although really well made, if you have a Lab that’s a particular chewer or digger, this may not be the bed for you. For most Labs, however, especially older ones that may suffer from joint problems such as dysplasia, this is an ideal, cozy bed to sleep in that offers great comfort and support.

FurHaven Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed

furhaven bed for lab
What’s the best way to get your Lab off the sofa and into their own bed? Give them a sofa of their own! This super comfortable bed comes in 5 different sizes and the large one is ideal for adult Labs. As with the PetFusion bed, it’s made out of memory foam which supports your Lab’s whole body so they can sleep pressure-free.

The sleeping surface is made out of faux-fur so is extra comfy, will keep them warm on cold nights, and is also breathable. The cover can easily be removed and comes in 5 different colors, so you can decide which one your pup or you likes best!

This bed is made with boisterous Labs in mind and has a large, non-skid underside. So no matter how quickly your dog runs to bed, it will stay in one place. The three-sided design also makes it easier for arthritic dogs or pups with less mobility to enter. It’s a sturdy, well-made bed that your Lab will love!

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

dogbed4less memory foam labrador
This is another great memory foam bed for Labradors. The foam is hypoallergenic, meaning it’s ideal for those pups that suffer from skin sensitivities or allergies. It’s incredibly supportive but doesn’t compromise on comfort, making it ideal for Labs with arthritic problems and those without.

This dog bed is made out of strong, faux-suede with durable stitching and a large zip. This means it’s (almost) indestructible and will last a long time. The cover comes in two different colors, is machine washable, and is easy to wipe down.

The design is more of a bare mattress, which some pups will love. For those that like to feel a little cozier and protected, this probably isn’t the Lab bed for them.

MidWest Ombre Swirl Dog Crate Mat

midwest dog bed
This is one of the best dog beds for Labs if your pup loves to be cozy and curl up in their crate. Although specifically designed to be used in a crate, this is also a great stand-alone bed that can be put in the corner of any room. It comes in 2 different colors and 7 different sizes, so it’s ideal for any age and taste.

The MidWest bed is machine washable and can even be put in a tumble dryer for extra ease. The well-constructed design is durable and will withstand most average chewing and exciting dreams. It’s also made from non-slip material so won’t be pushed around in the middle of the night!

Although very comfortable, this isn’t a dog bed for a Lab that suffers from joint or bone problems as other dog beds available offer more support. It is, however, a great option for healthy Labs.

Armarkat Dog Pillow Bed

armarkat dog bed for labs
The Armarkat Dog Pillow Bed is extremely soft and cozy – which your Lab is sure to love! It comes in 3 different sizes with a burgundy outer cover and an ivory sleeping mat. The cover can easily be removed and is machine washable. Little marks and stains can also be wiped down with minimal effort.

It’s made from canvas with a soft, faux-fur top for maximum comfort and durability and is also waterproof. It has a non-slip bottom so is good for boisterous playtimes and the bed fits into most standard-sized crates. Something that makes this an ultimate dog bed is that it holds its shape well and doesn’t tend to sag – which many others do.

This pet bed is another which isn’t really made for Labs with particular joint problems or older dogs as it doesn’t offer much in the way of support. Young and healthy Labs will have a wonderful night’s sleep on it though!

Choosing the right bed for your dogs is really important, especially if they have any specific health problems (and if you just want them to have a cozy sleep)! Does your pup have a bed that they particularly love? Which one is it?

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