Do Rottweilers drool a lot?

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When your Rottweiler begins to drool excessively, you may wonder if that amount of spit is normal or cause for concern. So when should you be worried? And how much drool is too much drool?

Rottweilers don't drool as much as particularly slobbery breeds like Saint Bernards; however, Rottweilers do drool more than thinner-lipped breeds like Dobermans. Rotties drool for a few reasons:

  • Jowls hang over the lower jaw
  • Shorter snouts and bigger heads
  • Big dogs, so the drool is more noticeable due to its volume.
  • Potential behavioral or medical reasons, which we will address in further depth below.

All dogs drool to a certain extent, but there are a few factors that can lead your Rottweiler to drool more than a thinner lipped breed like a German Shepherd or Greyhound. Remember that if your dog is dealing with excessive or sudden drooling, it may be best to consult a veterinary professional, especially if they have other symptoms as well.

Why do Rottweilers drool more than some other dog breeds?

Loose upper lips hang over the bottom jaw

Rotties have long lips on the top, also known as flews, that hang over their bottom jaw and may allow spit to build up in their cheeks before overflowing as drool.

Any dog breed with more jowls and loose flews (like the notoriously slobbery Saint Bernard) may drool more than other breeds, but it can also depend on the individual dog.

For example, German Rottweilers may drool more than American Rottweilers because their flews are looser and they have bigger heads. Male Rotties also tend to drool more than females.

Dog breeds with large heads and short snouts

Rottweilers tend to have a big, boxy head shape, which may simply make their dribble more noticeable. If your Rottweiler's head is larger, that also may mean larger jowls and more drool.

Also, if a Rottweiler's snout is short, then there is less space for the spit to spread out, so it may collect and fall more easily. Because male Rottweilers are bigger, large males typically drool more than female Rottweilers.

Behavioral reasons for Rottweiler drool

It's normal to notice your Rottweiler drooling when they're hungry, and it's dinner time, but there are other potential factors as well.


Dogs tend to produce more spit when they are anxious or when another dog is nearby. If your neighbor has recently gotten a new dog, or if your dog drools more when you are not around, then their drooling might be explained by heightened levels of anxiety.

A common type of anxiety is separation anxiety, which may be associated with destructive behavior when you are not present. Be sure to help your pup with consistent physical and mental stimulation, proper training, and spending quality time together with walks, cuddles, and pets.

A female nearby

When canines are aroused, especially males who can smell a female in heat, they may drool more than usual.

Rottweiler dogs are no exception, and rottweiler owners may notice their dog's mouth-watering more than usual if they have not been neutered and are near a female.

Hot weather

Your Rottweiler's drooling may be due to high temperatures, and Canines produce a fair amount of drool sometimes to cool themselves off.

If your pet gets so hot that you notice excessive panting, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, or collapse, please take them to the vet immediately, as these could be signs of heatstroke.

Medical reasons for excessive drooling

As we mentioned earlier, even when Rottweilers drool excessively, it's perfectly normal and doesn't always point to health concerns.

But if the excessive drooling is also paired with other symptoms, then your dog could be dealing with health problems, and it's best to bring them to the vet.

They have a sick stomach

If your Rottweiler is also vomiting and having diarrhea, they may be drooling more than usual due to a sick stomach.

If they got into your neighbor's garbage and ate something foul, then they might just have food poisoning. If the stomach problems persist, take your Rottweiler to a vet so that they can figure out where their symptoms are coming from.


Rotties are a large dog breed, which means they sometimes suffer from a severe condition called bloat. Bloat occurs when gas builds up in the canine's stomach and causes it to flip over. Bloat can be a life-threatening condition, so if you notice the following symptoms of bloat, seek out care for your dog immediately:

  • The stomach is painful and hard to the touch
  • Burping and gas
  • Drooling excessively

Tips for dealing with Rottweiler drool

Many Rottweiler owners find ways to manage the slobber with some of the fairly easy following tips:

  • Clean drool off furniture or clothes with a mix of a cup of water, 1/4 a cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Give your Rottweiler water outside, like on a patio or balcony, so they do not get their snout very wet while drinking, then track it around the house.
  • Engage in weekly grooming, coat care, and consider giving them dental bones to clean their teeth. Rottweilers sometimes shed even more than they drool, which will help you manage the mess.

Slightly Slobbery, Definitely Loved

Don't let worry about drooling prevent you from getting that perfect, wiggly Rottweiler puppy. Sometimes these pets take their time building a relationship with you, but once they trust you, Rottweilers love snuggling and protecting their beloved family members.

Rotties look tough, which means they can get a bad reputation, but these are good family dogs, and any Rottweiler owner will tell you that they're big softies under the hard exterior.

Rottweilers are great family members, and they are people dogs. Such large dogs always run this risk of being a little slobbery once they reach adult size, but a little dribble is nothing compared to the companionship you get in return.

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