Why do dogs like playing fetch?

why do dogs like playing fetch

Many dog owners have bred dogs to inherit such traits to pass down from one generation to the next. As a result, this has caused these animals to evolve and have these trained traits built into their instinct. One indisposition they inherit and pick up quickly is retrieving items to you, known as fetch.

So why do dogs like fetch?

Why do dogs like fetch?

To them, a game of fetch is more than just obeying orders. While entertaining, it also serves as a means for the dogs to display their agility and authority. They do it just out of self-interest. 

Understanding serotonin helps to explain the situation. This molecule serves as a reward to the dog's brain, causing it to be pleased. 

Sports include a variety of physical activities that put a lot of stress on your body. Is there a prize at the end of all this? Not at all. 

You only do it because it's fun. It pertains to how the dog behaves. They do it because it's fun and brings them happiness.

What are the benefits of playing fetch? 

There's a lot of reasons why your dog might enjoy playing fetch with you! One of which is due to their innate hunting instinct. After all, dogs are highly active and athletic hunters. As a result of this drive, dogs require a lot of exercises.

Plus, fetch is an excellent tool that you could use to help your dog feel good and get into a routine. They are able to play without the assistance of a leader or any prior training. This pastime does not necessitate a lot of running about. It's portable, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Playing fetch is enjoyable for dogs for yet another reason. When dogs don't get enough exercise, they get restless. This is handled by fetch. While you stand or sit in your spot, they might exert themselves. The more active they are, the better behaved and calmer they will be.

Playing fetch is a lot of fun, but where should you go?

Most individuals choose to keep things simple by having fun with their pets in their own backyards or on the patio. It gets the job done, but it's not the best solution. Dog parks, which are open spaces that delight dogs, are an excellent option. There's a lot more space for dogs to run around and meet other visitors. It helps dogs become more social and reduces anxiety.

You can make your dog happy by taking them on hikes and letting them explore on their own. Dogs are naturally curious and will take on new challenges out of pure curiosity. To encourage exploration, tossing their toy far away, somewhere they'll have to look, is a terrific idea.

How long should I let my dog play fetch?

It all comes down to the breed of dog you have and how much energy it exudes. Playing catch with energetic dogs might last up to two hours or more. If your dog has a regular amount of energy, an hour of playtime should be sufficient to tire them out. It would help if you also did this on a regular basis to ensure their energy needs are met.

You can also have fun with your dog in your own backyard reguarly. You can give your dog simple toys to play with and retrieve for you. Generally though, it's difficult to estimate how long to play fetch with them for, as it is a part of their nature. 


In a nutshell, dogs love to fetch objects for a variety of reasons. Ultimately though, it derives back to their wolf-like hunting history. Playing fetch should not be avoided as it will help stimulate them and provide them with pleasure. 

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