Doberdoodle: everything about this mixed breed


If you like surprises, then you'll love the Doberman Poodle mix.

These are hybrid breeds that have two parents with completely contrasting personality traits!

Its parent breeds are the Poodle and Doberman Pinscher. If you're not familiar with them, the Standard Poodle is intelligent and pleasant. In contrast, the Doberman parent has a strong, stubborn streak.

Now, looking at those two breeds' distinct traits, we bet the cogs are turning in your brain to see what the Doberdoodle is like.

To know why this hybrid is so epic, keep on reading as we're going to explore everything about them in this article.

History of the Doberman Poodle mix

To fully understand the uniqueness of this hybrid, we need to go back to its origins. Because of this, you should learn about the parents of the Doberman Poodle mix.

Doberman Pinscher

This is a medium to large dog breed from Germany that first came into existence in the 1980s. A man named Karl Doberman bred a mixture of dogs such as the RottweilerGerman Pinscher, and Black Tan Terrier to create a dog that would help him collect tax off residents in Germany.

On average, this dog can grow up to 68-72cm/27-28inches and weigh between 71-99lbs/32-45kg. Typically Doberman Pinschers have a short coat that comes in either black and tan or red and tan. Due to its working instinct, the Doberman Pinscher is an aggressive and fearless dog, ready to step in and protect any human when possible.

Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is a dog whose original purpose was to hunt waterfowl. Poodles in the 18th century were renowned for being excellent swimmers due to the long hair they had on their chest and short hair on their limbs, making them streamline in the water.

Today, Poodles are renowned as one of the most intelligent breeds in the dog world. They're also incredibly obedient, playful, and not aggressive. 

Typically the Poodle parent of the Doberdoodle can grow up to 15inches/39cm and tall and weigh between 45-70lbs/21-32kg.

The temperament of the Doberman Poodle mix

Now seeing the two parents of the Doberdoodle having contrasting personalities makes it quite hard to predict what the Doodleman Pinscher might inherit.

Luckily for aspiring pet owners, Doodleman Pinschers tend to inherit the smart nature of a Poodle, making them very easy to train.

Unlike their guard dog parent breed, the Doberman, they don't have aggressive tendencies; in fact, this hybrid has a calm temperament and loves to play!

Many people describe this hybrid as a dog that gets on with any family member and always looks for moments to gain that extra bit of attention or playtime from its owner.

In addition to this, if you have another pet or several in your home, they're a breed that can bond to them quickly.

On the contrary, though, if you're someone who likes to be outside a lot or have a lot of commitments, then this dog does not do well on its own. If you leave this dog for too long, it can develop separation anxiety and develop bad habits like chewing on furniture or misbehaving.

Also, like their tax collector parent, they can serve as fantastic watchdogs. This hybrid can easily pick up on sounds and alert you when a stranger is nearby, though.

But barking is probably the only thing they will do as these dog breeds love people and even warm up to strangers quickly.


Generally, these dog breeds tend to be medium-sized, growing between 24-28inches/61cm-72cm tall and weighing between 60-80lbs/27-37kg

Most of the time, this hybrid has a long muscular body, long neck, deep chest, sleek muzzle, floppy ears, and long legs. However, its coat can differ based on what it inherits from each parent.

On average, the Doberdoodle is most likely to have a short to medium-length coat that comes in either grey, blue, black, brown, red, or white

But, based on what it inherits from either parent, it can either have a curly coat like its Poodle parent or a short, smooth coat like the Doberman. Regardless of its texture, it's likely that this hybrid will have a water-resistant coat like its Poodle parent.

Is a Doodleman Pinscher hypoallergenic?

When it comes to the Doberdoodle coat, it's not fully hypoallergenic, but close to, especially if it inherits the coat from a Poodle. If it does have a curly coat like the Poodle, it's likely these dogs will shed very little, making them a cross great for people who suffer from a lot of allergies.

On the contrary, if this breed inherits the thick double coat from the Doberman Pinscher, it's likely they could shed and will require a lot more maintenance. After all, this coat is more prone to knotting and will need frequent grooming.

Grooming tips for a Doberdoodle

If you plan to get a Doodleman Pinscher, you must dedicate enough time to their grooming regime. You must brush them daily to prevent their coat from knotting alongside dust and debris forming.

The proper way to do this is by using a wire brush and a metal comb to help get any knots out.

In addition to this, you should pay careful attention to the ears of a Doodleman Pinscher as they can get dirty easily and put them at risk of more health problems.

Ideally, it would help if you used an ear cleaning solution recommended by a vet and a soaked cotton ball.

When cleaning their ears, if you notice any redness, strange smells, itchiness, or puss arising from their ears, it could be an infection, so you must take them to the vet immediately.

Exercise requirements

The large size of a Doberdoodle makes them a breed that requires a lot of exercise and is not always suited to apartments. You need at least a backyard for a Doberdoodle to run around in and use up any remaining energy.

They will need 60-90 minutes of exercise each day, which can be done through walking, running, swimming, and playtime. If you don't give them sufficient exercise, they could easily pick up on bad habits.

Alongside physical exercise, it's also vital that they have proper mental stimulation to satisfy their clever nature. To do this, you should aim to play brain games with them each day or give them toys or puzzles.

What to feed the Doberdoodle?

To keep this incredibly muscular hybrid happy, you must feed them a large quantity of food each day. On average, these dogs will eat 3-4 cups of dog food a day, which can be portioned into 2-3 meals.

It's also essential that they have a lot of protein, minerals, and vitamins in their food so their muscles can grow and repair easily. To get a better idea, it's essential to speak to a vet who can advise the right brands and formula concerning the weight, height, age, and health problems a Doberdoodle has.

Health problems of Doodleman Pinschers

This canine, on average, tends to have a long life span compared to other dogs living up to 12-15 years. Plus, this dog is relatively healthy most of the time, but they can be prone to the following:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Gastric Dilation Volvulus (bloat)
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Wobblers syndrome
  • Hypothyroidism

How much does a Doodleman cost?

If you're looking to buy Doodleman Pinscher puppies, you must consider a range of factors such as your location, parent breeds, and the breeder's reputation. If you live in the USA, though, you can expect to pay on average $375-$1000.


Overall, if you love hybrid breeds, then you should definitely consider having the Doberman Poodle mix as a pet. This canine is sweet, affectionate, and loves to play with many family members or animals in your home.

On the contrary, their large size makes them dogs not suited to a small space; instead, they require long walks, runs, or swims at least for 60-90 minutes a day.

These animals also must be brushed frequently and not left long on their own from your family as they can quickly develop separation anxiety.

Therefore, this dog breed needs to be in a family home with ample space where someone is always around to entertain them.

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