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Are you thinking of adopting a dog and leaning towards a medium-sized one? How would you like to discover with us the 10 best breeds of medium-sized dogs?

Before you start

In the following article, we are going to introduce you to some breeds and recognized characteristics of the dogs of these breeds.

This being said, it seems important to us to remind that each dog is different: it is not because your dog's breed has certain characteristics (calm, playful, independent…) that your dog will necessarily have them.

His character, education and socialization can influence his behavior.

It will therefore be important to understand your dog and adapt to his needs!

#1 The Australian Shepherd

berger australien race chien moyen

He's the most “instagrammable” dog in this ranking.

With his (often) minnow eyes, spotted coat and lovely face, the Australian Shepherd is a very popular dog.

He has become one of the leading breeds in France.

Be careful though: his lovely face should not make you forget that he is a shepherd and therefore a dog in need of a lot of physical and mental distraction!

#2 The Collie


A much-loved dog in the past, when the film Lassie featured a dog of the same breed, the Collie‘s popularity declined with the rise of the Australian Shepherd.

Nevertheless, the Collie is a dynamic, obedient and very intelligent sheepdog that should charm you. Like all sheepdogs, he needs physical exercise and lots of distraction.

#3 The Bearded Collie

bearded collie

The Bearded Collie is also a shepherd, but he comes either from England or Scotland (his origin is uncertain).

His crazy-looking hair is always in his eyes: it makes you wonder if he sees anything.

Nevertheless, he is still very lively and sporty, an enthusiast of long walks – like most sheepdogs.

#4 The Puli


Did you just fall in love with the crazy-looking hair of the bearded collie? You haven't seen anything yet! Here's the Puli.

His black dreadlocks are what makes this dog of Hungarian origin so original, a little smaller than the Bearded Collie (between 10 and 15 kilos).

You will discover that the Puli is an affectionate, playful and very endearing dog.

#5 The Samoyed


Another dynamic and cute dog to present to you.

The Samoyed is the medium version of the famous German Spitz and other Japanese Spitz.

Hairy, white and cheerful, he weighs between 25 and 35 kilos. Very dynamic, he has a high need for walks and games.

#6 The Eurasian


Rather similar to the Samoyed, from which he is essentially distinguished by his sand rather than white color, the Eurasian is a German dog that does not lack in charm, however, and should make you fall for him!

He has the particularity of being much calmer and requiring way less physical exercise than sheepdogs and other spitz dogs presented previously.

If your lifestyle is rather sedentary, the Eurasian will be more suitable for you!

#7 The Chow-Chow

chow chow

The Chow-Chow is the exact copy of the Eurasian, with a snub nose.

Of Chinese origin, he is just as calm as his German colleague. Like him, he will be satisfied with little physical exercise and therefore be able to adapt to you if you live in the city and/or have a sedentary lifestyle.

Like all dogs with flat noses, his health is fragile and he is sensitive to heat and brutal physical exercise.

#8 The English Bulldog

bouledogue anglais

In our article on small dog breeds, we introduced you to the French Bulldog, which is smaller than his English counterpart.

The English Bulldog is more imposing and weighs between 23 and 30 kilos, which classifies him among the average dog breeds.

Rather calm and lazy, he will adapt very well to a quiet life and short walks.

Because of his flat nose, you will have to keep an eye on him, especially in hot weather and during heavy physical exercise.

#9 The Bull Terrier

bull terrier chien de taille moyenne

His face shouldn't be unfamiliar to you. Entirely white or white stained with black, the Bull Terrier is recognizable by his long muzzle and prominent jaw.

Used as a fighting dog for a long time – he fought bulls, horses and bears – he is a dog that needs to be rehabilitated.

Adorable, playful and dynamic, this dog is first and foremost an excellent companion dog. A breed to discover absolutely!

#10 The Shikoku


The Shikoku is a primitive Japanese medium-sized dog that stands between the small Shiba Inu and the large Akita Inu.

With his mini-wolf physique, it will be easier to welcome him in your home than a Saarlos Wolfdog!

However, he remains a dog trained to hunt boars, requiring a lot of exercise to be happy. He also shares features of primitive dogs: independent, not easy to train and exclusive.

Don't give in to your heart's desire and think twice before adopting him!

Bonus: Adopt a mongrel

The shelters welcome many medium-sized dogs, whether they are LOF, cross-breeds or mongrels.

Because it is not always easy to estimate the adult size of a puppy, we advise you to adopt a puppy of at least 7 months (at that age, you should have a fairly clear idea of the dog's size).

So, is there a medium-sized dog breed in this article that you're falling for?

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