15 cute Weimaraner mixes (with pictures!)

weimaraner mix

Oh, the Weimaraner. The supermodel of the dog world. This striking dog, sometimes known as the Grey Ghost, has a sleek build, a unique appearance, and beautiful bright blue or amber eyes. Originally bred in Germany at the court of Weimar, these pups were used as hunting dogs and then eventually as retrievers. Weimaraners are known to be incredibly intelligent dogs, full of energy, and a little stubborn – making them a bit of a handful for novice owners. But what about a Weimaraner mix?

It might seem a bit of a shame to mix such an elegant pup with another dog breed, but Weimaraner mixes can inherit the best bits of both their parent breeds. Mixed breeds are generally cheaper than purebred dogs, they normally don’t suffer from as many health issues, and mixing them with less stubborn and headstrong breeds can make them easier to train. Plus, imagine how beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback and Weimaraner mixed puppies are…

Ridgemaraner – Rhodesian Ridgeback and Weimaraner

So let’s start here, and I’m right. Right? These striking pups are generally light brown, or dark brown/black. They have a strong, sleek body and a larger head with floppy ears – just like both parent breeds. Unsurprisingly, this Weimaraner mix has a lot of energy and needs an owner who can keep up with them. They’ll need regular walks, runs, and hikes as well as a yard or garden to play in.

They’ll also need firm training from the beginning, as they tend to be a bit dominant and stubborn. Obedience training, in particular, is crucial. They can also have quite a strong prey drive, so watch them off the leash and make sure they return when called. These dogs make wonderful, loyal pets that love to play and protect their owners. They’re intelligent, make great guard dogs, and are very caring.

Pointeraner – German Shorthaired Pointer and Weimaraner

The Pointeraner is an alert, curious, and very watchful dog. They excel at hunting and retrieving and are happiest when hiking, exploring, swimming, and putting their curiosity to use. Like many of the dog breeds on the list, they have high energy levels which need to be met by any owner, so they’re best suited to an active family. 

They can be a little mischievous and strong-willed, so training is absolutely essential to avoid them becoming destructive or disobedient. They love games to engage their brains as well as regular exercise. Compared to the other breeds, they’re a little easier to train. They make wonderful, loyal pets that will love to spend time with you but will (occasionally) be happy to entertain themselves.

Weimardoodle – Poodle and Weimaraner

This Poodle and Weimaraner mix normally inherits the iconic coat of its Poodle parent and can be a range of colors. This makes them well suited to allergy sufferers or those who want a minimal shedding dog. These fluffy pups are expressive and love nothing more than to play with their owners and interact. 

They are highly intelligent and can be trained well (especially when training is turned into a game). They can be a little shy around new people but will follow your lead if they’re friends of yours. Compared to other Weimaraner mixes, they only need moderate exercise – so a good walk and lots of playtime will be enough.

Boweimar – Boxer and Weimaraner

This hybrid dog loves (Weimaraner mixed with a Boxer) to be around its humans, cuddling, playing, and enjoying their company. They need a good amount of affection and are definitely not a pup that can be left alone. Although soft-natured, they’ll absolutely let you know if they’re feeling neglected.

They have a lot of energy and will love to go on long walks or runs with you. As well as their physical needs they also benefit from keeping their brains active, so puzzle toys are a great idea. They’re good with children (especially if they play with them) and smaller pets but will need regular training to keep their boisterous nature in check.

Great Weimar – Great Dane and Weimaraner

It’s no surprise that all Great Dane mix-breeds are large dogs, and the Great Weimar is no exception. As you’d imagine, these strong dogs don’t like being in small spaces – so a yard or outdoor space is necessary. Despite their size, however, Great Weimars are actually pretty elegant (but also clumsy like their Great Dane parents)!

They’re very friendly, intelligent, and gentle dogs that love playing with their owners and showing them some love. They need more exercise than Great Danes and enjoy long walks, hikes, and a good play session.

Bosmaraner – Boston Terrier and Weimaraner

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If you’re looking for a Weimaraner mix that’s on the smaller side, the Bosmaraner may be for you. It’s a small to medium dog that is actually suited to apartment living. This doesn’t, however, mean that they don’t need regular exercise. They absolutely do because they have a lot of energy, and when not burned up, they could become destructive.

Generally, they’re fairly affectionate with people they know, but they do need early socialization to get them used to people and other pups. Training from a young age is also crucial as they have a tendency (thanks to their parents) to be a little stubborn and think they’re the boss.

Weimarrott – Rottweiler and Weimaraner

Don’t be fooled by these Weimaraner mixed puppies, they will grow up to be large and muscular dogs which may be a bit intimidating to some. But don’t be put off by their physique, Weimarrotts are affectionate, playful, and loving pups that can make incredible service dogs. This Weimaraner and Rottweiler mix needs early socialization, especially around smaller animals, but they can be wonderful members of a family.

Their exercise needs are quite high and can be satisfied by numerous short walks during the day. A yard to run around in or a ball or frisbee to chase are also great options to let off some steam.

Vizmaraner – Vizsla and Weimaraner

A Vizmaraner is an elegant, strong dog that has energy by the bucket load. They need a good amount of exercise every day and are happy running after you, going on long walks, chasing their friends in the dog park, or entertaining themselves in the backyard. If their energy levels aren’t met, they’re likely to become destructive and will use their intelligence to get up to mischief.

They’re loving and loyal dogs that may develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. They need plenty of affection and attention from you, as well as fun training and socialization – although they’re generally good with children and smaller pets.

Labmaraner – Labrador Retriever and Weimaraner

Just like the Labrador, this Weimaraner mix is an incredibly loving, cute, and affectionate pup. So much so that they will always want to be around you and can easily develop separation anxiety. You need to make sure you have enough time to cover them in affection and play with them.

They have high energy levels and will need a good amount of physical and mental exercise every day. They love to play in the dog park, go on long walks with you and play with toys and games. They can have a prey drive, so need early socialization and training – especially if it’s a multi-pet household.

Beagiraner – Beagle and Weimaraner

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The Beagiraner is a very intelligent dog that can be well trained. They’re bouncy, love to have fun, and spend time playing with their family. They do tend to have a lot of spare energy, so long walks and access to an outdoor space to play in are ideal.

Like many Beagle mixes, they can make the perfect family pet and will love to play with children. This Beagle and Weimaraner mix may, however, have a strong scent and prey drive which means that early socialization for multi-pet houses is really needed. Their scent hound tendencies can also mean that they’ll shoot off following a good smell, so make sure they’re trained to return when called.

Goldmaraner – Golden Retriever and Weimaraner

The Goldmaraner is definitely one of the cutest Weimaraner mixes. But it’s not just their appearance that makes them so attractive, you’ll also be getting a loyal, friendly, and highly intelligent pup that will love to spend time with the family.

Both parent breeds need a lot of exercise and this hybrid is no different. Long walks, runs and plenty of dates in the play park will keep them happy. They’ll also love some mental games such as puzzle toys to keep their brains active. Just like many of the other mixes, they also have a high prey drive so need lots of socialization and aren’t ideal for homes with other small pets.

Dalmaraner – Dalmatian and Weimaraner

It’s no wonder that the Dalmaraner is such an elegant, beautiful dog – just look at its parent breeds! This large dog is very athletic and loves to run and exercise regularly. They can come in a vast range of colors and often have spotted patches on their bodies.

They’re very loyal dogs that will feel protective over their owners and house, which can make them a little wary of strangers but also very good guard dogs! Because of the Dalmatian in them, they can be quite difficult to train. They do, however, respond well to positive reinforcement, and training them is easier if you start young.

Weimarsky – Husky and Weimaraner

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The Weimarsky often appears as an exact mix of both its parents and it has a wonderful nature. They’re energetic, fun, affectionate, and very intelligent which means they excel in all kinds of training. Because they’re so loving, their affection can occasionally be a little too much – especially around smaller children or new people.

Both the Grey Ghost and the Husky are two very active and athletic breeds, which means the Weimarsky needs a lot of exercise (and when they’re not exercising they’ll be playing almost constantly). When they do burn up their energy, they’ll be happy to sit with you and enjoy your company.

Weim-Pei – Shar Pei and Weimaraner

This very cute Weimaraner mix normally inherits the wrinkly face of its Shar-Pei parent. Compared to other breeds on this list, the Weim-Pei only needs moderate exercise and can be quite happy playing in the yard alone (although they need a good walk too).

They’re really loyal pets, so much so that they can be quite standoffish and suspicious of other humans and animals. Their guarding instinct can be strong and this can make them reserved around new people. Early socialization and plenty of training from you can help to keep any unwanted behavior at bay.

Weimshepherd – German Shepherd and Weimaraner

These beautiful, athletic, and highly intelligent dogs are a great mix of both their parent breeds. They tend to inherit the slightly more relaxed attitude of the German Shepherd but with the fun and excitable traits of the Weimaraner. They love to be trained and excel in obedience.

They can come in a mix of different colors and tend to be relatively big. They need a lot of exercise if they’re not to become frustrated, restless, and even destructive. They’ll also love intelligence puzzles and anything to keep their brains engaged. They’re not the best choice for novice dog owners as they can be stubborn and can be a little boisterous around children.

So, there you have it. 15 of the cutest Weimaraner mixes. Which one is your favorite?

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