420+ Australian Dog Names For Your Furry Mate

kangaroo australia

When you think of Australia, what comes to mind? Let’s set the scene: a young surfer in a safari hat lounging on the beach, a kangaroo hopping along the road while a dingo follows close behind in the bright sun… 

Follow-up question: have you recently added a new pup into your home and are looking for inspiration for the perfect dog name? We suggest you look no further than the wild and wonderful continent of Australia!  

The native Dingo and Aboriginal people of Australia formed a bond long ago, and Australians’ love for dogs hasn’t diminished one bit. In fact, there are quite a few notable types of Australian dogs: The Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dogs might be the most well-known. But there’s also the Silky Terrier, Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, and Kelpie. Surely, if you have one of these breeds of dog, you must consider some of our top Australian dog names.  

Even if you aren’t a pet parent to an Australian breed, many of these names may still fit your dog’s personality or appearance. Is your pup regal and queenly like Victoria? Or maybe she’s sweet as Fantale, a popular candy in Australia. Does your shepherd zoom around like a Boomerang?

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Perhaps you’ve taken a vacation to Oz and want to commemorate your trip by naming your dog after your favorite place Down Under. Canberra the Collie, Tasmania the Tibetan Mastiff, and Bondi the Boxer all have a nice ring to them.

From the most popular dog names, to obscure names coming from Aboriginal languages, we’ve compiled the top Australian dog names for you right in this article! 

Female Australian Dog Names

These popular female Australian names are cute as can be! Adelaide and Victoria are classic girl names that are also locations in Australia. Some of these names like Lucy or Sadie are widely used, but there are plenty of less common options to consider as well. 

Can’t you just picture a Silky Terrier named Edna, or an adorable mini Shepherd called Moira? Which Aussie girl name do you like best?

Chrissie (In Australia, a slang word for Christmas)

Male Australian Dog Names

Aussie friends are notorious for giving each other fun nicknames. Gary becomes “Gazza,” David is “Davo,” and Wayne can be a “Wayno.” Other dog owners looking for a slightly more sophisticated Australian dog name might like the more old-school sounding options like Harvey, Clifton, or Jervis.

Archer (“Archie” for short)
Bazza (Nickname for the name Barry)
Darren (“Dazza” for short)
David (“Davo” for short)
Eric (“Ecca” for short)
Gary (“Gazza” for short)
Larry (“Lazza” for short)
Terry (“Tezza” for short)
Warren (“Wazza” for short)
Wayne (“Wayno” for a nickname)

Funny Australian Dog Names

Australian slang is like a whole language on its own, and offers some super fun options for dog names.

Is your Australian Cattle Dog a total nerd about herding? Call him “Dag” (Australian slang for a geek or nerd). Think your shepherd would look cute in a safari hat? Boonie is the word they use in ‘Straya. Do you have a pooch who loafs around all day? Bludger is a funny and fitting name for a lazy dog. 

Of course, you could always go for the classic Australian slang “Mate” – as the saying goes, dog is man’s best friend! 

BarbieSlang for barbeque
BirdSlang for a woman
BludgerSlang for someone who is lazy
BonzaOr “Bonzer”; slang for something awesome
Boomerang“Boomer” for short
BoonieSlang for a safari hat
BroadSlang for a woman
ChickSlang for a woman
CobberSlang for a wonderful friend
CrikeyAn expression of surprise
DagSlang for a geek or nerd
GnarlySlang for awesome
MateSlang for friend
Nosh-upSlang for dinner or eating a huge amount of food
OzzieOr “Oz” – short for Australia
RipperSlang for something really cool
RipsnorterSlang for describing when you had an awesome time
StrayaShort for Australia

Dog Names Inspired by the Animals of Australia


Australia is extremely biodiverse, and contains many species of animals found in few other places in the world. We know your dog must be one-of-a-kind as well, so consider an Australian dog name honoring the most unique and beautiful animals of Australia.   

For example, the Kookaburra is the national bird of Australia and is known for its distinct laugh: perfect for a goofy pooch who has a fun personality.  Ulysses is another creative Australian dog name: this gorgeous swallow-tailed butterfly comes from Australia – a perfect name for a Papillon (which means “butterfly” in French).  

Sometimes, our dogs have a certain feature or behavior that reminds us of other animals. Imagine an Australian Kelpie that can jump for a frisbee like a kangaroo. 

Or how about a Jack Russell or another small dog, excitedly bouncing around like a Joey (baby kangaroo)?

BandicootSmall marsupial
Barramundi“Barra” for short; Aboriginal name for large freshwater fish
BilbySmall marsupial with large ears
BrumbyWild horse from Australia
Cassowary“Cass” or “Cassie” is a cute nickname
ChookSlang for chicken
DugongMarine animal
GoannaMonitor lizard
Kangaroo“Kanga” or “Roo” both work as nicknames
KookaburraNational bird of Australia
JoeyBaby kangaroo
LitoriaType of tree frog native to Australia
MagpieType of bird
Morton“Morton Bay Bug”; a type of crayfish from Queensland
MozzieSlang for mosquito
MudbugSlang for crayfish
MuddieType of crab from Queensland and New South Wales
Sugar Glider“Sugar” for short
UlyssesType of butterfly found in Australia
Wallaby“Walla” or “Wally” for short
WitchettyWitchetty grub eaten by indigenous Australians

Dog Names Taken From Australia’s Geography

uluru australia

From the Coral Sea down to the island of Tasmania in the Pacific Ocean, and across to the western coast of the continent, Australia is a wild and beautiful place: full of vibrant towns and stunning geography. The names of these cities and famous landmarks make great dog names!

Sydney, perhaps the most recognizable city in Australia, is one of the most popular dog names for Australian dogs. Melbourne, another large city, is another great name that works for a male or female dog (especially when shortened to “Mel”).  

Other dog owners looking for something a little more unique can take inspiration from a smaller city in Australia: Darwin (the town named after famed biologist Charles Darwin) and Byron are our top picks for a boy dog, while Margaret and Junee are super cute for your best female friend.

Is your pooch a bit on the wild side? Call him or her “Taz” or “Tazzie” after Tasmania, one of Australia’s states (and the home of the infamous Tasmanian Devil cartoon character!). 

ArthurPort Arthur
BallaratFormer mining town and landmark from the Victorian era
BondiBeach in Sydney
ByronCity of Byron Bay
CanberraThe capital city of Australia
DarwinCity in Northern Australia
EurekaEureka Skydeck in Melbourne
FraserFraser Island in Queensland
HerveyHervey Bay located in Queensland
HobartState capital of Tasmania; “Bart” could be a nickname
JannaliSuburb of Sydney
JuneeTown in New South Wales
KakaduNational Park
MargaretMargaret River, a town in Perth
MelbourneCity; “Mel” or “Melbs” for short
StocktonStockton Bight Sand Dunes on the eastern coast
SydneyCity on the southeastern coast
TasmaniaIsland state of Australia; “Taz” or “Tassie” for short
The Big BananaTourist attraction and amusement park in New South Wales
The Big MerinoLandmark paying tribute to Australia's wool industry
The Big PineappleTourist attraction in Queensland
ToowoombaCity in Queensland
UluruLarge sandstone rock formation in the Northern Territory
Wagga WaggaCity in New South Wales
WollongongCity; “The Gong” is a very Aussie nickname
ZanthusRemote city in Western Australia

Colorful Australian Dog Names

Dogs come in all sorts of colors, so why not give your dog a colorful name? Some of these color-based names come from different locations in Australia, like the town of Emerald, or the iconic Gold Coast. 

On the other hand, many of these names are inspired by the colorful coats and emotive eyes of Australian Shepherd dogs themselves! Merle, Copper, and Sable are delightful dog names that can relate to your pup’s appearance. Hazel, Amber, and Chromia describe rare and beautiful eye colors you might find in an Australian dog. But of course, these names will work for any dog breed!

AmberThe eye color of some Australian Shepherds
BlueThe name of a mountain range in New South Wales
ChromiaOr “Chrome”; from heterochromia, the term for having two different-colored eyes (a common trait found in Australian Shepherds)
CopperThe color of some Australian dog breeds
EmeraldA town in Queensland named after its green hills
GingerThe color of some Australian dog breeds
GoldieAfter the Gold Coast
GreyThe color of the iconic skyscrapers and architecture in Melbourne and Sydney
HazelThe eye color of some Australian Shepherds
MerleVariation of color in some Australian dog breeds
OrangeThe name of a town in New South Wales
PinkThe color of Lake Hillier in Australia
RedRed Rock, a town in New South Wales
SableThe color of some Australian dog breeds
TurquoiseThe color of the water around the Great Barrier Reef

Australian Dog Names Derived From Popular Drinks

It’s obvious that Australians love to have a good time. If you also like to kick back in the sun with a “Coldie” in hand and your best (four-legged) buddy by your side, you can give your dog an Australian dog name inspired by some of the popular drinks from Down Under. 

How about Cab Sav as a name for a Red Australian Shepherd? Shandy (a mix of beer and lemonade) is a superb name for a golden-colored pup like a Yellow Lab. 

If you don’t fancy alcohol, don’t feel left out: Australians love their tea and coffee, too! They even have specific coffee drinks, like the Piccolo – a shot of coffee with steamed milk. We think it’s an adorable name for a small dog!  

BillySlang for teapot
Bottle-OA liquor store or bottle shop
BrownieBeer that comes in a brown glass bottle
BundabergBrand of Australian carbonated beverages
Cab SavShort for Cabernet Sauvignon, a popular varietal of wine grape
ChardonnayVarietal of white wine grapes grown in Australia since the 1800s
ColdieA cold bottle of beer
CoopersBrand of Australian beer
CuppaA cup of tea
FlagonTwo-liter bottle of wine
GoonSlang for boxed wine
GrogSlang for alcohol
Moo-juiceSlang for milk
PiccoloSingle shot of coffee with steamed milk
Pinot NoirVarietal of wine grapes grown in Australia since the 1840s
PlonkSuper cheap wine or alcohol
RieslingVarietal of wine grapes grown in Australia since the 1840s
SemillonVarietal of wine grapes grown in Australia since the 1800s
ShandyMix of beer and lemonade
ShirazVarietal of wine grapes grown in Australia since the early 1800s
SlabSlang for a carton of beers
SmokoA tea break
StubbieSmall bottle of beer
TinnyA can of beer
TooheysBrand of Australian beer

Dog Names Inspired By Australian Food

lamington australian cake

The greatest thing about naming your dog after Aussie food? The fun nicknames, of course! Once again, this category of names contains some pretty entertaining Australian slang dog names! 

While you shouldn’t feed your dog Avo (avocado) or share a Choccy Biccy (chocolate biscuit), don’t they make awesome dog name ideas? 

AdjigoYam native to Western Australia
ArnottBrand of snacks like Tim Tams
Biscuit“Bickie” is a very Aussie nickname
BrekkieSlang for breakfast
Bubble O'BillAn ice cream popsicle in the shape of a cowboy; “Bubble” works for either gender
Bum-nutsSlang for eggs
CapsicumBell pepper
CaulieShort for cauliflower
CheezleA cheesy chip snack
ChikoChiko Roll, a spring roll-like snack
ChipsFrench fries
Choccy BiccyShort for “chocolate biscuit”
ChowSlang for dinner
CrispsPotato chips
FairyFairy Bread; white bread with butter and rainbow sprinkles
FantaleA brand of candy
Freddo FrogBrand of popular candy
GrubA slang term for food
LamingtonA traditional cake
MaccasSlang for McDonald's
MarmiteBrand of vegemite
MelbaMelba toast
MiloA powdered malt drink added to milk
MurphySlang for potato
MushieSlang for mushroom
ParmaShort for chicken parmesan
Pavlova“Pav” for a nickname or male name; type of meringue cake dessert
Paw PawSlang for papaya
PuddingA dessert
QuandongFruit from the outback
RockmelonCantaloupe; try “Rock” or “Rocky” for short
SangaOr “Sanger”; slang for sandwich
SilverbeetSwiss chard
SilversideCorned beef
SnagSlang for sausage
Spag BolShort for spaghetti bolognese
Tim TamA brand of chocolate biscuit
Tiny TeddieA snack
TuckerSlang for food
TwistiesA cheesy chip snack
Vegemite“Veg” or “Veggie” for short; the famous spread eaten on toast
Zooper DooperBrand of popsicle

Australian Dog Names Inspired by Historical Figures and Famous Aussie People

From the BeeGees to Baz Luhrman, Australia has no shortage of admirable figures in entertainment. There are so many fantastic dog name ideas if you look into Australian history and pop culture. 

Our favorite pick from this category? How about an Australian Cattle Dog named Slim Dusty, after the famous Australian country singer! 

AlbaneseAnthony Albanese, prime minister
AngusAngus Young, guitarist of AC/DC
AnzacAbbreviation of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps that fought together during WWI
BanaEric Bana, actor
BarnseyNickname for Jimmy Barnes, singer
BarryBarry Gibb, of The Bee Gees
BazBaz Luhrmann, film director
Bee GeeAustralian disco pop band
BindiBindi Irwin, TV personality and daughter of Steve Irwin
BurkeRobert O'Hara Burke, an explorer who led an expedition of inland Australia
Captain CookEnglishman who claimed part of Australia for the British Crown, a prominent figure in history
DaniiDanii Minogue, actress
ElleElle MacPherson, model
ErrolErrol Flynn, actor
FarnseyNickname for John Farnham, singer
FinchPeter Finch, actor
GeoffreyGeoffrey Rush, actor
GuyGuy Pearce, actor
HeathHeath Ledger, actor
HemsworthBrothers Luke, Chris, and Liam – all actors
HoganPaul Hogan, actor
HowardJohn Howard, former prime minister
HughHugh Jackman, actor
HugoHugo Weaving, actor
IggyIggy Azalea, rapper and singer
ImpalaAfter the rock band, Tame Impala
IrwinSteve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter
IslaIsla Fisher, actress
JackiJacki Weaver, actress
JandamarraAboriginal guerilla fighter
JetRock band
KeithKeith Urban, country musician
KylieKylie Minogue, singer
LiamLiam Hemsworth, actor
MargotMargot Robbie, actress
MelMel Gibson, actor
MiaMia Wasikowska, actress
MickiAn indigenous tracker who tracked and killed Jandamarra
MirandaMiranda Kerr, model
NaomiNaomi Watts, actress
NatalieNatalie Imbruglia, singer; “Nat” for short
NedNed Kelly, a bushranger and outlaw
NellieDame Nellie Melba, opera singer
NicoleNicole Kidman, actress
NoniNoni Hazelhurst, actress
OliviaOlivia Newton-John, singer
OrlandoOrlando Bloom, actor
PortiaPortia de Rossi, actress
RebelRebel Wilson, actress
RickRick Springfield, musician
RobinRobin Gibb, of The Bee Gees
RoseRose Byrne, actress
Ruby RoseActress
RupertRupert Murdoch, media mogul
RussellRussell Crowe, actor
SimonSimon Baker, actor
Slim DustyAka Gordon Kirkpatrick, country singer
TinaTina Arena, musician
ToniToni Watson, musician, aka Tones and I
TroyeTroye Sivan, musician
VanceVance Joy, musician
WigglesBand / entertainers for children
WillsWilliam John Wills, an who explored inland Australia with Robert Burke

Australian Dog Names From Movies, TV Shows and Books

Did you know that soap operas are a big deal in Australian culture? Ask any Aussie about Charlene Mitchell, and they’ll instantly recognize the character played by Kylie Minogue on Neighbours. There are so many iconic TV characters whose names make great male or female Australian dog names. 

Or, take the movie Finding Nemo: it takes place on the eastern coast of Australia, so the characters contribute some fun options for Australian dog names: Bruce, Marlin, and Darla are all fantastic choices! 

AdamAdam Douglas, Wilfred
Albert FaceyCharacter from the book “A Fortunate Life”
AlfAlf Stewart, Home and Away
AngelAngel Parrish, Home and Away
Bandit HeelerBluey
BethBeth Brennan, Neighbors
Blinky BillThe Adventures of Blinky Bill
BruceFinding Nemo
Charlene MitchellNeighbours
Chilli HeelerBluey
CodyThe Rescuers Down Under
CrushFinding Nemo
DaptoTown in Koala Man
DarlaFinding Nemo
Donald FisherHome and Away
Donna FreedmanNeighbours
DundeeCrocodile Dundee
Emma JacksonHome and Away
EsmeA Country Practice
GilFinding Nemo
JoannaThe Rescuers Down Under
KathKath & Kim
Kenny LarkinNeighbors
KevinKoala Man show
KrebbsThe Rescuers Down Under
LambFamily of characters in the novel Cloudstreet
Laura Tweedle RambothamThe Getting of Wisdowm
MarahuteThe Rescuers Down Under
MarlinFinding Nemo
MaxMad Max
MazNickname for Marilyn from Home and Away
McLeodMcLeod's Daughters
Miss FisherPhryne Fisher from the series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
MollyA Country Practice
MontyShort for Monterey Jack from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers
Mrs. MangelNeighbors
MurielMuriel's Wedding
NemoFinding Nemo
PercivalThe Rescuers Down Under
PerryPerry the Platypus, alias “Agent P” from Phineas and Ferb
Phillip ShermanFinding Nemo
PicklesFamily of characters in the novel Cloudstreet
RamsayRamsay Street, setting of the soap opera Neighbors
Shane ParrishHome and Away
Storm BoyCharacter from a children's book and movies
Thorn BirdTitle of book by Australian author Colleen McCullough
VickyKoala Man show
WilfredTitle character from the series Wilfred

Mythological and Aboriginal Australian Dog Names

Australian culture has a rich tradition of folklore coming from regional songs, stories, and urban legends. Going back further in history, the many tribes of Aboriginal people share the mythology of “Dreamtime,” which provides many interesting and unique dog name ideas from Aboriginal Australian history. We’d bet you’ve never heard any Aboriginal Australian dog names at your local dog park! 

It’s important to mention that there are many different Aboriginal languages within the vast continent of Australia. So, if you’re thinking of naming your dog one of these unusual Aboriginal words, make sure you look up the correct pronunciation! 

AltjiraOne of the creators of the world in Aboriginal mythology
BaiameA creator god in Aboriginal culture
BiamiSpirit Ancestor in Southeastern Australia, sky god
BunjilAn eagle god of the Kulin people
BunyipA legendary creature said to hide at the bottom of creeks and billabongs
BurrunjorA legendary nocturnal reptile from the Outback
BushrangerRobin Hood-like character from Australian folklore
DaramulumA sky god who controls rain and thunder
DidgeridooMusical instrument used in Aboriginal storytelling
Drop BearA fearsome creature Aussies warn travelers about
EinganaA goddess who helped create the world
JulanaA moon goddess of the Warlpiri people
JulunggulThe “rainbow serpent” goddess that brings life and wisdom to Earth
MarmooThe god who created insects in Aboriginal mythology
MimiA group of supernatural spirits that have taught humans many skills
Min MinThe Min Min Light, a mysterious glowing ball of light that appears in the Outback
Minga“Ghost” in an Aboriginal language
Min-na-weeGirl who transformed into a crocodile, according to legend
NungeenaThe goddess who created birds to eat insects
NymphThe Nullarbor Nymph, a mermaid-like creature
SwagmanCharacter from the folk song “Waltzing Matilda”; a drifter
TiddalikA mischievous frog from Aboriginal mythology
WailwunA large human-like creature from Aboriginal mythology with a power scream
WalaA goddess who created the stars
YhiGoddess of light in Aboriginal mythology
YowieA mythical man-like ape creature similar to Big Foot

Nature-Based Australian Dog Names

There’s nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors with your furry friend by your side. If you’re lucky enough to have visited Australia, you know it’s a beautiful place full of incredible natural landscapes and lovely plants. 

The fragrant Eucalyptus tree is commonly associated with Australia. But, with four syllables, “eucalyptus” might be difficult for your new pup to understand. Instead, you could try Mallee, which is a type of eucalyptus tree; and with just two syllables will be easy for your dog to understand. 

Even today, the Aboriginal people of Australia are deeply connected to nature. We’ve included some dog name ideas that come from Aboriginal language: Kubirri (moon), Marni (rain), and Yari (sun) are Australian dog names you’ve probably never heard before. 

AcaciaType of tree
BanksiaType of flowering tree
BillabongA native Wiradjuri word for “lake”
BluebellWildflower found in Australia
BowenA specific type of mango
Bungle BungleMountain range
BunyaType of pine tree native to Australia
BushAny place out in the wilderness away from civilization
CassiaType of yellow flowering tree
CooperCooper Creek, actually a major river
DarlingDarling River, New South Wales
EucalyptusType of tree
HardyHardy Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef
HeartHeart Reef, part of the Hardy Reef shaped like a heart
HillierLake Hillier, a pink lake in Victoria
IllawarraMountain range in New South Wales
KeiraMountain in New South Wales
Kubirri“Moon” in an Aboriginal language
Lilly PillyEvergreen tree native to Australia
MalleeType of eucalyptus tree 
Marni“Rain” in an Aboriginal Australian language
MulgaPlant found throughout inland Australia
MurrayMurray River, the longest in Australia
ReefAfter the Great Barrier Reef
WaratahIconic flower of Australia
WattleA type of acacia tree native to Australia
WilgaType of willow native to Australia
WillowType of tree
WilpenaWilpena Pound, a huge natural amphitheatre in South Australia
Yira“Sun” in an Aboriginal language

Australian Dog Names Inspired by Sports

So many Australian dog breeds are known for being exceptionally energetic and athletic. A sporty name would be perfect for your Australian Kelpie or Cattle Dog. 

Does your pooch deserve a gold medal? Give him or her a name fit for an Olympian like Cathy, Dawn, or Ian. Do you have a pup who loves to play in the waves at the beach? Name them after a young surfer like Jack Robinson, whose nickname “Robbo” sounds quintessentially Australian. 

Admiral FrederickMascot for Central Coast Mariners football team
BennyMascot of Newcastle Jets football team
BrockPeter Brock, race car driver
BroncoBrisbane Broncos, rugby team
Captain Red BeardMascot for Central Coast Mariners football team
CathyCathy Freeman, Olympic gold medalist in track and field
DawnDawn Fraser, Olympic gold medalist in swimming
DonDon Bradman, or “The Don”; cricket player
DragonSt. George Illawarra Dragons, rugby team
FootySlang for football
IanIan Thorpe, Olympic gold medalist in swimming
JillarooNickname for Rugby League women
JoelJoel Parkinson, professional surfer
LayneLayne Beachley, professional surfer
MervMerv Hughes, cricket player
MickMick Fanning, professional surfer
PantherPenrith Panthers, rugby team
PhoenixWellington Phoenix, football team
RoaryMascot for Brisbane Roar football team
RobboNickname of Jack Robinson, professional surfer
RodRod Laver, Grand Slam winner in tennis
RosieMascot for Brisbane Roar football team
SallySally Fitzgibbons, professional surfer
SoccerooNickname for the Australian national football team
StephanieStephanie Gilmore, professional surfer; “Steph” for short
TickerMascot of Melbourne FC football team
TimTim Cahill, Australian footballer
TitanGold Coast Titans, rugby team
VicMascot of Melbourne Victory football team
WandererWestern Sydney football team

Final Thoughts

From the kangaroo to the white cockatoo, from Adelaide to Darwin, Australia truly is a magical land. Capture the wild spirit of Australia by giving your dog a uniquely Aussie name. Even if your dog doesn’t have Australian heritage, these names work for any dog breed.

Do you prefer funny or classic Australian dog names? If your dog is an Australian breed, we’d love to hear what you named them. Let us know in the comments!

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