300 City Dog Names For Your Cosmopolitan Canine

singapore city

Calling all geography lovers! It’s time to explore our globe and find all the best city names for dogs, female and male, real and imaginary, past and present. 

So pack your bags, grab your passport and join us on a virtual “Around the World in 80 days” adventure to find some cool name ideas for your new dog.

🤠 Inspiration For City Names For Dogs From North America and Canada For Your Pup

Los Angeles California
Los Angeles, California

North America is a rich trove of name ideas for your pup. There are so many great cities to explore. We adore the male city names “Austin” and “Hamilton” and we love the name “Aurora” for female dogs. If you have a bit of a sense of humor, did you know that there is a place in New Jersey called “Garfield” – we would love a pup named after the world’s most famous cat! (although your family might disagree). 

AntonioSan Antonio is near Austin, Texas
AuroraIs in the Chicago metropolitan area
AustinAustin is in Texas – “Austin” has enjoyed great popularity as a boys name too
BartlettIs in Tennessee that is close to Memphis
Bethelis in Alaska
Boulderis in Colorado
ChicagoChicago is in Illinois
Denveris in Colorado – also the name of one of the towns in Pennsylvania
El Pasois in the Rio Grande valley in Texas – the Rio Grande is a river
Elmirais in New York state
Garfieldis in New Jersey (also the name of a pop culture cartoon cat)
GeorgetownIs in Texas, near Austin – “George” is a great name for your new dog
HalifaxIs in Nova Scotia and also one of the towns in West Yorkshire
Hamiltonis in Canada and a perfect name for your male canine companion
HopeHope is in Arkansas- there is also a town called Hope in Indiana
Indianapolisis in the state of Indiana
Jacksonvilleis in Florida – “Jackson” is a fun dog's name
Juneauis in Alaska
Kenaiis in Alaska
Kingstonthe capital of Jamaica, a city in Ontario and a town in the UK – “Kingston” is the perfect name for a boy pup
Leanderis in Texas, near Austin
Loganis in Utah
Los AngelesLos Angeles is in California – “Angel” is a great dog name
Mariona place in Arkansas that is less than 20km from Memphis
MemphisMemphis is in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi where their borders meet
New YorkNew York is in New York State – its one of the most popular cities in the world
OliveOlive Branch is a city in the Mississippi Hills and is also a suburb of Memphis
Philadelphiaa historic city near Near York – “Philly” and “Delphi” are awesome city dog names
Phoenixis in Arizona
RochelleNew Rochelle is in New York state
VegasLas Vegas is in Nevada
VictoriaA city in Canada that's a perfect name for female dogs
Wasillais in Alaska
Winnipegis in Canada – “Winni” is a fun name for female dogs
Yonkersis in New York state

🗼City-Inspired Dog Names From All Around Europe For Your Puppy

Rome, the Eternal City

Europe is full of incredible cities to visit and also provides us with some fun ideas for city names for dogs. We adore the unisex dog names “Paris” and “Rouen” but if you’re looking for something gender specific, why not try the female city names “Florence” and “Odessa”?

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BarcelonaBarcelona is in Spain
Bergamoa medieval city near Milan
Birminghamthe 3rd most populated city in the UK (interestingly it's a quarter of the size of London)
Bresciais near Milan
BrightonBrighton is in the UK – it's also a town in Ontario
BristolBristol is in England
Cardiffthe capital of Wales – despite being in a different country, its only one hour from Bristol
CarlisleIs in the UK and the furthest North from London
Corkafter Dublin, Cork is the next biggest city
Dovera countryside city that's a great option for a day trip from London
DublinDublin is the capital of Ireland and the most populous city
Florenceis close to Rome and a cute city name for a girl dog
GalwayGalway is on the opposite side of Ireland to Dublin
Genevais in Switzerland
Gironaa Spanish city that's easy to reach on a train from Barcelona
LilleIs  in France – a great place to visit on a day trip from Paris – it takes just over an hour to get to Lille from Paris by train
LimerickLimerick is the 3rd largest city in Ireland, after Dublin and Cork
LondonLondon is the capital of the UK and one of the most well known cities in the world
Madridthe capital of Spain and biggest city – it has double the population of Barcelona, the second biggest city
Manchesterthe second most populous city in the UK, London is the biggest
Marseillea smaller city than Paris in population, despite being double the size
MilanMilan is in Italy and is an awesomer city name for a pup
Monzais near Milan famous for the Formula 1 circuit
OdessaIs in the Ukraine and Texas and also the name of one of the towns in Ontario
Orvietoa city that is close to Rome
Oxforda beautiful city that's easy to get to from London – a fun day trip
ParisParis is the capital of France – people love to visit the Eiffel Tower here
RomeRome is the capital of Italy and one of the most popular cities in the world
Rouena French city you can visit on a quick train ride from Paris
Valenciathe 3rd biggest Spanish city has half the population of Barcelona
VeniceVenice, Rome and Milan are popular destinations in Italy

🌶️ Name Your Furry Friends These City Names From South America

santiago chile
Santiago, Chile

Moving down South of the USA, you find the alluring continent of South America. Not only does this continent boast some of the most interesting geography, for example the Amazon jungle, but it also gives us some awesome name ideas for choosing your dog’s name. We love the male city names “Cruz” and “Carlos”. “Rosaria” is a fabulously exotic name for a girl pup.

Buenos AiresBuenos Aires is the capital of Argentina
Calia Columbian city
Caracasthe capital of Venezuela
CarlosSan Carlos is in Venezuela
Cobiaa Bolivian city
Cruzfor Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia
Cuencaa city in Ecuador's Andes mountains in the south
Cuscoa city in Peru
Icais in Southern Peru
La Paza city in Bolivia
Limathe capital of Peru
Londrinaa city in Brazil
Manausa Brazilian city
Maracaibois in Venezuela
Meridais a city in the Andes Mountains of northwestern Venezuela
Niteróithe closest city to Rio de Janeiro
PauloSão Paulo is the biggest city in Brazil with almost double the population of Rio
Punois in Peru
Quitothe capital of Ecuador
RioRio de Janeiro is a city in Brazil
Rosarioa city in Argentina
RoxoBelford Roxo is a Brazilian city near Rio
SalvadorIs in Brazil and a fun city name for dogs
Santiagothe capital of Chile
Sierrafor Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia
Sucrea Bolivian city
Tarijaa Bolivian city
Teresinaa city in Brazil
Tingo Mariain central Peru
Trujilloa Peruvian city

🐫 Inspiration For City Names For Dogs From the Middle East For the Exotic Dog’s Personality

beirut lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon

The Middle East is a truly exotic destination full of intrigue and mystery. Choosing your dog’s name from this list will ensure that your pup stands out at the dog park. Our favorite city inspired dog names are “Mecca” and “Karaj”.

Abu Dhabithe capital of the United Arab Emirates
Aleppois in Syria
AmmanIs in Jordan and a great city name for dogs
Baghdadthe capital of Iraq
Beirutis the capital of Lebanon
Byblosis in Lebanon
Damascusthe capital of Syria
Dohais the capital of Qatar
Dubaiis in the United Arab Emirates
Erbilis in Iraq
Gazais in Palestine
Haifais in Israel
Hamais in Syria
Irbidis in Jordan
Jeddahis a port city on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia
Jerashis in Jordan
Karajis in Iran
KuwaitKuwait City is the capital of Kuwait
Mashhadis in Iran
MeccaMecca is a Muslim sacred city in Saudi Arabia
Mosulis in Iraq
Muscatthe capital of Oman – its a port city (although this name might be more suited to a cat than a dog)
Najafis in Iraq
RiyadhSaudi Arabia's capital
Salalahis in Oman
Salmiyais in Kuwait
Sanais the capital of Yemen
Sharjahis in the United Arab Emirates and is the 3rd most populous city after Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Shirazis in Iran
Tehranthe capital of Iran

🏯 City-Inspired Dog Names From Asia For Your Puppy

tokyo japan
Tokyo, Japan

Exploring the Orient is something that should be on everyone's bucket list, not least because of the fun and exciting city names. We love the female city names “Jilin” and “Xi’an” and how about “Harbin” for a boy?

Beijingthe capital of China
Chengduis in China
Chennaiis in India
Chongqingis in China
DelhiNew Delhi is the capital of India
Dhakathe capital of Bangladesh
Foshanis in China
Fuzhouis in China
Hanoithe capital of Vietnam
Harbinis in China
Hong Kongis in China
Jaipuris in India
Jakartathe capital of Indonesia
Jilinis in China
Kobeis in Japan
Kolkatais in India
KualaKuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia
Kyotois in Japan
Manilathe capital of the Philippines
Mumbaithe largest city in India
Nagoyais in Japan
Nanjingis in China
Narais in Japan
Osakais in Japan
Sendaiis in Japan
Seoulthe capital of South Korea
Shanghaiis in China
Taipeithe capital of Taiwan
Tianjinis in China
Tokyothe capital of Japan
Wuhanis in China
Xi'anis in China
Yangonis in Myanmar

🌍 City Dog Names Based on African Cities For Your Pup

giza egypt
Giza, Egypt

Africa is a melting pot of culture and a truly exciting place to travel to. African people are among the most welcoming and often greet you with song and dance. The cities on this continent also provide some awesome names for dogs. We love the city names “George” and “Cairo” and all dog owners would be proud to take a pup named “Tanga” to the dog park.

Accrathe capital of Ghana
Alexandriais in Egypt
Bamakothe capital of Mali
Banguithe capital of the Central African Republic
Benhais near Cairo
Bishois in South Africa
Brazzavillethe capital of the Republic of Congo – “Brazza” is one of those really cool names
CairoCairo is the capital of Egypt and one of the largest cities in Africa
Casablancais in Morocco
Conakrythe capital of Guinea
Dakarthe capital of Senegal
Fesa Moroccan city
Georgeis in the Western Cape in South Africa
Gizais near Cairo
Hararethe capital of Zimbabwe
Johannesburga large South African city – “Johannes” for short
Kampalais in Uganda
Kanois in Nigeria
Kigalithe capital of Rwanda
Kimberleyis in the Cape Province in South Africa
Kinshasathe capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lagosis in Nigeria
Maputothe capital of Mozambique
Mbombelaused to be Nelspruit
Monroviathe capital of Liberia
Nairobithe capital of Kenya
Niameythe capital of Niger
Talais near Cairo
Tangais in Tanzania
Tripolithe capital of Libya

🌵 Pet Owners Will Love These City Names For Dogs From Australia and Oceania 

papeete french polynesia
Papeete, French Polynesia

The Aussies have  some incredibly entertaining city names that seamlessly transition to awesome names for dogs. Who wouldn’t love a dog named “Wagga Wagga”? 

Adelaideis in Australia
Alofithe capital of Niue
Apiathe capital of Samoa
AugustaPort Augusta is in Australia's south
Brisbanethe biggest city in Australia by area but the third most populated behind Melbourne and Sydney
Burnieis in Tasmania
Cairnsis near Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Canberrathe capital of Aussieland
Darwinis in Australia's Northern territory
Dubbois in New South Wales
Gosfordis in New South Wales
HerveyHervey bay is in Queensland
Hobartthe capital of Tasmania
Honiarais the capital of the Solomon Islands
Laeis in Papua New Guinea
Launcestonis in northern Tasmania
Mackayis in Queensland
Melbournesecond most populated city in Australia behind Sydney
Mildurais in Australia's northwest
MoresbyPort Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea
Nadiis in Fiji
Papeetethe capital of French Polynesia
Pertha city in Australia that's on the opposite side of the country to Sydney
Queenstownis in New Zealand – “Queen” or “Queenie” for short
Suvathe capital of Fiji
SydneySydney is the most populous city in Australia – “Sydney” is a great name for female dogs
Toowoombais in Queensland
Wagga Waggais in New South Wales
Wellingtonthe capital of New Zealand
Wollongongis South of Sydney

😃 City Dog Names Inspired by the Nicknames of Popular Cities For Your Furry Friends

seattle emerald city
Seattle, the Emerald City

Some of the world’s best cities have some really cool nicknames that serve as incredible inspiration when looking for city names for dogs. This list has so many awesome choices it’s hard to pick just one. We think the city names “Bear”, “Big Easy” and Tiger” are fabulous choices for any breed of big dog.

AngelThe City of Angels is Los Angeles
Auld Reekieis Scots for old Smokey and the nickname of Edinburgh
BearMadrid is known as the city of The Bear and the Strawberry Tree
BeautifulOrlando is called The City Beautiful – “Beauty” for short
BelleLa Belle Ville is Montreal
Big EasyNew Orleans is called The Big Easy
BubblesTel Aviv is also called The Bubble
ChampionPittsburgh and Boston both refer to themselves as the City of Champions (Fun Fact: Boston has nearly 20 nicknames)
ChiChicago has many nicknames, one of them is Chi-Town
Egolithe City of Gold – Johannesburg
EmeraldSeattle is the Emerald City
EternalRome is called the Eternal City
GoldyThe Golden City is Prague
Joziwhat locals call Johannesburg
KingThe City of Kings is what Lima is known as
La Dottathe nickname of Bologna
La Superbathe nickname of Genoa
LionLion City is Singapore
Little ViennaThe nickname of Zagreb – a vienna is also a type of sausage so this is a cute name for a dog
LumièreParis is known as the City of Light or La Ville-Lumière
MagicMiami is called The Magic City
PeaceGeneva is called the Peace Capital
PearlHong Kong is sometimes called The Pearl of the Orient
Phillythe nickname of Philadelphia
RoseThe Rose City is Petra in Jordan
SmokeyLondon and Dublin are known as The Big Smoke
TigerOslo is known as the Tiger City
VioletAthens is known as the City of the Violet Crown

🔱 Name Ideas For Your Puppy Based on Ancient Cities Long Gone From the World

Digital illustration of Babylon

These ancient cities have forever left their mark on the world and have been immortalized through history as we continue to discover more about them. We love the ancient city names “Hampi” and “Jericho”.

Aniin Turkey, Ani was known as the city of 1001 churches
Atlantisa legendary lost city – no hard evidence of its existence has been found to date but the legend lives on
BabylonBabylon dates to around 2000 BCE and is in modern-day Iraq
Carthagewas a Phoenician trading town that was rebuilt by the Romans and during its time it was second only to Rome in terms of size
Constantinoplewas the largest city in the world in 600 AD
Ctesiphonwas the capital of the ancient Persian Empire
EphesusEphesus was an ancient city in present-day Turkey
HampiHampi is an ancient village in India
Helikean ancient Greek city
Herculaneumwas also affected by the volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii alive, but here the people managed to evacuate in time but all their belongings and buildings were buried
Jerichois claimed to be the oldest known city in the world and is located in the West Bank region of Israel
Machu PicchuThe Lost City of the Incas in Peru
Mohenjo-DaroThe lost city of Mohenjo-Daro is in Pakistan
Palenqueis in Mexico and was an ancient Mayan city
Pompeiithis is a legendary ancient city buried under the ash of a volcanic eruption
ThebesThebes was the capital of the ancient Egyptian empire
Tikalin the Tikal National Park in Guatemala
Troyan ancient city located in present-day Turkey
UrUr was a city in ancient Mesopotamia
Vijayanagarthe capital city of the Ancient Vijayanagara Empire
Xanaduan ancient city in Mongolia

📽️ Cool Names For Dogs Inspired by Fictional Cities

No list about city names for dogs would be complete without a journey through popular media. Some of the best city names have been born out of people’s imagination. We think “Arendelle” is a lovely name for a girl dog and “Gotham” is perfect for a boy.

Alicantethe capital of Idris in the Shadowhunters Books
AmityAmity Island – Jaws
BedrockThe Flintstones
Belegosta dwarven city in Lord of the Rings
Bikini BottomSpongebob Squarepants
CharmingSons of Anarchy – “Prince Charming” is a great dog's name
CicelyNorthern Exposure
CloudCloud City is in Star Wars
DillonFriday Night Lights
Edorasthe capital of Rohan in Lord of the Rings
Gondolinthe elven hidden city in Lord of the Rings
HawkinsStranger Things
KokauaLilo and Stitch
Mos EisleyStar Wars
MysticMystic Falls is from the Vampire Diaries
NeptuneVeronica Mars
OrbitOrbit City is from the Jetsons
Panemthe capital city in Hunger Games
PawneeParks and Recreation
RivendellThe Lord of the Rings
RosewoodPretty Little Liars
Shangri-LaJames Hamilton's novel Lost Horizon
SunnydaleBuffy the Vampire Slayer
VolantisGame of Thrones
ZionThe Matrix

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our list of city names for dogs. Let us know which city names are your favorite in the comments below.

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