500+ Big Dog Names for Oversized Pups

great dane running in field with yellow flowers

Big dogs are just the best! Giant clumsy bundles of fluff, coupled with a gentle personality and slobber chops that run like taps – what more could dog owners want in a puppy? Big dogs are often cute, funny and the perfect fit for families with children because of their seemingly endless patience.

It amazes us that so many people are frightened of oversized dogs when they see them at the dog park when they are generally so good natured. If you are one of the lucky ones who knows how great these dogs are and have welcomed a massive puppy into your life recently, then you might be looking for inspiration for the perfect name for him or her.

We have rounded up a list of big dog names for you that covers a ginormous selection of ideas from Greek Gods, to the hugest stars of the big screen to different languages and even some really funny names to help you find the best fit for your dog’s personality.

So without further ado, cuddle up to your new large puppy and let’s explore all the best names for big dogs you could ever imagine – brace yourself for inspiration overload!

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👧 Female Big Dog Names for Your Larger than Life Goddess

We love these ideas for big girl dog names for your lady love. Despite being very size oriented, there are some very pretty and sophisticated options here. We love the female big dog names “Chanel” and “Titania” if you want to add a touch of class and refinement to your dog’s name, but our top pick for dog owners with a girl Bernese Mountain Dog is “Patty” – hands down the best name (unless your own name is Patty, of course!)

Alesaname means “large”
Amayetaname means “big Manzanita berries”
Berniefor the Bernese Mountain Dog breed
BerthaBig Bertha
Chanela big French fashion brand
Da-XiaChinese name meaning “big hero”
DaikiJapanese name meaning “big, shining”
Joydever“Joy” for short – Irish Gaelic name meaning “to dream big”
Mamabig mama
Mathildameans “mighty in battle”
Maxinename that means “greatest”
Pattyfor big hamburger patties
Sunnythe sun is the biggest object in our solar system
TitaniaGreek name meaning “of the titans”

👦 Manly Dog Names for Your Big Boy

Here are some awesome ideas for male big dog names. You would be proud to strut around the dog park with a “Kingston” or a “Tai”. If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to male big dog names, then you can always fall back on the ever popular “Max” or “Samson”.

Need more ideas? Check our list of male dog names!

Anakima Hebrew name for a race of giants in the old testament
AngusAngus MacAskill – Scottish born Canadian giant – he was 7 ft 9
Anzoname that means “giant” in Germanic and French
Blazea big fire
Caesarthe title used by Roman Emperors (they were in charge of everyone – the big boss)
Danefor the Great Dane dog breed
GrantName with English, French and Scottish origins that means “tall and big”
KentaroJapanese name meaning “big boy”
Kingstonbecause in the old days, kings were the big boss in charge of all the kingdom
KoutaJapanese name meaning ” big, thick, peace”
Luciferthe biggest “baddy” in the world
MacsenWelsh name meaning “greatest”
MagnumLatin word for “great”
MassimoItalian name meaning “biggest” or “greatest”
Maxmeans “greatest”
Maximusmeans “greatest”
MontaroJapanese name meaning “big boy”
Murphymost prominent surname in Ireland
Samsonman with superhuman strength
TaiChinese name meaning “vast, great and extreme”
Talonname of French origin meaning ” large claw of a bird of prey”
Trevorname of English origins meaning “from the big village”
VargovieCzech name meaning “has big lips”

😎 Cool Big Dog Names for the Puppy With a Huge Personality

We’re sure you’ve picked up by now that we are massive fans of big dogs and think they are the coolest dogs to share your life with. If you agree with us, here is some inspiration for all the coolest ideas we could think of – “Warrior” is a good name for almost any breed but if you prefer short and snappy one syllable names, how about “Stor”, “Goat” or “King”?

Alphathe alpha dog is usually the biggest and toughest
BentaygaBentayga is an SUV by Bentley
Bozorgmeans “great” in Persian
Fat Boya type of Harley Davidson
Generalthe highest rank in the army
GigasLatin root word for giant
Gladiatora Roman armed combatant – often very big, strong and muscled
GoatFor greatest of all time
GrandeSpanish word for big
Grootmeans big in Afrikaans and Dutch – also a character in the Marvel Universe
Harleya big bike
Jauntyrefers to someone with a big amount of self-confidence
Juggernauta massive and powerful force
Kingin the old days the King was the big boss of his kingdom
Legendsomeone very cool who has made a big impact on people
Leothe lion is a big animal
Leviathana thing that is very large and powerful (often a sea monster)
Majorcan refer to something of a large size
Mighty Pupmighty means possessing great power or strength especially because of size
Pyramidthese are huge ancient structures in Egypt – “Pyra” is a cool dog name
Queenin the old days the Queen was the big boss of her kingdom
Stormeans “big” in Swedish
Taurusthe bull is a big animal
Warriorusually the best fighters are big and strong

😁 Top Big Dog Names That are Funny

Are you perhaps on the hunt for a big dog name that highlights your quirky sense of humor? Then funny big dog names is where it’s at! If you introduced your big, clumsy troublemaker at the dog park as “Toddler”, you would have everyone nodding along knowingly (cos IYKYK!). Even though there are a lot of great ideas here, we adore the name “Jagger” as a big dog name.

Bigfoota large hairy ape-like creature
Cadillaca big car
Cayennean Suv by Porsche
Colossusa person or thing of enormous size
DivovskiCroatian word for “giant”
FomóirOld Gaelic word for giant
Gambitpatriarch of uShaka Marine world – he was an enormous dolphin
Gianta being of superhuman size
Guccia big fashion brand
Hooka hook nose is often rather large
Hummera big car
HüneLow German word for “giant”
Jaggerbecause Mick Jagger is famous for his big lips
Jetfor jumbo jet – jumbo refers to the largest wide-body airliners for example, the Boeing 747, the Airbus A380, the Boeing 777X and the Boeing 777 (which is a mini jumbo jet)
Jumbolarger than normal
MuckleScottish word for “large”
Roycea Rolls Royce is a big car
Scarfacefamous Kenyan lion
Shamuthe famous Seaworld orca
TantusLatin word for “massive”
Ticklesbeing tickled makes big laughs!
Toddlerbig mess, big noise, big chaos – “Todd” for short
Urusan SUV by Lamborghini
Zapshowing someone a zap sign is a big insult but the name “Zapper” is a great name

😍 More Big Dog Names for Your Cute Pet

Just because you have a big dog doesn’t mean they can’t have a cute name. We adore the name “Nanook” for a big fluffy white Samoyed – there is no better name for these incredible dogs.

Babetterainbow hedgehog jumbo squishmallow
Bellbell bottoms are big bottomed pants
Blimpa big airship
Boomera nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine – also a boom is a big noise
Bubbausually a big person in prison who acts as the muscle behind someone smarter
ChooAtchoo – a big sneeze
Chunkya chunk is a big piece of something
Cottonfor cumulonimbus clouds that look like big balls of cotton wool
Edenbigfoot squishmallow
Floppyfor the big floppy ears of breeds like the Basset Hound
Fluffyfor cumulonimbus clouds that look like big balls of cotton wool
Houndfor the large Irish Wolfhound
Jollythe Jolly Green Giant – tells you to eat your veggies
Karmakarma is a big problem if you are not kind
Maxxirefers to a big size
Nanookrefers to a polar bear in Inuit languages – the polar bear is the biggest land predator
Ookiimeans “big” or “large” in Japanese
Patchpatches can be big
Puddlespuddles can be big
Pudgerefers to fat on a person's body
Rocketa big machine that goes into space
Softailtype of Harley Davidson
SpotSpots can be big
Teddy Bearfor the big human sized fluffy toys
TitoTito the Toucan – rare giant squishmallow – its also a Spanish or Italian name that means giant
TobyToby tall is the middle finger in the popular rhyme – it is the tallest finger

🔫 Badass Large Dog Names for Big Personalities

When we see the names on this list we can’t imagine anything other than a Tibetan Mastiff or a Caucasian Shepherd Dog – these dogs are fluffy beasts! Every single one of these big dog names would be suitable – which is your favorite badass name?

Al (Al Capone – Big Mafia Boss)
Bugsy (Bugsy Siegal – Big Mafia Boss)
Capone (Al Capone – Big Mafia Boss)
Carlo (Carlo Gambino – Big Mafia Boss)
Dagger (a big knife)
Don (Big Boss of the Mafia)
Gambino (Carlo Gambino – Big Mafia Boss)
Genovese (biggest Mafia family)
Gotti (John Gotti – Big Mafia Boss)
Gustav (Schwerer Gustav – largest gun ever built)
John (John Gotti – Big Mafia Boss)
Samurai (these warriors use very big swords)

🍃 Larger Than Life Nature Names for Your Big Dog

There is no doubt, big dogs need lots of walkies and the great outdoors is the perfect place to explore when looking for a big dog name. We think “Storm” or “Thunder” are the perfect names for black dogs like Newfies and the best part is these names are unisex.

Need more ideas? Check our list of nature dog names.

ArnoldRafflesia Arnoldi is the largest flower – its parasitic and grown in the forests of Indonesia
AuroraAurora Borealis – the Northern Lights
Avalanchemass of snow that tumbles down from a mountaintop
Blizzarda big snow storm
Cometcomets can be quite big
Cosmosthe cosmos is infinitely big
Forestforests can be very big
Glaciera big piece of ice
Infernoa massive fire
Jupiterthe biggest planet
Kahunaa large wave
Koaa large Hawaiian tree
Neptuneone of the giant planets
Nimbuscumulonimbus are the biggest clouds
Northfor the North Star
Novaa term used in association with bright stars – stars are very big balls of hot gas
Orchidorchids can weigh up to a ton
Pebblespebbles can be big
Polaristhe big and bright North Star
RafflesiaRafflesia Arnoldi is the largest flower – its parasitic and grown in the forests of Indonesia
Saturnone of the giant planets
Sequoialargest trees on the planet
Skyethe sky is big and vast – adding an “e” at the end makes it a pretty name for a girl
Starfor the North Star
Storma big weather event
Thundermakes a big noise
Tsunamia big tidal wave

🦁 More Ideas for Big Dog Names Inspired by Animals For Your Puppy

There are lots of big creatures in the Animal Kingdom that can inspire some great dog names. We love “Ellie” for a girl and “Grizzly” for a boy.

Amurfor the Amur tiger (another name for the Siberian tiger)
Anaconda“Ana” is a cool dog name – these are enormous snakes
Baleenfor the whales
Beara massive mammal
Bluefor the Blue Whale
Boaa big snake
Buffaloa large wooly bison
Bulla word sometimes used for a bulky and muscular man – also a male cow
Crocfor the crocodile
Dragonflyprehistoric dragonflies were enormous with a wingspan of 28 inches and a body length of 17 inches they were the size of a medium-sized dog
Elliefor the elephant
Flemishfor the Flemish Giant Rabbit
Gatorfor the alligator
Gigafor the giganotosaurus
Giraffe“Gigi” is a great dog name – they have such long necks!
Great Whitefor the shark
Grizzlyfor the Grizzly bear
Herbyfor all the herbivores
Hippohippos are massive
Hopperfor the Flemish Giant Rabbit
JellyfishLions Mane Jellyfish grow to 120 ft
Liona large apex predator
Mammothfor the wooly mammoth
Moosea big animal
Narwhala whale with a large tusk
Octofor the Giant Pacific Octopus
Orcabig killer whales
Ostrichbiggest bird
Phantomfor the phantom jellyfish
Pythona huge snake
Rhinoa large horned mammal
Sablefor the Giant Sable Antelope
Spinofor the Spinosaurus – can also call your dog “Spiny”
T-Rex“Tee” is a great dog name
Tigsfor the Siberian tiger – also “Tigger” after the tiger in Winnie the Pooh
Titanoboagiant prehistoric snake
Toucanthey have such big beaks
Wolfiefor the dire wolf

📖 Best Big Dog Names Inspired by Big Characters in Movies, TV Shows and Books

Pop culture is the perfect place to look for big dog names – there are some fabulous characters here. We are huge fans of the Beethoven movies and he is probably the most well-known big dog on the silver screen. We also quite like the name “Mufasa” for a Mastiff.

AdamHoney I blew up the Kid
AslanThe Chronicles of Narnia
BalooThe Jungle Book
BaymaxBig Hero Six
BehemothKing of the Monsters
Big BirdThe Muppets
Big EarsNoddy
BrienneGame of Thrones
CatoThe Hunger Games
ChewbaccaStar Wars
ClayWings of Fire
ClearsightWings of Fire
CliffordClifford the Big Red Dog
CoralWings of Fire
DarkstalkerWings of Fire
DigbyDigby – The Biggest Dog in the World
DuneWings of Fire
FridwulfaHarry Potter
GallowglassA Discovery of Witches
GamoraGuardians of the Galaxy
GhidoraMonster Zero
GhostJon Snow’s Dire Wolf
GiantsbaneGame of Thrones
GloryWings of Fire
GodzillaGodzilla vs Kong
GrawpHarry Potter
HagridHarry Potter
HodorGame of Thrones
HomerThe Simpsons
HoochTurner and Hooch
HulkThe Avengers
JabbaStar Wars
JadisThe Chronicles of Narnia
JamboWings of Fire
JoffreyGame of Thrones (while physically small, he is the biggest jerk on TV)
KestralWings of Fire
KinkajouWings of Fire
KongGodzilla vs Kong
LupinHarry Potter
MagnusMagnus Bane from the Shadowhunters Series – he is a larger than life character!
MethuselahKing of the Monsters
MoonyHarry Potter
MothraKing of the Monsters
Mr. BigSex and the City
Mr. Stay PuftGhostbusters
MufasaThe Lion King
MutoGodzilla 2014
NanaPeter Pan
OlympeHarry Potter
PadfootHarry Potter
Papa BearGoldilocks and the 3 bears
PeppaPeppa Pig (she's the big sister)
PorkyLooney Tunes
ProngsHarry Potter
RancorStar Wars
RemusHarry Potter
RodanKing of the Monsters
RubyWings of Fire
ScarletWings of Fire
Scooby DooScooby Doo
SimbaThe Lion King
SimpsonThe Simpsons
SiriusHarry Potter
SnuffyThe Muppets
StarflightWings of Fire
ThanosThe Avengers
The GodfatherThe Godfather
ThornWings of Fire
TiamatGodzilla Novel
TormundGame of Thrones
UrsulaThe Little Mermaid
VaderDarth Vader is 6 ft 8 in Star Wars
WebbsWings of Fire
WinterWings of Fire
WolverineThe X Men
Wonder WomanWonder Woman
WookieeStar Wars
XenaXena Warrior Princess

🍔 Name Your Large Breed Dog After Your Favorite Huge Foods and Drinks

It’s almost a certainty that your large dog is going to have a supersized appetite! Why not look to large foods when naming your big dog then? We think the best big dog names here are “T-Bone” and “Whopper”.

Beefsteakfor the beefsteak tomatoes which are larger than normal ones
Big Maca large burger
BramleyBramley apples are 2 to 3 times the weight of a typical dessert apple
Butternuta big vegetable
Fishbowla type of punch
JackJackfruits can weigh up to 120 pounds
JoeSloppy Joes are big sandwiches
Meatballa meatball sub is a popular big sandwich
Pumpkina big vegetable
Puncha drink that is made in a big bowl for a party
Royalea Quarter Pounder in France (from Pulp Fiction)
SangriaOften made in big jugs
Schnitzelit's really just a big chicken nugget!
Squashbig vegetables
Subsubs are big sandwiches
T-Bonea big steak
Whoppera large burger

🏆 Inspiration for Big Dog Names from Historical Figures and Famous People

Muscular celebrities that tower over the rest are plentiful in Hollywood and provide us with some really cool dog names. If your favorite famous person is on this list, just pick their name and you’re set! Our favorite beefcake celeb is without a doubt Jason Momoa.

BaldwinIreland Baldwin – model
BiggyBiggy Norris Nuts – youtuber
BlakeBlake Shelton – singer
BradBrad Garrett – actor
BrookeBrooke Shields – actress
CalvinCalvin Harris – DJ
CenaJohn Cena – actor
ChanningChanninig Tatum – actor
ChrisChris Hemsworth – actor
ChuckChuck Norris – actor and big macho man
CleopatraEgyptian Queen – one of the most intriguing women in history
EveAmazon Eve – model
GarrettBrad Garrett – actor
GeenaGeena Davis – actress
HarrisCalvin Harris – DJ
HemsworthChris Hemsworth – actor
IrelandIreland Baldwin – model
JamesJames Cromwell – actor 
JasonJason Momoa – actor
MomoaJason Momoa – actor
Mr. Tactor
SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger – actor and former governor of California
SegalJason Segal – actor
StalloneSylvester Stallone – actor
SylvesterSylvester Stallone – actor
TatumChanninig Tatum – actor
The RockDwayne Johnson – actor
VinceVince Vaughn – actor
VitaliVitali Klitschko – mayor of Kyiv

🌏 Fun Names for Big Dogs Based on Larger than Life Geographical Phenomena

There are some colossal geographical phenomena that provide some epic big dog names. We love the idea of a dog called “Amazon” or “Liberty”, but if you’re looking for something less exotic, “Rocky” is a great dog name.

Alaskathe largest US state
Amazonhuge rainforest
AngelAngel Falls in Venezuela is the largest above water waterfall (3212 ft) – the highest waterfall is underwater in Denmark (11,500ft)
Arctica large frozen land
Atlasthe Atlas Mountains
AyersAyers Rock – 1142ft could be a mountain but since it is a single sandstone formation it is classified as a rock
Beijinga big city
Big AppleNew York City
Big Bena big clock tower in London
Big EasyNew Orleans' nickname
Big SmokeDublin is called The Big Smoke by the country folk – “Smokey” is a great dog name
Buckfor Buckingham Palace – a very big royal residence
BurjBurj Khalifa, the tallest building – 2722 ft and 154 floors
Cairoa big city
CaspianCaspian Sea – largest inland body of water
Chinacountry with a big population
Dallasis known as “Big D”
Delhia big city
Denalithe highest peak in the USA
Dhakaa big city
Eiffelthe Eiffel Tower is a French landmark
EverestMount Everest
Fujifor Mount Fuji
Gizaa big pyramid
Goldiefor the Golden Gate Bridge
Himalayasbig mountains
Indiacountry with a big population
Jakartaa big city
KhalifaBurj Khalifa, the tallest building – 2722 ft and 154 floors
Libertythe Statue of Liberty
Machua 15th century Inca citadel in Peru
Moskstraumena whirlpool between Norway and the Arctic Circle – it is 490 ft wide
Mahalthe Taj Mahal
Mexicoa big country and city (Mexico City)
Mississippia river and also a big word
Moherfor the Cliffs of Moher
OrleansNew Orleans is known as The Big Easy
PangeaThe original supercontinent
Paristhe city of big love
Peterfor St. Peter's Basilica
Petraarchaeological city in Jordan
Picchua 15th century Inca citadel in Peru
Pisathe Leaning Tower of Pisa
Praguethe city of 100 spires – 100 is a big number
Reefthe Great Barrier Reef – “Reefer” is also a cool name
Rockythe Rocky Mountains
Saharaa big desert
Shanghaia big city
Sphinxthe big ancient Egyptian structure
Sydneyfor the Sydney Opera House
Tajthe Taj Mahal
Tokyoa big city in Japan
UluruAnother name for Ayers Rock
Vegasthe biggest gambling city
WroclawThe city of 100 bridges – 100 is a big number – “Claw” is a great name for a dog

🧜‍♂️ Best Big Dog Names from Mythology For Your Puppy

The Titans are historically the biggest Gods in mythology because they were extra large (even for Gods) and it should come as no surprise that they make some of the greatest big dog names. We adore the name “Phoebe” for a girl pooch and if you have a bit of a howler on your hands, you could consider the dog name “Banshee”.

AphroditeGoddess of love, beauty and sexuality
ApolloGod of the sun, light and music
AresGreek God of war
Argusa giant with 100 eyes
ArtemisGoddess of the moon and the hunt
AthenaGoddess of war and wisdom
BabeBabe the blue ox was Paul Bunyan's companion
BalorIrish giant
Bansheethey make a BIG noise
Beowulfa hero who klilled many monsters
BestlaNorse giant
Cacusa fire breathing giant
Cerberusthe Hound of Hades
CoeusTitan God of the oracles, wisdom and foresight
CriusTitan God of the constellations
CronusTitan ruler of the universe
DemeterGoddess of the harvest
DianaRoman hunting Goddess
DunainScottish giant
ElliNorse giant
FreyaNorse Goddess of love and fertility
GaiaMother of the Titans in Greek mythology
GogmagogWelsh giant – gotta love the name “Gogmagog the Dog”
Gorgona monster figure in Greek mythology
Grendelgiant from the Beowulf poem
HadesGod of the dead and underworld
HeraQueen of the Gods
Herculesson of Zeus
HermesMessenger of the Gods
HestiaGoddess of the Hearth
HyperionTitan God of light and observation
IapetusTitan God of mortal life (God of death)
IdrisIdris Gawr is a Welsh giant
Jentila race of giants in Basque mythology
Kapretree giant in Philippine mythology
Liliththe primordial she-demon
Medusaa female with snakes for hair
MnemosyneTitan Goddess of memory
OceanusTitan God of the sea and water
Oriona giant huntsman
Pandoraopening Pandora's box leads to a LOT of problems
Paul Bunyana giant lumberjack from American and canadian folklore
PhadrickScottish giant
PhoebeTitan Goddess of prophecy and intellect
PoseidonGod of the Sea
RheaTitan Goddess of fertility
Talosa giant bronze automaton
TethysTitan Goddess of fresh water
TheaTitan Goddess of the sun and light
ThemisTitan Goddess of law, order and justice
ThiaziNorse giant
ThorGod of lightning and storms
TorveanScottish giant
Werewolfmassive monster wolf
Yetilarge ape-like creature covered in hair
ZeusKing of the Gods

⚽ Sporty Names for Big Dogs

Sporty dog names are a popular choice for energetic pups. Is your favorite sporting hero on this list?

AliMuhammad Ali – boxing
Andre the GiantAndre the Giant – wrestling
CoxMason Cox – Australian Rules Football
EvanderEvander Holyfield – boxing
FuryTyson Fury – boxing
GonzalesJorge Gonzales – wrestling
HafthorHafthor Bjornsson – strongman
HolyfieldEvander Holyfield – boxing
JordanMichael Jordan – basketball
JorgeJorge Gonzales – wrestling
KhaliThe Great Khali – wrestler
Le BronLe Bron James – basketball
LindsayLindsay Taylor – basketball
MasonMason Cox – Australian Rules Football
MichaelMichael Phelps – swimming
Ming-MingSun Ming-Ming – basketball
MosesMoses Brown – basketball
NeilNeil Fingleton – basketball
PhelpsMichael Phelps – swimming
Ruggernickname for rugby
SerenaSerena Williams – tennis
ShaqShaquille o' Neal – basketball
Sumofor Sumo wrestlers who are big
SunSun Ming-Ming – basketball
TaylorLindsay Taylor – basketball
TysonMike Tyson – boxing
VenusVenus Williams – tennis
WladimirWladimir Klitschko – boxing

🎮 Fun Big Dog Names Inspired by Cartoon Characters in Video Games 

If you’re a gamer, then it makes sense to honor your favorite videogame when looking for dog names. We have rounded up some of the biggest characters in gaming and put them together in one place for your convenience. Our top pick is “Big Daddy” – adorable, even for a pup.

AltarDungeons and Dragons
AmiDungeons and Dragons
AurasDungeons and Dragons
Big DaddyBioshock
CharrMass Effect 2
ChinlundWorld of Warcraft
ElmosDungeons and Dragons
Ender DragonMinecraft
GaramDungeons and Dragons
GreyollElden Ring
HekugWorld of Warcraft
HomnaDungeons and Dragons
Hoopa UnboundPokemon
IgrilDungeons and Dragons
ImreDungeons and Dragons
IstrilDungeons and Dragons
JormungandrGod of War
LavienteMonster Hunter Frontier
MalusShadow of the Colossus
Master ChiefHalo
MazriDungeons and Dragons
Mega GyaradosPokemon
MordecaiFire Emblem
MoztemDungeons and Dragons
NitaDungeons and Dragons
OzanDungeons and Dragons
Red EyeLost Planet 2
RekkornWorld of Warcraft
RiftwormGears of War 2
SinFinal Fantasy X
SiniDungeons and Dragons
SiraldWorld of Warcraft
SirmonWorld of Warcraft
ThresherMass Effect 2
ThunderjawHorizon Forbidden West
ZanzurDungeons and Dragons

Big Dog Breeds

Whether you're looking for a massive snuggle partner or a furry guardian angel, these large dog breeds have you covered. Get ready for big love and even bigger laughs! 

Saint Bernard: If you're lost in the snow, you'd hope a pack of Saint Bernards would come to your rescue with a little barrel of brandy around their necks – though, let's be honest, they're not so great at bartending! These sweethearts are known for their rescue efforts in the Alps, but they're also pros at turning your day around with their friendly nature and drool-worthy charm. Just keep a towel handy for the slobber situations!

Great Dane: Want a friend who's both gentle and goofy? Look no further than the Great Dane! These funny dogs are like the class clowns of the dog world – they'll make you laugh with their clumsiness and melt your heart with their affection. Despite their size, Great Danes are often convinced they're lap dogs, so prepare for some cozy cuddle sessions that might involve a bit of unintentional lap-surfing.

Great Pyrenees: If fluffiness had a face, it would be this large breed! These furballs are like walking clouds, and they take their job as guardians super seriously. Their loyalty is unwavering, and they'll happily spend their days making sure their family is safe and sound. Just remember, grooming this fuzzball might just feel like a never-ending snow day!

Irish Wolfhound: Meet the gentle giant of the dog world! These cute dogs are like that friend who's always there to give you a warm hug. With their impressive size and history as noble hunters, this breed's heart is as big as its paws. Don't be fooled by their towering stature – they're basically oversized teddy bears.

Last Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our list of big dog names and that you’ve managed to find the ultimate name for your big baby. Let us know which name you chose in the comments below.

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