770+ Cute Dog Names for your Pup 

cute golden retriever puppy

One of life’s great joys is welcoming one or more puppies into your family. Of course, choosing the perfect name for him or her can be quite hard. Luckily, we have done all the hard work for you and compiled the most adorable list of cute dog names so that you can find the perfect moniker for your new dog

🚺 Cute Dog Names For Adorable Girl Dogs

There are so many cute girl dog names out there, it was really hard to pick just a few. Our top picks from this list are “Rosie” and “Chloe” – such cute puppy names! 

Annie (Annie is an adorable nickname for Anne and even Hannah – it is also the name of the little girl in the movie “Orphan Annie”)
Axelle (the female variant of Axl which is derived from Axel and is a name of Hebrew origin – both super cool names)
Bambina (Italian for baby – feminine form)
Bella (Bella is one of the most common dog names – it soared in popularity after the Twilight series as the heroine is Bella Swan)
Cara (this Irish name means “friend” and so is suitable for all kinds of puppies)
Chloe (Chloe has Greek origins and means “blooming” or “fertility”. Chloe is one of the most popular dog names)
Dutchess (a member of nobility and an adorable name for female puppies)
Ellen (“Ellie” is the sweet nickname for Ellen)
Frankie (Frankie is the nickname for Frances and Francesca and there is also a TV show called Grace and Frankie)
Harper (the most famous Harper is “Harper Beckham”)
Lady (for the puppy with a sophisticated personality)
Lady Marmalade (a song from Moulin Rouge)
Mia (Mia is one of the most popular girl names for humans and dogs)
Millie (Millie is a really sweet girl name)
Penelope (Penelope can also be shortened to “Penny”)
Regina (refers to the reigning Queen – of Latin origin)
Rosie (Rosie is a sweet name for a girl dog)
Scarlett (a bright red color and awesome girl dog name)
Tiffany (the most famous jewelry brand)

🚹 Adorable Dog Names For Your Boy Dog

There are some super cute puppy names here to choose for your boy dog. We simply adore the cute dog name “Bentley” for a little touch of class and we love “Shep” if your new dog is a Border Collie.

Axl (derived from Axel – a name of Hebrew origin)
Bambino (a baby or young child in Italian – masculine form)
Bentley (an English name meaning “a meadow of course grass”)
Bruno (Bruno is a popular name among many ethnicities and means “brown”)
Charlie (while Charlie is historically a boys name, it is being used more and more for girls now. “Charlie” is also a great nickname for girls named Charlotte)
Cooper (Cooper is a cool dog name for boys and the surname of the famous actor Bradley Cooper)
Duke (Duke is a really popular name for boy dogs)
Kai (this name has Hawaiian roots and means “sea”)
Mateo (popular Spanish boy name)
Nuru (a Swahili name that means “born at night”)
Rex (Rex is a classic dog’s name)
Rio (a Spanish name meaning “river”)
Romeo (this name has Italian origins)
Rover (Rover is a classic dog’s name – Rover is a British name that means “traveler” or “wanderer”)
Winston (Winston is a British name – the most famous Winston was Winston Churchill)
Woofgang (a play on the name “Wolfgang”)

🤣 Cute Dog Name Ideas For Your Fur Baby That Are Utterly Hilarious

It’s time to get your silly on! If you’re after some cute dog names that highlight your quirky sense of humor, then you’re in the right place. We can’t even choose a top pick because they’re all so darn cute!

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Barker (could also be “Mister Barker”)
Captain Floof (if your new buddy is a bundle of fluff)
Charm (is your puppy your lucky charm?)
Cutie Patootie (this is so cute for a girl dog)
Dee-O-Gee (spelling out DOG – get it?)
Domino (if your buddy is a spotted dog like a Dalmatian)
Fluffball (a great name for a Maltese Poodle puppy)
Flygirl (a woman who has made a commitment to progress and rises above)
Furball (a hilarious name for a Maltese Poodle puppy)
Furby (after the popular toys)
Furcules (play on the name Hercules)
Furdinand (a play on the boy name “Ferdinand”)
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Huggy Bear
Hunny Bunny
Kisses (if you love chocolate kisses from the Hershey company)
Lollipup (play on lollipop)
Minx (a flirtatious and playful woman who always causes trouble)
Miss Chief (Mischief – get it?)
Miss Sassypants
Miss Wags
Mookie (a term of endearment or nickname that is used to express affection. There are a number of definitions for this word but most commonly refers to a soft-hearted feeling towards someone you care about)
Mr/Mrs Waggers
Pawcasso (a play on Picasso)
Pom Pom
Pookie Pie
Pooky (Garfield’s teddy bear)
Pudgy Pie
Puppinator (a play on The Terminator)
Rascal (a mischievous or cheeky person)
Roly Poly
Sass Queen
Scallywag (a mischievous person, a rascal)
Schnookie (a term of endearment – it means someone is warm, cuddly, cute and loveable)
Scout (the name “Scout” has old French origins and means “to listen” or “sent to discover”)
Sir Fluffers the Third
Sir Wags a Lot
Stretch (such a great name for a Dachshund)
Sugarplum Bum
The Fluffmeister
Toots (calling a woman Toots is the same as saying babe or sweetie)
Tot (a short and sweet name)
Twinkles (for the puppy with a twinkle in their eye)
Yappers (funny if you have a small, yappy puppy)

😎 Sweet Dog Names For Your Ultra Cool New Puppy

We adore all the uber-cool puppy names on this list for your new dog. We love the female dog names “Bijou” and “Mercedes” and we think the cute dog names “Koda” and “Alpha” would suit a male German Shepherd.

AlphaFor the leader of the pack
Ariesfor the zodiac sign
BijouFrench word for jewel
Calicoa heavy, plain-woven textile
Chanelafter the fashion company founded by Coco Chanel
CocoCoco Chanel is a really cool fashion brand
Deltathe 4th letter of the Greek alphabet
Denima type of fabric
Ebonyreally cool for black dogs
Geminifor the zodiac sign
Harleyfor the uber cool bikes
Havenbecause your puppy is your safe haven and you are theirs
Indieone that is independent
Indigoa deep purple/blue color – “Indy” for short
Ivoryreally cool for white dogs
KarmaYou must do good to have good karma 
Kodaa Native American name that means “friend”
Maybellinea cool makeup brand
Mercedesfor the car brand
Moxiethis means you have a strong character with nerves of steel
PixelA small dot that makes up an image on a screen
RebelSomeone who goes against societal norms
SparklesFor all the lovely, shiny things
Troublefor a mischievous puppy
Trueyour puppy is a true blessing
Velveta type of fabric

🍕 Inspiration For Cute Puppy Names From Yummy Food and Delicious Drinks

Naming your new dog after food is one of the cutest things your family can do – our favorite cute dog names are “Snickers” and “Bailey” and the best part is they’re unisex!

Bailey (for Bailey’s Irish Cream – Bailey is a great unisex name – there are a number of famous people named “Bailey” and “Bailey” can also be a surname)
Basil (for the herb)
Big Mac (after the burger)
Biscuit (a biscuit is a baked sweet treat)
Boba (for the tea)
Bon Bon (a type of sweet)
Brie (a type of cheese)
Brioche (a sweet bread)
Cheeto (for the chips)
Chewy (the perfect name for a new puppy that enjoys chewing your slippers)
Chicklet (chewing gum)
Chickpea (a high protein legume and a sweet  name for a girl pup)
Chili (a chili pepper)
Chopstick (Chinese eating utensils – this name is sure to bring a smile to everyone who meets him or her)
Clementine (a citrus fruit)
Cocoa (the main ingredient in hot chocolate)
Cream Puff
Drumstick (a chicken leg is called a drumstick)
Dumpling (pieces of dough wrapped around various fillings)
Eskimo Pie (yummy chocolate ice cream treat)
Fluffernutter (a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow creme)
Frankfurter (“Frank” for a boy or “Frankie” for a girl are great nicknames for lovers of these yummy sausages)
Furrito (for the burrito – “Furrito” is a really good pun)
Gummy Bear (for the sweets)
Gyro (a Greek food)
Hazel (for the nuts)
Hershey (for the Hershey company – they make a variety of chocolate products)
Honey (“Honey” is a cute name for your sweet pup)
Hot Dog
Java (for coffee)
Jelly Bean
Joe (a cup of joe is a cup of coffee)
Kimchi (fermented vegetables)
Kumquat (a citrus fruit native to SouthEast Asia and a great name for your new friend)
Mango (a tropical fruit)
Meatball (small balls of ground meat that are baked or fried)
Milo (Milo is a chocolate drink that can be enjoyed with milk or water, hot or cold)
Mochi (Japanese rice cake)
Muffin (one of the best cute dog names)
Nacho (corn chips smothered in cheese and other delicious toppings)
Nibblets (corn in a can – Green Giant brand)
Noodle (such an awesome pet name)
Nori (seaweed that wraps sushi)
Nutter Butter (a sandwich cookie)
Oreo (a popular sandwich biscuit)
Pancake (there is no better breakfast than pancakes drizzled in syrup or honey, or smothered in chocolate spread)
Pawpaw (another name for the papaya fruit – it’s a great name for a big dog with giant paws)
Peapod (the pod that peas are in)
Pepper (pepper is a popular seasoning – “Salt” and “Pepper” would be great names for a pair of dogs especially if one was white and one was black)
Pip (you often find pips in fruit)
Pork Chop
Potato (an unusual but delightfully sweet  name to give to your furry buddy)
Pup Tart (Pop Tarts are a toaster snack)
Puppacino (play on cappuccino – it’s also a drink you can order for your puppy so they don’t feel left out at Starbucks)
Pupperoni (pepperoni is a common pizza topping)
Rosemary (a herb – can be shortened to “Rosie” which is an adorable girl name)
Saffron (a spice)
Schnitzel (a popular German food)
Shrimp (a hilarious moniker for a massive puppy)
Slush Pup (for the slush puppy drink)
Snickers (snickers are chocolate bars)
Spud (for potatoes)
Sweetie (for sweets)
Tamale (a mexican dish – corn husks are stuffed with various fillings like meat, cheese and veggies)
Tater (the slang way to refer to potatoes is to say “tater” – it’s a shortened version of the word)
Tater Tot (small cylinders of grated potato that are deep fried – “Tater” is a great name for a pooch)
Tic Tac (if your new puppy is really tiny, naming them after these small sweets is funny – even funnier is giving big dogs this name)
Tootsie (for the tootsie roll)
Worsie (in Afrikaans this means “little sausage”)

🌺 Inspiration For Name Ideas For Your New Puppy From Nature Words

Our beautiful world is a great source of inspiration for cute puppy names. We adore the female dog names “Bella” and “Blossom” and we love “Cosmo” for a boy.

Aeroassociated with air
AmberFossilized tree resin
Aquaassociated with water
Arborassociated with trees
Ashfor the tree
Astroderived from the Greek word for stars
AuroraAurora Borealis – the Northern Lights
AutumnThe season after summer
Belladonnaa deadly plant – can be shortened to “Bella” or “Donna” – both are great female names
Blizzarda snowy storm
BlossomBlossom means to produce flowers – Blossom  was also a TV show in the 90’s with Mayim Bialik as the lead actress
BriarPrickly plants
BrookeA stream of water
Budfor the bud of a flower
ButtercupA flower
Callaa lily variety
Cliffa rocky face near the sea
Cometcelestial body with a long streaming tail and the name of the Golden Retriever in Full House (a TV Show)
CoralFound in the sea
Cosmofrom the Greek word cosmos meaning whole universe
DahliaA flower
Daisythe daisy is a flower that symbolizes joy, cheerfulness, purity and innocence – “Daisy” is a really sweet name for female dogs
DawnThe start of the day
Dipperthe big dipper constellation
Douglasfor the Douglas Fir tree
Emberassociated with fire
Everestfor Mount Everest
FernA plant
Flameassociated with fire
FleurFrench word for flower
Flinta sedimentary rock
FloraRefers to flowers
FlowerThe blooming part of the plant
Flurrysnow flurries are a light snowfall that is so soft it does not result in ground cover
ForestA great alternative to the dog park
Frostyfor cold and frosty weather
Gem“Gemma” is also a cool girl dog's name
Gobifor the desert
HeatherA type of shrub
HollyA plant
IrisA flower
IvyA climbing plant
JadeA gemstone
Jaspera gemstone
JuniperA type of tree
Leafleaves grow on trees
LilyA flower – as a girl name this can also be spelled “Lilly”
LumiFinnish for snow
Lunarelating to the moon
MapleA tree
MeadowAn open field of grass and flowers
MistyWhen there is lots of fog
Novaa nova star is a star that burns brightly rapidly before dimming
Onyxa gemstone and a great moniker for a black puppy
Oriona star constellation
PebblesSmall stones
PoppyA flower
PrimroseA flower
RainWater that falls from clouds is called rain or precipitation
Rangera forest ranger
Reedplant that grows by rivers
Ridgea long narrow hilltop
Rivera body of moving water
Rosea beautiful girl name – can also call her “Rosie”
Rowana type of plant and popular boy name
Rubya ruby is a red gemstone – there are also a number of famous women with the gorgeous name “Ruby”
SandyFor the sandy beaches – dogs like to visit the beach, the dog park and run free in a forest)
SapphireA gemstone
ShadowWhen an object blocks the light it casts a shadow
Shellsfor seashells
Siriusthe dog star – a constellation
Skyefor the sky – adding an ‘e' makes it a name
Snowballmade out of snow to throw at your friends
SnowdropA flower
SnowflakeA particle of snow
Snowya type of weather
Starif your dog's personality shines bright like a star
Stormthunder and lightning and rain
SummerThe season after spring
Sunnyif your dog's personality is sunny and bright
Tanzanite“Tanzy” is a fun dog's name
Tempesta violent windy storm
Thunderthe sound caused by lightning
Tsunamia massive tidal wave
VenusA planet
VioletA flower
WillowA tree
Woodyfor wood
YukiJapanese word for snow

🦋 Name Your New Dog After Other Animals 

Here is some adorable inspiration for name ideas for your new puppy from the Animal Kingdom.

We think “Oscar” is the perfect cute dog name for a boy and we love the female dog names “Ladybug” and “Birdie”.

Angeline (a female wolverine)
Baiji (a freshwater dolphin_
Billy (a male goat)
Bob (for the bobcat)
Chirpy (for the sounds birds make)
Cob (a male swan)
Colt (a young male horse)
Croc (for crocodiles)
Cub (a baby bear)
Doe (a female deer)
Drake (a male duck)
Elephant (“Ellie” is an adorable name)
Fawn (a baby deer)
Flounder (for the fish)
Flutter (all wings flutter)
Foxxy (for foxes)
Gator (for alligators)
Goldie (for goldfish)
Harpy (for the Harpy eagle – “Harper” is a fun variation for a dog’s name)
Hootie (for owls)
Hopper (for the bunny or a frog)
Jag (for the jaguar)
Jay (a blue jay is a type of bird)
Jenny (a female donkey)
Jill (a female opossum)
Kit (a young fox)
Kitty (a cat – also a girls nickname for Kathleen or Katherine)
Ladybug (such a cute name for puppies with black spots)
Leo (for the lion)
Magpie (a bird)
Mare (a female horse)
Moo Moo (for the sound cows make – a really fun name for a pooch with a bit of sass)
Mother Hen
Mouse (a fun name for a small pooch)
Oscar (the Oscar is a species of fish and a popular human boy name)
Piglet (adorable name for a new pup with a hearty appetite)
Puffin (a bird)
Pup (a baby wolf)
Quackers (ducks go quack)
Queen (a she cat and a great name for your lady dog)
Ragamuffin (a breed of kitty and an awesome name for your mischievous pooch)
Ragdoll (a breed of kitty)
Raven (a type of bird)
Robin (a type of bird)
Silkie (a breed of fluffy chicken)
Stallion (a male horse)
Stud (a male dog used for breeding – maybe call your new dog “Stud Muffin”)
Tawny (for the owl)
Tod (a male fox)
Tom (a male kitty)
Vaquita (a small porpoise)
Wagtail (a bird – an ironic name for a dog who likes to wag their tail)
Wolfie (for wolves)
Wren (a bird)

🐕‍🦺 Inspiration for Cute Puppy Names From Adorable Famous Dogs

All puppies would be honored to bear the names of these real world cuties. Our favorite cute dog name is “Twinkie”.

BaltoHe led the sled team that brought a lifesaving diptheria serum into Nome Alaska
BooBoo the Pomeranian was dubbed the world's cutest dog
Brodiethis goldendoodle is an internet personality
ButtersKaty Perry's Toy Poodle
Derbya surfing dog with a blue mohawk
Doug the Pughe has millions of followers on Facebook
GiggyLisa Vanderpump's famous Pomeranian
HachikoHachiko went to the station every day for 9 years to wait for his owner who had died
Jiffpoma famous Instagram dog
Louiethis Beagle is a huge Youtube star
Maiaa naughty Husky on Instagram and Youtube known for her cheeky howling
Mannythis French Bulldog has millions of fans, has his own product line and has been on magazine covers
MaruJapan's most famous social media dog
Norberta 3 pound therapy dog who always has his tongue sticking out
Skyaa YouTube Husky who is of course really cheeky
ToddTod Budzyn is Tucker Budzyn's son
Trakra famous rescue dog who saved many people during the 9/11 attacks
TuckerTucker Budzyn is a Youtube star
Tunaan Instagram Chiweenie that spreads the message that beauty comes from within
Twinkiea famous Chihuahua on social media and a really cute dog name

📽️ Adorable Dog Names Inspired by Movies, TV Shows and Books For Your New Dog

Pop Culture is a rich source of some of the best cute dog names ever. How can we pick a favorite from this epic selection of adorableness?

AliceAlice in Wonderland
ArielAriel is the main character from The Little Mermaid
AryaArya Stark – Game of Thrones
B-DawgBuddies Movies
BalooThe Jungle Book
BarbieBarbie and Skipper Movie
BayouTiana's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
BeastBeauty and the Beast
Benjifrom the movie Benji
Betty BoopBetty Boop Cartoons
BibbidyCinderella's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
BilboThe Hobbit
BlondieRapunzel's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
BubbaForrest Gump
BudderballBuddies Movies
BuddhaBuddies Movies
BuffyBuffy The Vampire Slayer
BuzzToy Story
Captain AmericaAvengers
CasperCasper the Friendly Ghost – Comics
ChanceHomeward Bound
Cheer BearThe Care Bears
CliffordClifford the Big Red Dog
CopperThe Fox and the Hound
Cranky Doodle DonkeyMy Little Pony
Dexterfrom the TV Show Dexter
DobbyHarry Potter
DocDoc McStuffins & one of the dwarves in Snow White
DoogieDoogie Howser, M.D.
DorothyThe Wizard of Oz
DoryFinding Nemo
DreamyAurora's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
DrogoGame of Thrones
DumbledoreHarry Potter
EeyoreWinnie the Pooh
EffieEffie Trinket – Hunger Games
ElektraMarvel Comics
ElevenStranger Things, played by Millie Bobby Brown
ElleElle Woods – Legally Blonde
EsmeEsme Cullen – Twilight Movies
EzraStar Wars Rebels
FionaPrincess Fiona – Shrek
FluttershyMy Little Pony
ForrestForrest Gump
Fresh PrinceThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV Series
FrodoThe Lord of the Rings
Funshine BearThe Care Bears
GandalfThe Lord of the Rings
GarfieldGarfield movie and comics – who says you can't name a dog after a cat?
GeckoPJ Masks
GhostGame of Thrones
GidgetThe Secret Life of Pets
GillyGame of Thrones
GinnyGinny Weasley – Harry Potter
Gizmoa character from the Gremlins movies
GlimmerHunger Games
GoofyMickey Mouse
GremlinFrom the movie Gremlins
Hairy MaclaryHairy Maclary
HammToy Story
Harley QuinnDC Comics
HarryHarry Potter
HermioneHermione Granger – Harry Potter
HomerThe Simpsons
HoochTurner and Hooch
HuckHuckleberry Finn
Indiana JonesIndiana Jones
Jack SparrowCaptain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise
James BondJames Bond 007
JediStar Wars
JessieToy Story
JockJock of the Bushveld
KatnissKatniss Everdeen
LadyLady and the Tramp
LeiaStar Wars
LycheeMulan's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
MacGyverMacGyver TV series
MackSnow Dogs
MagnusThe Shadowhunters
MancubFrom the Jungle Book – Mowgli was “mancub”
MarleyMarley and Me is a movie about a mischievous Labrador
MarshallPaw Patrol
MaverickTop Gun
McFlyBack to the Future
MinnieMinnie Mouse
Miss PiggyThe Muppets
Molly WobblesMr. Weasley's pet name for Mrs. Weasley – this is one of our favorite female dog names
MowgliThe Jungle Book
MudbudBuddies Movies
MufasaThe Lion King
NalaNala is Simba's friend in the first Lion King movie and becomes his wife in subsequent shows
NuzzlesAurora's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
NymeriaArya Stark's Dire Wolf in Game of Thrones
OdieGarfield movie and comics
OliverOliver Twist
PaddingtonPaddington Bear
PeriwinkleSecret of the Wings
Pete the PupThe Little Rascals
Pinkie PieMy Little Pony
PlutoPluto is Mickey Mouse's dog in all the Disney shows
Pongo101 Dalmatians
PoppinsMary Poppins
Pygmy PuffHarry Potter
ReyStar Wars
RosalieRosalie Cullen – Twilight Movies
RougeBelle's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
RubblePaw Patrol
RueHunger Games
RyderPaw Patrol
SansaSansa Stark – Game of Thrones
SarabiThe Lion King
Scooby DooScooby Doo
ScooperSnow Dogs
ScootalooMy Little Pony
SilvermistDisney Fairies
SimbaThe Lion King
SkipperBarbie and Skipper Movie
SkywalkerStar Wars
SlinkyToy Story
Snow WhiteSnow White
SnowpawsMulan's Palace Pet – Whisker Haven
Soldier BoyThe Boys – this is an adorable name for a boy dog
SophiaPrincess Sophia
SpookySpooky the Tuff Little Ghost – Comics
StanDog with a Blog
StarfireDC Comics
StitchLilo and Stitch
Sweetie BelleMy Little Pony
Tenderheart BearThe Care Bears
TianaThe Princess and the Frog
TiggerWinnie the Pooh
TinkerbellPeter Pan
TrampLady and the Tramp
TreasureThe Palace Pet of Princess Ariel – Whisker Haven
Trueheart BearThe Care Bears
TrufflesOne of Rapunzel's Palace Pets – Whisker Haven
Twilight SparkleMy Little Pony
WednesdayThe Addams Family
WendyPeter Pan
Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh
YodaStar Wars
YodelSnow Dogs

🎶 Inspiration From Music For Cute Dog Names 

We love the cute puppy names “Ellie”, “Jitterbug” and “Jagger”, with an honorable mention of “Puff Daddy” for a male Old English Sheepdog.

Didoa singer
Dollyfor Dolly Parton – country music Queen
EllieEllie Goulding is a famous singer
ElvisElvis Presley
Funkyfor funky music
Harmonycombining sounds together to form music
Hip Hopfor the musical genre
Iggy Popa musician
JaggerMick Jagger of the Rolling Stones
Jazzyor “Jazz” – for the popular music
Jitterbuga lively dance
Jivea lively dance
Lyricafor song lyrics
Majorthe major scale
Melodyis the tune of the music
Puff DaddyA rapper
Rockerfor someone who sings rock music
Snoop Dogga rapper
WillieWillie Nelson is a famous American singer
ZiggyZiggy Marley is the musician son of Bob Marley

🐉 Sweet Dog Names From Mythology For Your Cute Puppy

If your family has a fascination with mythology, then you’ll want to give your cute puppy one of these dog names. Our top cute dog names are “Elf” and “Loki”.

AchillesHero of the Trojan War
AdonisGreek Deity
Aoifeshe was a great warrior princess
AphroditeGoddess of Love and Beauty in Greek mythology
ApolloGreek God of Music, Archery, and more
AresGreek God of War
AthenaGreek Goddess
Atlasa Greek Titan
BellonaRoman Goddess of War
DianaGoddess of the Hunt
Elfa small supernatural being with human form and pointy ears
EosGoddess and personification of the dawn – Greek Mythology
ErisGreek Goddess of chaos – a cute name for a girl dog who causes a lot of trouble
ErosGreek God of love and sex
FairyA small winged being
FreyjaNorse Goddess of love and fertility
GaiaMother of all life
HadesGreek God of the Dead
HeimdallSon of Odin
HeliosGreek God of the Sun
HermesGreek God of roads and travelers
HorusEgyptian Deity
JunoRoman Goddess of love, fertility and marriage
Kalia major Hindu Goddess
KhonsuEgyptian God of the Moon
KronosGreek Titan
LokiNorse God of Mischief
Mermaidhalf fish half human being
MinervaRoman Goddess of wisdom, justice, law, crafts and medicine
Nessiefor the Scottish legend of the Loch Ness Monster – one of the best mythology inspired girl dog names
Nixieshapeshifting water spirits
Nyxthe personification of night in Greek mythology
OdinNorse God
Phoebea Greek Titan
PhoenixMythological bird of fire
Pixiea small supernatural being with human form and pointy ears
RaEgyptian God of the Sun
Seeliethe term for fairies in Scottish folklore
SeleneGoddess and personification of the moon in Greek mythology
Selkiehalf fish (seal) half human being (Irish and Scottish mermaids)
SobekEgyptian Crocodile God
ThorNorse God of Thunder
ZeusGreek King of the Gods and God of Lightning

🏈 Cute Puppy Names Inspired by Sports Words 

Win the game and choose one of these cute dog names before the buzzer sounds! Our favorites are “Dimples” and “Rookie” – what’s yours?

Acein tennis when you serve a ball that your opponent cannot return
Buzzeryou cannot score after the buzzer sounds
Caddythe person who walks with the golfer carrying his clubs and giving advice on shots
Captainthe head of the team
Champthe ultimate winner – one of the most popular dog names for a boy dog
Championthe ultimate winner
Chasein ball sports like soccer and rugby the players often chase the ball to gain possession
Coachthe person who teaches the team or player tactics and techniques
Dimplesfor the dimples on golf balls – this is a really cute name for pets
DonDonovan Bailey is a sprinting legend
Gambita chess term that means sacrificing smaller pieces to gain an advantage
Hoopsyou shoot hoops in basketball
Kayo (KO)means a Knockout in boxing – “Kayo” is one of those words thats really cool
Mittscatchers mitts
Puckthe black disk you hit, pass and score with in ice hockey
Putt Puttminiature golf
Raceranyone who races competitively
Racketa tennis racket
Rookiea person playing their first season
Sluggerthe player who hits the hardest
Strikerthe person who scores the goals
Sweepera sweeper is a defensive position in soccer
Tacklesbringing the person with the ball down – this is a cute dog name for an exuberant boy dog
Teethe little peg you put your ball on in golf to start a hole
Touchdownwhen you score in American Football
Wicketthe 3 poles in the ground behind the batsman in cricket
YogiYogi Berra – baseball
Zoomerwhen you race you zoom around the track – great name for fast pets

🎮 Cute Dog Names Inspired By Your Favorite Adorable Video Game Characters

Video Game creators have outdone themselves with some of these super cute characters. Our top cute puppy names are “JigglyPuff” and “Moogles”.

AppleAnimal Crossing
AudieAnimal Crossing
BangleAnimal Crossing
BeaAnimal Crossing
BiancaAnimal Crossing
BonBonAnimal Crossing
ChaiAnimal Crossing
ChelseaAnimal Crossing
CheriAnimal Crossing
ChocobosFinal Fantasy
ChowAnimal Crossing
ClankRatchet and Clank
FaunaAnimal Crossing
GrizzlyAnimal Crossing
HamletAnimal Crossing
JudyAnimal Crossing – If your dog gets moody a cute nickname is “moody Judy”
JuneAnimal Crossing
JunimosStardew Valley
KirbyThe Kirby Series
LabelAnimal Crossing
LollyAnimal Crossing
LumaMario Series
MabelAnimal Crossing
MerryAnimal Crossing
MooglesFinal Fantasy
OzzieAnimal Crossing
PeeWeeAnimal Crossing
PekoeAnimal Crossing
PikminThe Pikmin Series
PinkyAnimal Crossing
PippyAnimal Crossing
QuinnAnimal Crossing
SabelAnimal Crossing
SashaAnimal Crossing
SherbAnimal Crossing
SonicSonic the Hedgehog
SylvanaAnimal Crossing
TimmyAnimal Crossing
ToadMario Series
ToadetteMario Series
TommyAnimal Crossing
YoshiMario Series

Last Thoughts

We hope you have had a great time reading our list of cute dog names. Let us know in the comments below which cute name you chose for your adorable new dog.

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