250 White Dog Names Ideas (By Category)

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It’s not always easy to find the perfect name for your pup. That’s why many of us turn to coat color for a little help. There are so many beautiful white dog breeds that we decided to come up with our favorite white dog names to help you choose! Everything from the snowy mountain tops of Antarctica to the white sandy beaches of Santorini – there are so many possibilities to choose from.

So, which will you call your new furry friend?

How To Choose the Best Name for My White Dog?

Before picking the perfect name for your pooch, there are a couple of things to think about. 

  • Does it suit them? This might just be the most important thing to think about. You need to choose a name that really embodies your pup. Do they like jumping in and out of water? Are they purely white or do they have patches? Do they love their food? These can all be inspirations for white dog names.
  • Do you like calling it? You’re going to have to call your pup’s name many times a day – often in front of other people. It’s important you choose a name that sounds good and that you can pronounce. If you’re going for a foreign name for your pup (such as an Icelandic dog name) it is also essential you know what it means.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Dogs, especially puppies, respond better to shorter names that they can understand. Try to avoid really long names with many syllables that could get confusing. Also, where possible, don’t call your new puppy a name that sounds like a command, this can make training harder. 

The Cutest White Dog Names

  • Bunny: perfect for bouncy pups
  • Candy: cute for a little white puppy
  • Cotton: ideal for a fluffy white dog
  • Dove: for sweet:natured doggos with a little prey drive
  • Eskimo: Nearly all white dog names are perfect for Huskies, but this one especially! 
  • Fluff: How cute is that?
  • Frosty: Referring to their white coat, not their adorable nature
  • Igloo: a very cute white dog name
  • Marshmallow: how cute is that for a tiny white Chihuahua?
  • Milky: the Maltese. We love it!
  • Porcelain : great for any pooch!
  • Powder: an adorable name for white dogs
  • Snowball: the perfect name for any Samoyed!
  • Sugar: for all those sweet puppies
  • Wolfy: for any wolf:like dogs

White Dog Names for a Female

  • Alaska: how strong is that for a beautiful female dog?
  • Alba: the latin name for white (and one of the best when it comes to cute white dog names)
  • Bianca: from the Italian word meaning white
  • Blanche: meaning to become white or pearl
  • Fairy: perfect for your beautiful pooch
  • Luna: one of the most popular female dog names
  • Pearl: great for a small dog breed
  • Rose: a timeless classic!
  • Sprinkles: how cute is that for your dog?
  • Stella: the Latin name for star!

White Dog Names for a Male

  • Albus: especially good if your white dog has a beard and is a little bit magic
  • Angel: one of the most popular white male dog names
  • Bear: of the polar variety, not the grizzly
  • Cloudy: ideal for fluffy white dogs
  • Cream: some pups aren’t pure white but have a yellowish tinge
  • Ivory: for regal pooches
  • Milky Way: one of the best names for white dogs
  • Sirius: after all this time. Also the brightest star in the sky!
  • Waffles: the West Highland Terrier
  • Yukon: a large area in northwestern Canada (covered in snow)

Names for a White Dog Inspired by Books, Movies and TV Shows

  • Baymax: The inflatable robot from the movie Big Hero 6
  • Bolt: The White Shepherd from Disney's movie Bolt
  • Boo: The ghost in the Mario video games
  • Brian: Like Brian Griffin, the white labrador in Family Guy
  • Buckbeak: The male hippogriff from the Harry Potter universe
  • Casper: The protagonist of the cartoon series Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Chiffon: The Old English Sheepdog from the movie The Shaggy Dog
  • Cinderella: The young woman who had to be home at midnight
  • Donald Duck: Disney's most famous duck
  • Draco: Like Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's main enemy (well, besides You:Know:Who)
  • Droopy: English Basset Hound who appeared in many American cartoons
  • Dumbledore: One of the most powerful wizards in history
  • Elsa: “The Snow Queen” in the Frozen movies by Disney
  • EVE: EVE stands for “Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator”. She's one of the main characters of the animated movie WALL:E
  • Ghost: Jon Snow's direwolf in Game of Thrones
  • Khaleesi: Also known as Daenerys Targaryen or “Mother of Dragons”, from the Game of Thrones franchise (check out more Game of Thrones dog names here)
  • Kida Nedakh: The character from Disney's animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Lady: Sansa's direwolf in Game of Thrones
  • Legolas: The famous elf from Tolkien's universe
  • Luna: Like Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise
  • Marvin: Like Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series
  • Max: One of the two bunnies from the Canadian animated series of the same name
  • Mr. Peabody: The cartoon dog from the series The Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
  • Nymeria: Arya's direwolf in Game of Thrones
  • Olaf: The snowman from Disney's Frozen franchise
  • Rick: The mad scientist from the animated series Rick and Morty
  • Ruby: One of the two bunnies from the Canadian animated series of the same name
  • Shadowfax: Gandalf's horse in The Lord of the Rings
  • Snoopy: Beagle and main character of the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz
  • Snow White: The main character of Disney's movie Snow White
  • Stormtrooper: Soldiers of the Empire in the Star Wars movies
  • Stuart Little: The mouse from the Stuart Little franchise
  • Yue: The princess with white hair in the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series

White Food That Could Be a Good Dog Name

tofu cubes
  • Bread: certainly an unusual white dog name, but could be cute!
  • Brie: only the best cheese ever
  • Cauliflower: maybe not your favorite food, but adorable nonetheless
  • Cheese: also unusual
  • Coconut: for any exotic white dogs!
  • Cracker: perfect for excitable, charming little pups!
  • Cupcake: is there a cuter name for your white puppy?
  • Dough: the Argentine Dogo
  • Eggnog: remember you have to call out these names
  • Feta: how great is feta for a white dog!
  • Flour: possibly better than cauliflower
  • Garlic: unlikely to become one of the most popular dog names, but you never know!
  • Ginger: cute, but maybe better for a beige colored pup
  • Ice cream: adorable
  • Lychee: original and loveable – just like your dog
  • Mascarpone: possibly the second best cheese ever
  • Meringue: how sweet is that?
  • Milkshake: the Miniature Schnauzer (yes, they can be white!)
  • Mushroom: again, unusual but also unique!
  • Noodle: 100% for your white Poodle
  • Onion: possibly better than garlic?
  • Rice: an endearing name for a little dog
  • Ricotta: one of our favorite white dog names
  • S'mores: the shortened way of saying ‘some more’ (it’s also a yummy biscuit)
  • Salt: the Swiss Shepherd
  • Salty: for pups that love to swim in the sea?
  • Sesame: how loveable is that!
  • Tic Tac: perfect if you have two white dogs
  • Tofu: cute for a white girl dog
  • Yogurt: is that not an amazing name?

The Funniest Names for a White Dog

  • Baking Soda: not exactly short and sweet like we mentioned!
  • Cocaine: risky
  • Cottonball: perfect for a Pomeranian, they really are just balls of cotton!
  • Diaper: remember, you have to call it
  • Floss: a really cute name for a puppy!
  • Glue: certainly unique
  • Goat: there’s something so random about calling an animal another animal’s name, but this one could work!
  • Lard: maybe not for athletic white dogs
  • Snowmobile: only for sled dog breeds
  • The Pope: yes. Call your pup this!
  • Tooth: another unique one!
  • Toothpaste : no. Don’t call your pup this
  • White Castle: for more regal doggos

White Dog Names Inspired by Nature

iceberg in a sea
  • Avalanche: a beautiful name for snowy dogs
  • Coral: a pretty name, but white coral is usually dead. So maybe not
  • Feather: ideal for fluffy pups
  • Foggy: adorable! Especially if they have a bit of gray on them too
  • Iceberg: one of the best tough white dog names
  • Light: a pretty iconic name for a doggy
  • Limestone: unusual, but no other dog in the park will have the same!
  • Nimbus: 3000. Who knew there were so many Harry Potter names for white dogs?
  • Vapor: we like this for a really fast white pup!
  • Whitecap: an adorable name!

White Dog Names Ideas Inspired by Other Languages

  • Bianco: “White” in Italian, “Bianca” for the female version
  • Blanc: “White” in French, “Blanche” for the female version
  • Blanco: “White” in Spanish, “Blanca” for the female version
  • Branco: “White” in Portuguese, “Branca” for the female version
  • Cygne: “Swan” in French
  • Hayansaek: “White” in Korean
  • Inverno: “Winter” in Italian
  • Lait: “Milk” in French
  • Latte: “Milk” in Italian
  • Lua: “Moon” in Portuguese
  • Lune: “Moon” in French
  • Mozzarella: The famous italian cheese
  • Nevasca: “Blizzard” in Portuguese
  • Nieve: “Snow” in Spanish
  • Schnee: “Snow” in German
  • Shiro: “White” in Japanese
  • Sucre: “Sugar” in French
  • Tsuki: “Moon” in Japanese
  • Weiss: “White” in German
  • Yuki: “Snow” in Japanese

Names of Places on Earth That Could Suit a White Dog

  • Antarctica: The southernmost continent known for its expanses of ice, also known as the White Continent
  • Duomo: Amazing white Gothic cathedral in Milano, Italy
  • Everest: Earth's highest mountain located in the Himalayas
  • Greenland: World's biggest island in the Atlantic ocean
  • Patagonia: A region in southern Chile and Argentina known for its mountains, deserts, lakes and white glaciers
  • Santorini: A greek island known for its white towns
  • Siberia: A region in the North of Asia, in Russia, known for its very cold climate
  • Taj Mahal: Very famous white mausoleum in India
  • Uyuni: Specifically the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world, located in Bolivia
  • White House: Perfect if you treat your dog like a president!

Names for Small White Dogs

  • Bean: imagine calling your Coton du Tuléar bean!
  • Biscuit: sweet for a sweet pup
  • Diamond: because your dog is your best friend, right?
  • Egg: cute and unusual name!
  • Ewok: an adorable name for Star Wars dog lovers!
  • Fluffy: so cute for a furry little pooch
  • Popcorn: please call your dog popcorn, it’s adorable!
  • Soap: unusual, for sure. Loveable? We think so!
  • Sparkle: a great name for any colored pup but especially a white one!
  • Twinkle: beautiful!

Names for Big White Dogs

  • Alpaca: we love this for a big, white pooch!
  • Beluga: the iconic, white whale
  • Big Bang: catchy for a white doggo
  • Bones: what a great name for a large dog!
  • Jupiter: a strong name, it’s also a great Italian dog name!
  • Nova: a star with a bright white light
  • Polar Bear: anyone with an American Eskimo should call their dog this!
  • Swan: the classic white animal!
  • Wolf: also good for a small wolf:like dog like the Japanese Spitz
  • Yeti: any large dog can be called yeti!

White Dog Names Inspired by Winter

  • Blizzard: a great choice for active dogs
  • Frozen: in the Disney film, Sven is described as a reindeer with the heart of a Labrador. So maybe a good choice for any Lab?
  • Hail: very cute for a little Havanese
  • Icicle: how delightful is that? 
  • Sled: doesn’t only have to be for sled pulling pups
  • Snow: a very popular name for white pooches
  • Snowflake: an equally popular one!
  • Snowman: particularly good if your white dog has a couple of black coal patches!
  • Storm: also a wonderful name for gray dog breeds
  • Winter: one of the strongest white dog names possible!

White Dog Names Inspired by Ancient Mythology

  • Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
  • Apollon: Greek God of Music, Archery, Poetry, Medicine, etc.
  • Artemis: Greek Goddess of the Moon, hunting and young maidens
  • Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War
  • Atlas: In Greek mythology, Atlas is one of the Titans (pre:Olympian gods)
  • Demeter: Greek Goddess of Agriculture
  • Eros: Greek God of Love
  • Hermes: Greek God of the Travelers, Roadways, Merchants and Thieves
  • Ptah: Ancient Egyptian Creator God and patron of architects and craftsmen
  • Zeus: Greek God of the sky

More Ideas Inspired by Flowers

jasmine flower
  • Anemone: beautiful flowers with large petals that come in many different colors
  • Camellia: many of us think of camellias as only being pink, but they can also be white! 
  • Clematis: my personal favorite!
  • Daffodil: the first sign of spring, it's a name full of happiness and hope
  • Dahlia: dahlias come in all shapes and sizes and colors – just like our dogs!
  • Daisy: a classic name for any cute dog
  • Foxgloves: perhaps not the catchiest dog name, but it is a beautiful flower!
  • Heliotrope: makes foxglove sound catchy
  • Hyacinth: a classic flower that smells amazing
  • Jasmine: one of the best:smelling flowers in the world
  • Lilac: beautiful for a white Lhasa Apso
  • Lily: a very popular name for female dogs
  • Moonflower: also known as white morning glory, this is a beautiful flower found in tropical countries
  • Peony: a timeless classic
  • Petunia: adding to the Harry Potter names for white dogs
  • Rosa: a stunning name for dogs
  • Scabiosa: another one of my favorite flowers that comes in a number of colors
  • Tulipa: the scientific name for tulip (which is also a pretty name!)
  • Vinca: also known as periwinkle, these are small flowers with a classic form
  • Wisteria: this amazing flower can sometimes be such light blue it appears white. Great for white dogs with icy blue eyes

White Dog Names Inspired by Comic Superheroes

  • Cyborg: a robot from the DC comics (and an odd name for a dog!)
  • Dagger: the white half of Cloak and Dagger from Marvel Comics
  • Fantomex: a superhero from the X:Men titles
  • Moon Knight: a character that first appeared in Werewolf by Night
  • Phantom Girl: a member of the Legion of Superheroes
  • White Tiger: a character with superhuman martial art skills
  • White Ghost: a character from the DC comics
  • White Rabbit: a super villainess and an enemy of Spider Man
  • White Witch: a character from the DC comics
  • White Wolf: appears in the Marvel comics and is also called Hunter, so a great choice for canines with a prey drive!

White Dog Names Inspired by Anime Characters

  • Ginko: From Mushishi
  • Inuyasha: From the series of the same name
  • Jiraya: From Naruto
  • Kanna: From Inuyasha
  • Ken Kaneki: From Tokyo Ghoul
  • Kirua: From Hunter x Hunter
  • Near: From Death Note
  • Soul Evans: From Soul Eater
  • Togame: From Katanagatari
  • Yuma: Yuma Kuga, from World Trigger

Ideas for Black and White Dogs

panda eating
  • Domino: the classic game and a classic name
  • Eclipse: we love this for a black and white and purely black dog!
  • Oreo: one of the best names for black dogs with white spots!
  • Panda: iconic
  • Penguin: another charming name for your furry friend
  • Perdita: the famous Disney Dalmatian (mum)
  • Pongo: the famous Disney Dalmatian (dad)
  • Spotty: popular for any spotted dog breed
  • Tux: the best name for the famous Boston Terrier

Last But Not Least: 10 Ideas for Brown and White Pups!

It’s not just purely white or white and black dogs that need a name, there are also lots of amazing white and brown dog breeds. Here are a couple of our favorite names for them.

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  • Bambi: only for the cutest of puppies
  • Choco: how adorable is that name for your white and brown dog?
  • Deer: a wonderful and strong name for your pooch
  • Hamtaro: the main character (and a seriously cute one) in a Japanese manga storybook 
  • Kinder: for all the chocolate lovers!
  • Latte: for all the coffee lovers!
  • Meerkat: for all the meerkat lovers!
  • Nesquik: a great name for mixed:colored doggos
  • Quinoa: a yummy and nutritious seed (not grain!) and a great name for any furry friend

Calling your dog a name after their coat color is a great idea. This list is full of cute, diverse, and funny names for you to choose from. Let us know which one you decide on!

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