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Naruto is a loved manga series written by Masashi Kishimoto. The main character is a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki who desires to become a Hokage, the village leader, and most powerful ninja. The series is split into two, the first being when Naruto is a child and the second when he is a teenager.

This famous and long-running manga series is popular around the world. It’s no surprise, then, that lots of people are looking for Naruto dog names to call their furry friends. 

The world of Naruto is full of animals and amazing characters that make great dog names. There are also a lot of actual dogs in the series for you to name your pup after. 

Here are our favorite dog names inspired by the wonderful world of Naruto.

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Warning! Some of the character descriptions may contain spoilers.

Naruto Dogs Names (Literally!)

There are lots of dogs in Naruto called ninken. These are pups that have incredible senses and heightened abilities such as fighting and strategy. They can be summoned to work with the Shinobi (ninja).

AkamaruA ninken from the Inozuka clan
AkemaruA ninja dog from the village of Konohagakure
AkinoThe personal summon of Kakashi Hatake
BisukeA brown dog with long floppy ears and a ninken from Kakashi Hatake
BullBull is a large, black dog with a spikey collar resembling a Bulldog
ChamaruA ninken from Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan that looks a lot like an Akita or another spitz dog breed
GurukoNinken from Kakashi Hatake. He also has adorable floppy ears!
KikuchiyoPartner of Mimi Inuzuka and a cute black and white ninken from the Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan 
KuromaruAn impressive wolf-like dog that’s missing its left ear and wears an eye patch. He’s quite intimidating!
PakkunPakkun is one of the most famous Naruto dogs and the smallest of Kakashi Hatake's ninken. He’s a Pug, so ideal for any small breeds!
ShibaSurprisingly not a Shiba Inu but a gray, wolfish pup
UheiA brown and red dog summoned by Kakashi to search for Naruto when he goes missing
UrushiNinken from Kakashi Hatake

Naruto Names for Male Dogs

Maybe ninja dogs aren’t for you and you want a name inspired by another character? There are lots of great ones for you to name your pup after!

AsumaA very skilled ninja and leader of Team Ten
BakiKnown for being one of the most loyal and kind shinobi in Sunagakure. Perfect for any loyal pup!
ChojiA great name for a pooch! He’s a member of Team Asuma
ChoujiA cute and chubby character from Naruto
DanzouA very talented shinobi with deadly fighting skills. Although a cool name, he’s not a nice character and is responsible for many tragedies
DaruiA very powerful ninja from Kumogakure with electric white hair!
DeidaraA ninja from Iwagakure with mouths on his hands!
EbisuA specialist trainer for elite ninjas. This Konoha shinobi is the leader of Team Ebisu
FugakuA risky name to call your dog because he tried to stage a coup to take over Konohagakure. Father of Sasuke and Itachi
GaaraA shinobi of Sunagakure and perfect for an Irish Setter
GenmaThe Hokage’s elite bodyguard and a loyal ninja
HakuA descendent of the Yuki clan and an orphan who grows up to be a mercenary ninja. A good choice for an adopted doggo?
HashiramaNamed the ‘God of Shinobi’ he’s a very talented and powerful ninja
HayateAn amazing ninja from Konoha village
HidanAn s-rank ninja who defected and joined the Akatsuki clan
IndraA skilled crafter. He wears a white jacket with black buttons – so maybe for a Dalmatian?
IrukaA skilled trainer from Konoha village who was promoted to headmaster
ItachiAs far as Naruto-inspired dog names go, this one is pretty cool! He’s also a very talented ninja
IzunaOne of the most talented ninjas from the Uchiha clan
JiraiyaThe best ninja of his time. He also fluffy white hair with a long tail – perfect for a white dog breed
JuugoA talented shinobi from an unknown clan
KabutoA highly intelligent man who learns about medicine and who worked as a spy
KakashiOne of the most skilled and powerful shinobi in Konoha village
KakuzuMember of the Akatsuki clan
KankuroPuppet master shinobi in Sunagakure
KibaA member of Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan and one of the main supporting characters in Naruto
Killer BeeHow great is that for a Naruto dog name? Killer Bee is Naruto’s trainer and a main character in the series
KimimaroHow cute is that for a dog name? In the series, he’s a powerful fighter who is locked up by his clan because they’re so intimidated by him
KisameThat name might sound all cuddly, but he’s actually a monster from the hidden mist
KonohamaruShinobi from the Konohagakure's Sarutobi clan
KuramaReal name of Kyūbi, the nine-tailed demon fox
MadaraAn antagonist in the series who appears in the second part
Might GuyThe perfect name for a dog, as the character is funny and powerful.
MinatoIdeal for a mini mixed breed like the Torkie. He’s also one of the most powerful leaders and Naruto’s father!
NagatoLeader of Akatsuki
NarutoIf you’re looking for naruto dog names, then this one is pretty great!
NejiA prodigy from the Konohagakure's Hyuga clan
ObitoAlso known as Tobi, it’s thought he died during the Third Shinobi World War
OmoiA talented but quiet ninja that likes to think things through
OrochimaruA sannin who wants to learn all of the world’s secrets
PainMaybe not the best name to call your little pup
Rock LeeA shinobi and member of Team Guy
SaiSai is an anbu shinobi from Konohagakure's Yamanaka clan
SakonLeader of the sound four
SarutobiThe third Hokage of Konohagakure
SasoriAn s-rank missing-nin with bright red hair
SasukeSasuke the Saluki!
ShikakuHead of the Nara clan
ShikamaruA shinobi from the Konohagakure's Nara clan. He’s a bit lazy but a very skilled ninja!
ShinoA loyal friend of Naruto
ShisuiQuite a small character and shinobi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan
TeuchiA very kind man who owns the famous ichiraku ramen bar. It’s also a great doggy name!
TobiMember of akatsuki and main antagonist in the second part of the series
TobiramaFounder of the first shinobi village
UtakataA jinchuriki of the Six-Tails, Saiken
YaguraA very powerful ninja
YahikoA war orphan from Amegakure
YamatoYamato is an anbu shinobi who is cautious and calm – great for a Greyhound
ZabuzaAlso nicknamed the Demon of the Hidden Mist, Zabuza was a missing-nin from Kirigakure
ZetsuAn Akatsuki spy. The Akatsuki is a criminal organization and Zetsu is half black and half white

Naruto Names for Female Dogs

As well as male names, there are so many great female Naruto-inspired dog names for you to call your pup. Which will be your favorite?

AnkoA female ninja with blue hair, perfect for a blue dog like a Great Dane
ChiyoThe famous master of the puppet technique. Perfect for an older pooch
GurenA young kunoichi from Otogakure
HanabiA young woman with jet black hair, ideal for a black dog breed
HinataThe heiress of Hyuga in the anime series
KaguyaThe main antagonist and the biggest threat for the main characters in Naruto
KarinShe has a very strong life-force and bright red hair
KonanThe partner of Nagato and the only one allowed to call him by his proper name
KurenaiThe leader of team Kurenai
KushinaA main character and Naruto’s mom!
MikotoWhat a beautiful name! She’s a jonin from the Konoha village
MiraiA kunoichi of the Sarutobi clan and a very beautiful dog name!
PakuraPakura the Poodle!
RinChildhood friend of Kakashi  and a member of Team Minato
SakuraA member of Team 7, the same team as Naruto
ShizuneThe first apprentice of the fifth Hokage
TayuyaAn amazing kunoichi and one of the Sound Four that took orders from Orochimaru
TemariOne of the three sand siblings and a key character 
TentenA member of team Guy and a key character in Naruto Shippuden
TerumiThe fifth Mizukage
TsunadeThe strongest kunoichi in the world

Names of Beasts from Naruto

As well as dogs and human characters, there are many beasts and animals in the world of Naruto too. They could make the perfect name for your pup!

ChomeiAlso known as Seven-Tails, he’s one of the nine-tailed beasts
GyukiAn enormous-tailed beast that looks a little like an octopus mixed with a goat!
IsobuOne of the nine-tailed beasts more commonly known as Three-Tails
KokuoA beautiful white beast referred to as Five-Tails
KyubiThe alternative name for Kurama or Nine-Tails, he’s an orange beast that doesn’t like humans
MatatabiA blue ghost-like beast and one of the nine-tailed beasts
SaikenSix-Tails and also known as Rhinoceros dog. Perfect for a big pup!
ShukakuOne-Tail beast and one of the weakest of the nine-tailed beasts
Son GokuA huge red furry gorilla!

Animals from Naruto

There are also some amazing animals in the Naruto series. These are a couple of our favorites (and the cutest). 

GamabuntaOften shortened to Bunta, he’s the chief toad on Mount Myoboku
GamakichiAnother toad on the mountain
GamatatsuAnother toad and the youngest son of Gamabunta
TontonTonton is the cutest little piggy!

Naruto Clan Names

There are several Ichizoku (clans or households) that many of the characters belong to in the series. They also make great Naruto dog names!

AkatsukiA group of shinobi that live outside the hidden villages
HyugaThe strongest clan in Konoha and one of the four noble ones
NaraWhat a beautiful name for a pooch! This clan is also one of the most respected households in the hidden leaf village
UchihaAnother of the four noble houses in Konohagakure

How to Pick the Best Naruto Name for My Dog?

When choosing your pup’s name, there are a couple of things to think about. The most important ones are that you like it and that the name suits your dog.

With Naruto dog names, it’s also important to make sure you can pronounce them. Some, such as Shukaku, are more difficult to pronounce than others like Nara.

You should also research what each of the characters looks like. Hair color, special powers, and other characteristics could help you decide which of these is the right one for your pooch!

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