250+ Egyptian Dog Names for Furry Pharaohs

women hieroglyphs

Come take a trip with us through ancient history to a dazzlingly mystical land and find the perfect name for your pup. It’s time to unleash the exotic power of Egypt! A place where everybody wanted to be a pharaoh and the architectural wonders called pyramids are still baffling scientists today..

There are some seriously cool Egyptian dog names on our list that are guaranteed to make your pup stand out like the exquisite god or goddess they are and they all have a deeper meaning that speaks to the spiritual beliefs underlying ancient Egyptian culture. Dogs were sacred animals – revered as royalty and highly praised. They believed that dogs were messengers of the gods and had the power to guide souls to the afterlife.

And let's be real, who wouldn't want a dog named after one of the most powerful and sophisticated civilizations in history? Not only will your pup have an unforgettable name, but you'll also be showing off your love for all things Egypt.

So, let's take a walk like an Egyptian and explore the fascinating world of Egyptian dog names.

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♀️ Female Egyptian Dog Names

This list contains some of the best female Egyptian dog names for your pet. Mysterious and alluring, our favorite female names on this list are “Akila” and “Nubia”.

Anippe (means “daughter of the Nile”)

♂️ Male Egyptian Dog Names

Is your pooch as regal as a pharaoh? Then he needs one of these incredible male Egyptian dog names to match his royal spirit.  


👑 Ancient Egyptian Dog Names

ancient egyptian hieroglyphs

The pharoahs were highly revered and achieved near god-like status in ancient times. Choosing any of these names for your pooch will result in envy at the dog park.

HatshepsutPharaoh Queen of Ancient Egypt – her memorial temple is in Luxor
Khufu2nd pharaoh of the 4th dynasty – his tomb is in the royal necropolis Giza
King TutTutankhamun – pharaoh – most famous Egyptian mummy
Mastabaancient egyptian burial tombs
Memphiscity on west bank of the Nile; Memphis was the 1st capital of Ancient Egypt
Nefertitiroyal wife of pharaoh Akhenaten
RamessesPharaoh Ramesses – 3rd ruler of the 19th dynasty
Tiaprincess of Ancient Egypt during the 19th dynasty
Treasuretaking golden treasure with you to the afterlife was one of the popular rituals

😁 Funny Egyptian Dog Names Inspired by Culture and Language

mummy egypt

We adore the name “Yalla” for a dog who hates to leave his favorite place. “Aziza” is the most perfect name for any pup because of course all our furry friends are precious.

AnkhAnkh symbol sometimes referred to as the key of life is representative of eternal life
Azizameans “precious”
Bahebakmeans “love you” – girl telling a guy
Bahebekmeans “love you” – guy telling a girl
Bismillahmeans “in the name of God” – “Milla” for short
Bomanimeans “warrior”
Daimahmeans “may there always be plenty at your table”
Eshtaused to say all is great when agreeing with something – “Eshta, that sounds great”
Fuadmeans “heart”
Gameelmeans “beautiful”
Hobbmeans “love”
Mahzuzmeans “lucky”
Mashymeans “it passes”
Mummymummification – one of the religious rituals carried out at death
Nabbarmeans “to bark”
Sahtainmeans “bon appetit”
Yallameans “let's go” – used to hurry people along
Zaghratameans “joy”

🦅 Egyptian Dog Name Ideas Inspired by Other Animals

eagle egypt

There are some great names here to choose from words in the Egyptian language. Our top pick is “Falcon” for a puppy who loves to soar through the air catching frisbees.

Arnabmeans “rabbit”
Asadmeans “lion”
Aspsymbol of royalty in Roman Egypt
Baboonsacred animal
BarbaryBarbary lion of Egypt – now extinct
Battameans “duck”
Camelanimal found in Egypt
Catmost sacred of all animals
Cobrahighly feared and revered by ancient Egyptians – symbol of royalty for ancient Egyptians
Cranesymbol of good luck and protection
Donkeyprevalent in Egypt
Erdmeans “monkey”
Fahdmeans “leopard”
Falconsacred animal and symbol of Horus
Farmeans “mouse”
Hipposacred animal
Homarmeans “donkey”
Ibissacred animal
Jerboaanimal found in Egypt
Kalbmeans “dog”
MauEgyptian Mau – Cleopatra had one for a pet
Nisrmeans “eagle”
Nubiannubian ibex is found in Egypt
Scarabscarab beetle – sacred animal
Uttameans “cat”

🏜️ Great Egyptian Dog Names Inspired by the Geography of the Land

giza pyramids

Egypt is one of the most awe-inspiring places to visit and provides no shortage of inspiration for fabulous dog names.

Abydosmany tombs of the earliest kings of Egypt have been found here
Alexandriacity in Egypt; Alexandria is a famous port city
Aswanlocation of many well preserved archaeological sites in Egypt; Aswan is a city on the Nile
Cairocapital city
EdfuEdfu temple
Faiyumfounded in 4000BC – oldest city in Egypt and one of the oldest cities in Africa
GizaThe great pyramid of Giza is located near the sphinx statue – one of the 7 wonders of the world
Hurghadalocated on the Red Sea coast of Egypt
Kafrethe middle of the 3 pyramids in Egypt – Kafre was a pharaoh
KarnakKarnak temple
Luxorlocated on the Nile, Luxor is on the site of Ancient Thebes, the pharaoh's capital from 16th-11th centuries BC
Menkaurethe front of the 3 pyramids in Egypt – Menkaure was a pharaoh
Mit Rahinavillage – ruins of Memphis, Egypt are here
MontazaMontaza Palace in Alexandria
Nileiconic river – the Nile is the longest river in Africa
Saharadesert in western Egypt
Sinaidesert in northeastern Egypt
SphinxThe great Sphinx of Giza

🎨 Dog Name Ideas for your Egyptian Dog Based on Colors in Egyptian Arabic

You couldn’t find a better name than “Boni” for a brown puppy of any breed, or what about “Dahabi” for all those dogs with unusual golden eyes – a rare name for a unique pooch.


🍵 Dog Name Ideas Based on Egyptian Names for Drinks

If you are looking for something different, why not choose one of these fun names inspired by the popular drinks of Egypt for your doggy? 

Araktraditional alcoholic beverage
Arrihasweet coffee
Jawafajawafa bil-laban – guava smoothie
Karkadehibiscus iced tea
KhayyamOmar Khayyam – wine
Kosharytype of tea mainly drunk in the north
LimoonEgyptian lemonade
Mangomango juice is really popular
Mazbootmedium sweetness coffee
Mowzmowz bil-laban – banana smoothie
Qasabsugarcane juice – also written as Asab
Sadaplain coffee (consumed traditionally at funerals)
Sahlabhot, sweet vanilla drink with cinnamon and coconut
Saiiditype of tea mainly drunk in the south
Shedehancient wine drink thought to be made from pomegranates, but research now indicates it was made with red grapes
StellaStella beer
Teanational drink
Yansoonaniseed drink
Ziyadavery sweet coffee

🍆 Egyptian Dog Names for your Pup Derived from Food

fava beans egypt

Egyptian food is tasty, decadent and full of spicy aromas to stir and awaken your senses (and your tummy) – we think “Koshiri” is a wonderful name for a dog!

AliUmm Ali – traditional bread pudding
Baklavafamous delicacy of pastry filled with butter, nuts and coconut
Baladifiteer baladi – stone fired bread much like a pizza
Basbousasyrup soaked semolina cake
Cassatafrozen dessert made of sour cream, mangoes, vanilla and chocolate
Fiteerfiteer baladi – stone fired bread much like a pizza
FooulFul medames or ful or fool – stewed fava beans
Halawethalawet el mouled – sesame candy
Hamamhamam mahshi – stuffed squab (pigeon)
Hawawshistreet food – pita stuffed with minced meat, onions, spices and chili
Koftaegyptian kebab
Koshirinational dish – friend onions, lentils, rice, macaroni and lemon sauce (also Kushari)
Mahshihamam mahshi – stuffed squab (pigeon)
Molokhiyabasically egyptian spinach
Qatayefpopoular dessert during Ramadan
Rozroz bel laban – rice pudding
Shereyashereya bel laban – sweet vermicelli with milk – popular desert
Ta'ameyaful wa ta'ameya – falafel type patties; a popular street food
Tarbkofta wrapped in lamb fat – traditional Eid al-Adha meal

📜 Egyption Dog Names Inspired by Egyptian History and Famous People

We adore the male Egyptian dog names “Mena” and “Dodi”, and  “Dina” and “Nazmy” are great female names. Probably the most famous pharaoh of all time was Cleopatra and we think “Cleo” is one of the best dog names ever. 

AbdelAbdel Wahab El-Messiri – scholar and authorMale
AishaAisha Taymur – feministFemale
BoutrosBoutros Boutros-Ghali – secretary general of the UNMale
CleopatraQueen of Egypt – a very popular pharaohFemale
DinaDina Muhammad – belly dancerFemale
DodiDodi Fayed – film producerMale
DoriaDoria Shafik – Egyptian poet and feminist & self-identified “daughter of the Nile”Female
FatenFaten Hamama – actressFemale
GamalGamal Abdel Nasser – former presidentMale
HassanHassan Youssef – actor and directorMale
HosniHosni Mubarak – politicianMale
IrisIris Nazmy – writer, journalist, film criticFemale
MahmoudMahmoud Mokhtar – sculptorMale
MenaMena Massoud – actor and singerMale
NasserGamal Abdel Nasser – former presidentMale
NazmyIris Nazmy – writer, journalist, film criticFemale
OmarOmar Shariff – actorMale
ShariffOmar Shariff – actorMale
UmmUmm Kulthum – singer – the voice of EgyptFemale

📽️ Egyptian Dog Name Ideas for your Pup from Movies, TV Shows and Books

If you are looking for the best Egyptian goddess names, why not look to pop culture. Fans of the movie Gods of Egypt will recognise some of the most popular characters from Egyptian mythology. We think naming your dog  “Nephthys” after the protector god is a perfect fit for any puppy. 

AnatGods of EgyptFemale
AstarteGods of EgyptMale
HannumaCairo StationFemale
Lady AnnaThe Map of LoveFemale
MadbouliCairo StationMale
NephthysGods of EgyptFemale
QinawiCairo StationMale
SharifThe Map of LoveMale
SharifaGods of EgyptFemale
UrshuGods of EgyptMale
ZayaGods of EgyptFemale

☀️ Egyptian Dog Names Inspired by the Mythology of Ancient Egyptian Culture


Egyptian mythology is full of suspense, mystery and intrigue and has fascinated the world for generations. Our list is crammed full of some of the best Egyptian goddess names as well as some incredible names for your boy dog if you are partial to naming them after a powerful god. 

AkerThis god appears as a pair of twin lion gods
AmunEgyptian God of the air – father of the god Khonsu
AnhurGod of war
AnubisGod of the dead
Apophisone of the most powerful gods with an army of demons
AtenA sun god
AtumGod of the sun at sunset – the god Ra became the god Atum, an old man who had completed his life cycle, ready to disappear and regenerate for a new day
Bastetsister of war Goddess Sekhmet
Baudog-headed goddess
Bennudeity linked with sun, creation and rebirth – may have been the inspiration for the phoenix legends
Besprotector God
Duajone of the twin lion gods (yesterday)
GebGod of earth/earth deity
Hapiandrogynous God of the annual flooding of the Nile
HathorGoddess of fertility, women and love – daughter of the sun god Ra
HorusEgyptian God of the sky and protector God
Isisguides dead to the afterlife in the underworld Isis is the wife and sister of the god Osiris
KhepriGod of the morning sun
KhnumRam headed god – the god of water, fertility and reproduction.
KhonsuThe god of the moon – often depicted as the greatest god of the gods
Maaheslion headed son of the god Ra
MeritEgyptian Goddess of music
MutMother Goddess. Mother of the god Khonsu
Nefertemdaughter of war Goddess Sekhmet and god Ptah
Neitharcher goddess
NutEgyptian Goddess of the sky
OsirisEgyptian God of the dead and the underworld
Phoenixbird with scarlet and gold plumage and a melodius cry
Ptahcreation God – married to Egyptian War Goddess Sekhmet
RaGod of the sun at midday – one of the most powerful gods – king of the deities & father of creation
Satetarcher Goddess
Seferone of the twin lion gods (tomorrow)
SekhmetEgyptian war Goddess – wife of god Ptah
Set/SethGod of war Osiris(god of the underworld) is his brother
Shufather of Geb, the God of Earth
Sobekthe crocodile God – had the head of a crocodile
Taweretgoddess of fertility
ThothGod of the moon, sacred texts, sciences, magic, messenger & recorder of the deities

🌴 Egyptian Dog Name Ideas Derived from Nature


Dog names derived from nature is a popular trend and just look at these incredible names for your dog in Egyptian Arabic. You would surely feel like a proud mom or dad taking “Najma” or “Qamar” to the dog park.

Aarumeans “heaven”
Ashjaarmeans “tree”
Hareemeans “fire”
Hawameans “wind”
Khafeefmeans “light”
Lotuslotus flower is used extensively in Egyptian Art
Matarmeans “rain”
Najmameans “star”
Qamarmeans “moon”
Quz Qazahmeans “rainbow”
Sama'means “sky”
Shamsmeans “sun”
Shutmeans “shadow”
Talgmeans “snow”

⚽ Sporty Dog Name Ideas for your Egyptian Dog

Egypt has some very famous sports stars and there is no shortage of inspiration here for your Egyptian dog's name. Our favorite is “Zaki”.

ElnenyMohamed Elneny – football
EssamEssam El-Hadary – football
FaridaFarida Osman – swimmer
FathyAhmed Fathy – football
HossamHossam Hassan – football
Midofootball manager and former striker
MoMohamed Salah – football
NourNour El Sherbini – squash player
RaneemRaneem El Welily – squash player
SalahMohamed Salah – football
SaraSara Ahmed – weightlifter
WaelWael Gomaa – football
ZakiAmr Zaki – football

Final Thoughts

Choosing one of these Egyptian dog names for your furry god or goddess is an excellent way to pay tribute to ancient history by honoring one of the world's most intriguing and fascinating cultures. So get ready to be a proud mom or dad when you unveil your Egyptian dog’s name at the dog park.

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