200+ Names for Medium-Sized Dogs

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When you think about something that is in the middle of two extremes, it seems to be a rather unremarkable thing – neither big or small and you might dismiss it as being of little interest. But when it comes to dogs, that would be a huge mistake.

Some of the very best breeds of dog are medium-sized and in fact this term covers everything from the Bulldog and the Corgi to the Husky and the Golden Retriever.

Accordingly, there are so many fantastic medium-sized dog names that would be perfectly suited to one of these breeds. So forget about common or normal, come join us on a journey through all the names that sit in the middle. We just know you will find an incredible medium-sized dog name on our list.

♀️ Female Medium-Sized Dog Names for Your Lady Love

Almost everyone in the world has a middle name – some of us even have multiple names between our first name and surname. Here are some of the most popular middle names for girls. We adore the name “Mae” for a Cocker Spaniel lady – a pretty name for a pretty girl

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Annepopular middle name
Elizabethpopular middle name
Gracepopular middle name
Janepopular middle name
JuneJune is the month in the middle of the year
Louisepopular middle name
Lynnpopular middle name
Maepopular middle name
Mariepopular middle name
Rosepopular middle name
Suepopular middle name

♂️ Male Medium-Sized Dog Names for Your Regal Boy

There are some truly classic boy middle names on this list and it’s a hard choice just picking one. We love the name “Norm” for a Boxer because they have those goofy eyes. And if you are looking for something a little fancier, how about “Alexander”?

Alexanderpopular middle name
Davidpopular middle name
Henrypopular middle name
Jamespopular middle name
Matthewpopular middle name
Michaelpopular middle name
Noahpopular middle name
Normshort for normal (a synonym for average which also means the median)
Paulpopular middle name
Regshort for regular (a synonym of average which also means the median)
Richardpopular middle name
Thomaspopular middle name

😁 Funny Medium-Sized Dog Names for Your Crazy Pup

Now if you don’t finish this list in a fit of giggles, well then we don’t know! We love the name “Floof” for a Samoyed – the fluffiest cuddle bugs ever! And you can’t beat “Mohawk” for a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Boogerboogers come out your nose and your nose is in the middle of your head
Chuckleshalfway between a laugh and being serious
Cyclopsfor an eye in the middle of the forehead
EquiShort for equidistant which is the medium point of something
Flooffor chest fluff
Giggleshalfway between a laugh and being serious
Mohawka style of hair where there is a stripe of hair down the middle of your head and the rest of your head is shaved
Snoutbecause the snout is in the middle of your face
So-Someans something is OK – midway between awful and amazing
Zapfor the zap sign (made with the middle finger)

🦁 Medium-Sized Dog Names Inspired By Awesome Animals

The Animal Kingdom is full of medium-sized inspiration when it comes to naming your furry friend. We think “Skunk” is a great name for a Border Collie.

Armadillomedium-sized mammal with a hard shell
Baboona medium-sized mammal – “Babs” or “Babbi” for short
Badgermedium-sized omnivore
Bilbydesert dwelling marsupial omnivore
Bobcatmedium-sized wild cat – “Bob” or “Bobby” for short
Carcajouanother name for the wolverine – “Jou-Jou” for short
Coyotemedium-sized species of canine – close relative of the wolf
Fishera medium-sized predator that belongs to the weasel family
Foxmedium-sized omnivorous dog-like mammal – “Foxxy” is a good nickname
Honey Badger“Honey” for short – short-legged omnivores of a mid-size
Kangaroomedium-sized Australian marsupial – “Kanga” or “Roo” for short
Koalamedium-sized Australian marsupial
Liona medium-sized predator
LynxMedium-sized wild cat
MinkMedium-sized semi-aquatic carnivorous mammal – “Minky” for short
Opossuma medium-sized Australian marsupial – “Opie” or “Possy” for short
Otterwater-loving carnivorous mammal of a medium size
PandaThe red Panda is medium sized – “Pandy” for short
Porcupinewhile the porcupine is a large rodent, it is a middle sized animal when compared to other creatures – “Porky” is a great nickname for a dog
Raccoonmedium-sized mammal native to North America
Skunkmedium-sized mammal known for its unpleasant smell
Tasmanian Devilmedium-sized Australian marsupial – So many nickname options – “Taz”, “Tazzy”, “Devil”, “Tazzy-D”
Wallabymedium-sized Australian marsupial – “Wally” for short
Wolverinea medium-sized solitary mammal thats rather vicious
Wombatmedium-sized Australian marsupial

🌋 Name Your Medium-Sized Dog After Geographical Phenomena

Did you know? One of the ways to classify mountains is by their elevation and so its easy to pick out all the ones that are medium-sized. We adore the name “Little Bear” for a Golden Retriever – it’s just the perfect fit for this breed.

BomberBomber Mountain – class 2 elevation (between class 1 small and class 3 big)
Equatorimaginary horizontal line through the middle of the earth
Gaiaanother name for earth, a medium-sized planet
HunterMt. Hunter – class 2 elevation (between class 1 small and class 3 big)
Ironthe earth's core is made of iron
Little BearLittle Bear Peak – class 2 elevation (between class 1 small and class 3 big)
Marsmedium-sized planet
MeridianGreenwich Meridian – imaginary vertical line through the middle of the earth – “Meri” for short
NeboMount Nebo – class 2 elevation (between class 1 small and class 3 big)
ShaniMt. Shani – class 2 elevation (between class 1 small and class 3 big)
ShastaMt. Shasta – class 2 elevation (between class 1 small and class 3 big)
SneffelsMt. Sneffels – class 2 elevation (between class 1 small and class 3 big)
Tellusanother name for earth, a medium-sized planet
Terraanother name for earth, a medium-sized planet
Venusmedium-sized planet

🫅 Dog Names Based on Medium-Sized Historical Figures and Famous People

The average height for males is 5 ft 9 and for females it's 5 ft 4 – so here is the list celebrating some well-known celebrities who are of an average height. There are so many incredible celebrities to choose from, but we quite like the idea of calling your female Siberian Husky “Madonna” – they are both known to be quite highly strung and its common knowledge how much Huskies love to “sing”.

50 cent50 cent the rapper because 50c is halfway to 1 dollar
BettyBetty White was 5 ft 4 – actress
BieberJustin Bieber is 5 ft 9 – singer
Bon JoviJon Bon Jovi is 5 ft 9 – singer
BrandoMarlon Brando was 5 ft 9 – actor
BritneyBritney Spears is 5 ft 4 – singer
CalebCaleb Followill – the middle brother in Kings of Leon – band
ChanJackie Chan is 5 ft 9 – actor
CruzPenelope Cruz is 5 ft 4 – actress
EddieEddie Murphy is 5 ft 9 – actor
HardyTom Hardy is 5 ft 9 – actor
HopkinsAnthony Hopkins is 5 ft 9 – actor
JacksonMichael Jackson was 5 ft 9 – singer
JoeThe middle Jonas Brother – singer
KnightGladys Knight is 5 ft 4 – singer
KurtKurt Cobain was 5 ft 9 – singer
LegendJohn Legend is 5 ft 9 – singer
LeonardoLeonardo da Vinci was 5 ft 9 – painter
LizaLiza Minnelli is 5 ft 4 – actress
LizzyLizzy Caplan is 5 ft 4 – actress
Madonnashe is 5 ft 4 – singer
MeganMegan Fox is 5 ft 4 – actress
MilaMila Kunis is 5 ft 4 – actress
RennerJeremy Renner is 5 ft 9 – actor
SteveSteve Carell is 5 ft 9 – actor
TolkienJ.R.R. Tolkien is 5 ft 9 – author
WhoopiWhoopi Goldberg is 5 ft 4 – actress

🍪 Fun Dog Names Inspired by Medium-Sized Food and Drinks

Finding medium-sized food and drink inspiration is not as easy as you might think, but we think we have a great list of average sized foods to name your pup after. We adore the name “Lamb Chop” and who wouldn’t love a puppy named “Fuzzy Navel”?

Biscuit (only the middle sized ones)
Brie (for the cheese – its a medium sized cheese)
Cookie (the medium sized ones, naturally)
Cosmo (for the cosmopolitan cocktail)
Fizz (for fizzy soda in a can)
Fuzzy Navel (a cocktail of peach schnapps and orange juice)
Gimlet (lime syrup and gin cocktail)
Java Joe (for a medium sized cup of coffee)
Lamb Chop
Mojito (for the cocktail)
Pork Chop
Portobello (for the mushrooms)
Spud (for potatoes)

👌 Super Cool Medium-Sized Dog Names for Your Super Cool Puppy

Staffies are such cool dogs – they exude calm and look like little bodybuilders. There are some great names here for all the cool dog breeds out there. We love the names “Jogger” and “Chevvy”.

ChevvyChevrolet Malibu is a mid sized car
Em“M” is the middle letter of the alphabet
JoggerDacia Jogger is a mid sized car
KiaKia Optima is a mid sized car
Modshort for moderate
Ridgefor the line of fur that runs down a Rhodesian Ridgeback (a medium sized dog)
Ruffa profuse growth of hair on the front of a dogs neck – this is usually in the middle
Sixhalfway between 0 and 10 (half is 5.5 which gets rounded up to 6)
SonataHyundai Sonata is a mid sized car
TeeT-shirt – a medium sized item of clothing

😍 Cute Dog Names For All Medium-Sized Pups

All dogs are cute, but you can’t beat the name “Floppy” for a Basset Hound – it just doesn’t get more fitting than that!

BobA bob refers to a haircut that is best suited to medium length hair
FloppyA Basset Hound is a medium sized dog with floppy ears
GoldenFor the golden mean – the desirable middle between 2 extremes
Medishort for medium
Middlinganother word for the medium point
Midithe medium point in the middle
Plumea feathered tail that curls over the dogs back – tails are in the middle of the dogs rear end
Prettythe halfway point between ugly and beautiful
TobyToby Tall refers to the middle finger in the popular children's rhyme
Topknota tuft of hair on the top of a dogs head in the middle

🌿 Medium-Sized Dog Names Inspired by Beautiful Nature 

The great outdoors is always a great place to look for inspiration when naming your dog. We think “Maple” is the best name for an Irish Red Setter.

BuckeyeRed Buckeye is a medium sized tree
BushyBushes are bigger than flowers and smaller than trees
CrabCrabapple trees are medium sized
DwarfDwarf Alberta Spruce is a medium sized tree
HawthornCockspur Hawthorn is a medium sized tree
Magnolia“Mags” for short – the Saucer Magnolia is a medium sized tree
MapleJapanese Maple is a medium sized tree
MyrtleCrepe Myrtle is a medium sized tree
PawpawThe Pawpaw tree is medium sized
RedbudEastern Redbud is a medium sized plant

🎥 Medium-Sized Dog Names Inspired by Cool Characters in Movies, TV Shows and Books

Are you a middle child? The middle kid often gets a bad rap as being the most difficult or the hardest work because they're neither the oldest or the youngest. Whether or not you believe in birth order influencing your personality, you have to agree that the middle children on this list have awesome names! We have to say, we love the idea of a puppy called “John Darling”. 

AveryAvery Jennings was the middle child in Dog with a BlogFemale
BennetMary Bennet – the middle sister in Pride and PrejudiceFemale
DarwinDarwin Watterson – the middle sibling in the Amazing World of GumballMale
John DarlingThe middle child in Peter PanMale
JuanJuan Wagner – middle sibling in Instant familyMale
KimKim Kardashian, the middle Kardashian sister from Keeping up with the KardashiansFemale
LisaLisa Simpson – middle child in the SimpsonsFemale
LuisaLuisa Madrigal – the middle sister in EncantoFemale
MalcolmMalcolm in the middleMale
MarianneMarianne Dashwood – the middle sister in Sense and SensibilityFemale
MaryMary Sanderson was the middle sister in Hocus PocusFemale
MitzyMitzy Stillman is the middle sister in CharmedFemale
TannerStephanie Tanner was the middle child in Full HouseFemale

🧳 Dog Names Inspired by the Foreign Words for Medium-Sized

We love the trend of naming your dog something that highlights the origins of their breed. We think naming your Shiba Inu “Heikin” is simply awesome. “Meio” is also a great name for a Portuguese Water Dog.

Chuukanthe word medium in Japanese
Heikinthe word average in Japanese
Katithe word medium in Swahili
Medianathe feminine form of the word median in Spanish and Italian
Mediothe word medium in Spanish and Italian and Portuguese
Meiothe word middle in Portuguese
Mezzothe word middle in Italian
Middenthe word middle in Dutch
Milieuthe word middle in French
Mittethe word middle in German
Mittelthe word medium in German
Seredinathe word middle in Russian
Wasatthe word middle in Arabic
Wastanithe word average in Swahili

🐲 Mythological Inspiration for Naming your Medium-Sized Dog

Mythology is always a popular choice for dog names. Our top pick here is “Phoenix”

Cerberusa 3 headed dog that guards the entrance to hades
Hippocampushalf horse half fish
Hippogriffhalf eagle half horse
NemeanNemean Lion – lion with an inpenetrable hide – from Greek mythology
Pegasusflying horse
Phoenixa fire bird that regenerates when it dies
Thestralphantom like skeletal horse with bat like wings and white eyes
Unicorna horse with a horn – usually have magical powers

🎮 Medium-Sized Dog Names Based on Video Games Characters

There are a whole bunch of medium-sized video game characters you can look to for dog names. We love “Daisy Mae” for a girl dog and “Knuckles” for a boy. Who is your favorite character?

BandicootCrash Bandicoot – medium-sized character
BlathersAnimal Crossing – medium-sized owl
CrashCrash Bandicoot – medium-sized character
CreamSonic the Hedgehog – he's medium-sized!
CreeperMinecraft – medium-sized mob
Daisy MaeAnimal Crossing – she is a medium-sized boar
FlipAnimal Crossing – he's a medium-sized monkey
IsabelAnimal Crossing – she is a medium-sized dog
KnucklesSonic the Hedgehog – he's an echidna which is medium-sized
MabelAnimal Crossing – she's a blue hedgehog of medium size
PashmaAnimal Crossing – she's a medium-sized goat
SonicSonic the Hedgehog – he's medium-sized!
TailsSonic the Hedgehog – a medium-sized fox
Tom NookAnimal Crossing – he's a medium-sized raccoon

🏈 Sporty Names for Your Center Field Puppy

The Springer Spaniel is one of the very athletic medium-sized dog breeds and these types of dogs should have a sporty name to match their energetic spirit. Have a look through our top picks of sports stars in the center position on their team. We love the names “Otto”, “Ringo” and “Rio”.

AshAsh Brazill – plays center on the Australian netball team
BongiweBongiwe Msomi – plays center on the South African netball team
BrianBrian O'Driscoll – famous Irish rugby center
DanieDanie Gerber – famous South African rugby center
GunnerFrank “Gunner” Gatski played center in the NFL
NestaAlessandro Nesta – center back position in soccer
OttoJim Otto played center in American football
Paraverage amount of shots in golf
RiekoRieko Ioane – one of the All Blacks centers
RingoJim Ringo played center in the NFL
RioRio Ferdinand – center back position in soccer
ShaquilleShaquille ‘O Neal played center position in the middle of the court

Last Thoughts

We hope we have convinced you that being in the middle is anything but boring and that you have come away with some great ideas for naming your medium-sized dog. Let us know your favorite name in the comments.

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