500+ of the Best Small Dog Names For Your Petite Puppy

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Now without further ado, snuggle up to your small ball of fluff and let’s dive into the miniature sized world of small dog names.

🚺 Female Small Dog Names for Your Sweet Pint-Sized Princess

Your tiny female dog deserves a sweet name that matches her cute size. Any lady pup would love one of these great names. We quite fancy choosing names from other languages and accordingly, we adore the name “Fayette”, which comes from France, and means “little fairy”

AleidaLatin name meaning small winged one
Aminameans tiny spirit
BrennaIrish name meaning little raven
BrookeEnglish name meaning small stream
CosetteFrench name meaning little thing
FayetteFrench name meaning little fairy
Joa small name (only 2 letters)
KeiraFemale form of Keiran – gaelic name meaning little dark one
KimimelaNative American name meaning little butterfly
LillemoreScandinavian name meaning little mother
MalinOld English name that means little strong warrior
MariposaSpanish name meaning butterfly (butterflies are small)
MarjaanMuslim name meaning small pearls
OndineLatin name meaning little wave
OwenaWelsh name meaning young warrior
Pattya burger patty can be small
PaulaSpanish name meaning small and petite
PosieEnglish name meaning small flower bouquet
Reinettename meaning little queen in France
Rochellename meaning little rock in France
Sandygrains of sand are small
Stellinapopular pet name for girls named “Stella” – literally means little star in Italian
TuulikkiFinnish name meaning little wind

🚹 Male Small Dog Names for Your Fun-Sized Friend

Small male dogs often have a personality that belies their small size. Your little guy might pack a mighty punch of personality, but underneath his feisty exterior beats the heart of an adorable pup who will be a devoted companion to his human.

We think you’ll find the perfect moniker for him on this list, for example, “Shikoba” which means little feather. If you want to take the trend of small dog names to the extreme, how about the ultimate little name of “Bo” which has just 2 letters.

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AidenGaelic name meaning little fire
Ala small name (only 2 letters)
BeckettEnglish and Irish name meaning little brook
Boa small name (only 2 letters)
BranánIrish name meaning little raven
ConanCeltic name meaning little fox
Cya small name (only 2 letters)
Dustydust specks are small
FaolanIrish name meaning little wolf
KieranIrish name meaning little dark one
LoganScottish name that means little hollow
MarcelFrench variation of the Ancient Roman Marcellus – means warrior
OisinIrish name meaning little deer
PaulLatin name meaning small
PaulosGreek form of Paul – means small
RonanIrish name meaning little seal
RowanScottish and Irish name meaning little redhead
RyanEnglish name of Irish origin meaning little king
ShikobaNative American name meaning little feather
Tya small name (only 2 letters)
WyattEnglish name meaning little warrior

😍 All the Cutest Small Dog Names for Your Tiny Dog

There are some great ideas here if you are looking for a cute name for your pet that matches their adorable personality. The lady in your life would love to be called “Munchkin” and “Koda” is the best name for a boy pup. We also love the dog names “Bambino” and “Lovebug”.

Babean infant 
Babya small human
BambinoItalian for baby (masculine)
Bittythe very smallest thing
Bubblesbubbles can be small
Buttonsthey can be small
Cotton Buda cotton bud has small bits of cotton on the ends to clean your ears
Dasha small line
Diddyvery small, tiny
Dinkysmall and neat
Featherfeathers are very light (small weight)
Frecklesfreckles are small spots
Frenchiefor the French Bulldog breed which is small
Ickle Pupickle is an ironically childish word for little
Itsy Bitsyvery tiny
Itty Bittyvery tiny
Kodaa gender neutral name of Native American origin meaning little bear
Li'labbreviation of little
Li'l Pupa small dog
Little Lumpbecause lumps can be small
Lovebugbugs are small
Micropupa tiny dog
Minia smaller version of something
Munchkina small person
Patcha patch can be small
Patchespatches can be small
Pinkyyour pinky finger/toe is the smallest one
Pippips are small
Pipsqueaka person who is small and insignificant
Powder Puffa powder puff holds the particles of powder so you can apply it – particles are tiny things
Puddlespuddles can be small
Puppettea play on the word puppet, which is a small figure or doll attached to strings
Runtthe smallest in a litter
Squirtslang for a puny person
Stubbysomething that is short and therefore little
Teensyvery tiny
Teeny Weenyvery tiny
Tiddlymeans a little bit drunk
Tiddyvery small, tiny (alternate form of diddy)
Tota small child
Twinklesfairy lights twinkle and they have small globes
WinksForty winks is a short sleep – this can be in a bed or somewhere else

😂 Funny Names for Small Dogs

The following names are some silly inspiration if you’re looking to create some fun for your friends and family when naming your new best friend. We really love all of these funny names for small dogs, but our top pick is “Twee” for a girl dog and “Nano” is a fun dog name for a boy.

Atomthe smallest particle of a chemical element that can exist
Bacteriathe smallest living thing – but please call your dog “Teri”!
BrevisLatin word for small
Capleta synonym for pill which is small
Cellthe smallest unit of the human body
Chipa computer chip is small
ColleenIrish slang for a young girl
Egohaving a small one of these will ensure you do well in life
Fluffypieces of lint are small and fluffy
Jujubea synonym for pill which is small
LaddieIrish slang for a young boy
Lilliputiananother word for small
Marblesmarbles are small balls used for games
Nanothe prefix nano means one billionth
Pee Weeslang for small
Pimplea pimple can be big or small
Pinheadthe top of a pin is tiny
Quarkan elementary particle
Shortymocking term for a short person
Spota spot can be tiny
Tinysomething very small
Toota small fart
TweeBritish slang for small, dainty, quaint
Zena small word to indicate something is calm and peaceful
Zerothe smallest number that isnt a negative integer

😎 Cool Names for All Small Breeds of Dog

We think “Jet” is a good name for these dogs. If you are looking for dog names from other languages, there are some pawsome options here. We love the dog names “Jageun” and “Lille”.

Acean ace in a deck of cards can represent 1 or 11
Antonova small plane
Aygothe Toyota Aygo is a small hatchback
Bonanzaa small plane
BoudoirA small decorative pillow for your bed
Cessnaa small plane
Cooperfor the Mini Cooper
Diamond Stara small plane
Dinothe Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 is the world's smallest V8
Eclipsea small plane
Fairchilda small plane
Fiba small lie
Glittersparkly particles used for arts and crafts (and wrecking mom's heads)
Huracanthe smallest Lamborghini
JageunKorean word for small
Jetfighter jets are usually compact
KicsiHungarian word for small
KidogoSwahili word for little
KleinDutch or German for small
LapsaLatvian for young fox
LilleDanish word for small
LitenNorwegian for little
Lotusthe Lotus Elan is a small sports car
Macanthe smallest Porsche SUV
MadiganIrish for little dog
MaliCroatian word for small
MicRomanian word for small
NdogoSwahili word for small
ParvusLatin word for little/tiny
PeuFrench word for “not much”
PiccoloItalian word for small (masculine)
PieniFinnish word for small
Pipera small plane
Princea mini king
Princessa mini queen
Scootera small mode of transport
SchmetterlingGerman word for butterfly (which is small)
Tiagothe Tata Tiago is a small and compact hatchback car
Tugboata small boat that guides bigger boats in and out the harbor
Volksiea VW beetle – a small car

🌳 Names for Small Dogs Inspired by Nature for Your Small Puppy

bonsai tree

We think “Bunny Ears” is the right name for a Dachshund, but if you're looking for something funny, how about “Gonggong” – you are guaranteed to be the only one shouting that out at the dog park!

Astera small flower
Bladea blade of grass
Blossoma blossom can be small
Bonsaia miniature tree
Buda flower or leaf bud
Bunny Earsa small cactus
Buttercupa small flower
Ceresa dwarf planet
Charona dwarf planet
Cometa small body in our solar system compared to other things
Daisya small flower
Dewor “Dewie” is a nice name too
Dewdroptiny drops of water on plants in the morning
Dropleta small drop of water
Erisa dwarf planet
Flurrysnow flurries are small flakes of snow that swirl to the ground
Gonggonga dwarf planet
Haumeaa dwarf planet
Herbyherbs are small plants
Irisa small flower
Jadethe jade plant is a small plant
Leafsome leaves are really tiny
Marsa small planet
Mercurythe smallest planet
Mistymist is made up of tiny water droplets hanging in the air
Moonthe moon is smaller than earth
Namakaa dwarf planet
Pansya small flower
Pearlpearls are small
Pebblespebbles can be small
Petuniaa small flower
Plutoa dwarf planet
Pollenpollen is small particles
Pricklyprickly pear is a small cactus
Puffa puff of wind
Raindropsmall drops of water
Rosebudthe bud of a rose before it blooms
Shruba small plant
SnowflakeSnowflakes are small
Sparka small fiery particle thrown of a fire – “Sparky” is also a great name for a dog
Sproutthe small bud of a plant as it begins to grow
Starstar cactus is a small cactus
Streama small river
Sweet Peasmall flowers
Thornthorns are small spiky projections on the stem of a plant
Violeta small flower
Willowthe dwarf willow is the smallest tree in the world
Zephyra gentle breeze
Zinniaa small flower

🐝 Name Your Small Dog After Other Tiny Animals

bee on a flower

Does your tiny dog remind you of other small and cute animals? Here are some ideas for small dog names that honor all the little things in the Animal Kingdom. We adore the name “Minibeast” for a fluffy little Pomeranian.

Anta tiny insect
Beea small insect
Beetlea small insect
Bugbugs are small
Bunnycute name for rabbit – the dwarf variety only of course
Butterflya small insect
Buzzthe sound that bees make
Calfa baby camel
Caterpillarsmall insects (larval stage of butterflies)
Cheepera baby grouse
Chi Chifor the chihuahua
Chicka baby bird
Chinchillasmall rodents that are super cute
Chipmunksmall members of the squirrel family
Colta baby donkey – also a young horse
Criaa baby alpaca
Cricketa small insect
Cuba baby bear
Cygneta baby swan
Ducklinga baby duck
Elvera baby eel
Ephyraa baby jellyfish
Eyasa baby hawk
Farrowa baby boar
Fawna baby deer
Fireflya tiny insect
Fledglinga baby eagle
Foxfor the fennec fox which is a small desert fox
Frogthere are some really small frogs
Frya baby trout
Geckoa small lizard
Gerbila small rodent
Goslinga baby goose
Hamstersmall rodents
Hatchlinga baby crocodile
Hedgehoga small spiny mammal
Hoggeta young sheep
Hummingbirdsmallest bird in the world
Jerboaa small hopping desert rodent
Joeya baby kangaroo
Kida baby goat
Kita baby ferret
Kittena baby cat
Ladybuga small insect
Lamba baby sheep
Lambkina baby sheep
Levereta baby hare
Minibeastsmall animals that do not have an internal skeleton
Mousesmall rodents
Muskmusk deers are small but mighty
Nympha baby cicada
Peachicka baby peacock
Pigleta baby pig is a piglet
Pikaa tiny mountain-dwelling mammal
Pinkiea baby mouse or rat
Planktontiny organisms
Ponya small horse
Porcupettea baby porcupine
Pugglea baby echidna
Pupa baby seal
Puppya baby dog
Pygmymany small animals have the word pygmy in front of their name
Quokkaa small marsupial that always looks like its smiling
Royalthe royal antelope is the smallest antelope
Shrewthe pygmy shrew is the smallest animal
Spiderlinga baby spider
Squaba baby dove
Squeakera baby dove
Squealera baby grouse
Squirrela small rodent
Stota baby ox
Tadpolea baby frog
Tarsiera small primate
Tumblerthe pupa of a mosquito – it's the third stage in the life cycle of a mosquito before it emerges as an adult
Wolfioctopus wolfi is the smallest octopus
Wormonly the little ones
Wrigglera baby mosquito

🍒 Name Your Small Pup After These Popular Tiny Food and Drinks

can dogs eat cherries

Food and drinks are a popular source of inspiration when looking for small dog names for your pint-sized pooch. Just look at all these great ideas. You would be a proud mom or dad with any of these names, but we think “Nugget” for a Toy Poodle is just too adorable for words!

Berryberries are typically small
Cheeriosmall cereal rounds
CherrySmall berries
Chicletsmall pieces of gum
Cinnamonthe spice particles are small
Crumbsmall bits that fall off your sandwich
Cupcakecupcakes are small cakes
Donutthe mini ones
Espressosmall shot of strong coffee
Gingerthe spice particles are small
Gratera grater slices food up into small pieces
Gumballthey are small
Javafor coffee grounds
Jelly Totsmall sugar coated sweets
Juliennea French style of preparing vegetables – entail chopping the vegetables into matchsticks
Marshmallowthe mini ones
Meatballmeatballs can be small
Muffinthe mini ones
Nuggetchicken nuggets are small
OatOats are small
Oreothe mini ones
Peapeas are small vegetables
Peanutpeanuts are the ultimate small snack food
Pepperyou grind up peppercorns into smaller bits
Popcornpopcorn is bite sized yumminess
Pumpkinfor the seeds
Shootera shot of alcohol
Shrimpa small seafood
Smartiesmall candy coated chocolates
Sprinklesyou put sprinkles on cakes
Sugarsugar grains are tiny
SweetieSweets can be small
Taterfor tater tots

🌍 Geographical Inspiration for Small Dog Names for Your New Dog

cirrus clouds

There are some great small dog names here inspired by geographical phenomena. We think “Benxi” is a cute name for a Shih Tzu pup. And if your dog’s temperament is a little explosive, how about “Cuexcomate” after the world’s smallest volcano.

Arcticthe Arctic ocean is the smallest ocean in the world
BenxiBenxi Lake in China is the smallest lake in the world
Carcrossthe smallest desert in the world
Cirrussmall wispy clouds
Cuexcomatethe smallest volcano in the world
EireIreland in Irish – a small country
Irelanda small country
Luxembourgone of the world's smallest countries
Marshallfor the Marshall Islands
Monacoa small country
Nuarua small country in Oceania
RepruaReprua river is only 18m long and is in Georgia
Tuvalua small country in Oceania
WycheproofMount Wycheproof is the smallest registered mountain in the world

🫅 Names for Small Dogs Inspired by Historical Figures and Famous People

While most celebrities appear larger than life, many of them come in small packages. There are some really awesome people here to honor when you are looking for small dog names for your pooch. Danny DeVito is the quintessential tiny person but is an iconic actor known and loved the world over. For us the top pick is “Napoleon” for a little Pug because then he can be “Napoleon Bona-pug” and we think that's hilarious!

ArianaAriana Grande – singer
BillyBilly Joel – singer
BreckinBreckin Meyer – actor
BrunoBruno Mars – singer
CruiseTom Cruise – actor
DannyDanny Trejo – actor
DeVitoDanny DeVito – actor
DuffHilary Duff – actress
ElijahElijah Wood – actor
ElliotElliot Page – actor
EmiliaEmilia Clarke – actress
EvaEva Longoria – actress
FrankieFrankie Muniz – actor
HartKevin Hart – comedian
HaydenHayden Panettiere – actress
IslaIsla Fisher – actress
JadaJada Pinkett Smith – actress
JennaJenna Ortega
JoelBilly Joel – singer
JuniorRobert Downey Jr. – actor
Kardashianboth Kim and Kourtney are short
KevinKevin Hart – comedian
KristenKristen Bell – actress
KylieKylie Minogue – singer
Lady Gagasinger
Li'l Kimsinger
MichaelMichael J. Fox – actor
NapoleonNapoleon Bonaparte – French Emperor
NathanNathan Lane – actor
NickiNicki Minaj – singer
Olsenthe Olsen twins are tiny humans
PacinoAl Pacino – actor
PageElliot Page – actor
PesciJoe Pesci – actor
RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe – actor
ReeseReese Witherspoon – actress
RichieNicole Richie – socialite
RobRob Schneider – actor
RuffaloMark Ruffalo – actor
SalmaSalma Hayek
SarahSarah Hyland – actress
SethSeth Green – actor
StillerBen Stiller – actor
WoodElijah Wood – actor

🎥 Name Your Tiny Puppy After Your Favorite Character from Movies, TV Shows and Books

Pop culture is one of our favorite places to look for incredible dog names. The movies are always full of great characters that you grow to love and naming your furry friend after any of these characters is sure to create a legendary nod to your fandom. We love “Pascal” for a boy and “Tinkerbell” for a girl.

AryaGame of Thrones
Baby YodaThe Mandalorian
BalinThe Hobbit
BashfulSnow White and the 7 Dwarves
BifurThe Hobbit
BofurThe Hobbit
BomburThe Hobbit
DocSnow White and the 7 Dwarves
DopeySnow White and the 7 Dwarves
DoriThe Hobbit
DragonetWings of Fire
DwalinThe Hobbit
FiliThe Hobbit
FlounderThe Little Mermaid
GeorgePeppa Pig
GinnyHarry Potter
GloinThe Hobbit
GroguThe Mandalorian
GrumpySnow White and the 7 Dwarves
HappySnow White and the 7 Dwarves
Jiminy CricketPinocchio
KiliThe Hobbit
MowgliThe Jungle Book
NemoFinding Nemo
NoriThe Hobbit
OinThe Hobbit
OriThe Hobbit
ScratIce Age
SleepySnow White and the 7 Dwarves
SneezySnow White and the 7 Dwarves
StuartStuart Little
TinkerbellPeter Pan
ThorinThe Hobbit
WinifredThe Princess and the Pea
YodaStar Wars
ZazuThe Lion King

🧚 Best Small Dog Names Inspired by Mythology for Your Sweet Pup

cupid god of love

Mythology has some little creatures that you can use for inspiration when looking for small dog names. We don’t think there is a better name than “Cherub” to honor the cute and pudgy little angels depicted in art. If you have yourself a mischievous little Jack Russell, then “Imp” is the perfect name. 

Caladriusa snow white bird (depicted like a dove) that foretold if you would live or die
Cheruban angel that is usually portrayed artistically as a baby
CupidGod of Love – usually depicted as a winged child
Dryada tree nymph
Dwarfa very small person
Elfhumanoid supernatural creature
Fairya winged mythical being
Gnomelittle men that live underground
Goblina mischievous monster
Impa small demon
Koboldsmall mythical sprite
Leprechaunlittle bearded men who partake in mischief
Nixiea water sprite
Pixiea mischievous fairy
Pookaa shapeshifter so can take on a small sized things shape
Spritea fairy-like creature

🏇 Sporty Ideas for Small Dog Names

Do you have a high energy small dog like the Boston Terrier? Then you might want a sporty name that reflects it. We love all these sporting greats – which one is your favorite?

ApoloApolo Ohno – speed skating
BruceBruce Lee – martial arts
CesarJulio Cesar Chavez – boxing
DiegoDiego Maradona – soccer
FloydFloyd Mayweather – boxing
GregGreg Louganis – diving
HenriHenri Richard – hockey
IvanIvan Rodrigues – baseball
Jockeyyou need to be small to race horses competitively
JulioJulio Cesar Chavez – boxing
KirbyKirby Puckett – baseball
LeeBruce Lee – martial arts
MannyManny Pacquiao – boxing
MarioMario Andretti – Motor racing
MessiLionel Messi – soccer
MorganJoe Morgan – baseball
MuggsyMuggsy Bogues – basketball (shortest player in NBA history at 5'3″
OhnoApolo Ohno – speed skating
OttMel Ott – baseball
PelePele – soccer
PernellPernell Whitaker – boxing
Ping Pongsmall ball used in the game of pingpong
PuckettKirby Puckett – baseball
SpudSpud Webb – basketball
WesWes Welker – NFL football
YogiYogi Berra – baseball

🎮 Name Your Small Dog After Your Favorite Video Game Character

Your favorite video game is a great place to find incredible small dog names for your pet. We adore the names “Cutiefly” and “Shroodle” from Pokemon.

KuroStreet Fighter X Tekken
LumaSuper Mario Galaxy
Mini MarioNew Super Mario Bros
Neco-ArcMelty Blood
ServbotMarvel vs Capcom 2
SlimeDragon Quest 1
SwarmersDead Space
TickersGears of War
TingleLegend of Zelda
ToroStreet Fighter X Tekken

Last Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading the list of small dog names that we compiled. There are so many cute options for naming your tiny dog here and we just know you’ll find your dog’s perfect fit. Tell us the fun name you chose for your small dog in the comments below.

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