140+ Roman Dog Names for Your Adorable Canis

augustus statue roman emperor

Everyone knows about the Romans. Their Roman Empire spread from the Middle East to Africa to my own, very tiny village in Northern England. They invented the book, fought gladiators, and had one of the strongest armies in the world (that could march 40 km a day – no easy thing in England in sandals). 

As such an iconic part of history, it’s only natural that many of us want to find Roman dog names to call our furry companions. Whether you’re looking for the best gladiator or the prettiest Roman goddess, there’s the perfect name for your pooch.

We’ve put together a list of the best dog names based on important Roman figures, names, Latin words, and gods. Which one are you going to choose for your canis?

Roman Dog Names

How To Choose the Best Roman Dog Name for Your Pup?

After deciding on the ideal breed for you (or finding your perfect pup at the shelter), the next step is deciding on a name for them. For many future dog owners, this can be quite a daunting task. Here’s how you can choose the perfect name from Ancient Rome for your dog.

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  • Think about meaning. Whilst we have a separate blog on Italian dog names, it’s important you know the meaning of your pup's name in Latin. Just in case there are any Italians around in the dog park who might give you a funny look and recognize the language.  Knowing the meaning also allows you to match it to your dog’s personality. Were they a strong Emperor? Does the name suit a herding breed? It certainly makes things a bit easier.
  • Pronunciation. Again, this is more one for those Italians in the dog park, but you want to make sure you’re pronouncing your own dog’s name correctly. Some are more difficult to pronounce than others. Make sure you practice it and if in doubt, you could always shorten Calpurnius to Calpy.
  • Does it suit your dog? Some names just suit some breeds better. Be sure it suits your dog’s looks and personality before committing to it.
  • And finally, do you like it? Yes it’s important it suits your pup, but it’s also essential you like your dog’s name – whether it has Roman origins or not. You’ll be thinking about it and saying it many times a day, so be sure!

Male Roman Dog Names

There are many great, strong, and cute male Roman dog names to call your good boy. They’re inspired by all aspects of Roman life.

AeneasThe son of Aphrodite and Anchises, his name literally means “praiseworthy”
AppiusAppius Claudius Caecus (your pup’s full name) was responsible for building the first road in Rome. His name means “wise”, so perfect for a Border Collie or Poodle
AulusThe last of Nero’s three successors. His name means “flourishing” or “prosperous”
BalbusThe Latin word for “stammering”. It’s also a famous breed of frog
CaiusMeans “rejoicer” and was the name of a famous bishop of Rome
CalpurniusOr Calpy
CassiusMeans “empty” or “hollow”. He was a usurper and the one with the great eyebrows in the film Gladiator. 
ClaudiusThe emperor famed for extending the empire in Africa and England. Ideal for a strong and confident doggo.
DeciusThe perfect name for the “tenth” puppy in the litter
EgnatiusMeaning “well-born” or “of noble birth”, just like your darling pooch
FabiusFor your fabulous little “bean” or “bean farmer”
FlaviusMeans “yellow-haired” in Latin, the perfect name for a male Golden Retriever
GaiusThe third emperor of Rome. Like Caius, it means “rejoicer”
GnaeusA common name in Roman culture meaning “born” or “created”. One of the most famous was a Roman general
HadrianThe one who built the wall across England (good one for a naughty, escaping pup?)
HoratiusTranslates as “has good eyesight” – so it has to be for a Greyhound!
JuliusThe most famous Roman, meaning “devoted to Jove”, the Roman God Jupiter
LabienusMeans “one who takes the place of another” – not exactly catchy, but he was a high-ranking military officer too
LiviusMeans “bluish” or “gray”, perfect for a Weimaraner or a Weimaraner mix
LuciusA great Harry Potter dog name meaning “light” or “illumination”
MarcellusA common Latin boys name meaning “young warrior”
MarcusWho knew that Marcus means “hammer”?
MartiusA beautiful name meaning “like Mars”. We particularly like this for a Mastiff
MaximusWhose pup isn’t the “greatest” or “largest”?
NervaA “strong” Emperor from 96 to 98
NoniusFor the “ninth” in the litter?
OctaviusAnd the “eighth”?
OppiusA good friend of Julius Caesar
PlautiusA Roman politician. His name quite literally translates as “flat-footed”!
PorciusA Roman family name meaning “pig” or “swine”. How cute is that!
PubliusMeans “public”, which is a bit of an odd name for your beloved pup but it’s a great word
Quintus“Fifth” in the litter?
RegulusThe perfect name for a dog meaning “prince” or “little king”
RemusLupin! Another for the Harry Potter fans meaning “swift”. Perfect for a fast pup like the Afghan Hound but we also like it for a slower pup like the British Bulldog
SalviusA beautiful name for a dog you “saved” from the shelter
SextusNot one to shorten
SiliusIt might mean “of the forest” or “wooded”, but we like this for fun and silly puppies who love to play
SulpiciusAn ancient Roman name meaning “of/like a dove”. Maybe not the easiest of all Roman dog names to pronounce but it is pretty!
TacitusOne for a “silent” breed
TertiusAnd the “third”
TiberiusNamed after the Tiber River in Rome
TitusMeaning “title of honor” or “of giants’. Perfect for an enormous breed!
ValeriusIt’s not, but this could pass as a Game of Thrones dog name meaning “strong” or “healthy”
VespasianA Roman Emperor who consolidated the Empire in Britain and Germany. The word actually means “to sprinkle” or “to purify”
VirgilHe was a Roman poet. The word means “flourishing” or “prosperous”
VitelliusThe word might mean”calf” or “young cow” but he was an Emperor. Sure he’d have preferred Taurus, the word for “bull” in Latin

Female Roman Dog Names

Many of the male Roman dog names also have a female version. There are also some very beautiful names for Empresses that your dog would love!

AgrippinaOk, so that might be a beautiful word but it means “born feet first”. Which might be a bit weird
AntoniaThe perfect name for your dog. It means “priceless” or “invaluable” – which they certainly are!
ArriaMeans “spear”
AulaThe female version of Aulus, meaning “flourishing” or “prosperous”
CaesoniaThis Roman name means “born of Caesares”, so it’s a special name for your pooch
CalanthaThe word for “beautiful flower”
CalpurniaThe last wife of Julius Caesar
CassiaA beautiful name for any dog. It means “cinnamon”, so could be good for a brown breed
ClaudiaJust like Claudius, this means “lame” or “crippled”. Who knew!
CorneliaThis beautiful name means “of a horn” or “of a cornucopia”. Maybe for a breed that looks like a Husky with an adorable tail?
EudociaWho doesn’t have a “well-reasoned” dog?
FabiaAgain, this is the female word for “bean” or “bean farmer”. Yes, it’s an odd name but it’s so cute!
FlaviaMeaning “yellow-haired”, it could be perfect for a number of lighter-colored dog breeds.
GaleriaAn amazing name meaning “from Galerius”, one of the Roman Emperors
GorgoniaNothing to do with the cheese (that’s named after a town). Gorgonia is after the word “gorgon”, one of the three snake-haired sisters in Greek Mythology that could turn you to stone
HelviaA stunning name that means “hazel”. One for your pup if they have light eyes?
IdaMeans “work” or “labor”. We love this for a breed that loves to herd or work in some other way
JuliaNot really sure how a female name can mean “downy-bearded”, so we prefer “youthful”
LiviaMeans “enclosing” or “boundary”
LucillaThe second daughter of Marcus Aurelius, the name means “little light”. Isn’t that so cute?
LucinaIf you don’t want a little light, you could also choose a “bringer of light”
LyciaA state of nationality in modern-day Turkey, it’s one of the most beautiful roman dog names for your canine companions
MarciaWe didn’t know that Marcus meant “hammer”, but now you know the female version too!
MaximaPerfect for big breeds as the word means “greatest” or “largest”
MinuciaPerfect for toy breeds as the word means “small” or “little”
NarcissaMeans “narcotic”, just like Malfoy’s mother
OctaviaYep, you guessed it. Means “eighth” (there will be a few more!)
PlautiaJust like Plautius, this (oddly) means “flat-footed”
PollaSuch a cute dog name for any pup meaning “many” or “much”
PorciaYou could call your pup Plautia Porcia, which would mean “flat-footed pig”. Catchy
PrimaFor all those “first” time pup parents
QuintaMeaning “fifth”
RegiaFor the beautiful furry “queen” in your home
RheaThe mythical mother of the brothers who founded Rome, this name means “ease”
SalvinaIt might sound a bit like saliva, but Salvina means “safe” or “saved”. Perfect for a rescued dog
SecundaMeans “second”
SilviaJust like Silvio, this means “of the forest” or “wooded”. A cute name for dogs that like to run after sticks!
SulpiciaMeaning “like a dove”, this is an adorable name of Roman origins for a calm breed such as the Whippet
TacitaMeans “silent”. Dea Tacita was a beautiful woman and goddess presiding over the dead
TertiaAnd “third”…
ValeriaAgain, we want to say this is a House of the Dragon dog name but it isn’t… it means “strong” or “healthy” though, which we love
VitelliaOnly this time it’s a female “young cow”

Dog Names Inspired by Roman Myths and Gods

As well as the armies, the baths, the walls, and the Emperors, the Romans were famed for their gods, goddesses, and myths. Many of them are stunning mythological dog names too!

AeneasHe was one of the famous heroes who survived the fall of troy and was later named one of the ancestors of the Romans
AlexanderThe son of Zeus and princess Alcmene who was a renowned hero
ApolloThe supreme Roman god of prophecy, music, poetry, and the sun. It’s a popular dog and baby name!
BacchusWe love this for male dogs. He was the adored god of wine
BellonaThe strong and powerful goddess of war who often has a sword and shield
CeresThe Roman goddess of agriculture, grain, and fertility. She is sometimes holding a bundle of wheat.
CupidEveryone knows Cupid and it’s such a cute name for your pooch! He’s the Roman god of desire and is often a young cherub-like god with a bow and arrows
HerculesThe son of Zeus and Alcmene who was a mythical hero and known for his strength and power
IrisThe Greek/Roman goddess of the rainbow. She was also the messenger to the gods. Such a pretty name for tri-colored dogs!
JunoThe ultimate queen of all gods and goddesses! What could be better for your pup?
JupiterThe king of the gods. He’s also the god of sky and thunder in Roman mythology. We think this is an amazing and strong name for your dog
LatonaThe Roman name for the Greek goddess Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis
MaiaIsn’t this a beautiful name? She was the mother of Apollo and Artemis
MarsThe Roman god of war often depicted carrying a spear and wearing armor. Also a great candy bar
MercuryThe Roman messenger god often depicted with winged sandals. Another strong name for those that love the planets too
MinervaThe Roman goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war. One for an intelligent breed
NeptuneThe Roman god of the sea. Perfect for a dog that loves getting wet!
PlutoThe Roman god of the underworld. Just like Hades in Greek mythology. It’s also an amazing Roman dog name for a cute pup
SaturnThe Roman god of agriculture, abundance, and time
UlyssesThe Roman name for the Greek hero Odysseus. Maybe not the easiest to say, so it might take a bit of practice!
VenusThe Roman goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. In Greek mythology, she was Aphrodite (which we also love as a name)!
VulcanThe Roman god of fire

Dog Names Inspired by Roman Emperors

There were over 70 Roman Emperors in total. Some ruled together and others were assassinated. Here are a couple of the best ones and the ones we love most for pup names!

AugustusHe was the first Roman Emperor and is considered by many historians to be the best
ClaudiusThe fourth Roman Emperor who expanded the empire into Britain and north Africa
ConstantineHe created Constantinople which was the most powerful city in the world. He also made Christianity the religion of Rome. So yeah, a pretty important guy and a powerful name for your dog
DomitianThe Dalmatian. He was also responsible for rebuilding Rome
HadrianThe guy with the wall
TiberiusAccording to the Gospels, Tiberius was emperor when Jesus died
TitusMost famous for completing the Colosseum. A cute name for a small dog breed
TrajanWas known for being a very generous emperor, reducing taxes, and helping poorer people. We like this for a big and strong dog
VespasianA great name, but Vespa is even cuter!
VitelliusHe was declared emperor after Nero’s death but was killed by Vespasian’s army shortly afterward.

Dog Names Inspired by Latin Words

French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese are often considered 4 of the most beautiful languages in the world. And they all have roots in Latin. Here are a couple of our favorite Latin words to call your pup!

(You can get more inspiration for French dog names here)

AmorOf course. “Love”  has to be on the list for your loveable pooch
ArduusIt’s not always easy being a puppy parent (especially those first few weeks of crying and potty training), so maybe “difficult” is a cute name for your pup?
AuctorMeans “originator”
AureusThis beautiful name means “golden”, perfect for a golden breed!
CanisWhy not call your pup “Dog”?
FidelisFor your “faithful” furry friend
FortisThis name means “strong” or “brave” which we love for any dog, even the timid ones!
GratiaMeans “grace”
HonorusThe word for “honorable”
HumilisIs “humble” a word you’d use to describe your dog?
LunaMeaning “moon”, this is one of the most popular female dog names already
LuxIsn’t that such a cute name for a dog? The word means “light”
MisericordiaMaybe a bit of a mouthful but a sweet name meaning “mercy”
NaturaThe Latin word for “nature”
PiusAs you can probably guess, this means “devout” or “dutiful”
PrudentiaAnother Latin word for “wisdom”
SanitasMeaning “health” or “well-being” – what we hope for all our pups!
SpesWhat a great name! It means “hope”
VeritasThe Latin word for “truth”
VirtusA beautiful and strong name for your dog that means “virtue”

Roman Dog Names – What Should You Call Your Pup?

There are so many incredible names inspired by Roman people, culture, and Latin words. The most important thing to consider is that you like the name and it suits your dog. If you’re not inspired by any of these names for your pup, check out some of the other dog name ideas we have. Let us know what you end up calling your puppy!

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