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freshpet reviews

Fresh dog food is gaining popularity amongst pups and owners in many countries. So much so it seems there's a new one popping up every few weeks. It’s hardly surprising that many people are confused about which food companies are best for them, the differences between all the services, and whether going fresh is really worth it. One of the original fresh pet foods for cats and dogs is (surprisingly) Freshpet.

There are loads of Freshpet reviews out there, but in this one, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this shop-bought, fresh pet food brand.

What is Freshpet?

Unlike other fresh pet food services, Freshpet dog food can be picked up from the grocery store. In fact, they have 19,000 fridges across North America – so you might have seen them already. They developed as a company after realizing that if meat for humans is kept in the fridge, then so should meat for dogs be.

After seeing that canned dog food and kibble contain preservatives and added extra nasties, they went about developing nutritious, multi-protein dog food that's full of essential vitamins and minerals. They use real meat, farm-grown veggies and antioxidant fruits in their recipes, ensuring that your pup loves the taste and that it’s good for him.

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What sets Freshpet dog food apart?

They’re not a subscription. For some people that’s great. You can just pick up your dog food as you do your normal shop, without having to deal with canceling subscriptions, changing delivery dates, etc.  For others, part of the luxury of feeding your dog fresh food is that it’s delivered to your door without you having to haul bags of it back from the grocery store.

Freshpet also offers way more variety than other online fresh pet food services. They do easy-to-cut rolls, bagged ready meals, home-style creations, and doggie treats – each of which comes in different flavors. Whilst a lot of the range isn’t specifically designed for pups with sensitive stomachs or allergies, the variety of ingredients and textures means finding something suitable is less of a challenge.

Freshpet’s fresh dog food

freshpet food

Because Freshpet has such a selection of food, it’s hard to know which is best for your pup. They have a few lines including Freshpet Select, Freshpet Vital, Freshpet Treats, Nature’s Fresh, and Deli Fresh. 

To help you decide, there’s a great product selector tool on Freshpet’s website. You simply answer a few questions about your dog’s current eating habits, whether you mind preparing food, and what flavors they love. They then suggest the best food for you to get. The ingredients are clearly listed so you know exactly what your dog will be eating and there’s a good mix of grain and grain-free options.

Grain-free Chicken Recipe

To give you an idea of the kind of ingredients there are in their recipes, this chicken roll contains eggs, spinach, potato, chicken liver, and pea fiber.

Pros and cons of Freshpet

freshpet pros and cons


  • Variety. Freshpet uses a lot of different ingredients and the food comes in many different forms.
  • Convenience. Pick up your pet’s food during your weekly shop!
  • Quality ingredients. They use nutritious, USA and Canada-sourced ingredients and slowly cook them to retain all their goodness.
  • Environment. Freshpet uses 100% renewable wind energy to power their kitchens.
  • Price. It's still expensive for dog food, but Freshpet is cheaper than many other fresh dog food options.


  • Appearance. Dog food, in general, doesn’t look that appetizing to us but Freshpet’s rolls look particularly unappealing. It's not the texture of ‘normal' dog food.
  • Convenience. This really depends on what you think convenience is. If it’s having dog food delivered to your door rather than picking it up, Freshpet isn’t for you.
  • Not personalized. Other fresh dog food providers allow you to order food that’s specific to your pup’s sensitivities and dislikes. They’re also pre-portioned to make mealtimes that little bit easier – which Freshpet isn’t.
  • Packaging. A lot of their packaging is plastic and not recyclable (but they do make a lot of effort elsewhere to be environmentally friendly.

Freshpet reviews – what are others saying?


“My American Bulldog was about 15 lbs overweight and the vet recommended changing her food to a healthier fresh menu… I slowly switched her over to Freshpet simply because the ingredients looked good and it was a lot more affordable… and it was readily available in my local grocery store.” Diana, ConsumerAffairs.


“When I go to purchase Freshpet, often, beef is the only one left.” Jane, ConsumerAffairs.

Overall Thoughts

Freshpet is a great kind of middle ground. It’s not a premium fresh dog food subscription company that takes into account your dog’s health issues and gives them their own, named, packets of food. But it is fresh food that contains nutrients, fruits and vegetables, and real meat, making it healthier for your pup – and tastier than regular kibble too!

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