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the farmer's dog reviews

You are what you eat. Right? We’re constantly being told to cook more fresh food, reduce the amount of processed meat we eat, and really think about what ingredients are going into our food.

Why should it be any different for our dogs? We care so much that they have the best bed, the best leash, and that they’re getting enough exercise, but so often food isn’t really explored.

We buy ‘premium’, ‘fresh’, and even ‘organic’ thinking it’s the best but not actually doing our research to know what these terms mean. Packaging laws make it so difficult to know exactly what’s in our pup’s food and at times it can feel really confusing.

You only have to read The Farmer’s Dog reviews to know their happy customers love being in control of what their dogs are eating. They know exactly what the ingredients are and can monitor the numerous ways in which their dog’s health increases.

So, what exactly is The Farmer’s Dog and should you be changing your pup’s diet over to something a little healthier?

The Farmer’s Dog Food

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The Farmer’s Dog is an online fresh food subscription service that delivers fresh, handmade dog food right to your door. The brand believes in serving your dog human-grade food (which is tried and tested by humans in a human food kitchen), ensuring that they have all the nutrients they need, whilst avoiding all the bad bits that are so common in ‘normal’ pet food. It’s specifically designed by vets to ensure it’s well balanced and tested by pups to make sure it’s delicious.

The Farmer’s Dog started with Jada, a gorgeous Rottweiler who suffered from digestive problems for a few years. Everything she ate upset her stomach. It wasn’t until her owner, Brett, took her to a specialist vet who recommended he made her fresh, homemade dog food, that they really found a solution. Overnight she was cured. Since Jada, The Farmer’s dog has helped thousands of healthy and unhealthy pups with allergies, digestive problems, energy levels, and even life span.

How to register?

The registration process is really simple and actually really fun. You have to fill out a short form letting them know what kind of dog you have, their age, their size, whether they’re cute or not, and their body shape. They then let you know what kind of recipes they’ll be sending and exactly what the ingredients will be. Each package comes with your pup’s name on it and is pre-portioned to the amount of food they will need per day based on their size.

The Farmer’s Dog Reviews. What Are the Pros and Cons?

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  • Made with locally sourced ingredients that are nutritional and delicious.
  • Recipes designed by vet nutritionists.
  • The packets are individualized to your pup with their name, expiration date, and quantity per meal.
  • Human-grade ingredients.
  • Free delivery right to your door.
  • Eco-friendly packaging.


  • Because all the ingredients are natural, you need to freeze and thaw each package. This is a con if you don’t have that much freezer space or if you travel a lot with your dog.
  • Bags are not resealable (although because it’s human-grade food, there’s no dog food smell if you leave it open in the fridge)!
  • Some feel the recipes are a little limited – there isn’t a huge amount of protein options and the food doesn’t include any grains. 
  • The Farmer’s Dog food price is more than other dog food brands. Depending on the size of your dog it can be anywhere between 2$ and 10$ a day. 

Why Is Going Fresh Better For Your Dog?

According to the Farmer's Dog website, 80% of dogs will get some form of dental disease in their lifetime. And although large kibble brands would have us think otherwise, even pups that eat dry food can be prone to it. Nearly 60% of dogs in the USA are overweight or obese and many suffer from allergies, digestive problems, and other illnesses. 

Just as with humans, many of these problems can dramatically reduce when you start to consider what you’re feeding your dogs. With The Farmer’s Dog food, you know what you’re getting. Fresh, nutritional, and tasty food that your dog will love. Not food that claims to be something it isn’t. Just because other brands claim that dog food is made with delicious roast chicken, doesn’t mean that you’re getting roast chicken. Or chicken at all.

What customers are saying

Reviews of the company on a whole are fairly mixed. Most say their dogs really love the food and that they can see improvements in their fur, digestion, and energy levels. Some of the more negative comments focus on the customer service (or lack of it) and the price of the food. Fresh food is going to be more expensive, especially if it’s good quality. Even though The Farmer’s Dog is more expensive than other ones, they do tell you the final price before you check out. So you can’t say you haven’t been warned. 

One The Farmer’s Dog review on Reddit said “One of our dogs has severe food allergies and it's helped him so so much…In this food, we haven't had any allergy or gastro flare-ups at all…Their food is AAFCO approved so it's nutritionally balanced. I will say that it is expensive, be ready for some sticker shock. If you have the means for it, it's worked wonderfully for us. I also know some people will feed 1/2 farmer’s dog and 1/2 kibble or every other meal to reduce costs”.

The Farmer's Dog recalls

According to the FDA, the products from the Farmer's Dog have never been recalled.

This proves to us that this is a serious brand that insists on making its food with safe and high quality ingredients.

Is It Worth It?

Doing what is best for your dog is always worth it. If you can. And when it comes to The Farmer’s Dog, most agree it’s good for their dogs if you can afford it. With smaller dogs, the cost isn't as great, but with bigger dogs, you could be spending hundreds a month. 

There definitely are health benefits to feeding your dog fresh, natural food that’s free from preservatives and nasty extras. It comes at a price, but you get what you pay for. 

What kind of food do you feed your dog? Let us know in the comments!

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