First night with your puppy : all our tips

first night with puppy

No doubt, getting a puppy is an exciting time, but it can also be nerve wracking.

Once you've got all your preparations ready, like your puppy's bed, food, toys, and more, it's time to bring your puppy home.

This can somewhat be a daunting experience, as once you've brought it home, you have to make sure it feels comfortable and does not get distressed from the new transition.

Many questions may be arising in your mind at this point like:

Will my puppy cry tonight? How do I make my puppy feel comfortable? What do I need to do on its first night?

Don't worry; this is normal for you to have many questions if you're a first-time dog owner. After all, you will want the best for your pet.

To help you, we've come up with some valuable tidbits of information to make your first night with your puppy an easy one.

5 tips on your first night with your puppy

puppys first night home

1. Preparation preparation preparation!

As briefly highlighted above, you can't bring a puppy home or have it stay its first night with you without being prepared. The essentials you should have are food, a dog bowl, a crate/bed, toys, a collar, a leash, adjustable collar tags, and treats. That way, you are fully prepared and ready to use if you need it.

Similarly, you will want to create a space where your puppy will feel welcome in the home. That means scattering out new toys and comfortable bedding for it to feel welcome. Likewise puppy proofing your home, making sure that there's nothing lying about like toxic foods, cables or wires that could harm your puppy.

2. Take a couple of days off work

If you're going to be the leading dog owner who's responsible for your puppy, then we recommend taking leave from your day job for at least two days.

Just think about it; your puppy is going from its old home (possibly leaving its mother) to a new home with a stranger. During this time, you will want to make sure you're there for your puppy not only to solidify your bond but to reassure it and to prevent it from becoming distressed when settling in.

3. Don't put your puppy in your bed

When it comes to sleeping, it may be tempting to lift that bundle of tiny cuteness and let it sleep in your bed. This, however, is a big NO. When you place your puppy in your bed, it will become familiar with it and not want to sleep anywhere else.

This can cause you significant problems as it gets older and your puppy has a weak bladder. That means you could also be sleeping in a bed full of mess. You don't want that extra housework, do you?

4. Place your puppy in a crate near to you

You will want to keep your puppy sleeping in the same room as you for the first week or two. If you put your puppy in another room to sleep, it may cry and have sounds of distress, triggering separation anxiety.

Therefore it's essential you put it on the floor and ideally in a crate. Similarly, if you line the crate with blankets and drape a blanket over the crate's top, it will help the puppy feel safer.

5. Be prepared for a sleepless night

Just like bringing a human baby home, a puppy is the same. Don't expect miracles to happen and you have a complete sleep. It's most likely your sleep will be broken, and you will have to tend to your puppy whining. Remember, it may need to go to the toilet or have some affection; after all, it's in a completely new environment.

Final Thoughts

A puppy's first night at home is by no means an easy ride. It's something you have to prepare yourself for and make your puppy feel safe and secure. Prepare to have a sleepless night and ideally take a few days off work. But, remember, it gets easier with time.

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