Continental Toy Spaniel

Despite the similarity of the two varieties, you should never mate a Phalène and a Papillon. Mating the two varieties could result in puppies with mixed (semi-erect) ears, which is a serious defect in the breed. Some small dogs may be more nervous than others, and it is preferable to make a selection to obtain the dog with the desired temperament. Usually, these small jovial and lively balls of energy are real little four-legged suns that brighten up the daily life of their owners. The Continental Toy Spaniel is recognized everywhere and greatly appreciated by the elderly as well as all types of owners who love small dogs.

Height 20 to 28 cm
Weight 1 to 5 kg
Life expectancy 13 to 15 years

Quick Overview of the Papillon


  • Affectionate and gentle
  • Kind and cheerful
  • Calm and composed
  • Never aggressive


  • Lively and jovial appearance
  • Slightly longer than tall silhouette
  • Graceful and elegant impression
  • Shiny and abundant coat


  • Hardy and very solid
  • No particular pathology

Temperament of the Papillon

Affectionate, gentle, kind, cheerful, lively, calm and composed, he is also very sociable with everyone. He is a pretty little dog very endearing and never aggressive.

His education and socialization are relatively easy.

This excellent mouse hunter is a mischievous sociable little dog, leaving joy wherever he goes.

Docile, gentle and sometimes even slightly invasive, this gentle little dog is an ideal companion for all types of owners.

He is naturally sociable, but sometimes less friendly and more reserved with some people without being aggressive.

Endowed with an excellent character and ideal temperament, he is easy to educate and socialize. However, it is preferable to start his education early to avoid non-obedience when he is older.

He might then be a little more stubborn about following the requirements of his education.

épagneul papillon personnalité

Breed Appearance

butterfly spaniel

This small dog has a beautiful harmonious structure. His lively and jovial appearance is very attractive.

This lovely companion is slightly longer than he is tall.

The Continental Toy Spaniel is endowed with a beautiful silhouette leaving a graceful and very elegant impression.


Between 20 and 28 cm (7.87 to 11.02 inches) for the male
Between 20 and 28 cm (7.87 to 11.02 inches) for the female


Between 1 and 5 kg (2.20 to 11.02 pounds) for the male
Between 1 and 5 kg (2.20 to 11.02 pounds) for the female


All colors on a white background are allowed for the dress. Preferred colors are often red, yellow, bicolor and tricolor.


His coat's abundant glossy hair is wavy and has lovely silky highlights.


His head with a rounded skull has a rather accentuated stop. His large almond-shaped eyes are a beautiful dark color.

In the Phalène Spaniel, the ears are drooping while in the Papillon, they are well erect.

His pretty little nose is all black. His long tail is carried hight on the back forming a nice panache.

According to the FCI breeds nomenclature, this breed belongs to group 9, section 9 and is #77

Price and monthly budget

Price you can expect to pay for a Papillon puppy: between and
These prices are indicative and may vary from breeder to breeder

Papillon puppies near me

Tips About this breed

Ideal for the elderly, he is a true four-legged antidepressant, and excellent antidote to loneliness that is often present among the elderly.

His small size, cheerful and lively temperament make him a small ray of sunshine in the everyday life of the elderly.

Posed and quiet, he barks very little and is very clean. He has all the characteristics to make a wonderful companion.

As he loves the house and apartment and acclimatizes without difficulty to everything, he is the ideal dog for any sedentary person or person with reduced mobility who wants a pleasant companion.

Despite his small size and the fact that he can live very well in an apartment, he needs a minimum of exercise so that he doesn't get overweight.

His small size allows him to play easily indoors and to be able to spend his energy without moving too much.

However, as he loves walks, he enjoys going out daily when possible for his master.

This is obviously an indoor dog. He can't really live outside.

This small dog is a companion dog for apartment life, and because he is quiet, he does not create any issues with the neighbours.

Health of the Papillon

Despite his small size and sophisticated appearance, the Continental Toy Spaniel is a sturdy and very solid dog, in both the Phalène and Papillon.

He generally enjoys excellent health and life expectancy.

Both varieties of the breed are not affected by any genetic disease or particular pathology.


His pretty, slightly wavy fleece requires regular brushing, about twice a week.

No other maintenance is required except during moulting period when daily brushing may be necessary.

History of this breed

Already known in the Middle Ages, the ancestor of this gentle little dog is said to have been the Hunting Spaniel. He represents very well his ancestor but in a reduced size.

The Continental Toy Spaniel quickly became the darling of the ladies of the court. Represented on several paintings alongside great ladies belonging to the Renaissance period, this dog is therefore a very old breed.

Probably originating from Western Europe, the most recent episode of his history took place in the 19th century, in Belgium and France, where the breed was divided into two distinct varieties based on their distinct ear carriage.

The Papillon Spaniel with erect ears and the Phalène Spaniel with floppy ears were thus created.

The Phalène Spaniel is the oldest of the two and it was the blood supply from the Spitz or Schipperke that contributed to the breed with erect ears, the Papillon Spaniel. The two varieties are quite distinct but are grouped together by the same numbering in the FCI.

Both varieties are exclusively show or companion dogs. They are two wonderful little companion dogs for all kinds of owners who want to enjoy the daily presence of a little ball of energy.

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