The 10 best dog houses for a Husky

husky in house kennel

Dogs deserve a comfortable day and night sleep no matter where they are. One of the breeds that often requires the most shelter is a husky.

A dog house for a husky is essential to protect them from the freezing weather like the snow, rain, wind and help them stay dry at all times.

After all, their double coat is not enough for a Siberian husky to stay healthy outdoors.

What kind of home does a Husky need?

Before looking at the best dog houses for your beloved pet, we must look at the different areas in dog houses that can help a husky stay safe and have a good night's sleep.


Most importantly, though, a husky dog house must withstand all types of weather. An ideal outdoor shelter should be able to protect them from anything. After all, you don't want to keep buying dog shelters every time it faces types of elements.

You might also want to consider an offset door which can help add a extra layer of protection. An offset doorway is particularly helpful against stopping strong winds destroy the rest of the dog house.


Depending on where you live, you might find yourself experiencing different temperatures. Regardless of the temperature, a husky needs to have a dog house that's well insulated against the elements.

For example, if you live in a chilly environment, you might want to get a house with a heated floor that can help them stay warm. Similarly, if you live in a location that's susceptible to a lot of downpours, you may wish to get a husky dog house that has a raised floor to prevent it from flooding.


Ideally, you will want a dog house to last the test of time. Therefore, the dog house a husky needs must be built out of sustainable materials like durable wood, plastic dog house, stainless steel, and appropriate hardware that keeps them together.

Easy to clean

A good dog house for a husky should be easy to clean to help get rid of any nasty smells and allow good air circulation. Therefore a dog house for husky should have removable roofs, floors, walls, windows, and more to help with the cleaning process.

Easy to assemble

Depending on where you want to use the dog house for husky, you might want one that's easy to assemble. There are different dog houses that come with a snap together design that allows you to fit it together without any tools easily. Similarly, some pet products come with easy to follow instructions, allowing you to put it together in no time.

A good roof

A dog house for husky should have a good roof to help keep them dry and safe. The best roof in dog houses is either ventilated or sloping.

First of all, a ventilated roof helps air circulation and allows a husky to breathe properly. Plus, a sloped roof can help move rain and snow off the dog house, stopping a husky from getting cold.


Some Siberian Huskies are more destructive than others; therefore, because of this, a dog house needs to be made out of sturdy material. Some of the top materials to consider are wood, plastic, metal, and concrete.

First of all, wood helps provide insulation, and it's good to look at. Plastic is also waterproof, easy to clean, and prevents moisture from building up.

Similarly, metal is durable and is good for huskies that love to chew and bite.

Do Huskies need an insulated dog house?

While a Siberian Husky can tolerate extremely low temperatures up to -60, they still require insulation. Therefore if you live in a cold environment, a husky will need to live in well insulated dog house to help them keep warm.

Finding the best dog house for a husky can take some time if you don't know what to look for. To help you find the top house for your pet, we've made a list of 10 dog houses for huskies.

New Age Pet ecoFLEX

new age dog house

One of the top dog houses for a husky is definitely the New Age Pet EcoFlex. This dog house is built for big dogs like the husky coming in two sizes M and XL. Its medium size is 36.2 x 29.1x 26 inches whereas the x-large is 42 x 33 x29.7 inches.

This home is also reasonably priced. It's also made out of durable, recyclable materials such as wood and plastic. Plus, these materials can help a Siberian husky stay insulated outdoors in cold climates.


  • It's easy to clean; all you need to do is rinse it with water or wipe it using a damp cloth
  • No tools required to assemble
  • Can be painted
  • Has good ventilation


  • Some users complain that the dog house falls apart easily

MidWest Eillo Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House

midwest eillo folding dog house

This beige dog house for husky by MidWest is a bit more costly than most dog houses on the market. This has a weight of 50.5lbs and dimensions of 28.94 x 45.16 x 33.12 inches.

Arguably, the price is worth paying for as it comes with a fully assembled offset door to shelter your husky from the bad weather.

Plus, no tools are required for this outdoor shelter; it comes already assembled. Most importantly, it is made out of stainless steel and wood, making it durable and easy to clean.


  • Its adjustable legs allow you to place the husky dog house on an uneven surface.
  • It has a raised floor which provides good air circulation and protects your husky from all the elements.
  • Made from high-quality waterproof materials.


  • Dog owners complain the floor is not that sturdy.
  • Material can be easy to chew.

Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Log Cabin

precision pet dog house

If you want the best dog house for your husky, you might look at the Extreme Outback Log Cabin by Precision Pet Products.

This dog house is specifically built for large breeds like the Siberian husky and is friendly on the bank balance costing $143.52.

What's great about these dog houses is that they're made from solid wood and has stainless steel hardware. These features help make this durable against different types of weather, pests, rot, and rust.


  • It has plastic feet that are water-resistant.
  • It has a slanted roof allowing water to fall off.
  • Raised floor to stop moisture.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Some dog owners complain the materials are too thin and not that sturdy.

Trixie Natura Dog House Flat

trixie dog house

The Trixie Natura Dog House is an outdoor dog house that is primarily suited to large breeds like the Siberian Husky. Compared to other dog house for husky, this is reasonably priced, and has dimensions of 45.75 x 31 x 32.25 inches. It also weighs 54lbs and is made out of wood, making it perfect for any type of weather.


  • It has a flat hinged roof to allow for ventilation.
  • You can easily remove the bottom floor for cleaning.
  • Has plastic feet to allow you to elevate the house and have extra circulation.
  • It has a weatherproof coating.
  • Less likely to have water leaks due to a tightly tongue sealed construction.


  • Some owners complain that this dog house comes with parts damaged.

New Age Pet ecoFlex Bunk Style Dog House

new age pet ecoflex house

This beige doghouse by New Age Pet will automatically blend in well with any type of garden. The price of this dog house is reasonable, and is specifically designed for large breeds like the Siberian Husky

The dimensions of this dog house range between 42.2 x 37.6 x 36 inches and can hold a weight of 54.0 pounds. Unlike some dog houses for husky this one is made out of a nontoxic material made out of recycled wood and plastic polymers. These two materials make this doghouse easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • The dog house for husky is elevated, allowing for good ventilation.
  • No tools are needed for assembly.
  • It can be easily cleaned.
  • It can be easily painted.


  • Complaints that the plastic dog house snaps off when building.
  • Dog owners mention their dogs can easily rip the dog house apart.

Frisco dog home husky dog house

frisco dome house

Stray away from typical dog house designs and have an igloo-shaped dog house for your husky. This best dog house by Frisco is heavy duty and holds dogs weighing between 50-90lbs.

Plus, the material from this dog house is recycled and primarily consists of plastic and foam. While there are many different dog houses on the market, this one is also a lot cheaper than the rest costing around $129.99.


  • It has an elevated floor to allow for air circulation, helping dogs stay comfortable.
  • The sturdy leak proof structure protects your pooch from the cold and wind.
  • Made in the USA with 98% American components.


  • It is only has a medium size, so it might not fit huskies that tend to be a lot larger in size.

Dog Palace CRB Insulated house

dog palace heated house

If you have the money to splurge on a plastic dog house, you might get an insulated Dog Palace.

This dog house is specifically made for large pets and can weigh up to 96lbs. It has dimensions of 45 x 45 x 46 inches and suited for giant breeds.

Compared to other dog houses for pets, this is quite expensive. It does come in two color options, though: grey/taupe and brown and tan.


  • It has panels with 2-4inches of insulation, allowing your pet to stay warm in cold months and keep cool in the sun.
  • It contains a central heater and a digital thermostat that you can adjust according to your chosen temperature.
  • The dog house has a raised floor which allows for easy drainage and protects them from any wet weather.
  • It has a double hinged swinging door that can protect the elements.
  • The house has a heated floor and roof.


  • It's expensive.

Aspen Petbarn 3 Plastic Dog House

aspen pet house

If you're looking for an easy to clean dog house, you might wish to get the Aspen Petbarn 3. This is a good option if you have huskies or pets that weigh between 50-90lbs. It's reasonably priced compared to other houses. 

As it's made from plastic, it will less likely to fall apart, rot, or become infested with bugs. The dog house has an extended roof over the door to divert rain. It also has a raised floor to help keep huskies dry during winter seasons.


  • No tools needed to assemble the doghouse
  • Strong and durable plastic
  • Provides a warm and dry space for your dog


  • Complaints that the window of the doghouse is not sturdy.
  • Dog owners state that it does not lock fully.

SMONTER Heavy Duty Strong Metal Crate Dog House

smonter husky house

If your husky is particularly large, then you might want to get this dog house by Smonter. The dog house is specifically suited for giant breeds weighing between 80-130lbs. On the contrary, it is quite expensive.

Part of the reason it's so expensive is that it's made out of a robust and durable steel frame. This reduces the likelihood of corrosion happening and allows you to keep it for as long as possible. It also comes with trays underneath, allowing you to pull them out, making them easy to clean.


  • Heavy duty steel frame preventing corrosion and rust.
  • It has three doors at the top, front and another for feeding.
  • Easy to assemble, the parts only needed to be screwed together.
  • It's portable and has wheels to allow you to move it easily.


  • It's not insulated; therefore not ideal for cold weather.
  • Some dog owners complain that pets can break the bars of the doghouse.
  • Rain can easily come in.

Sauder Rufus Dog House with Ramp

sauder dog house

One unique dog house you might want to consider getting for your husky is the Sauder Rufus Dog House. This dog house has a ramp for playtime. It also has a cubby underneath the ramp which provides plenty of room for storage

Moreover, this dog house also contains laminate flooring to stop your dog from slipping when trying to access the inside. The dimensions of this dog house are 37.283 x 18.031 x 21.457 inches and weighs 38.94 lbs.


  • It has a cubby for extra storage
  • Uniquely shaped, making it attractive to look at.
  • It can be easily cleaned.


  • It may not fit fully grown huskies, only puppies or growing adults.
  • Does not protect huskies from winds.

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