Torkie: everything about this mixed breed

torkie mixed breed

The Torkie is a wonderful mix of the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) and the Toy Fox Terrier. These petite dogs are incredibly cute but have really big, slightly feisty personalities!

Quick overview of the Torkie


  • They have big hearts and lots of love to give!
  • Highly intelligent
  • Can be protective
  • Not suitable for houses with small children – they're sometimes a little nippy
  • Fun-loving and enjoys playing


  • May appear more like either parent breed or a mix of the two!
  • Medium-length coat that's silky
  • Normally shades of tan and brown
  • Weighs 7-10 pounds
  • A height of 8-9 inches


  • You can never be sure exactly how healthy Torkie puppies will be, but they should suffer from fewer conditions than their parent breeds. They may, however, suffer from patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, collapsed trachea, and various eye problems.

Temperament of the Toy Fox Terrier Yorkie Mix

Just like the Toy Fox Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier, these little dogs are lively, fun-loving, and very affectionate. They adore playing (especially fetch or with a particularly exciting toy) and snuggling up to their owners. They can be quite excitable and need lots of attention from their family.

This dog breed has a relatively high prey drive and will love to chase after other pets or small animals if they're given the chance. So don't give it to them!

They also don't make great companions for small children because they like to nip and are not shy of showing someone if they're annoyed. They might act like velcro dogs when they're permanently on your lap, but they should be carefully watched when out and about (especially if there are rodents or squirrels around). They'll shoot off at the slightest chance!

The Torkie is a very intelligent mixed breed and many dog owners have said they're easier to train than their purebred parents. This intelligence also means they need plenty of mental stimulation. A bored Torkie can become destructive and they'll do anything for a bit of attention from you!

Torkies are naturally quite protective too and won't hesitate to nip or bark at anyone they don't like the look of. They need early training and socialization if this isn't to become a problem.

Torkie Appearance


These tiny pups weigh 7-10 pounds. Unusually, there's not much difference between males and females.


Both sexes can grow to be 8-9 inches tall.


These designer dogs (normally) have a coat color similar to their Yorkshire Terrier parents'. They can come in different shades of brown or tan and some will have black markings. They have black noses and brown eyes.


Yorkshire Terriers are famous for their luscious, long coats. The Toy Fox Terrier, on the other hand, has a short and smooth coat. So, as you might imagine, a Torkie's coat can be quite the mix!

Your Torkie puppy may have shorter and smoother hair or longer and finer – it really depends on their genetics. Most, however, have a medium-length coat that can be a little scruffy. It's very cute though!


These little dogs are proud and confident and their stance certainly represents this. This mixed dog breed has a face that can be a little fox-like, with upright ears and a very alert expression.

Tips about this dog breed

  • Like other small dogs, Torkies don't need a lot of exercise. They'll be happy and entertained with a daily walk and a bit of playtime with you. Care should be taken around other dogs, especially big dogs, as the toy Torkie tends to forget his size and won't mind defending himself!
  • Thanks to its size, the Torkie dog can live in apartments – just as long as you're happy to take them out for a bit of fresh air and they have toys for some mental exercise.
  • Torkie puppies are really small and can easily get injured. These fragile, tiny pups need to be supervised all the time around children. Even the slightest knock could really injure them.
  • Terriers are really popular which can lead to unethical breeding. As with purebred dogs, it's important to do your research and get your pooch from a responsible breeder.

Health of the Torkie

Torkies are usually healthy dogs – like most hybrid breeds. They can, however, suffer from some conditions common in the Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie.

These conditions include joint problems such as patella luxation, eye issues such as cataracts, and hypoglycemia. Regular trips to the vet and a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the chances of them suffering from these.

In order to keep your dog healthy, you should also brush its teeth regularly. Small dog breeds tend to suffer more from plaque buildup which can eventually lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Cleaning your dog's teeth regularly can help prevent this.

Lifespan of a Torkie

A toy Torkie can live to be between 13 and 15 years old. Feeding them good quality, nutritious dog food as well as exercising them and giving them plenty of attention can help them to live long and happy lives.

Grooming a Torkie

Torkies are a great choice for those that don't want to spend half their life grooming their dog. They're light shedders and only require the odd brushing a couple of times a week. They won't need to go to a groomer unless you want to trim their little faces.

Keep an eye on their nails and trim them when needed – they get very sharp if left too long! Torkies don't need much bathing, in fact, if you bathe them too often you'll take away the natural oils that help them to have healthy skin and hair.

History of Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie mix

Like most designer dogs, very little is known about when the Torkie was really first bred. Of course, due to natural breeding, this pup could have been around for a long time, but most accept that this doggo originated in the US within the last 30 years.

A good way to understand more about hybrid dogs is to look at both parent breeds.

History of the Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terriers are the result of breeders crossing Smooth Fox Terriers with runts from other toy dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas. They wanted a dog that was just as feisty as other Terrier breeds but that would be happy to be a lap dog too.

What they got was just that! But also a brilliant ratting dog that became really popular across America because of their vermin hunter skills. Their intelligence was also noticed, which meant they started to be bred especially for entertainment and circuses. They were amazing at doing tricks and entertaining the crowds!

History of the Yorkshire Terrier

As the name suggests, these dogs were first bred in Yorkshire as the perfect lap dog for Victorian ladies. It's thought that they are a mix of many, now extinct, Scottish Terriers. These Scottish dogs had been bred to be extra small so that they could squeeze into the spaces between textile machines to catch rats and mice.

People in Yorkshire and Northern England started to use these tiny, yet sturdy pups as vermin hunters in coal mines too. They were very intelligent, hard workers, but also affectionate and made great family pets.

In 1886 the Yorkie was first accepted into the English Kennel Club. This made them become even more popular as lapdogs and breeders started to breed them even smaller. The AKC acknowledged the first Yorkshire Terrier in 1885.

Torkies are brilliant little dogs that will entertain any family. They're easygoing on the grooming and exercise side of things but their personalities can be a little feisty. They do best in a kid-free home with a patient owner that can train them well.

Would you think about getting a Torkie? Or would you prefer one of its purebred parents?

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