25 Great Dane mixes you’ll love (with pictures!)

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Great Danes are a popular dog breed, with their presence found everywhere.

For example, the one and only Scooby-Doo was based on a Great Dane. Marmaduke, the titular character of the Marmaduke cartoons, was also a loveable Great Dane. Plus, Astro in The Jetsons was a famous Great Dane who lived in space with his loving family in the year 2062.

It's easy to see why pop culture has such a thing for Great Danes. They're goofy, welcoming, and full of personality.

Great Danes are quite near perfect, which is why the only thing that could possibly make them more loveable is mixing them with another dog breed to get all sorts of unique combinations.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Great Dane mixes to choose from. But, we're not here to tell you which is the best Great Dane mixed breed. Instead, we want to spill the beans on 25 Great Dane mixes and give you the honor of choosing just one (or more, if that's your fancy).

Chihuahua Great Dane mix

First up is the Chihuahua Great Dane mix, a crossbred between the purebred Great Dane and purebred Chihuahua. It may sound impossible, but you can mix one of the smallest dog breeds with one of the largest dog breeds. The breed is rare, involving an untraditional breeding process, but the result is an adorable (and extremely unique) mixed breed.

The result of mixing these two animals is a dog with a long torso and short legs, with a face similar to a Great Dane and ears like a Chihuahua.

Along with being cute, the chihuahua Great Dane mix can act as a good guard dog, frightening any would-be threats from hurting their family, a trait commonly found in Great Danes. Furthermore, they come in a variety of different colored furs, so you have many to choose from.

Although, watch out for their shivering, which they inherit from their Chihuahua parent. The feeling triggers when the Chihuahua Great Dane is scared, excited, or plain cold. But the comfort of their adoring pet owner may be the remedy to soothe their worried bones.

Labrador Retriever Great Dane mix (AKA Labradane)

Next up on our list is the Great Dane and Labrador mixed breed. Loyal, gentle, and good with the kids and our dearly respected elderly, it seems like this breed gets the best of both parents. In addition, they are huge dogs, but they are very good cuddlers.

Their physique involves a slender body, strong muscles, and a short, glossy coat. Although they are an energetic breed, they can show their stubbornness, which may be a trait derived from their Great Dane parentage.

American Bull Dane

Another great family dog is the American Bull Dane: a Great Dane and American Bulldog mix. They are intelligent and independent animals and even work alongside the military and police to act as deterrents for criminals.

Their vigilance earns them the right to be by your family's side, as they are also seen as gentle giants who adore the company of loved ones. Perhaps due to their gentle nature, they possess low energy levels.

So, while they may come into mental and physical challenges, you can help them be their best selves with much-needed exercise and proper training.

Lastly, the American bull Dane mixed breed sports a smooth, shiny coat with a long, tapered tail. Their average height is 27-35 inches, with a typical weight of 100 to 200 pounds.

Siberian Husky

While the American Bull Dane relishes its laidback nature, the Great Dane and Siberian Husky mix is a powerful Great Dane hybrid breed. They are a mix with a Siberian Husky, an expensive breed not yet fully recognized by various registries.

However, their power comes at a cost, as they are stubborn and challenging to train. But rise to the obstacles, and you have a great giant dog who is friendly with other dogs.

German Shepherd Great Dane Mix

If you want other giant dog options, then the Great Dane and German Shepherd, with the Great Dane and German Shepherd as their parent breeds, will welcome you with many licks. They are 29 to 32 inches tall and weigh around 65 to 130 pounds.

But despite their size, they are laid-back and patient animals, making them great guard dogs. Moreover, they are easy to train and incredibly friendly with others.

And while they are meeting new friends, their appearance may make heads move. They have short hair, which can be a double coat, resulting in minimal grooming on your end. On top of this being an intelligent dog, this Great Dane mix is a lovely companion.

American Foxy Dane

But, let's say you want to go right in the middle: a medium-sized Great Dane mix with moderate energy levels. And, let's throw in a fancy heritage, as well. So, mixed between two purebred breeds, a Great Dane and American Foxhound, we have the American Foxy Dane mixed breed, a medium-sized dog with medium energy levels.

American Foxy Danes like long walks, occasional games of fetch, and good guard dogs. Moreover, they are easy to train, making this a great family dog. They also may be shy around strangers but only show aggression when they are provoked.

Great Dane Pitbull

Continuing with active dogs, the Pitbull Great Danes are affectionate puppies who will almost always offer a pick-me-up right when you need it. They weigh around 60 to 100 pounds, and their height average is 24 to 30 inches.

They are a gentle, but active, giants, requiring at least one to two hours of exercise and playtime daily. In addition, the Great Dane and Pitbull mix has a short, dense coat and a rectangular-shaped head. In essence, they take after their Great Dane parent with pride.

Beagle Great Dane Mix

For other family dogs, look no further than the Beagle and Great Dane mix. They are family-oriented dogs, but they also like to be in charge.

However, they cannot be left alone for longer periods, as they can develop separation anxiety. They genuinely love their owners, so if you have a Beagle Great Dane mix in your life, they will shower you with affection.

Lastly, make sure that you see all health clearances for your Dane mixed breed and their parents when adopting them. And of course, make sure the Beagle Great Dane mixed bred enjoys as much mental and physical activities as you can give them.

Weiler Dane

If you're in the market for mixed-breed dogs requiring minimal exercise, the Rottweiler and Great Dane mix are a good choice. They enjoy a daily walk and don't need much more as they have low energy.

Furthermore, Weiler Danes are large dogs, taking their height, muscular build, and broad chest from their rottweiler parent breeds. They have majestic long-haired coats, but they shed often. So, you may need to get the brush out and start vacuuming your home a little more frequently.

These dogs can be rather intimidating, and it's best if you have a lot of space for them to stretch out. If you want a unique and stylish guard dog, these guys might do the trick.

Boxer Great Dane mix

Next, the Boxane, a Boxer and Great Dane mixed breed, is a great, powerful dog, requiring ample space for maximum comfort. Although these dogs tend to be stubborn, one of their primary goals in life is to please their owners.

So, treat them with respect, and the Great Dane mixed breed may prove easy to train. As far as physical appearance, the Boxane weighs around 60 to 150 pounds, and their life expectancy is between 12 to 15 years.

They can live a long and healthy life as long as you provide them with regular exercise and are patient and consistent with them. Most importantly, the Boxane mixed breed is a family-oriented dog.

Corgi Great Dane mix

Among the amazing Great Dane mixes is the Corgi and Great Dane mix, a medium-sized Great Dane making for good family dogs. The Great Dane mix can look like either their Corgi or Great Dane parent breeds and most likely with a short coat.

Although not a large dog, they are easy-going, being easy to handle for first-time dog owners. Also, the Great Dane mixes will melt your heart as they enjoy running around and being the center of your attention. You may have to prepare for the friendliness of the Corgi Great Dane mix.

Newfoundland Great Dane mix

Let's move on to the more stubborn but just as playful, Newfoundland and Great Dane mix. They are big, powerful guard dogs.

However, unlike the Corgi Great Dane mix, the Newfoundland Great Dane mix will need a veteran dog owner as their large size can make it hard to maintain and train them. But, if you work with your puppy, you will be rewarded with an affectionate companion who will want to follow you to the ends of the Earth.

But no matter how much training they receive, the Newfoundland Great Dane mix will always want you by their side. So much so that they could develop separation anxiety, much like their Beagle Great Dane mix cousin.

Irish Dane

Also known as the Irish Wolfhound Dane, the Irish Dane mixed breed is a mixture between the Irish Wolfhound and Great Dane. This breed tends to love cuddling, despite it being a very large dog breed.

However, you cannot deny them a good cuddle opportunity as they are friendly and love the company of their owners and other dogs. As such, they may be prone to separation anxiety when owners are away for some time. As you may be noticing, many Great Dane mixes always want to be with their owner.

The mixed breed's size grants them a muscular build with a thick coat short to medium in length. Furthermore, there's a chance that the Irish Dane will have the head, eyes, and ears of their Great Dane parent breed.

Saint Bernard mix

The Saint Bernard and Great Dane mix is for those who need a change from small dogs. The height of a Saint Dane can peak at 32 inches, and their weight could be as great as 200 pounds.

In addition, the Saint Great Dane mix is well-behaved around children and gets along well with other dogs. They love being part of a family, so give them all the dog food and love they deserve.

As they have a rapidly growing body, be careful not to overwork them. Furthermore, they need plenty of exercise and lots of space for playtime.

Great Dane Doberman mix

Source: https://www.instagram.com/loki.doberdane/

For experienced owners considering the Saint Bernard mixed breed, you may also want to think about having a Great Dane and Doberman mixed breed. A relatively new breed, the Doberdane is a massive but intelligent, agile, and loving dog.

The Doberdane is also protective, serving both as a watchdog and therapy dog. Furthermore, the mixed breed is highly active, requiring three long walks per day to satiate its appetite for the outdoors.

Moreover, their height is between 8 to 30 inches, and the Great Dane mixes can weigh upwards of 140 pounds. Grooming is minimal, so all you need is the occasional brush to take care of your valuable friend.

Great Golden Dane

For another highly energetic dog, the Great Dane and Golden Retriever mix will provide energy in spades. They are a larger-sized dog, with a golden coat and possessing a Great Dane's facial features.

The Great Dane hybrid is intelligent, friendly, and loves people, especially their owners. Their energetic and boisterous personality makes them better suited for families who like being active and have the time to provide excessive playtime for their adorable pooch.

Even if you walk your Great Golden Retriever and it starts raining, the mixed breed's weather-resistant medium layer can help keep its coat pure and beautiful in spotty weather.

Additionally, they are good with children and easy to train if started early, setting them apart from challenging to train dogs such as the Newfoundland Great Dane mix.

Bernese Mountain dog

In mixing a Great Dane with the Bernese mountain dog, you get the Great Bernese mixed breed, a big dog with an even bigger heart. They also have floppy ears, like a Bernese, but long legs from their Great Dane parent, and typically the distinctive colors of the Bernese, making them an absolutely gorgeous breed.

Much like the Great Golden Retriever, the Great Bernese will be happier in a vast space where they can stretch out their long legs. Also, they need lots of exercise; so, if you live in a city apartment with barely any time to go out and exercise, you may want to steer away from the Great Bernese.

Anatolian Shepherd Great Dane mix

The Plush Danois mixed breed, a cross between the Anatolian Shepherd and Great Dane, is a heavy pooch with long legs, perhaps giving a Bernese mountain dog competition.

However, they can be aggressive, but only as a result of protecting their owners from anyone. And they may not accept strangers right away.

But that's where a dog park comes into play. It's the perfect environment for socialization, and your Great Anatolian may come to be comfortable around strangers if you start socializing them from the get go.

Great Cocker Spaniel

Do you have a picture of a Great Dane Cocker Spaniel mix? Send it to us and we’ll feature you!

If you're looking for a pup who fights for your attention, then the Great Dane and Cocker Spaniel mix will win you over.

They are medium-sized dogs, with short to medium fur and minimal shedding, making grooming an easy process.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Great Dane

Next, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Great Dane mix is perfect if you are an outdoors person.

Not only are these Great Dane mixes brilliant, but they are quick to learn and not difficult to train. But left alone, they may get lonely and feel bored quickly.

Bull Mastiff Great Dane

Now if you want a massive dog, then the Great Dane and Bullmastiff mix's incredible size may satisfy you.

Their size requires that you feed them up to four servings of dog food per day and give them plenty of exercise. If you're ready for the challenge, you are in store for a loyal and loving companion.

Chow Chow Great Dane

Do you have a picture of a Great Dane Chow Chow mix? Send it to us and we’ll feature you!

But if you want a dog that's slightly smaller than a Bull Daniff, consider welcoming the Chow Chow and Great Dane mixed breed.

Their cute, hard-to-resist faces can tell you exactly what they are thinking. And they may want you to take them on long walks and play with them quite frequently.

Great Border Collie

A mix between the Border Collie and Great Dane, the Border Collie Great Dane mix could be one of the most well-behaved dogs you'll come across.

Additionally, the Great Dane in them can offset the high energy they get from the Border Collie, resulting in a playful dog who always has time for a cuddle or two.

Cane Corso Great Dane

Do you have a picture of a Great Dane Cane Corso mix? Send it to us and we’ll feature you!

The Great Dane and Cane Corso mix is known for its courageous and protective behavior while possessing moderate energy and laid-back vibes.

As such, the hybrid is intelligent and requires your attention, and lots of it.

But they like to drool, so you may end up washing more clothes with these cute pups around.

Shar Pei Great Dane Mix

Lastly, the Great Dane and Shar Pei mix's intimidating size makes them the ideal watchdog, well known for their ingenuity.

These characteristics derive from their original breeding in China, when they were used for fighting or as guard dogs. But you can train them out of their aggressive state by providing early socialization training.

Moreover, introduce your Shar Pei Great Danes to other people and animals while they are at a young age so they can feel comfortable around others.

Which Great Dane mix is right for you?

Each Great Dane mix exhibits unique temperaments and physical needs. So, choosing the best dog comes down to your priorities. Are you someone who exercises daily and loves going outdoors? Then Great Dane mixed breeds such as the Great Bernard can make your outside excursions more exciting.

But what if you live in an apartment and only have time for a handful of walks every week? Then, someone like the Corgi Great Dane mixed breed can help breathe more life into your living space while giving you ample opportunities for cuddles when you need them.

Although seeing a list of over 25 Great Dane mixed breeds may seem overwhelming, we encourage you to have as much fun as possible when choosing a Great Dane mix.

And of course, they don't need to be perfect. Always choose a pup that best resonates with your personality and needs. And you will find a friend who will give you and your family undying loyalty and affection.

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