180+ Gangster Dog Names for your Badass Dog!

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Welcome to a world where alpha-spirit, grit, and a bone-crushing bark reign supreme. We're about to delve into a subculture where tough dog breeds like Rottweilers and Pitbulls take center stage, strutting with swagger, brimming with power, and leaving no doubt that they mean business.

In this article, we'll navigate the shadowy streets of the doggie underworld to unveil a collection of bold and tough sounding gangster dog names that will make your dog the (whispered) talk of the town. Get ready to meet the pooches with a bark that sends shivers down your spine, a dominant aura that demands respect, and names that carry the weight of canine street cred.

Brace yourself for a wild ride through the untamed domain of gangster dog names. Ready or not, it's time to unleash the hounds!

♀️ Female Gangster Dog Names for your Moll

Does your fierce and fabulous four-legged diva rule the streets with swag and style? Then she needs a name that packs a bark and a bite! These female names will match your dog’s tough spirit and have all the boys on the block trying to get her attention. “Queenie” is a badass name after one of the most formidable female mobsters of the 20th century!

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ArlyneArlyne Brickman – part of New York's Italian Mafia
BarkerMa Barker – headed her sons criminal pursuits
BelleBelle Starr – bootlegger and thief
BessieBessie Starkman – prohibition organized crime figure
BonnieBonnie Parker of Bonnie and Clyde infamy
EttaEtta Place – Butch Cassidy's girlfriend and wife of the Sundance Kid
FrechetteEvelyn “Billie” Frechette – Dillingers girlfriend
JulieJulie Lucas – wife of Frank Lucas
MaggieHell-Cat Maggie – American outlaw
MarieMarie Baker – the pretty pants bandit
OpalOpal Long – member of the Dillinger gang
PearlPearl Hart – outlaw
QueenieStephanie St. Clair – one of the most formidable mobsters of the 20th century
RoseRose Dunn – outlaw
VirginiaVirginia Hill – girlfriend of Bugsy Siegal

♂️ Tough Dog Names for your Male Fearless Pup

If your canine capo knows how to fetch respect then you want to endow him with a gangster inspired name to match! There are some seriously badass names on this list that are guaranteed to make a bone-breaking statement. We love the name “Gotti” for a Bull Terrier that’s a very protective guard dog.

BenjaminBenjamin Siegal – one of the most famous gangsters
CaponeAl Capone – notorious gangster
CoralloAnthony Corallo – boss of the Lucchese crime family in New York
CrawfordCrawford Goldsby – notorious outlaw
DillingerJohn Dillinger – famous mobster
FrankieFrankie Yale – American gangster
GalloJoe Gallo – part of the Colombo crime family
GambinoCrime family headed by John Gotti
GiganteVincent Gigante – boss of the Genovese crime family from 1981-2005
GottiJohn Gotti – Boss of the Gambino Crime Family
JesseJesse James – infamous American outlaw – bank and train robber
LeRoyRobert LeRoy Parker – famous train robber Butch Cassidy
LesterLester Gillis – Baby Face Nelson – American Bank Robber
McErlaneFrank McErlane – prohibition era gangster
SantoSanto Trafficante Jr – Mafia boss

💣 Badass Dog Names From Real-Life Gangsters Nicknames

Let your pup channel their inner “Mad Dog” and watch as they command respect in the doggy underworld. These names are meant to celebrate the colorful characters of history while keeping tails wagging and tongues hanging. So go ahead and give your gangster dog a tough sounding name that's as fierce and unforgettable as a notorious mobster.

Billy the KidHenry McCarty aka William H. Bonney – notorious outlaw
BugsGeorge Clarence “Bugs” Moran – prohibition era gangster
BugsyBenjamin “Bugsy” Siegal
BusterJohn “Buster” Ardito” – Bronx crime boss
ButchButch Cassidy – Robert LeRoy Parker
Cherokee BillCrawford Goldsby – American outlaw
ChuckieCharles “Chuckie” Tuzzo – New York mobster
DocDoc Holliday aka John Henry Holliday – gambler, gunfighter and dentist
LuckyCharles “Lucky” Luciano – Italian born mobster who operated in the USA
Mad DogVincent “Mad Dog” Coll – Irish American mob hitman
Mad HatterAlbert Anastasia – most ruthless and feared organized crime figures
PeanutsJohn “Peanuts” Tronolone – Cleveland mobster
Scarfacenotorious gangster Al Capone (same name as the main antagonist in Disney's Lion King)
SkidsFrank T. “Skids” Caruso – Chicago mobster
Tick-TockAlbert “Tick-Tock” Tennenbaum – hitman for Murder Inc
TurkJames “Turk” Torello – mobster

🌆 Great Gangster Dog Names Inspired by the Cities and Places Where Gangsters are Notorious

bronx new york

When it comes to naming your four-legged partner in crime, why not pay homage to the notorious cities and places that have earned their spot in the annals of gangster history? These doggy aliases will transport your pup to the vibrant streets of Chicago, the dazzling strip of Las Vegas, or the gritty alleys of New York City. We think “Alcatraz” is the most badass dog name on this list!

Alcatrazfamous prison where Capone was jailed
Bostonmafia area
BronxBorough in New York
Brooklynan area of New York known for gangsters
Buffalomafia area
Chicagofamous mafia city
Corleonetown in Sicily
Harlemanother famous gangster place
JerseyNew Jersey
Orleans“Orly” for short – New Orleans mob
PalermoCapital of Sicily – known as “Mafia City”
Phillymafia area
RhodeProvidence, Rhode Island – one of the cities the New England mob controlled
SicilyMafia origin area
Tampahome of famous mobster Trafficante
VegasLas Vegas – the original organized crime city courtesy of Lucky Luciano

🌐 Dog Names Inspired by Foreign Gangsters for your Canine Companion

If you want to add an international touch to your pup's personality, why not draw inspiration from the legendary gangsters who have left their mark around the globe? Choose one of these gangster names for dogs and let it be a passport to intrigue and adventure. We think “Yakuza” is a tough name for a tough dog like a Staffie

AlonzoEdwin Alonzo Boyd – Canadian bank robber
AngelMiguel Angel Felix Gallardo – Mexican drug trafficker
CaliCali Cartel – Colombian Mafia
DawoodDawood Ibrahim – Indian Mafia gangster
GilbertoGilberto Rodriguez – Colombian drug lord
GuzmanJoaquin Guzman – Mexican drug lord
HutchGerry Hutch – Leader of the Hutch organised crime gang – Ireland
JorgeJorge Eduardo Costilla – Mexican drug lord
KinahanIrish crime syndicate
LolaLola la Chata – Mexican drug lord
MartinMartin Cahill – Dublin crime lord – most notorious Irish criminal of all time
MickeyMickey Featherstone – Irish mob
MoonshieAziz Rasool – South African Mafia
MoranJudy Moran – matriarch of one of Australias notorious crime families
PabloPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria – famous Colombian drug lord
SemionSemion Mogilevich – biggest Russian mafia boss – he remains free
ShiraiShigeharu Shirai – Japanese Yakuza boss
Sicarioa Colombian hired assassin
TillyTilly Devine – organized crime boss in Australia
TommasoTommaso Buscetta – Sicilian Mafia boss
VizziniCalogero Vizzini – legendary Sicilian mafia boss
YakuzaJapanese crime syndicate

😁 Funny Gangster Dog Names for Male and Female Pups

Do you have a powerful and indestructible dog like an American Pit Bull Terrier? How about choosing one of these gangster Pitbull names then – You can’t get a better name than “Don”, because your Pitty will be the big boss of your heart!

Capo (Manages the “made men”)
Don (big boss of the Mafia)
Reaper (for the grim reaper of death)

🔪 Badass Dog Names Inspired by Objects Used by Gangsters to Make Your Pup Stand Out

If you're seeking a playful name for your furry friend, why not draw inspiration from the objects that have become synonymous with gangsters and their exploits? These names evoke the spirit of gangster lore – from “Bullet” to “Knuckles” these gangster names for dogs pay tribute to the tools of the trade that have fueled countless capers. Picture your pup strutting down the block with a moniker like “Ammo”, exuding an air of cunning and adventure.

AmmoGangster guns need ammo (ammunition)
Blackjacka small weighted leather club used as a weapon
Bladeswitchblade – type of folding knife (any knife really)
Blinggangsters wear lots of bling
BowieBowie knife
Bulletgangsters need lots of bullets
Cadillacpopular gangster car in old movies
CashNo paper trail!
Chipgambling chips
CigarCuban cigars
Derringersmall handgun that's easy to conceal
DusterKnuckle duster – similar to brass knuckles
Fedoratype of hat typically worn by gangsters in the movies
Hammergreat object for killing
Knucklesbrass knuckles
Molotovmolotov cocktail – used for arson attacks
NitroNitroglycerin is an explosive compound used in bombs (favored by the IRA)
Pinstripepinstripe suits were popular attire in the 20s and 30s
Stilettoslim pointed dagger
TaserTaser gun
TommyTommy Gun – Thompson sub machine gun – popular firearm during the prohibition era
WessonSmith & Wesson gun

🎶 Best Gangster Dog Names Based on Famous Rappers, Singers, and Bands

When it comes to naming your music-loving canine, why not pay homage to the rappers who've spiced up the charts with their gangster flair? These dog names will have your furry legend droppin' rhymes and struttin' with streetwise style. We think “Snoop Dogg” is the best gangster dog name on this list.

2Pacgangster rapper
6iz9ineDaniel Hernandez – part of the Nine Trey Gang
BobbyBobby Shmurda – prominent figure in GS9 gang
CardiCardi B – ex member of the Bloods
ChiefChief Keef – part of the Black Disciples gang
Dr. Drefamous hip hop singer
GucciGucci Mane – he is part of the Bloods gang
Ice Cubegangster rapper
KodakKodak Black – member of the Zoe Pound gang
MellyYNW Melly – he is part of the Bloods gang
RemyRemy Ma – history of association with street gangs
SlashGuns n Roses
Snoop DoggHe was part of the Rollin 20 Crips Gang
SugeSuge Knight – CEO of Death Row Records
TupacTupak Shakur – involved in criminal activity in street gangs

🎥 Badass Dog Names Inspired by Movies, TV Characters, and Books in Pop Culture

There is no shortage of tough dog names to be found throughout the cinematic universe. There are some unforgettable characters that have captured our imaginations and filled the silver screen – so why not give your “Goodfella” one of these gangster dog names to honor your fandom. Let the adventures of “Fido the Fugitive” begin!

BrunoBruno “Ugly” Mannheim – Superman comic book seriesMale
CarmelaCarmela Soprano – The SopranosFemale
CarmineCarmine Falcone – Batman BeginsMale
CostelloFrank Costello – The DepartedMale
DeVitoTommy DeVito – GoodfellasMale
Don VitoDon Vito Corleone – The Godfather – one of the best movie villains in cinema historyMale
HenryHenry Hill – GoodfellasMale
JabbaJabba the Hutt – Star WarsMale
JimmyJimmy Conway – GoodfellasMale
Johnny BoyMean StreetsMale
MeadowMeadow Soprano – The SopranosFemale
MontanaTony Montana – ScarfaceMale
PauliePaulie Gualtieri – The SopranosMale
SonnySonny Corleone – The GodfatherMale
SopranoTony Soprano – The SopranosMale

🕹️ Gangster Names for Dogs from Video Games for your Furry Friend

It’s time to delve into the captivating realm of videogame gangsters for naming inspiration. From the pixelated streets of Grand Theft Auto to the virtual underworld of Sleeping Dogs, these doggy monikers pay homage to the charismatic characters that have become gaming legends. Let your pup embrace their inner Paw-sassin, exuding a cool and confident demeanor that's straight out of a virtual crime saga. We think “T-Bone” is the perfect name for a Bull Mastiff.

AngeloTommy Angelo – Mafia Definitive Edition
DutchDutch van der Linde – Red Dead Redemption 2
FranklinFranklin Clinton – Grand Theft Auto V
GoroGoro Majima – Yakuza Series
KiryuKazuma Kiryu – Yakuza Series
LincolnLincoln Clay – Mafia III
MarstonJohn Marston – Red Dead Redemption
NikoNiko Bellic – Grand Theft Auto IV
RicoRico Rodriguez – Just Cause Series
T-BoneT-Bone Grady – Watch Dogs
ToniToni Cipriani – Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories
TrevorTrevor Philips – Grand Theft Auto V
VanceVictor Vance – Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories
VitoVito Scaletta – Mafia II
WeiWei Shen – Sleeping Dogs

⚡ Best Gangster Dog Names from Mythology Guaranteed to Turn Heads!

There are some incredible tough dog names amongst the mighty gods of war and legendary warriors of mythology. These dog names will evoke a sense of strength, valor, and epic adventure and have your pup ready to conquer any challenge with godlike grace. Let your faithful companions name embody the spirit of a mythical warrior, strutting with a regal presence and a powerful bark. For us, it’s “Beowulf” for the win! 

Achillesfierce battle warrior
Anubisancient Egyptian God of the Underworld
AresGreek God of War
AthenaGreek Goddess of War
BellonaRoman Goddess of war
Beowulfa Geatish hero and warrior who fought a monster and fire-breathing dragon
BulucBuluc Chabtan – Mayan god of war
ErisGreek goddess of strife and discord
FreyaNorse Goddess of war
HerculesGod who was known for his fighting skills
KaliHindu goddess of darkness, destruction and death
MarsRoman God of war
Morrigana warrior queen goddess in Celtic mythology
SekhmetEgyptian Goddess of war
SetEgyptian God of war and chaos
Thora formidable fighter
TyrNorse God of War
Valkyriedepicted as warrior women in Norse mythology – they ride horses, wolves or boars and are armed with spears

Final Thoughts

Giving your tough pup a gangster name is a fun and unique way to honor your dog’s personality and alpha spirit. Let us know your favorite gangster dog name in the comments below.

Disclaimer – While we have mentioned a number of “tough dog” breeds in this article, we in no way endorse the cliche that these dogs are dangerous. The perception of certain breeds as dangerous stems from a combination of misinformation and the actions of irresponsible or inexperienced owners. Dogs, regardless of breed, are loyal and loving animals who thrive in a caring and responsible environment. The behavior and temperament of adult dogs is largely influenced by upbringing, socialization, and training.

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