130+ Finnish Dog Names for your Nordic Pentu

finland winter road

Imagine strolling through vast snow-covered forests, the crisp air filling your lungs, as you watch your pup frolicking in the snow. Afterwards, you snuggle up with your pooch in front of a roaring fire – you are sipping on a warm cup of kahvi while your dog dreams of chasing reindeer through the Nordic wilderness under the glow of the Northern Lights.

Whether you're a devoted dog lover, a language aficionado, or simply intrigued by the wonders of Finnish heritage, get ready to immerse yourself in the delightful fusion of Finnish culture and canine cuteness that awaits you on this comprehensive list of Finnish dog names.

♀️ Female Finnish Dog Names for your Tyttö Koira

Are you head-over-paws in love with your beautiful girl dog? Then giving her one of these amazing Finnish names is a great way to show how special she is to you. Our favorite name is “Eevi” – what’s yours?

Helmi (means “pearl”)
Lumi (means “snow” in Finnish)
Maija  (Finnish form of Maria)

♂️ Male Finnish Dog Names for your Poika Koira

A great way to highlight the masculinity of your boy dog is by giving him a name that exudes strength and charisma with a dash of mischievous charm. We agree with everyone in Finland, “Onni” is a great boy’s name – for humans and fur-babies.

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Aapo (Finnish version of Abraham)
Aatos (means “thought” or “noble idea”)
Eero (Finnish form of Eric)
Onni (Number 1 Finnish boys name)

😁 Funny Finnish Words That Make Awesome Dog Names

Finnish Lapphunds, affectionately known as “Lappies” are happy dogs known for their fluffy coats. We think “Turkista” is a great name that highlights the luscious coats of these gorgeous pups. We also love the name “Tassu” for a dog with big paws.

Hamstratameans “to hoard”
Häntäämeans “tail”
Hau Haumeans “woof woof”
Jänishousumeans “scaredy-cat” – literally “rabbit-pants”
Koiranleukameans “joker” – literally “dog jaw”
Kultasenimeans “sweetheart”
Kuonomeans “snout”
Rakkausmeans “love”
Tassumeans “paw”
Turkistameans “fur”

🦌 Names for Dogs Inspired by the Finnish Words for Animals

bear finland

Does your pup hoard stolen treasures (your favorite slippers) like a little magpie? Then “Harakka” is the perfect name. Perhaps your dog bounces around like a bunny or is really fluffy like a bear. Naming your pooch after their inner spirit animal is a fun way to highlight their unique personality traits and give them a name that no other dog has.


🏞️ Cool Dog Names Derived from the Geography of Finland

aulanko finland

“Aura” is a great name for a dog whose personality flows with elegance and grace. We love the name “Levi” for those dogs with an insatiable playful spirit and boundless energy. But our absolute best name is “Sinki” (short for Helsinki, the capital of Finland) for any dog with a regal demeanor and an extra touch of cultural class.

Helsinkicapital city of Finland
Kolinational park
Levione of the largest ski and recreation resorts in Finland

🎨 Dog Name Ideas Based on Finnish Words for Colors

The Tamaskan Dog is a rare Finnish breed that has been bred to resemble a wolf. There are 3 possible shades of grey that you can typically expect its coat to be – red/gray, wolf gray and black/gray – you could have a lot of fun experimenting with those Finnish words for colors to come up with a truly unique name for your Tamaskan pup.


🥛 Dog Names Inspired by Popular Finnish Drinks

Sip, savor, and let the names on this list leave you thirsty for more! “Jallu” is a great name for your Finnish dog – so bottoms up, or as they say in Finland, “Kippis!”

GloggSpiced alcoholic drink that is served warm – like mulled wine
Jaloviinacut brandy – known by the Finns as “Jallu”
Kiljuhomemade alcohol made with sugar, yeast and water
Lakkacloudberry liqueur
Lonkerolong drinks – spirits like gin and vodka that are mixed with fruit flavored soft drinks
Sahtitraditional Finnish beer
Simafermented sparkling mead with low/no alcohol

🥧 Great Names for Dog Derived from Finland’s Delicious Cuisine


Finnish food is a delightful medley of traditional recipes and tongue-twisting names. We highly recommend devising a nickname based on these scrumptious foods like we have done for “Salmiakki”, the beloved Finnish candy that takes licorice to a whole new level of intensity!

BlueberryBlueberry pie is the most popular dessert in Finland because blueberries grow abundantly in the forests in the summer
Gravlaxthinly sliced salmon that has been cured with salt, sugar and dill
Karelianpastry/pies – filled with rice pudding
Leipäjuustobread cheese – also called Finnish squeaky cheese because it squeaks in your mouth when you eat it
Lohikeittocreamy salmon soup
Mykyrokkablood dumpling soup – “Rokka” for short
Poronkäristyssauteed reindeer
RuisleipäFinnish rye bread
Salmiakkisalty liquorice – so many options here for nicknames “Sal”, “Mia”, “Miakki”, “Akki”

📜 Finnish Dog Names Based on Memorable Historical Figures and Famous People from Finland

Finland’s historical figures and famous icons offer a kaleidoscope of creativity and inspiration when searching for the perfect name for your Finnish dog. Your pup would be proud to be named after any of these remarkable individuals who have shaped Finland's history and continue to inspire the world with their extraordinary contributions.

Daruderecord producer and DJ
JeanJean Sibelius – composer
KaritaKarita Mattila – operatic soprano
LinusLinus Torvalds – software programmer/engineer
RennyRenny Harlin – film director
SannaSanna Marin – Finland's youngest prime minister
TarjaTarja Halonen – first female president of Finland
ToveTove Jansson – artist and author
ValoVille Valo – music artist

🎥 Dog Names Inspired by Popular Characters in Finnish Movies, TV Shows and Books

Sharing your life with a dog is the embodiment of love and friendship with a sprinkle of mischief and that's exactly what you get when you enter the whimsical world of the Moomins, where cuddly creatures with round snouts and quirky personalities dwell in an enchanting valley called Moominvalley. Created by Finnish author and artist Tove Jansson, the Moomins have captured the hearts of millions around the globe with their delightful adventures and heartwarming tales – and let’s be honest, you couldn’t ask for a better selection of dog names!

FillyjonkThe MoominsFemale
HodgkinsThe MoominsMale
JoxterThe MoominsMale
Little MyThe MoominsFemale
MisabelThe MoominsFemale
MoomintrollThe MoominsUnisex
MymbleThe MoominsFemale
SniffThe MoominsUnisex
SnorkThe MoominsMale
SnufkinThe MoominsMale

🌙 Finnish Dog Names Inspired by the Country’s Mythology and Folklore Tales

Folklore and mythology always heralds some of the best options for dog names and Finland doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Our favorite name is “Otso” for a cuddly and fluffy pooch who has undeniable alpha-dog qualities.

Ajatarevil forest spirit
Akkagoddess of fertility – wife of Ukko – means “old lady”
HaltijaFinish elves/gnomes
Hiisigoblin-like creatures that dwell in deep woods and inside mountains
Kuutargoddess of the moon
Menninkäinenleprechaun-like creature that inhabits forests
Mielikkiwife of Tapio
Näkkievil water spirit
Otsoa bear who is the sacred king of the animals and leader of the forest – Otso is the Finnish national animal
Tapiogod of the forest
Ukkogod of the sky, weather and crops – means “old man”

🌅 Charming Finnish Dog Names Inspired by Beautiful Nature

finland northern lights

Finnish nature words offer a whimsical way to honor the natural world while adding a touch of charm to your canine companion's name. We love the name “Korpi” for a puppy whose adventurous spirit is as untamed as the Finnish wilderness.

Nevamarsh or bog

🏒 Sporty Name Ideas for your Finnish Dog

Put your pup on the winners podium with this selection of dog names that embody the spirit of champions. We love “Mika” for a speedy pup that loves to dash about the dog park.

HannaHanna-Maria Seppälä – swimming
HeikkiHeikki Ikola – biathlete
KaarloKaarlo Kangasniemi – weightlifting
KaisaAino-Kaisa Saarinen – cross country skiier
MikaMika Häkkinen – formula 1
MinnaMinna Kauppi – athlete
PerttiPertti Ukkola – wrestler
PukkiTeemu Pukki – football
SakuSaku Koivu – ice hockey
ValtteriValtteri Bottas – formula 1

Final Thoughts

Kiitos (thank you) for joining us on this fun journey through the land of a thousand lakes and exploring all Finland has to offer. We hope you have found the perfect name for your Finnish pup.

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