600+ Indian Dog Names For Your Spicy Pooch

taj mahal sunrise

Namaste, canine enthusiasts! Are you looking for a dog name that really stands out from the pack? No matter the breed of your new dog, looking to different cultures for inspiration is a fantastic way to find a super unique and perfect name for your puppy. Today, we’ll explore the South Asian country of India, giving you the most extensive list of dog names related to Indian culture. 

There are so many reasons to consider giving your dog an Indian name. Of course, if your puppy is a Chippiparai, Indian Spitz, or another breed native to India, they absolutely deserve an Indian dog name to honor where they come from! On the other hand, you might want to pay tribute to your own Indian heritage, show your passion for yoga, celebrate the aromatic cuisine of the country, or express your enthusiasm for the colorful films of Bollywood.

We believe pet names should be just as special as they are, and it’s worth taking the time to search for the right one. So, pour yourself a chai tea and let’s dive into this extensive list of the best Indian dog names for your purna (perfect) pet!

Dogs in Indian Culture

You may be curious to know what the most favored dog breed is amongst pet owners in India. Classic family dogs like the Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Beagle, and Golden Retriever are always popular.

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But there are several iconic Indian dog breeds as well. The Indian Spitz, Mudhol Hound, Bully Kutta (or Indian Mastiff), and Chippiparai are well-known dog breeds commonly found in Indian homes. The most prevalent indigenous dog breed is the Indian Pariah Dog, whose appearance and demeanor is similar to the Basenji and Dingo. 

Sadly, there are an estimated 35 million stray dogs in India. However, the vast street dog population is an ordinary part of life in modern India and the majority of people view them kindly.  

Perhaps this is a reflection of the Hindu and Buddhist virtues of respecting animals that dates far back into history. The ancient text The Mahabharata even makes mention of the special relationship between dogs and humans, so it’s no surprise that street dogs in India are respected as any other member of society. 

Different Names, Same Meanings 

Did you know that India officially recognizes 22 different Indian languages in their constitution? And more than 100 languages are spoken throughout the country! So, in some sections on this list you’ll find not just Hindi names, but also many dog names using the Indian languages of Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and more! This gives you even more options to be sure you find the right name for your precious pet. 

To properly honor Indian tradition and culture, please do take the time to learn the correct pronunciation of any Indian dog name you are considering for your puppy. Practice saying it out loud in order to determine whether it will be easy for you to say, and easy for your dog to understand.

A Special Note About Terminology

Lastly, we should mention that while the term “Indian” may have been used in the past to describe the Native American and First Nations people on the American continent, that usage is obsolete. In keeping with modern times, any reference of Indian culture here refers to the South Asian country of India.  

And now, without further ado…it’s time to start exploring the most unique Indian dog names!

♀️ Female Indian Dog Names

First up, we have Indian names for your sweet female puppy. The names Banita (lady), Bala (young girl), Devika (little goddess) and Rani (queen) are all ideal female dog name options for obvious reasons.

Do you have an elegant dog breed, like an Afghan Hound or Irish Setter? Chandani, or shining moon, is a beautiful and descriptive name. Many of these female dog names and their meanings are just as lovely as your precious girl: in fact, Amoli means exactly that (precious), while Pari is a Hindi name that means “beauty.”

AmuthaSweetness or nectar
AnalaFire or flame
AnikaBrilliant or graceful
AnilaWind or breeze
AnjuOne who lives in the heart
ArpanaOffering or dedication
AshaHope or desire
BanitaWoman or lady
BalaYoung girl
BeejaOrigin of the soul, the beginning
BhaminiRadiant and charming
ChahnaDesire, or renowned
DarshaPerception or vision
DevikaLittle goddess
DivyaDivine or heavenly
DulareeBeloved or darling
HanithaGentle or tender
IraAnother name for the goddess Saraswati, also meaning Earth
KiaraSmall, dark and dusky
LalikaPlayful or charming
LataVine; used to describe someone who is slender or flexible in nature
MaryamBeloved and rebellious
MonishaIntelligent, beautiful
NeenaPretty eyes
PariEthereal beauty
RitikaA flowing river or stream, or truthful
SomaMoon or divine nectar
TamanaWish or desire
UmaBright or splendorous; another name for the goddess Parvati

♂️ Male Indian Dog Names

As with the female dog names, these Indian male dog names are rather descriptive in their meanings. Some of these dog names for male pups are related to nature, appearance, or personality. Specifically, a lot of these male Indian dog names describe some of the best qualities of male dogs: strong, brave, and handsome! 

Is your German Shepherd a frisbee-catching champ? Try calling him Baljeet or Jai, which both mean “victorious.” Or maybe he’s the quintessential guard dog, in which case, the names Dalbir or Manbir (brave soldier, brave heart) will honor the courage of your BFF.

We think one of the best names for a male dog here is Ayush, meaning “ageless” or living a long life – because don’t we all wish our dogs could live forever! Which Indian male dog name stands out to you?

AarushFirst ray of sun
AdilFair or just
ArjunBright, shining, silver-white
ArnavOcean or sea
AvinashIndestructible; “Avi” for short
AyushAgeless, long life
BalvanPowerful, strong
BaljeetVictorious, conqueror of the forest
BatukYoung boy or child
DalbirBrave soldier
FarhanJoyful, happy
GatikFast, quick, or speedy
GopalCowherder, or protector of cows
HardikHeartfelt or sincere
JaiVictory, success
JairajVictorious king
JeetVictory, conquest
KaranHelper or companion
LalitCharming, handsome
LavishLoveable; “Lav” for short
LohitRed or made of copper
ManbirBrave heart
NaveenNew or fresh
NiravQuiet, calm
ParthPrince or ruler
PranitHumble, down to earth
RanbirBrave warrior
RishiSage, wise one
RohanAscending, growing
RohitRed or saffron
RonithCharming, delightful
SameshLord of equality; “Sam” for short
ShriProsperity or wealth
TanishAmbition or desire
TarakStar or protector; also a name for god Hanuman
VihaanDawn or beginning
VirajBrilliance, excellence
YashFame or success

😁 Funny Indian Dog Names

Indian culture is colorful not only visually, but in language as well. Here are some slang terms that make funny and cute names that will work for either a female or male dog. 

The names Chhotu, Chintu, and Chutki are all excellent choices for a small breed, as they refer to the dainty size of your puppy. Does your goofy Golden Retriever get the zoomies way too often? Call him or her Enthu or Satkela to fit their excitable, maybe a bit “bonkers” personality. 

You can really have fun with some of these Indian dog names. For example, Huskies are known for being a very vocal breed. You can call yours Hawabaazi – a slang term for someone who talks too much. How hilarious is that?

Bak BakSlang term for an uninteresting conversation
BeeduSlang for dude
BindaasSlang for carefree and cool
Bollywood“Bolly” for short
Chhotu“Little one” or tiny
ChintuSmall or cute
ChutkiSmall or tiny
DhinchakSparkly or flashy, like bling
EnthuSomeone who is overly enthusiastic or excitable
FattuSlang for someone who's a scaredy-cat
GoluRound, chubby, or naughty
HawabaaziSomeone who talks too much
JhakassSlang for superb or awesome
JugaadSlang for a clever solution to a problem, like a hack
MachaSlang meaning dude, friend, or bro
MastSlang for super, cool, or awesome
Motu“Chubby” or overweight
PatakaMeaning fireworks, but used to describe an attractive girl
SatkelaBonkers or crazy
SemmaSlang for awesome
YaarSlang for dude, mate, friend, or bro

🐯 Indian Names for Animals That Make Awesome Dog Names

bengal tiger

Many popular dog names in India (and everywhere) come from the names of other animals. Tiger, for example, is a universally popular dog name. However, that means you’re likely to encounter another dog at some point with the same name.

Luckily, as we mentioned in the introduction, the numerous Indian languages offer you several creative options for an otherwise ordinary name. Case in point: your brindle-coated dog could be a Bāgha, Huli, or Puli – all which mean tiger. 

Another example: a deer-like dog breed such as a Greyhound could be named: Chital, Hiran, Jinka, or Sambar. With such a variety of options, you can definitely find the perfect name to suit your pooch. And, all of these translated animal terms work for both female and male dog names. 

Bāgha (বাঘ)Tiger in Bengali
Bānara (বানর)Monkey in Bengali
Bandar (बंदर)Monkey in Hindi
BharalType of sheep from the Himalayas
Birāla (বিড়াল)Cat in Bengali
BlackbuckType of antelope from India
BulbulType of songbird found in India
Chidiya (चिड़िया)Bird in Hindi
ChinkaraType of gazelle from India
ChitalA spotted deer from India
Cinkām (சிங்கம்)Lion in Tamil
Cirate (ಚಿರತೆ)Leopard in Kannada
CoucalType of black and tan bird found in India
DholeSpecies of wild dog found in India
Gābhī (গাভী)Cow in Bengali
GaurType of bison from India
GharialFish-eating crocodile native to India
Hakki (ಹಕ್ಕಿ)Bird in Kannada
Hāti (হাতি)Elephant in Bengali
Hiran (हिरण)Deer in Hindi
Huli (ಹುಲಿ)Tiger in Kannada
IbisBird found in India
Jinka (జింక)Deer in Telugu
KoelType of bird found in India
Kōti (కోతి)Monkey in Telugu
KraitsVenemous snake native to India
Kukka (కుక్క)Dog in Telugu
Kukura (কুকুর)Dog in Bengali
Kurańku (குரங்கு)Monkey in Tamil
Kutrā (कुत्रा)Dog in Marathi
LangurType of monkey native to India
MacaqueType of monkey native to India
Mātu (மாடு)Cow in Tamil
MonalColorful bird from the Himalayas
Nayi (ನಾಯಿ)Dog in Kannada
NilgaiType of antelope from India
Olive RidleyType of sea turtle found in the Indian Ocean
Pākhi (পাখি)Bird in Bengali
PangolinA scaly anteater like animal found in India
Puli (புலி)Tiger in Tamil
SambarType of deer from India
Sher (शेर)Lion in Hindi
TahrAnimal related to sheep and goats found in India
Tendua (तेंदुआ)Leopard in Hindi
TokayType of gecko native to India

🛕 Indian Dog Names Inspired by Geography

taj mahal
The Taj Mahal

The country of India is home to some of the most sensational cities in the world, from the beach town of Goa to the hustling, bustling city of Mumbai (also called Bombay). India even boasts one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal!

Have you visited any of these amazing places in India? Are you planning a dream vacation to explore this incredible country? Many cities and places in India make really nice names for both a male or female dog of any breed.

BiharState in East India
BombayAnother name for the city of Mumbai
CalicutCity, English name for Kozhikode
CharminarMonument and mosque in Hyderabad
GoaState in West India
GujaratState in West India
HawaHawa Mahal, a palace in Jaipur built in the shape of a honeycomb
JammuState in the Himalayan region of India
KashmirState in India
KeralaState in South India
KolkataCity, also known in English as Calcutta
KozhikodeCity, also known in English as Calicut
OrissaState in India
PunjabState in North India
Qutub MinarA tower in Delhi built in the 12th century
TajTaj Mahal, a palace in Agra
TelanganaState in South India; “Tela” for short

🎨 Colorful Indian Dog Names

Some of the best Indian dog names can be the most simple, describing the color of your dog’s coat. Sonali and Haluda (golden and yellow, respectively) work great as names for a Golden Retriever or Yellow Lab. How about a Dogo Argentino with a distinctly white coat? Bili, Sādā, or Saphed will perfectly describe your noble pet. 

As with our list of animal-based dog names, this section includes unique Indian dog names in various languages. All of them are technically gender neutral, but you might find some of them have a more feminine or masculine ring to them.

Let’s say you have a male dog with a red coat, and are looking for the best descriptive dog name for him. The word for “red” in Bengali is Lāla; to Western ears, that might sound more like a female dog name. However, the Hindi name Laal also means “red” and you might find that suits your boy a bit better. 

The truth is, any of these colors will make a good name for your four-legged friend – it’s just a matter of preference! If you have a favorite color, try out a couple different translations to see which one fits your dog best. 

Bēja (বেজ)Beige in Bengali
Bhoora (भूरा)Brown in Hindi
Bili (ಬಿಳಿ)White in Kannada
Citā (ਚਿੱਟਾ)White in Punjabi
Dhūsara (धूसर)Ashen grey in Hindi
Firoza (फ़िरोज़ा)Turquoise in Hindi
Gōlāpī (গোলাপী)Pink in Bengali
Haluda (হলুদ)Yellow in Bengali
Hara (हरा)Green in Hindi
Jaamunee (जामुनी)Purple in Hindi
Kaala (काला)Black in Hindi
Kālō (কালো)Black in Bengali
Kamalā (কমলা)Orange in Bengali
Kandu (ಕಂದು)Brown in Kannada
Kappu (ಕಪ್ಪು)Black in Kannada
Kempu (ಕೆಂಪು)Red in Kannada
Kesar (केसर)Saffron orange in Hindi
Laal (लाल)Red in Hindi
Lāla (লাল)Red in Bengali
Nalupu (నలుపు)Black in Telugu
Neela (नीला)Blue in Hindi
Peela (पीला)Yellow in Hindi
Rōjā (ரோஜா)Rose in Tamil
Sabuja (সবুজ)Green in Bengali
Sādā (সাদা)White in Bengali
Saphed (सफेद)White in Hindi
Silvar (सिल्वर)Silver in Hindi
Sōnālī (সোনালী)Golden in Bengali
Sunahara (सुनहरा)Golden in Hindi
Surkh (सुर्ख)Deep red or crimson in Hindi
Svarn (स्वर्ण)Gold in Hindi
Ūtā (ஊதா)Purple in Tamil
Vellai (வெள்ளை)White in Tamil

🫖 Dog Names Inspired by Popular Indian Drinks

indian chai
Indian Chai

India is a country full of flavors, not just in the food but drinks as well! Popular teas from India like Chai and Darjeeling are enjoyed all over the globe. You might have even tried an Indian beer like Kingfisher or Haywards; both of those names have a dignified ring to them – great options for male dog names. 

A lesser-known but nationally popular alcoholic beverage is called Fenny, a liquor made from fermented cashew apples. What a unique and cute name for a dog, don’t you think?

If you’re not a fan of alcohol, there are plenty of fruity, healthy drinks to inspire an Indian dog name. Consider the names Falooda and Sharbat if your dog is extra sweet!  

Aam PannaTangy green mango drink
AssamPopular type of tea
ChaasButtermilk; often served with spices as Masala Chaas
ChaiBlack tea mixed with spices
DarjeelingPopular type of tea
FaloodaSweet and fragrant beverage
FennyLiquor made of cashew apple or coconut
FrootiBrand of mango juice in India
GodfatherBrand of Indian beer
HandiaA native drink of West Bengal
HaywardsBrand of Indian beer
Jal-jeeraA refreshing beverage made with spices and water
KadhaAromatic herbal tea
KahwaType of chai popular in the Kashmir Valley
KalyaniBrand of Indian beer – Kalyani Black Label
KingfisherBrand of Indian beer
LassiCreamy yogurt-based drink often blended with fruit
LimcaLemon-lime flavored soda brand
MaazaBrand of tropical fruit drinks in India
NilgirisPopular type of tea
Nimbu PaniA sweet and salty lemonade drink
SharbatA syrup made with fruit, flower, or herbs and served with water or soda
SimbaBrand of Indian beer
SliceA mango-flavored drink brand that was popular in India
ThandaiSweet spiced milk drink made during the Holi festival
Thumbs UpBrand of soda in India
ThunderboltBrand of Indian beer
ToddyAlcoholic drink made of palm plants

🌶️ Food-Based Indian Dog Names

dosa pancake india

Indian food is packed full of flavor and spice, just like the personality of your pet! While you probably shouldn’t share most of these spicy foods with your pooch, you can give your dog an Indian name that reminds you of your favorite food or Indian dish.

Classic spices like Clove and Ginger are nice female dog names; Chutney and Garam (masala) are a little less common and work as male dog names as well.

AmlaAnother name for Gooseberry
AniseSpice used in Indian cooking
BarfiSweet food made with powdered milk and sugar
BhajiAlso called Pakora – fried vegetable fritters
BhelpuriSnack made of puffed rice
BiryaniA spiced rice dish
CardamomSpice used in Indian cooking
CaromSpice used in Indian cooking
ChaatA category of Indian food sold in street stalls and roadside stands
ChapatiUnleavened flatbread
ChikkiA traditional, brittle sweet made from nuts and sugar
ChutneyA type of condiment
CinnamonSpice used in Indian cooking
CloveSpice used in Indian cooking
CorianderSpice used in Indian cooking
CuminSpice used in Indian cooking
CurrySpice or sauce widely used in Indian cooking
DosaA thin pancake from Southern India
FrankieA street food wrap popular in Mumbai
GaramGaram masala, a specific blend of spices
GarlicSpice used in Indian cooking
GheeClarified butter used in Indian cooking
GingerSpice used in Indian cooking
GooseberrySmall fruit used in Indian cuisine
GulabRose water, used in the popular dessert Gulab Jamun
HalwaA type of dessert cooked with ghee and sugar
JamunA type of juicy berry
KachoriA sort of Indian empanada
Karaikudi“Kara” for short, a type of curry dish from Southern India
KathiA roll of filling wrapped in paratha bread
KheerSweetened pudding of rice, milk, and sugar
KoftaSpiced meatball
KormaStyle of creamy curry
KulchaA type of flatbread
KulfiFrozen dairy dessert
MalaiA type of clotted cream
MasalaBlend of spices
Medu VadaSavory snack food made with spiced black lentils
MisalA spicy dish eaten for breakfast or a snack
MomoSteamed dumpling
NaanBaked flatbread
NutmegSpice used in Indian cooking
PakoraAlso called Bhaji – fried vegetable fritters
PalakHindi for spinach
Pani PuriA type of flavorful deep-fried street food
PapadumA type of crispy flatbread
ParathaStyle of unleavened flatbread
PavSoft bread roll
PeppercornSpice used in Indian cooking
SaagCooked spinach and other greens
SaffronSpice used in Indian cooking
SamosaBaked pastry with savory filling
TadkaA style of cooking technique with spice-infused oil
TandooriA category of Indian food made in a tandoor oven
Tej PattaIndian bay leaves
ThaliA style of meal made up of a variety of dishes all served together
TikkaA dish with meat or vegetables marinated in a spice mixture
TurmericSpice used in Indian cooking
VindalooA spicy curry dish

📜 Indian Dog Names Inspired by Historical Figures and Famous People

If you’re a fan of Indian culture and history, you will recognize many of these female and male Indian names. There are many popular dog names in India inspired by their celebrities, like actor Salman Khan. Around the world, there are many actors with Indian heritage whose names you might consider using for your pet. 

If pop culture isn’t your pooch’s vibe, you can gain inspiration from the many writers, activists, and leaders included in this list.

AasifAasif Mandvi, actor
AishwariyaAishwariya Rai Bachchan, actress
AkbarThe 3rd Mughal emperor
AliAli Fazal, actor
AmbedkarB. R. Ambedkar, father of the Indian constitution
AmitabhAmitabh Bachchan, actor
AnilAnil Kapoor, actor
AnitaAnita Desai, novelist
AnupamAnupam Kher, actor
AnushkaAnushka Sharma, actress and film producer
ArchieArchi Panjabi, actress
ArvindArvind Adiga, author
AshokaAshoka the Great, ruler from 268-232 BCE
AurangzebThe 6th Mughal emperor
AyeshaAyesha Dharker, actress
AzizAziz Ansari, comedian
Babur1st Mughal emperor
Chacha NehruNickname of Jawahar Lal Nehru, India's first prime minister
ChanakyaHindu philosopher
DannyDanny Pudi, actor
DevDev Patel, actor
DimpleDimple Kapadia, actress
FreidaFreida Pinto, actress
IndiraIndira Gandhi, 3rd prime minister of India
IrrfanIrrfan Khan, actor
Jayanth“Jay” for short; Jayanth Jambulingam Chandrasekhar, actor and comedian
KalKal Penn, actor
KareenaKareena Kapoor Khan, actress
Kasturba GandhiPolitical activist and wife of Mahatma Gandhi
KingsleyBen Kingsley, actor
KunalKunal Nayyar, actor
Mahatma GandhiIndian independence leader
MallikaMallika Sherawat, actress
ManojManoj Nelliyattu (M. Night) Shyamalan, film director
MindyMindy Kaling, actress
PriyankaPriyanka Chopra, actress
RaviRavi Shankar, composer and musician
RazaRaza Jaffrey, actor
SalmanSalman Khan, actor
SaritaSarita Choudhury, actress
SarojiniSarojini Naidu, political activist and poet
SendhilSendhil Ramamurthy, actor
ShabanaShabana Azmi, actress
Shashi TharoorPolitician, diplomat, intellectual, and writer
Sher Shah SuriFounder of the Suri empire
ShivajiWarrior-king from the 18th century
SunriseSunrise Bala, actor
SurajSuraj Sharma, actor
TabuTabassum Fatima Hashmi, actress
TenaliTenali Ramakrishna, poet and scholar

📽️ Indian Dog Names from Movies, TV Shows and Books

India has an impressive reputation for film in Bollywood. More and more often, you can see Indian culture represented in popular movies and TV shows around the world. Characters from popular movies and books like Slumdog Millionaire and The Life of Pi offer many options of dog names for male and female dogs.  

Here are some of the most iconic Indian names inspired by characters in well-known movies, shows, and books. Do you have a favorite movie or book based in India? Leave us a comment with your favorite character name! 

AditiMonsoon Wedding
AkelaThe Jungle Book
AnokhiThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
ArmitraoA Passage to India
BagheeraThe Jungle Book
BalooThe Jungle Book
Balram HalwaiThe White Tiger (novel)
Captain VyomCaptain Vyom (series)
CeceCece Parekh, “New Girl”
Chacha ChaudharyChacha Chaudhary (comic); also called Chachaji
ChachiChacha Chaudhary (comic)
Chhota BheemChhota Bheem (cartoon)
ChikkuMira, Royal Detective
ChuktiChhota Bheem (cartoon)
DevenIn Custody (novel)
DoraemonDoraemon (cartoon)
FlunkeyThe Jungle Book
GaffurThe Guide (novel)
HathiThe Jungle Book
HemantMonsoon Wedding
Jamal MalikSlumdog Millionaire
JavedSlumdog Millionaire
JuggaTrain to Pakistan (novel)
KaaThe Jungle Book
KanjiOMG: Oh My God
King LouieThe Jungle Book
KusumThe White Tiger (novel)
Lala Ram LaTrain to Pakistan (novel)
LatikaSlumdog Millionaire
Mahmoud AliA Passage to India
MalliTrain to Pakistan (novel)
MamanSlumdog Millionaire
Martina CroweThe Mysterious Benedict Society
MeenaMira, Royal Detective
MikkuMira, Royal Detective
MiraMira, Royal Detective
MishtiPhineas and Ferb
MobyMighty Raju (cartoon)
MowgliThe Jungle Book
Mr. AshokThe White Tiger (novel)
Mr. MalikTurning Red
Mrs. BhattacharyaA Passage to India
MuradIn Custody (novel)
NagrajComic book superhero
Narayan GodboleA Passage to India
Nawab BahadurA Passage to India
NobitaDoraemon (cartoon)
NooranTrain to Pakistan (novel)
NurIn Custody (novel)
Orange JuiceThe Life of Pi
ParmanuComic book superhero
Pi PatelThe Life of Pi
Pia3 Idiots
PimmiMonsoon Wedding
PinkyMira, Royal Detective
Prem KumarSlumdog Millionaire
Prince NeelMira, Royal Detective
Prince VeerMira, Royal Detective
PushpaMira, Royal Detective
RajDilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
RajuMighty Raju (cartoon)
RakshaThe Jungle Book
Ram ChandA Passage to India
Rancho3 Idiots
Richard ParkerThe Life of Pi
RocketChacha Chaudhary (comic)
RosieThe Guide (novel)
RukhmaniNectar in a Sieve (novel)
SabuChacha Chaudhary (comic)
SalimSlumdog Millionaire
SarlaIn Custody (novel)
ShantiThe Jungle Book
Shere KhanThe Jungle Book
Shikari ShambuTinkle Comics
SimiDilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
SonnyThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
SunainaThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
SuppandiTinkle Comics
TirangaComic book superhero
VelanThe Guide (novel)

🕉️ Dog Names Taken From Indian Mythology

hindu goddess statues

Indian tradition is rich in mythology, inspiring so many dog names in India and around the world. For the millions of people who practice yoga, some of these names will be familiar.

Within this list of names, you’ll find names that fit well with a specific breed. Take, for example, the deity Lord Krishna, sometimes called a gentle giant – doesn’t that remind you of a Great Dane or perhaps a Newfoundland

Along the same lines, Govinda (meaning cow-keeper) is a most excellent name for any herding breed, like a Collie or Cattle Dog. A Pitbull or other bully breed might be a fitting Nandi – the name of a sacred bull belonging to the god Shiva. (Note that these names are gender-specific, so these names are for male dogs.)

For female dog names, Shakti, Tara, and Kali are some of our favorites! 

AgniHindu god of fireMale
AnjanaMother of Hanuman; also called Anjani and AnjaliFemale
ArjunaSon of Indra, hero of the epic MahabharataMale
Banka MundiGoddess of hunting and fertilityFemale
BhimaBrother of Arjuna in the epic MahabharataMale
BonbibiGuardian spirit of the forestsFemale
BrahmaHindu god of creationMale
ChandiA demon-destroyer version of goddess ShaktiFemale
ChandraHindu god of the moonMale
ChhayaGoddess of shadowsFemale
DurgaWarrior goddess who fights demonsFemale
GaneshaElephant-headed Hindu god, destroyer of obstaclesMale
GovindaCow-keeper; another name for KrishnaMale
HanumanHindu monkey-god of courage and strengthMale
IndraKing of godsMale
KaliGoddess of time, darkness, and changeFemale
KamadhenuGoddess of the sacred cowFemale
KarnaSon of Surya and Kunti in MahabharataMale
KrishnaHindu god of protection, compassion, loveMale
KuntiMother of Arjuna in MahabharataFemale
KurmaAn avatar of the god Vishnu, in tortoise formMale
LakshmiGoddess of fortune and wealthFemale
MastyaAn avatar of the god Vishnu, in fish formMale
MayaGoddess of illusionFemale
NandiSacred bull of Shiva whose name means “giving joy”Male
NatarajaA form of Shiva performing a cosmic danceMale
ParvatiMother goddess, wife of ShivaFemale
RamaHindu god of protection, an incarnation of VishnuMale
RatriGoddess of the nightFemale
SaranyaGoddess of clouds and dawn, wife of SuryaFemale
SaraswatiGoddess of learning, arts, and musicFemale
ShaktiAnother name for ParvatiFemale
ShastiGoddess of marriage and childrenFemale
ShivaHindu god of destruction and transformationMale
Siddhartha“Sid” for short; Siddhartha Guatama, the BuddhaMale
SitaAn incarnation of the goddess LakshmiFemale
SuryaHindu god of the sunMale
TaraGoddess of mercy and compassionFemale
UshasGoddess who brings the dawnFemale
VayuHindu god of windMale
VishnuHindu god, protector of the universeMale
YamiGoddess of the Yamuna riverFemale

🍃 Indian Dog Names Inspired by Nature

tea plantations india
Tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala, India

India is a country full of diverse nature, from tropical forests to deserts, snowy mountains to sunny beaches. If you love enjoying the great outdoors with your pet, you’ll love these nature-inspired Indian dog names! 

Some of these dog names come from specific plants indigenous to India; others are the names of well-known rivers and mountain ranges. To give you even more options, once again we’ve translated some nature terminology into different languages of India. 

Are you the pet parent of a dog breed that loves to play in the water? Dhaara, Ganga, Jal, and Nadi are all names associated with water. Love to take your dog on hikes? Himalaya, Nilgiri, and Parvat are great names for your mountain-climbing pup! 

All of these nature words are gender neutral, so the names in this section are appropriate for both boy and girl dogs. 

Aloe VeraSucculent plant native to India
Aranya (అరణ్య)Jungle, forest, or wilderness in Telugu
Bana (বন)Forest in Bengali
BanyanTree native to India
BetelBetel leaf, a vine plant grown in India
CauveryMajor river in India
Dhaara (धारा)Stream in Hindi
FicusType of tree found in India
GangaRiver also known as the Ganges
GodavariMajor river in India
HibiscusFlower native to India
HimalayaMountain range
HuvuFlower in Kannada
IndusMajor river in India
Jal (जल)Water in Hindi
JasmineFlower native to India
Jhadi (झाडी)Bush in Marathi
Karru (காற்று)Wind in Tamil
Katal (கடல்)Ocean or sea in Tamil
Kātu (காடு)Forest in Tamil
KurinjiA type of plant with blue and purple flowers, native to India
LotusIconic flower associated with India
Malai (மழை)Rain in Tamil
Malar (மலர்)Flower in Tamil
Malu (மழு)Mist or fog in Tamil
Maram (மரம்)Tree in Tamil
MarigoldFlower native to India
Megha (মেঘ)Cloud in Bengali
Moda (ಮೋಡ)Cloud in Kannada
Mokka (మొక్క)Plant in Telugu
Nadi (नदी)River in Hindi
NarmadaMajor river in India
NeemTree native to India
Nilā (நிலா)Moon in Tamil
NilgiriMountain range in India
Nīru (ನೀರು)Water in Kannada
Pani (পানি)Water in Bengali
Parvat (पर्वत)Mountain in Hindi
Ped (पेड़)Tree in Hindi
PeepalFig tree native to India
Prakriti (प्रकृति)Nature in Hindi
Pul (புல்)Grass in Tamil
Puvvu (పువ్వు)Flower in Telugu
SandalwoodTree native to India
Tannīr (தண்ணீர்)Water in Tamil
TeakTree native to India
TulsiHoly basil plant native to India
Van (वन )Forest in Hindi
Vana (ವನ)Forest in Kannada
YamunaMajor river in India

🏏 Sports-Related Indian Dog Names

If you’ve got an active dog breed, consider one of these sporty names for your pup! 

Cricket is by far the most popular sport in India, and coincidentally makes a super cute name for either a male or female dog. If you’re looking for a gender-specific name, we’ve also included some of the most celebrated Indian athletes. 

BhaichungBhaichung Bhutia, football player
ChallengerRoyal Challengers, cricket team from Bangalore
ChikooNickname of Virat Kohli, cricket player
CricketThe most popular sport in India
KabaddiThe second most popular sport in India
KapilKapil Dev, cricket player
Knight RiderCricket team from Kolkata
Mary KomBoxer and Olympic gold medalist
MilkhaMilka Singh, an olympian sprinter known as “The Flying Sikh”
MithaliMithali Raj, cricket player
PullelaPullela Gopichand, badminton player
RoyalRajasthan Royals, cricket team
SachinSachin Tendulkar, the “God of Cricket”
SainaSaina Nehwal, professional badminton player
SaniaSania Mirza, professional tennis player
SubrataSubrata Pal, football player
SunilSunil Chhetri, football player
SunriserCricket team from Hyderabad

Final Thoughts

It’s a big responsibility to pick out the perfect name for a new pet, but you can find inspiration all around you, especially by celebrating other cultures and places around the world. We hope  you’ve come away with some terrific choices for unique Indian dog names, and perhaps you’ve even learned a bit about the fascinating, flavorful, and colorful culture of India.

Remember that your dog doesn’t have to be an Indian breed to give him or her an Indian name. The names on this list provide interesting, one-of-a-kind alternatives to more common dog names. Use this list to get creative, using the personality traits of your pet to pick out the absolutely perfect name. 

Do you have Indian heritage or are a fan of Indian culture in some way? If you’ve used one of these Indian dog names for your pet, we’d love to hear about it in the comments! 

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