180+ Loyal Dog Names For Your Devoted Furry Friend

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There is nothing quite like coming home at the end of a long work day and seeing your loyal doggy friend waiting for you at the front door. Dogs are known for their exuberant greetings and for missing you intensely while you are away. There really is nothing like the love of a dog!

In this article we pay tribute to all the furry companions who have shown unwavering loyalty and devotion to their humans with the ultimate list of loyal dog names. Man’s best friend, without a doubt, but honestly, we simply don’t deserve them. 

So join us as we journey through all things “loyal” and honor all the incredible furry friends who have stood by their owners no matter what.

♀️ Female Dog Names That Mean Loyal For Your Lady Friend

Is your Lady pup the faithful guard of your heart? We think so and she deserves an incredible name to match her loyal spirit. We think the French name “Faye” is a beautiful choice for a girl dog. 

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Agnesaa name of Slavic and Albanian origin which means “pure and chaste”
Aletheaa name of Greek origin meaning “verity or truth” which are both hallmarks of a loyal nature
Amitathis is a Hebrew name that is also of Italian and Sanskrit origin – it means “endless truth” and “friendship”
Angelthe angels remain loyal to God
CatCat and Nat are popular best friends on social media with the most amazing loyal friendship
Constancea name of French origin meaning “faithful” or “resolute”
Dilysa Welsh name that means “reliable”, “perfect” or “true”
Faitha name of English origin that means “devotion” – it is a popular name for girls and perfect for a dog who is a faithful guard.
Fayea French name that means “loyalty and belief”
Fidelinathis Spanish origin name has its roots in Roman and Latin mythology and means “faithful” and “trust”
Fidelitythis name is of Latin origin and means “faithful or loyal”
Fidelmaa name of Irish origin that means “constant”
Fidessathis name is of Latin origin and has the meaning, of “faithful”
Gabriellaa Hebrew name that is the feminine form of Gabriel and means “God is my strength” – if God gives you strength, you are obviously loyal to Him
Imaniwhile this name has Arabic origins, it is a popular African name especially in the Eastern countries and means “belief” or “faith”
IvyIvy represents fidelity and eternity. In ancient Greece ivy wreaths were worn by newlyweds to symbolize their devotion and loyalty to one another
Jeonga name of Korean origin meaning “quiet, gentle, virtuous, chaste, loyal”
Lealaa name of French origin that means “loyal” or “faithful”
Leolaa Latin name meaning “loyal and faithful”
Leyaa name of Spanish origin meaning “loyal to the law”
Mominaa Muslim name meaning “faithful” or “truly believing”
NatCat and Nat are popular best friends on social media with the most amazing loyal friendship
Pietaa name of Latin origin meaning “piety” – piety means a religious devoutness which in turn means being faithful
Rutha Hebrew name that means “compassionate friend”
Shanifaan Arabic name meaning “faithful”
Takakoa Japanese name that means “dutiful” – when someone is dutiful, they are trustworthy, faithful and loyal
Thembaa name from South Africa that means “faith” – it is often used in reference to God and being faithful to Him
TillyTilly is the nickname for Matilda, a name of German origin that has been anglicized – it means “mighty in battle” which is the same as being a loyal warrior (Matilda is a common English name)
Veritythis Latin name means “truth” – someone concerned with the truth will usually do the right thing and is trustworthy
Violetthe violet flower symbolizes loyalty
Wafaaan Arabic name meaning “faithfulness” and “loyalty”
Wafiyyaha Muslim name meaning “faithful and loyal”
Yoria Japanese name that means “reliable”

♂️ Male Dog Names That Mean Loyal For Your Faithful Guard Dog

We love the classic loyal dog names “Buddy” and “Rex” for your four-legged friend, but one other name stands out for us – we think “Truman” is the perfect name for your devoted boy dog.

Adira Hebrew name meaning “noble” – if you are noble, it means you are loyal, steadfast and faithful
Alasona Scottish name that means “honorable” or “trustworthy”
Amatzyathis Hebrew name means “God’s courage”
Amina name of Arabic origin that means “devoted” and “honest”
Amnona name of Hebrew origin meaning “faithful and true”
Anuvrataa name of sanskrit origin that means “devoted to” – “Anu” would be a great nickname for a dog
Besnika name of Albanian origin that means “loyal and faithful”
Buddyone of the defining characteristics of being a good buddy is loyalty – this is the perfect moniker for your loyal friend
Cala name of Hebrew origin that means “devotion”, “whole-hearted”, “faithful” and “brave” – Cal is the nickname for Caleb
Calea Hebrew name that means “dog” and so encompasses the virtues of faithfulness and loyalty
Caleba Hebrew name that means “faithful”
Constantinea name of Latin origin meaning “steadfast”
Costaa Latin name meaning “steadfast”
Devlinthis Irish name means “fierce courage”, a trait associated with being steadfast and dependable
Dhruva name of Indian origin that means “faithful”
EthanA Hebrew name that means “strong”, “firm” and “enduring” – some traits of someone who is loya
Ettorea name of Italian origin that means “loyal” or “holding fast” (steadfast)
Fidela Latin name that means “faithful”
Gabriela name of Hebrew origin which means “God is my strength” – this implies a loyalty and faith
Guan Yuhe is considered the Chinese God of loyalty
Gunnara German name meaning “brave warrior” – a brave warrior will always be loyal and faithful to those he serves
Hamzaan Arabic name meaning “steadfast”
Hectora Greek name meaning “steadfast”
Imanan Arabic name meaning “belief or faith”
Justusa latin name that means “upright and just”
Kelepta Polynesian name meaning “faithful”
Konstantinosa name of Greek origin that means “constant and loyal”
Lealan English name with Spanish, Portuguese and Old French roots meaning “loyal and faithful”
Liama name of Irish origin that means “protection” or “strong-willed, brave warrior”
Luxmanan Indian name that means “loyal and sincere”
Lyalla Norse name meaning “faithful” or “wolf”
Naokia Japanese name that means “straight tree” or “honest” – these are pillars of faithfulness
Rabtena Tibetan name that means “steadfast”
RexRex is a Latin name that means “king” – in the old days you were expected to show faithfulness to their King – this is a perfect name for your furry buddy
Riana Gaelic Irish name meaning “King” – in the old days, a person was expected to display faithfulness to their King
Sadikia name with both Swahili and Arabic roots that means “loyal” – a common African name
Tadahiroa name of Japanese origin meaning “loyal and faithful”
TadanoriTadanori is a Japanese name that means “faithful”
Tadashia name of Japanese origin that means “devotion and loyalty”
Tiifuan African name of Swahili origin meaning “faithful” and “loyal”
Trumana name of Old English origin meaning “loyal one”
Tryggran Old Norse name meaning “trustworthy” and “faithful”
Verrilla name of Old German and Old French origin meaning “loyal”
Wafia name of Arabic origin meaning “loyal”, “reliable”, “trustworthy” or “faithful”
Warena German name that means “loyal”

🏆 Dog Names Inspired By the Most Famous Loyal Dogs In History

These dogs will bring you to tears with their incredible fidelity. Every single one of these dogs are deserving of their place in the annals of loyal dog history and are proof that there is nothing more beautiful than the soul of a dog. These may not be names that mean loyal, but they serve as great inspiration for naming your new pup. We won’t dare pick a favorite here, because we love them all.

BaekguThis loyal dog was sold to a new owner 300km away and made his way back to his original owner after 7 months
BobbieBobbie the Wonder Dog was accidentally lost on a family trip and made his way back to his family home – a journey that spanned 2551 miles
CaneloThis Spanish dog used to walk his owner to the hospital where he was receiving dialysis. After his owner died, he continued to wait outside the hospital for 12 years until his own death
CapitanThis German Shepherd ran away from home following the death of his owner. He was found standing vigil over his owner's grave which he had found on his own. He was taken home but again ran back to the cemetery. Eventually the cemetery staff cared for him so he didn't have to leave his owner's side.
DżokThis dog's owner died of a heart attack at the Grunwald roundabout in Poland. He waited for over a year at the roundabout for his owner
FidoFido's owner died in an air raid in Italy in 1943. His dog returned to the bus station for 14 years waiting for his owner to get off the bus from work. Fido is a name of Latin origin that means “faithful”
Greyfriars Bobbyhe is a Scottish symbol of loyalty – for 14 years he spent every night at his masters grave
Hachikothis loyal dog returned to the train station to wait for his deceased owner for 9 years
HawkeyeThis loyal dog lay at the coffin of his owner, a navy SEAL who had been killed in action in Afghanistan – a faithful guard right to the very end
HeidiThis Jack Russell climbed down a 500 ft drop to get to the body of her owner who had fallen while hiking and died. She stood guard over his body for 2 days before he was found (Heidi is a popular German name)
KostyaThis dog's family were all killed in a car crash and he was the only survivor. He kept returning to the spot of the crash for the next 7 years until his own death
Kuvihelped rescue teams find the body of her human friend after she was buried by a landslide in India
Seamana Newfoundland who would not leave his owners grave and refused to eat – he eventually died of grief
ShepThis dog followed his owner's coffin to the train station where it was loaded and taken away. Shep stayed at the train station for 5 years sniffing and inspecting the trains waiting for his owner to be brought back
Squeaka Jack Russell who refused to leave his owner's body after he was murdered by a violent mob carrying out Robert Mugabe's land seizures.
Talerostayed with his owner who had died in a snow storm in Argentina for 23 days, guarding his body and preventing wild animals from attacking. When police got there, he continued to guard him fiercely
Tommycontinued to visit the church where his owner's funeral was held and used to sit quietly at the altar during mass
Waghyahe was the dog of the Maratha King who jumped into the funeral pyre when the King died
Wileywas filmed sobbing at his owners grandma's grave
ZanderZander traveled alone to a hospital in an area he had never been before to find his owner who was in the hospital recovering from an illness

🎬 Loyal Dog Names Inspired By Characters in Movies, TV Shows and Books

Who doesn’t enjoy a movie where unwavering loyalty plays a part of the storyline? We are suckers for a devoted bond between characters in pop culture. This list celebrates some of the most loyal fictional characters to grace our screens and pages. There are so many great loyal dog names on this list, it is impossible to choose a favorite.

ArgosThe Odyssey – Argus is Odysseus' faithful dog
BalooThe Jungle Book – while probably not the most responsible sidekick, he was certainly steadfast and loyal to Mowgli
BeethovenBeethoven – he is a very loyal dog who is protective over every person in his family
BellatrixHarry Potter – she is fiercely loyal to Voldemort and often refers to herself as his most trustworthy death eater
Benjithere have been a number of movies made about Benji
Big RedClifford the Big Red Dog – he's a loyal friend to his family and always saves the day
BoltBolt – against terrible odds, he makes his way back to his human person
BrunoCinderella – he is Cinderella's loyal and faithful pet dog
Captain AmericaMarvel Universe – he was really loyal to serving his country, becoming a superhero to do so
ChanceHomeward Bound – the American Bulldog (the 2 dogs undertake the none too easy task of finding their way back home through the California wilderness with their cat called Sassy)
ChewbaccaStar Wars – he's the loyal friend of Han Solo
CliffordClifford the Big Red Dog – he's a loyal friend to his family and always saves the day
CopperThe Fox and the Hound – he becomes best friends with a fox even though they should be natural enemies
DobbyHarry Potter – the little house elf showed incredible loyalty to Harry Potter
DoryFinding Nemo – almost gets killed multiple times all to save a Marlin's son who she didn't even know – that's about as loyal as it gets!
DugUp – he is a faithful and loyal companion to Russell
Grumpy DwarfSnow White – he is super grumpy and really doesn't want to deal with Snow White, but she earns his loyalty in the end
GusCinderella – he risks his life many times to ensure she gets to the ball looking amazing – a truly faithful friend
HachiHachi: A Dog's Tale – the story of Hachiko the constantly faithful dog
HagridHarry Potter – he was extremely loyal to Dumbledore
Jiminy CricketPinocchio – he is steadfast at remaining by Pinocchio's side
JockJock of the Bushveld – the true story of a loyal and faithful dog – Jock is a South African icon
LadyLady and the Tramp – she is very loyal to her humans
LassieLassie is a legendary story that has been told in Books and movies many times
MarmadukeMarmaduke – a loyal and trustworthy pup who causes mountains of trouble
MaxThe little Mermaid – he is Prince Eric's loyal English Sheepdog
MeekoPocahontas – is steadfast in staying at her side
MinionsDespicable Me – they are fiercely loyal to Gru
MushuMulan – he defeated the Huns and allows Mulan to take the credit – he was a loyal companion
NanaPeter Pan – she is so trustworthy, she is the nursemaid of the children in the movie
Old YellerOld Yeller was the epitome of a loyal dog
PascalTangled – Rapunzel wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes without Pascal to help her – he was an extremely loyal friend
PegasusHercules – he always has Hercules' back and is a loyal companion
PlutoMickey Mouse – he is the faithful sidekick of Mickey Mouse
PuaMoana – he faithfully waits for Moana to return
PumbaaThe Lion King – they are faithful and loyal to Simba and even take on the hyenas at pride rock to help Simba claim his throne
RajahAladdin – he is loyal to Princess Jasmine and shows he is trustworthy by never trying to eat her which must have gone against all his tiger instincts
Rin Tin TinRin Tin Tin was the story of a noble hearted dog told in many different films over the years
SandyAnnie – she's constantly faithful to her human, Annie
Scooby DooScooby Doo is loyal and protective of hi human Shaggy
SebastianThe Little Mermaid – he is Ariel's faithful friend
ShadowHomeward Bound – the Golden Retriever (the 2 dogs undertake the none too easy task of finding their way back home through the California wilderness with their cat called Sassy)
SiriusHarry Potter – he was an animagus who could turn into a dog and was very loyal to Harry
Slinky DogToy Story – he often helps with rescues as Woody's faithful and loyal sidekick
SnapeHarry Potter – despite being a double agent for most of his life he was ultimately loyal to Dumbledore through his love for Harry's mom
SvenFrozen – he is a loyal buddy to Kristoff and even shares his carrots (his slobber drenched carrots)
TimonThe Lion King – they are faithful and loyal to Simba and even take on the hyenas at pride rock to help Simba claim his throne
TinkerbellPeter Pan – intensely loyal to Peter Pan to the point of murder lol
TotoThe Wizard of Oz – he is Dorothy's loyal companion (despite being a male dog in the story, he was portrayed by a female
TrampLady and the Tramp – he is very protective of Lady and the baby of Lady's humans and puts himself in danger to protect them
Winn DixieBecause of Winn Dixie – he was a beloved friend to Opal who saved him from being sent to the pound

🤩 Names That Mean “Loyal” From Other Languages

One of our favorite dog naming trends is to look to other languages for inspiration and just look at all these fabulous names that mean loyal from around the world. Our top loyal dog names are “Jing-Jai” and “Setia” – so cool and unusual.

Fidelitasthis is the Latin word for “fidelity” and “faithfulness”
Jing-Jaithe word jing-jai means “to be sincere” in Thai
Loyalethe French word for loyal (feminine form)
Mukhlisthe Urdu word for “sincere”
Nishthaa word of sanskrit origin meaning steadiness, devotion and faith
Odanthis is the serbo-croatian word for faithful
Ometzthe Hebrew word for “courage” – a person with courage is steadfast and trustworthy
Setiathis word means “faithful” in Malay
Treua German word meaning “faithful”
Trofasta Danish word meaning “faithful”
Trogena Swedish word meaning “faithful”
Trouwthis is the Dutch word for “fidelity”

🐲 Mythology Inspired Loyal Dog Names

When we think of the stories of mythology, the overriding theme is usually drama, however, these characters proved their loyalty in some way and so deserve honorable mention on our list of loyal dog names. We like the dog names “Hera” and “Damon”.

Aletheiashe was the Greek personification of truth and sincerity
Damonin Greek mythology Damon and Pythias amazed  Dionysus with their faithful and loyal friendship
Eusebeiashe was considered the personified spirit of piety, duty, loyalty and filial respect
Forsetithe Norse God of Justice – justice is concerned with upholding the law and doing the right thing – this implies being faithful and loyal to the rules of your land
Penelopeshe was the faithful wife of Odysseus
Pistisin Greek mythology Pistis was the personification of good faith, reliability and trust and a good choice if you are looking for a name of Greek origin for your dog
Pythiasin Greek mythology Damon and Pythias amazed Dionysus with their faithful and loyal friendship
Sancusthe Roman God of loyalty, oaths and honesty
Sigynshe was Loki's wife and the Norse Goddess of loyalty, compassion and faithfulness
Veritasthe Roman Goddess of truth

🥰 Miscellaneous Inspiration for Loyal Dog Names

If you still haven’t picked your favorite loyal dog names, here are a few more options to inspire you. We adore the name “Nakia” and think “True Blue” is a really cool name for a dog of either gender.

Allyif you are the ally of someone, it means you are loyal and supportive of their cause
Amicusthis is a gender neutral name meaning “faithful friend” or “comrade” – it is primarily a Latin name
Claddaghthe Claddagh Ring from Ireland has become a universal symbol of love, loyalty and friendship
Dakotaa name from the Native American Sioux Tribe that means “friend” or “ally”
Dillonthis gender neutral name is of Irish origin and means “loyal” or “like a lion”
Misaoa unisex Japanese name that means “chastity” or “honor”
Nakiaa primarily Egyptian name that is gender neutral, however when used in Western culture, it would probably be a female name
Patriota person who loyally and faithfully supports their country
Truean English origin name that means “reliable”, “real”, “genuine” or “loyal” – Khloe Kardashian gave her daughter the English name “True”
True Blueif you're “true blue” it means you are extremely loyal and committed
Trueheartif you have a true heart you are unwavering in your devotion to a person, cause or vow

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed reading our list of loyal dog names and that you have been inspired to give your new pup one of these deeply meaningful monikers that are perfectly suited to a dog’s devoted nature. Let us know your favorite dog names in the comments below.

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