240+ of the Best Golf Dog Names for Your Champion Player Pup

golf court

In our extensive collection of golf dog names, you'll find monikers that encompass the grace of a birdie soaring through the sky, the determination of a putt rolling towards the hole, and the joy of a well-struck drive.

So, get ready to tee off into the wonderful world of golf-inspired names, and find the perfect dog name that will have your puppy feeling like the top dog on the green!

♀️ Female Names Inspired by Golf Players for your Furry Friend

lilia vu
Lilia Vu, one of the world's top golf players

This is the perfect list if you are looking for a golf name for your female dog. Naming her after any one of these legendary golfers will have her strutting her stuff with pride across the course as you play. We love the name “Lexi”. 

AmyAmy Alcott
AngelaAngela Stanford
AnnikaAnnika Sorenstam – lady golfer renowned for being one of the most successful female golfers in history
AriyaAriya Jutanugarn
AzaharaAzahara Munoz Guijarro – Spanish female golfer
BetsyBetsy Rawls
CatrionaCatriona Matthew
CristieCristie Kerr
JinJin Young Ko – lady golfer (top ranked)
JuliJuli Inkster
KarrieKarrie Webb
LauraLaura Davies
LexiLexi Thompson
LiliaLilia Vu – one of the world's top golf players
LorenaLorena Ochoa
LouiseLouise Suggs
LydiaLydia Ko
MegMeg Mallon
MichelleMichelle Wie
MickeyMickey Wright
NancyNancy Lopez
NellyAmerican golfer Nelly Korda
PakPak Se-Ri – South Korean golfer
PattyPatty Berg
ShanshanShanshan Feng
StacyStacy Lewis
YaniYani Tseng

♂️ Male Golf Inspired Dog Names for your Champ

tom watson golfer
Tom Watson, one of the most famous golfers

Here are the best golf dog names inspired by some of the best in the business. All these golfers are iconic in their own right and are sure to be household names. We love the name “Tiger” and “Jack” is one of the most classic dog names ever.

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ArnoldArnold Palmer – one of the most famous golfers
BenBen Hogan – famous golfer
BrooksBrooks Koepka
CasperBilly Casper – one of the most famous golfers
CoreyCorey Pavin Jack Pavin's son
DustinDustin Johnson
ErnieErnie Els
FaldoNick Faldo – one of the most famous golfers
GaryGary Player – best golfer from South Africa – one of the big three golfers
HoganBen Hogan – famous golfer
JackJack Nicklaus – best golfer of all time
JordanJordan Spieth
LeeLee Trevino – American golfer
NelsonByron Nelson
NicklausJack Nicklaus – best golfer of all time
NormanGreg Norman
PadraigPadraig Harrington
PhilPhil Mickelson
RoryRory McIlroy
SamSam Snead
SergioSergio Garcia
SeveSeve Ballesteros
TigerAmerican golfer Tiger Woods – one of the most famous golfers
TomAmerican golfer Tom Watson – one of the most famous golfers
TonyTony Jacklin
VijayVijay Singh
WalterWalter Hagen
WatsonGerry Lester Bubba Watson – professional golfer

🎖️ Golf Dog Names Inspired by the Nicknames of Famous Golfers

All of the most famous golfers in the world have been bestowed funny nicknames relating to either their style of play, famous shots or quirky on-course behaviors. And the best part? They make fantastic names for your golf dog. We can’t even pick a favorite, they’re all so great.

AquamanWoody Austin
BabeMildred Ella Didrikson Zaharias
Bam BamBrittany Lincicome
Big EasyErnie Els
Big MommaJoanne Carner
Black KnightGary Player
Boom BoomFred Couples
BubbaGerry Lester Bubba Watson
Buffalo BillBilly Casper
BulldogCorey Pavin
CheetahDustin Johnson
Chi ChiJuan Rodriguez
DocGil Morgan
FuzzyFrank Urban Zoeller
Gentle BenBen Crenshaw
GiantCraig Smith – he was 6 ft 8
Golden BearJack Nicklaus – “Bear” for a male, “Goldie” for a female
GooseRetief Goosen
GrandMaster FunkFred Funk
HawkBen Hogan
HuckleberryHuckleberry Dillinger was Tom Watson's nickname
KingArnold Palmer
LeftyPhil Mickelson
LumpyTim Herron
Merry MexLee Trevino
Mr. T.Tiger Woods
PeanutKim Mi-Hyun
Pink PantherPaula Creamer
PopeyeCraig Parry
ShrekLouis Oosthuizen
WalrusCraig Stadler
Wild ThingJohn Daly
YogiSteve Lowery

⛳ Dog Names Inspired by Golf Courses Around the World

A golf name that honors one of the iconic golf courses is a great way to go if you are a golfing fan. We love the name “Shadow” for a black dog or what about “Kingston” for the leader of the fairway?

AbuAbu Dhabi Golf Club is one of the most iconic golf courses on the Persian leg of the European circuit
AndrewSt. Andrews in Scotland is considered the home of golf – one of the most famous golf courses in the world and Tiger Woods favorite course
AugustaAugusta National in Georgia, USA is one of the top golf courses in the world
BandonBandon Dunes Golf Resort
BarnbougleBarnbougle Lost Farm Golf Resort, Australia
BethBethpage Black Golf Course in New York
CabotCabot Links – golf course in Nova Scotia, Canada
CapeCape Kidnappers in New Zealand is one of the world's most photographed golf courses
CypressCypress Point Club, Peebble Beach, California
DiamanteDiamante Dunes Golf Course in Mexico
DuneDiamante Dunes Golf Course in Mexico
GeorgeSt. George's Hill Golf Club, UK
KauriKauri Cliffs Golf Course, New Zealand
KingstonKingston Heath Golf Club, Australia
LeopardLeopard Creek Country Club, South Africa
MerionMerion Golf Club, USA
PebblesPebble Beach Golf Links in California is one of the top golf courses in the world – Arnold Palmer favored this course
PinePine Valley in New Jersey, USA regularly tops best gof courses in America lists
QuakerQuaker Ridge Golf Course in New York
RoyalRoyal Portrush Golf Club, Northern Ireland
ShadowShadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas
TokyoTokyo Golf Club
TroonRoyal Troon Golf Club, Scotland
WickhamCape Wickham Links – golf course in Australia
YasYas Links, Abu Dhabi

🏆 Dog Names Inspired by Golf Tournaments for your Furry Friend

Do you dream of winning the Ryder Cup and enjoying all the prestige and glory – then why not live vicariously through your dog by naming him “Ryder”? We also think “Cazoo” is one of the best golf inspired dog names you could find.

CazooCazoo Classic
ChampionThe Open Championship
DunhillThe Alfred Dunhill Championship
GenesisThe Genesis Invitational
HeroHero Indian Open
JonssonJonsson Workwear Open
MajorThe Majors are the most prestigious tournaments in golf
MasterThe Masters Tournament was won by Jack Nicklaus 6 times
OmegaOmega European Masters
PlayerThe Players Championship
PresidentThe Presidents Cup
RyderThe Ryder Cup
SteynSteyn City Championship

🏌️Golf Themed Dog Names Derived from Popular Golf Equipment

golf clubs

The equipment used by golfers provides an excellent source of inspiration for some awesome golf dog names. “Socks” is a good old classic pet name, but if you’re after something a bit different, we adore the dog names “Knickers” and “Lob”.

ByronIron Byron is a device to test clubs and balls
Clubthe most important piece of golf equipment
Driverthe longest golf club
Flangethe angled head of a wedge or putter
Ironsthere are 3 types of these golf clubs long, mid and short
Knickerstype of golf pants that end just past the knee
Lobthe lob wedge is a type of golf club
Pistola putter grip
Polotype of shirt worn by golfers
PutterThe club used to finish the hole
Socksgolf socks
Spikethe spikes on golf shoes that give traction
Spoonold fashioned term for a 3 wood
Wedgethe pitching wedge is a type of club used in golf
Woodsthere are 7 of these golf clubs

💼 Golf Dog Names Inspired by Golf Brands for Golf Enthusiast Dog Owners

The world’s most accomplished golfers use these brands to ensure they win, so go on, give your pup the winners choice by choosing one of these golf related dog names. We love the dog names “Scotty” and “Wilson”, but without a doubt our top pick has to be “Noodle” (extra points if your pup is a Poodle!).

Adamsthey were best known for their hybrids
Aldilahigh end brand
Ben RossBen Ross Golf – excellence made affordable
Berthaa line of Callaway clubs
Bettinardimake putters and wedges
Callawaythey make pretty much all types of golf gear and accessories
CarnahanCarnahan Golf – budget wedges
Cobraone of the most dynamic golf brands
Forganthis company got its start at St. Andrews
GigaGigagolf – sells all types of clubs
HenryHenry Griffitts – makes all types of clubs
Honmadesigns their clubs in Japan
KascoJapanese company
KirkKirkland is a golf ball brand
LouisLouisville Golf – they make hickory golf clubs
Lynxa UK company
Mizunogolf ball brand
NikeNike has a line of golfing products
Noodlegolf ball brand
Odysseya brand owned by Callaway
Pingone of the best golf brands for low range handicappers – Bubba Watson uses Ping clubs
ScottyScotty Cameron – make extremely expensive, high-end putters
Srixonknown for their golf balls
TaylorTaylor Made is a golf club brand – Tiger Woods used these
Wilsonthe brand that Arnold Palmer used

🦅 Golf Related Terms That Make the Best Golf Dog Names

Here is a great list of golf dog names inspired by some of the most well-known and popular golf terms. We love the name “Flop” for a pup with long floppy ears like a Basset Hound.

Aceone of the golf terms all golfers want to use – means a hole in one
Albatrossscoring 3 under par – very rare
Birdiescoring one under par – one of the well known golf terms
Bogeyone of the golf terms you hope to never use – it's when you are over par
Bunkerproper golf term for a sand trap
Caddycarries the clubs and gives the golfer assistance
Chipa short low shot played around the green
Divotthe piece of grass that is dug out when striking the ball
Eaglescoring 2 under par
Fescuegolf term for when you have to hit a shot out of tall grass
Flopa high soft shot played around obstacles
Forea warning that is shouted out for an errant shot
Greenone of the terms everyone knows – refers to the putting surface
Hooka shot that curves from right to left
LeafLeaf rule – when a ball rests in a pile of leaves the player takes a free drop rather than incurring a penalty
Mulliganonly used in friendly games – a second shot when you tee off badly
ParHow many shots you get for each hole – ideally you want to be scoring one under par or better
Sandmanterm for a golfer who excels at bunker shots
Scratcha scratch golfer has a handicap of 0
Shanka shot hit off the neck or heel of the club
Slicea shot that curves from left to right
Stingera golf shot that flights the ball at a lower trajectory and reduces spin
Teethe starting point of each hole
Yipsa condition where a muscle spasm or mental block prevents a golfer from making an easy shot – usually happens on the putting green
Zingera long, powerful shot

😁 Funny Golf Related Dog Names for Everyone who Loves Playing Golf

Golf sure is a funny game and you will see why when you read through this list of golf dog names. While “Bobbitt” isn’t necessarily a golf inspired dog name, its adoption into golfing terms is highly amusing and a definite conversation starter wherever you may go. We think “Waggle” is a great golf dog name for a pup who is always shaking his rear end.

Arniefor Arnie's Army – this is what the fans of Arnold Palmer were known as
Barkiehitting a tree and still making par
Bughuggera shot that never leaves the ground
Chickenthe chicken stick is your go-to safety club
Chippiechipping in from around the green
Chunkhitting the ground very hard and taking a huge divot out of the turf
Dewdew sweepers – people who get up really early to be first on the course
Dimplesthe little holes all over golf balls
DuckDuck hook is a really very bad snap hook, often accompanied by your golfing buddies making quacking sounds
Dufferan inexperienced golfer
Fliera shot that flies too far
Fluffywhen the ball is sitting high in the rough so there is space between the ball and the ground
Flushera put that circles the whole cup before going in
Freshyfresh air shot – when you swing and miss the ball completely
Hackeran inexperienced golfer
JJJames Joyce – a putt that is impossible to read
KennedyTed Kennedy – a shot thats hit way to the left
MudMud ball – when your ball is caked in mud so you cannot predict which direction it will go
Platypushitting the ball out of bounds and still making par
Rocketthe hosel rocket is the most disasterous of all the shanks, where a player hits the ball off the hosel (the rounded base of the shaft) instead of the clubface and the ball flies off unpredictably
Rough“Ruff” – the tall grass at the edges of the fairway
RushRush Limbaugh – a shot thats hit way to the right
Sharkiehitting the ball in the water and still making par
Snakerakera shot that never leaves the ground
Snowmanan 8 on the scorecard, because it resembles a snowman
Three-Jackthe dreaded three putt
Wagglea motion or several motions designed to help golfers relax
Wormburnera shot that never leaves the ground

🎬 Best Golf Dog Names Based on Fictional Golf Characters from Popular Movies and Books 

There have been a number of excellent golfing movies over the years that have a great selection of golf dog names for your sporty dog. We love the names “Shooter” and “Happy” from the iconic movie Happy Gilmore.

AlAl Czervik – Caddyshack
BaggerBagger Vance – The Legend of Bagger Vance
C-NoteChristopher “C-Note” Hawkins – Who's Your Caddy?
ChubbsChubbs Peterson – Happy Gilmore
CosmoCosmo Kramer – Seinfeld
DannyDanny Noonan – Caddyshack
DorfDorf on golf
GilmoreHappy Gilmore
HappyHappy Gilmore
JoeJoe Anthony – The Caddy
JonesBobby Jones – The Legend of Bagger Vance
JudgeJudge Smails – Caddyshack
JunuhRannulph Junuh – The Legend of Bagger Vance
KennyKenny Lee Puckett – Dead Solid Perfect
LukeLuke Chisholm – Seven Days in Utopia
PatPat Pemberton – Pat & Mike
PopsEdwin “Pops” Masterson – Tiger Woods PGA Tour Series
PotterGary Potter – Happy Gilmore
PuckettKenny Lee Puckett – Dead Solid Perfect
RoyRoy McAvoy – Tin Cup
ShivasShivas Irons – Golf in the Kingdom
ShooterShooter McGavin – Happy Gilmore
SimmsDavid Simms – Tin Cup
SpacklerCarl Spackler – Caddyshack
TyTy Webb – Caddyshack

Final Thoughts

We hope we have helped to make the dog naming process a little easier with our comprehensive list of golf inspired dog names. Let us know your favorite dog name in the comments below.

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