300+ Food Dog Names For Your Canine Cuisine Connoisseur

food names

Dogs are the quintessential vacuum cleaners. Whether they’re big or small, it doesn’t matter, you will probably find them salivating under your dinner table at meal times hoping for someone to slip them a delicious morsel.

There is no better way to celebrate your pup’s bottomless pit of a belly than giving them a food inspired name. Dog names relating to food are actually really common – just think back to all the dogs you’ve met in your life. We’ll bet there have been a couple of “Biscuits”, “Oreo’s” and “Peanuts” you’ve met along the way – are we right?

There is nothing cuter than naming your dog after food and it is a way to show off your culinary preferences too. So grab yourself a snack and one for the pup in your life and settle in for a yummy journey through all the top food names for dogs.

Whichever name you decide on in the end, it’s sure to be a delicious reminder of your favorite food!

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🍭 Food Names For Dogs Inspired by Desserts and Sweets

cookie picture

Does your dog have a personality that’s sweeter than pie? Dog names inspired by sweet treats are some of the most fun out there. Who wouldn’t love to introduce “Snickerdoodle” to their friends? Or how about a little Bichon called “Marshmallow”? There are so many awesome food names for dogs on this list, it’s really hard to settle on just one (you may just need to adopt 6 dogs!)

AngelAngel Food cake – “Angel” is one of the popular names for female dogs although it is not usually linked to this yummy sweet treat
Biscuit“Biscuit” is one of the favorite food names for dogs in the world
Blondiebasically a dessert bar that is similar to a brownie but vanilla flavored instead of chocolate
Bon Bona sweet treat – can either be soft and chewy sweets or small bite sized chocolates
Browniebrownies are a fudgy or cakey baked chocolate confection – a cute name for a brown puppy
Bubblegumchewing gum you can blow bubbles with
Buttercreambuttercream frosting is a popular topping on a cake or cupcake
Butterscotchcooked brown sugar that is then formed into sweets
Candyfor all the yummy sweets and chocolate bars out there
Caramela candy created by heating sugar then adding butter and heavy cream
Chiffonfor chiffon cake
Choc Chipa very popular type of cookie (and a muffin flavor) – the perfect name for a dog with brown spots
Churrofried dough
Cobblerthese desserts consist of a fruit filling with some kind of batter or biscuit on top that is then baked
Cookiea cookie can be many different flavors, shapes and sizes
Cotton Candya spun sugar treat
Cream Puffa pastry filled with cream (sometimes custard and ice cream too)
Crumblethe topping on a fruit filling that is crumbled across the top before being baked
Crumpeta small round, light and fluffy batter that is cooked on a griddle and then drizzled in butter, syrup or honey
Cupcakea cupcake is a mini sized cake topped with icing and other decorations – they play an important role at parties
Custarda cold treat made of eggs, milk, cream and sugar – can be poured on cakes or used to fill pastry or eaten with a spoon on its own because it's that delicious
Donuta ring of dough that is fried and covered in cinnamon sugar, or dipped in chocolate or icing
Éclaira pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate – in France this is called an éclair au chocolat – if it is filled with coffee cream and topped with coffee icing it is known as an éclair au café
Erminea type of cupcake or cake frosting
Flapjackin America this is a pancake, in Britain its a baked oat treat – regardless, it makes a great name for male dogs with floppy ears or tongues
Fluffyyou can get a fluffy pancake (the secret is buttermilk which makes them moist and gives them height – Belgian waffles are considered fluffy too thanks to using yeast and egg whites to give a fluffier texture
Fudgea creamy candy that also happens to be one of the most popular food dog names
Ganachea chocolate icing that is a bit thicker than usual – it can be used as a cake filling or a cupcake or cake topping
Gumdropa gummy sweet
Gummy Beara chewy sweet and adorable dog's name
GypsyGypsy Creams are a delicious biscuit made by sandwiching some vanilla buttercream between 2 oat biscuits
Hariboa well-loved sweet brand – “Harry” is a cool name for pets
Hersheya company that is the inspiration behind a number of foods and confections
Hobnoba rolled oat biscuit
Ice Creamice cream is great on its own, in a cone or on top of a warm treat like waffles or pancakes
JacobIreland's favorite biscuit making brand and one of the best food names for male dogs
JaffaJaffa Cakes are a popular biscuit that makes a catchy dog name
Jelloflavored gelatin
Jelly Beana type of sweet and one of the cutest food dog names
Jelly Tota sugar coated sweet and a fun dog's name
KissesHersheys Kisses – small chocolates
Licoricea type of candy – it's either your favorite food or you hate it, no inbetween
Macaronbuttercream sandwiched between 2 meringues – “Mac” is one of the popular pet names
Madeleinesmall sponge cakes in the shape of a shell – one of the best ideas for food names for female dogs
Marsfor the Mars bar – a chocolate bar
Marshmallowa type of soft and chewy sweet – if you have a white dog “Marshmallow” is the perfect name
Moussea dense foamy pudding – the best kind is chocolate
Muffin“Muffin” is one of the world's favorite food names for dogs – muffins come in many flavors (pumpkin, chocolate, blueberry, carrot) – the options are limited only by your imagination
Napoleonpuff pastry layered with vanilla cream – one of the best ideas for food names for male dogs
Oreoa sandwich style cookie – a cute name for a two-tone dog (either black and white or black and brown)
Pancakeif you have kids in your family, this is a staple on the breakfast menu
Pezsmall rectangular candy in a character dispenser
Pieyou can put almost any filling in a pie – pumpkin, bananas, vegetables and even meat – sweet pies are a popular dessert option
Puddingone of the cutest food names for a puppy especially if it's spelled Puddin'
Reesefor Reese's Peanut Butter Cups – a favorite food of many Americans
Rockyfor the Rocky Road candy bar (milk chocolate with a marshmallow center)
Rolosmall conical chocolates filled with caramel and sold in a roll
Royala type of cupcake or cake frosting
Sconea baked treat that is sliced and spread with butter and jam
Skittlesa type of sweet
Smartiecandy coated chocolate rounds
Snickerdoodlea cookie that is rolled in cinnamon sugar
Snickersa chocolate bar
Sprinklesa very common thing to put on a cupcake
Sweetartsmall round candies
Sweetie Piebiscuit base topped with marshmallow and smothered in chocolate (these are an iconic South African treat)
Swiss Rolla thin layer of cake that is baked spread with a filling of jam or buttercream and then rolled up
Taffya type of candy similar to caramel and toffee
TicTacSmall hard mints originally but they come in many flavors now
Toffeecaramelized sugar that's turned into a hard and chewy candy
Tootsiefor the tootsie roll candy
Trufflea chocolate truffle is a round chocolate usually filled with chocolate ganache and dusted with cocoa powder
Twinkiea snack cake with a creamy filling
Twixa caramel shortbread chocolate bar
Twizzlera fruity flavored licorice type candy
Vanillafor vanilla pudding – the most common flavor for pudding – “Nilla” is a great dog's name
WafflesWaffles are a really popular dessert and breakfast treat – waffles can be served with syrup or honey drizzled over them and with a nice dollop of ice cream or fresh cream
Whoopie Piea sandwich style cookie that consists of a marshmallow filling between 2 chocolate cake cookies
Wonkafor the Wonka Bar – a chocolate bar made famous in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

🥕 Cute Food Names for Dogs Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables For Your New Furry Friend

goji berry

Not everyone likes their veggies, sure, but whether you love or hate them, you have to admit they make really cool pet names. We love the food names “Kumquat” and “Butternut”. You will notice we left off everyone’s worst vegetable broccoli – you just need to google Tucker Budzyn and his “tree of doom” to see that dogs really don’t like it much either!

Avocado“Avo” is one of those fun food names
Bananasfor the pup who drives you bananas
Beansfor the pup who's full of beans – means he or she has a fun personality
Bellsfor the bell pepper
Berrycan come in many forms – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries
Blackberrya small edible berry made up of many juicy segments – one of the best food names for black dogs
Blueberrya small round berry – also a really popular muffin flavor
Butternuta type of squash
Cabbagea staple in many countries (the main ingredient in kimchi)
Carrotsif your new furry friend is a red dog this is one of the most inspired pet names
Chanterellefor the mushrooms
Cherrya stone fruit
Clementinea citrus fruit
Coconutthis is one of those cute and funny food names that suits brown and white pets
DennyDenny mushrooms
Fennela white and green vegetable
Figgya fig is an edible fruit
Gema gem squash is a vegetable
Ghostfor the ghost pepper
GojiGoji Berries are bright red
Guavaa tropical fruit
Jalapenoa popular chili pepper
Kiwia fruit – you could call a pair of dogs Kiwi and Lime (a very popular dessert flavor combo)
Kumquata citrus fruit – this is one of the cutest food names for dogs
Lycheea tropical fruit – also called an alligator strawberry (a good name for pets with a sugar and spice personality)
Mangoa tropical fruit
Melona delicious fruit
Nashian apple shaped fruit native to China and Japan
Olivea fruit that you either love or hate, but a cute name all the same
OnionsIf you have 2 pets you can call one pickle and the other one onions – this is an incredibly versatile vegetable that is used as the base of most dishes
Papayaa tropical fruit that is also known as a pawpaw which makes for one of those really funny food names for dogs
Peachesa delicious fruit
Peapodit is the pea's husk
Plum“Plum” is one of those fun food names that is super versatile – “PlumBum” or “Sugar plum” are awesome names for dogs
Pomfor pomegranates
Pumpkinpumpkin is an incredibly versatile vegetable – it is used in savory dishes as well as baking
Romainea type of lettuce that makes one of the most unusual names for male dogs
Shroomfor mushrooms
Sproutfor Brussels Sprouts – hated by every kid in every family in every corner of the globe
Spudfor potatoes
Squashmany veggies fall under the umbrella term squash – pumpkin, gem, and butternut being common ones – there are more than 100 different types of squash
Tayberrya red soft fruit that looks a bit like a bigger raspberry
Turnipa root vegetable
Zucchinia summer squash

🌶️ Ideas for the Cutest Food Names Inspired by Spices and Herbs For Your Canine Companion


If your dog has a bit of a spicy personality, then this is the list for you! We have rounded up all the best names inspired by herbs and spices to give an extra layer of flavor to your dog’s name. We love the idea of a pair of dogs, one black and one white, called “Salt ‘n Pepper” and we adore the name “Herby” in honor of all herbs.

Basila common human name that is also a herb
CassiaChinese cinnamon
Cayennecayenne pepper is a spice that adds lots of heat to a dish
Chillia spice that adds lots of heat
Chivea herb
CilantroThe fresh leaves and dried seeds of the coriander plant are often used for cooking. Cilantro is also the typical herb you would garnish a taco with
Cinnamona spice
Clovea spice
Cuminone of the most popular spices in the world
DillDill is used to make Dill Pickles – the most commonly known type of pickles
Gingera spice
Herbyfor all the herbs
Minta herb
Nutmega spice
Paprikaa spice
Pepperpepper is one of the most common spices added to cuisine the world over
Rosemarya herb
Saffrona spice
Sagea herb
Salta spice that is commonly paired with pepper – “Salt” and “Pepper” is a quirky name choice for a pair of dogs (extra points if one dog is white and one is black)

🥩 Food Names for Dogs From Meats and Proteins


Without a doubt this would be a list your dog would like to work his or her way through – it’s no secret, dogs love meaty treats! There are so many meaty-inspired names for dogs here to choose from – We obviously love “Sausage” for a Dachshund and “T-Bone” for a muscly Rottweiler. For some reason, we also think “Anchovy” is really well-suited to a little Chihuahua.

Anchovya type of fish
Angusangus beef comes from the Aberdeen Angus breed of cattle
Bacona family breakfast staple – could call a pair of dogs “Bacon” and “Eggs”
Bangera fat pork sausage
Barracudaa type of fish
Buffalobuffalo wings – yum
Chickena very popular meat
Chickpeaa legume that is high in protein
Chorizoa spicy Spanish sausage
Chuckinspired by the cut of beef used for a chuck roast
Drumstickthe chicken leg
Duckyfor duck which some people like to eat
Fish Fingercrumb coated fish – kids love these!
Frankinspired by the Frankfurter sausage – can also use the name “Frankie” for your pets
Gibletthe edible offal of a chicken – while this frankly sounds gross, it makes a really cute dog name
Goosean edible fowl
Hamprocessed and cured pork – “Hamlet” is a truly fun name
Hambonethe thing that all dogs salivate for at Sunday lunch – one of the best food names for dogs
Kebabchunks of meat on a skewer that is then grilled, fried, or smoked
Lambyfor lamb – a popular meat
Lobstera seafood
Meatballa ball of meat that is fried or baked
Nuggetfor the chicken nugget
Pattythe meat used in burgers is usually ground beef shaped into a flat disc shape
Pork Chopa common cut of meat
Porkyfor pork
Pot Roasta one pot beef meal
Prawna seafood – prawn cocktail is a popular first course of a multi-course meal
Pupperonia play on pepperoni – a common pizza meat topping
Ribletthe boneless ends of the ribs
Salamia common sandwich meat
Sausagesausages come in many flavors, sizes and are inspired by many different types of culinary influence
Scampia type of seafood
Schnitzela thin piece of meat that is breaded and then fried
Shrimpthe perfect food name for a large dog
Squida type of seafood
T-Bonea huge juicy cut of steak made up of sirloin and tenderloin meat divided by T-shaped bone
Tunaa seafood and also canned fish that goes on sandwiches and in salads
TurkeyAn edible fowl

🧀 Food Inspired Dog Names Derived From Dairy and Cheeses For Your New Dog


Now most dog owners know that feeding your dog any amount of cheese or dairy results in the most horrendous case of “stink-bottom” and it’s best to be avoided, but that doesn’t mean that dairy products don’t make awesome food names for dogs. We love “Brie” for a girl and “Colby” for a boy. Honorable mention goes to the name “Tofu” – it’s a very cute unisex option!

Briea type of cheese – one of the best food names for female dogs
Buttera perfect food name with many options – “Butterball”, “Butterbum”, “Butterbaby” etc…
Camembert“Cam” is one of those food dog names that work for girls and boys
Cheesycheese is one of the world's favorite foods and “Cheesy” is a perfect dog name for cheese lovers
Cojackan American cheese made from Monterey Jack and Colby cheese – one of those fun food names that will start conversations to explain
Colbya type of cheese that makes an excellent name for your boy furry friend
Fetaa type of cheese
Gorgonzolaa type of cheese that makes a quirky name choice – might suit a large dog best
MargShort for margarine and a super name for female dogs
Mozzarellaa type of cheese typically used for pizza
Parmesana type of cheese
Ricottaa type of cheese
Tofutofu is completely vegan, but it is made in a similar fashion to the way you would make cheese. Tofu is made by curdling fresh soya milk

🍞 Cute Food Names For Dogs Inspired by Grains and Breads For Your Pup Friend


Carbs – the beloved nemesis of every diet ever! Delicious warm or cold, smothered in cheese, butter, or any kind of topping really, just so long as the scrumptious bread is there! Our top pick of a bread and grain inspired name is without a doubt “Pumpernickel”. 

Bagelbread in the shape of a ring
Brana cereal grain
Briochea soft and sweet French bread
Bunsbuns are used when you make burgers or hot dogs – they hold the meat, salads and sauces
ChallahJewish bread
Couscousgranules of semolina
Croutonbread that is cut into cubes and seasoned and then toasted or fried – they are often added to salads to give some crunchy texture
Dumplinga dumpling is basically a piece of dough wrapped around various fillings and then cooked
Jasminefor jasmine rice
Melbafor melba toast – thinly sliced bread that is toasted
Naana type of flatbread
Noodlea noodle is a thin strip of pasta that is very long
Oatmeala family breakfast staple
Pitaa member of the flatbread family
Pumpernickela type of rye bread
Raisinfor raisin bread
Ryea type of bread
Toastsliced of bread that have been cooked until golden brown – almost every family has this for breakfast

🥜 Food Inspired Dog Names Based on Nuts and Seeds For The Pup With a Nutty Personality


Is your dog a little crazy, with a nutty personality? Then you want some nutty food names for dogs to consider. We love all these dog names – “Peanut” is a good old faithful moniker and “Poppy” is great for a girl dog. If you want something a little different, why not try “Kola” – it’s one of those dog names that works for any breed or gender.

Cashewa type of nut – “Cash” is a great food inspired name for a dog
Chestnuta type of nut
Chiaa type of seed that has incredible health benefits
Hazela nut
KolaKola nuts
Peanuta type of nut – salted they make very moreish snacks
Pecana type of nut
Pistachioa type of nut
Poppypoppy seeds
Sunflowersunflower seeds
Walnuta type of nut – “Wally” is a great food inspired dog name here

🍝 Fun Food Names Inspired by International Cuisines For Your Furry Best Friend

Tempeh is a fermented soy product, known for its firm texture and nutty flavor. It's also an awesome dog name!

These dog names will add a touch of international flair and class. We would love a little dog called “Mochi” and we think “Taco” is an awesome choice for a dog with a touch of spice to their personality. There are some great food names for dogs here from all over the world to choose from – what is your favorite type of international cuisine?

Alfredoan Italian pasta dish that gives a plethora of inspiration for fun food names “Alfie”, “Fredo”, or “Al”
Baba Ganousha Mediterranean eggplant dip
Baoziis a filled bun in Chinese cuisine – it is referred to as “Bao” – both are great dog names
Bentoa Japanese style packed lunch
BiscottiItalian almond biscuits specifically, but “biscotti” is also the Italian word for biscuits
Chalupaa fried tortilla with a spicy filling folded into a boat shape – this comes from Mexico
Champona noodle dish from Nagasaki, Japan (made by frying seafood, pork and vegetables and then adding a soup to it and lastly adding the noodles
Croissanta French pastry that is popular across the globe
Currytraditional Indian Cuisine (can be made with tofu to make it vegan)
Falafeldeep fried balls of chickpeas – this is Middle Eastern cuisine
GnocchiItalian potato dumplings
Guacamolean avocado dip that comes from Mexico – its a popular taco topping
Gumboa Louisiana stew
Gyozaa Japanese dumpling
GyroGreek food – meat is cooked on a vertical rotisserie then sliced and put into a pita with fried potatoes, salad and tzatziki
Jambalaya“Jamba” for short – a cajun rice dish which is similar to paella (has Spanish, African and French influences)
Japonicajaponica glutinous brown rice is the main ingredient in mochi because it is sweet
Jiaozia Chinese dumpling
Kimchikimchi is fermented vegetables – sort of like sauerkraut – kimchi is a traditional Korean dish
Maplemaple syrup is quintessentially a Canadian thing
MapoMapo Tofu is a popular Chinese dish
Meatloafground meat shaped into a log and then smoked or baked – original meatloaf was a Belgian, German and Scandinavian dish and has been adopted and adapted by America as a family dinner staple
MisoMiso soup is a traditional Japanese dish – this brothy soup usually contains small cubes of tofu
Mochimochi is a Japanese rice cake that is a sweet dessert – mochi comes in many different shapes, sizes and flavors
Moo Shua Chinese dish, moo shu pork consists of marinated pork strips stir fried with veggies and sauce
Mooncakea Chinese baked product
Nachoa Mexican dish of tortillas covered in melted cheese and often other topping too
Nik Naka corn crisp snack made by South African company Simba Chips
Noriis an edible seaweed used in sushi rolls and other types of Japanese dishes
Ramena Japanese noodle dish
Raviolia classic Italian pasta dish
Salsaa traditional Mexican sauce that can be used as a dip or as a taco topping
Sashimifresh raw fish slices – Japanese origins
Strudela German filled pastry
Sushisushi is a Japanese dish made with rice, raw seafood and vegetables wrapped in seaweed
Tacoa taco is traditional Mexican cuisine – it's a folded corn or wheat tortilla with a filling
Taquitois like a rolled taco – a tortilla that's rolled up around a filling – this is a Mexican dish
Tempehan Indonesian plant based protein that's made from fermented soy beans
Wontona Chinese dumpling
Zitian Italian pasta dish that makes a perfect dog name

🍷 Quirky Inspiration for Dog Names From Beverages For Your New Furry Friend


No meal is complete without a delicious bevvy to accompany it. Here is a great list of various drinks that make awesome names for dogs. We love the dog names “Juniper” and “Sherry” for girls and we love “Jameson” for boys. Our top unisex names for dogs are “Mocha” and “Java”. If you have a dog with a really bubbly personality, then the best name is “Bubbles”.

Baileyfor Bailey's Irish Cream
BevvyBritish slang for an alcoholic drink – “Bev” is the perfect dog name for female dogs
Bobaa tea that has tapioca balls in it
Brandyhard liquor – a great choice for food names for female dogs
Bubblesfor the bubbles in carbonated drinks – you can hear them fizzing
Budfor Budweiser beer
Champersa cute dog name for champagne lovers
Cocoahot cocoa is a tasty and warm drink to have on a cold day
Cosmofor the cosmopolitan cocktail – one of the best food names for male dogs
Earlgreat name for male dogs inspired by Earl Grey tea
Fantaa popular fizzy cooldrink
Gibsona Gibson Martini is often served with pickles (usually pearl onions on a cocktail stick)
Jack Danielsa brand of Tennessee whiskey
Jamesona blended Irish whiskey
Javaa nickname for coffee – Java is an Indonesian island where coffee beans are grown
Juniperthese berries are used to distill alcohol
Margaritaa tequila based cocktail – of course, too much will have you jumping for joy
Martinia gin based cocktail
Milkshakea flavored drink made from ice cream and milk
Mimosaa cocktail of champagne and orange juice
MochaMocha Latte – a latte that contains chocolate
Mojitoa rum based cocktail
Oolonga type of tea – a good name for a pup with long ears
Roséa type of wine
Shakesfor milkshake – great for a dog who wags their tail with joy
Sherrya type of wine
Shirleyfor the Shirley Temple cocktail
Shooterfor tots and shots of alcohol
Vinoslang for wine
White Ladythe white lady cocktail is made from gin, triple sec, lemon juice and egg whites – the perfect name for white dogs

🍔 Funny Food Names Inspired by Miscellaneous Foodie Favorites For Your New Dog


Now this is the list where it’s all happening – here are our best food names for dogs that don’t really fit into the other categories. Guys, “Tater” after the yummy tater tot is an awesome choice. We also adore “Fluffernutter”, “French Fry” and “Pickles” – but really, any of these food names for dogs are sure to make your pup a real talking point wherever you may go.

Benedictfor eggs benedict
Big Maca popular fast food
Blancha method of cooking vegetables whereby they are put briefly into boiling water and then placed into cold water to halt the cooking process
Burgera favorite food of many – a meat patty on a bun with salad and sauce
Burritoa tortilla wrapped around various ingredients in a sealed cylinder shape
Caesarfor the salad
Captain Cruncha cereal brand
Cheerioafter the cereal – perfect name for a dog that is full of joy
Cheetopuffed corn snack chips
Chipfor all the chip snacks
ChopstickChinese eating utensils
Crackerssalty biscuits – “Cheese” and “Crackers” are awesome food dog names for a pair of pups
Dijona French mustard
Dominothe popular pizza brand
Doritocorn chips
Drizzleanything that has something drizzled over it is usually guaranteed to be yummy
Dunkarooa snack food consisting of cookies that are meant to be dunked into the accompanying frosting
Fluffernuttera sandwich made of peanut butter and marshmallow creme
French Fryfried sliced potatoes – a favorite food everywhere!
Fritoflavored corn chips
Frittermade out of meat or veggies and formed into rounds (like a burger patty), then breaded and fried
Fruit Loopfruit loops are a cereal
Gherkinpopular pickles – made from mini cucumbers
Gooberchocolate covered peanuts
Grahamfor Graham Crackers
Gravya savory sauce for rice, mash etc
Hashhashbrowns are grated potatoes that are fried until golden
Heroanother term for a submarine sandwich
Hoagiea massive bread roll sandwich filled with deli meats, cheese and lots of other fillings – like a sub
Hot Doga sausage on a roll with various sauces and toppings
Jama fruit preserve that's spread on bread, toast and other baked goods – “Jammy” is a fun name
Jambonsquare pastry filled with ham and cheese and then baked until golden
Krispyfor rice krispy treats – these are bars made from melting marshmallow and mixing through rice crispy cereal then pressing it into a dish and letting it set before cutting it into bars
Lady Marmalademarmalade is similar to jam in that it is a spread on toast but it differs in that jam is made from one type of fruit and marmalade is made from citrus fruit
Lollyfor iced lollies – frozen flavored ice
Mac ‘n CheeseIs there any better name combo for 2 dogs?
Marmitesavory spread made from yeast extract – a British, Irish and South African thing that is spread on toast
Mashmashed potatoes
Munchyfor the munchies
NoshBritish slang for food
NutellaNutella really can go on anything – from spreading it on a pancake, to adding it to waffles and even just on a slice of toast – it's yum however you choose to consume it
Omeletteeggs fried and folded around various fillings
Oxobeef extract that makes stock for gravy
Peanut Buttera spread that can be crunchy or smooth – it is also used in a lot of baking, making it a popular dessert flavor. It is also the flavor in a lot of candy
Pestoa delicious pasta sauce
Picklesyou can pickle almost any vegetable but the most common is the cucumber
PizzaPizza is life – the end!
PopcornYou can't watch a movie without this snack – “Pop” and “Poppy” are fun food dog names inspired by popcorn
Pretzela baked pastry made from dough – alternatively they are crunchy salted snack foods
Pringlea brand of chips
Pufffor puff pastry
Pup Tarta play on Pop Tarts – a toaster pastry
Rouxflour and fat mixture that is used to thicken gravy and sauces
Rufflescrinkle cut potato chips
S'moreshort for “some more” this is a campfire treat consisting of toasted marshmallow sandwiched between 2 graham crackers (sometimes can also have chocolate in the filling)
Sausage Rollground pork rolled in pastry and baked
SnacksEveryone loves to snack!
Spaghettian Italian favorite
Sugarthe basis of all yummy baked goods, candy, and anything worth eating really!
Tater Tota tater tot is a cylinder of grated potato that is deep fried – “Tater” is an adorable dog's name
Tutti Fruttia popular flavor for candy and even ice cream

Last Thoughts

We are hungry! That is the only coherent thought after compiling this list. We will be back to read your favorite food names for dogs in the comments below after we have made a snack or 6!

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