300+ Best Marvel Dog Names For Your Superpowered Pooch

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If you’re a Marvel fan, then you know how rich and diverse this imaginary universe can be. From comics to movies, Marvel canon is so complex and thrilling that people just cannot get enough. 

There is no better nod to your fandom than to consider one of these names inspired by Marvel for your new dog. And let’s be honest, your pup’s name will attract other Marvel fans at the dog park where you can engage in fun debates about whether Loki really was a villain or simply just a misunderstood anti-hero living in the shadow of Thor!

So join us as we travel from Asgard, to Earth and then on to Knowhere in particular (see what we did there?) to find your pup the perfect Marvel dog name. 

🚺 Perfect Marvel Inspired Dog Names Derived From Female Marvel Characters

These female marvel dog names cover all your favorite character names in their human form. We love the Marvel dog name “Raven” for female dogs with shiny black coats, like the Newfoundland. We also think “Hope” is the perfect moniker for a regal breed like the Cocker Spaniel.

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Anna MarieRogue's name – her surname is unknown
BetsyBetsy Braddock is Psylocke
CarolCarol Danvers is the human behind the superhero Captain Marvel
DoreenDoreen Green aka Squirrel Girl
DrewJessica Drew aka Spider Woman
FeliciaFelicia Hardy is Black Cat
HeatherHeather Douglas is Moondragon
HopeHope Van Dyne is the human behind The Wasp superhero
JenniferJennifer Walters aka She-Hulk
JessicaJessica Jones becomes the superheroine Jewel
KittyKitty Pryde aka Sprite of the X-Men
LeeJubilation Lee is the mutant Jubilee
MayMay Parker is Spider Girl
NatashaNatasha Romanoff aka Black Widow
PatsyPatsy Walker aka Hellcat
RavenRaven Darkholme adopts the mutant name Mystique
Shurishe is Black Panther's sister
WandaWanda Maximoff becomes The Scarlet Witch
YelenaYelena Belova is also the Black Widow – in one version of Marvel she is portrayed as Natasha Romanoff's sister

🚹 Fun Marvel Inspired Names Derived From Male Marvel Characters

This list of marvel dog names is the best place to start if you have a boy dog. We adore the names “Bucky” and “Teddy” for male dogs of any breed, and we think the Marvel dog name “Howlett” is an appropriate name for a breed like the Husky that loves howling at you. 

BeckQuentin Beck becomes supervillain Mysterio
BenBen Grimm is the superhero called The Thing
Blakein the Marvel comics, Donald Blake was the the alias that Thor used while he was living on earth
BobbyBobby Drake is Iceman
BrockEddie Brock is Venom
BruceBruce Banner is The Hulk, a Marvel character that is a fan favorite
BuckyBucky Barnes is The Winter Soldier and childhood friend of Steve Rogers who becomes Captain America
CletusCletus Kasady is Carnage
ClintClint Barton aka Hawkeye
EddieEddie Brock is Venom
FrankFrank Castle aka The Punisher
HankHank Pym is Yellowjacket
HowlettJames Howlett is the human name of Wolverine
Jamesin the movies James Rhodes is a US air force officer who is also the best friend of Tony Stark aka Iron Man – he steals a Iron Man suit and upgrades it, calling himself War Machine/Iron Patriarch when he wears it
JimmyJimmy is the nickname for James – Wolverine
JohnnyJohnny Storm is the Human Torch
Loganthis is one of Wolverine's aliases
MurdockMatt Murdock aka Daredevil
NormanNorman Osborn is the Green Goblin
NorrinNorrin Radd aka The Silver Surfer
OttoOtto Octavius aka Doctor Octopus
PeterPeter Parker aka Spiderman
PietroPietro Maximoff is Quicksilver
QuillPeter Quill aka Star Lord from The Guardians of the Galaxy
ReedReed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic
RemyRemy LeBeau is Gambit
SamSam Wilson aka The Falcon
ScottScott Lang aka Ant Man
StephenStephen Vincent Strange aka Doctor Strange
SteveSteve Rogers aka Captain America
T'Challathis is the human name of Black Panther
TeddyTheodore “Teddy” Altman is the Hulkling, one of the Young Avengers
TonyTony Stark aka Iron Man
WadeWade Wilson is Deadpool

🦸🏻 Best Marvel Dog Names From The Avengers For Your Furry Friend

The big Hollywood movies have ensured that “The Avengers” have become household names and choosing one of these monikers for your pet dog is a fun idea to hint at who your favorite is. Our top male Marvel dog names are “Thor”, “Hulk” and “Odin” and we like “Squirrel” and “Wasp” for girls.

Ant ManAnt Man is part of the Avengers – he can become very big or very small
Black WidowBlack Widow was an assassin but is now working for S.H.I.E.L.D and is part of The Avengers Team
Captain Americahe is a superhero who is generally regarded as the leader of The Avengers
Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel is arguably the strongest Avenger in the Marvel universe – her human name is Carol Danvers and she and James “Rhodey” Rhodes have been dating a long time in the Marvel comics
Doctor Strangewhile Doctor Strange is not an official member of The Avengers, he teams up with them to defeat Thanos in the Infinity Wars movies
Friggain the movies and the comics Frigga was the Queen of Asgard, wife of Odin and mother of Thor
FuryNick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D
Happy Hoganhe is Tony Stark's security
Hawkeyehe has no powers but has good aim with a bow and arrow
Heimdallhe is the guard to Asgard
Hulkthe big green angry Avenger who says “Hulk Smash”
Iron Manhe is a superhero who is part of The Avengers
Jewelshe is a member of the new Avengers – her human name is Jessica Jones
Korghe is a Kronan Warrior who is a character in the Thor Movies
MariaMaria Hill is the deputy director of S.H.I.E.L.D
Odinhe is the King of Asgardian Gods and the father of Thor (and Loki in the Marvel movies)
Quicksilverhe has super speed and joins the Avengers in one movie
Scarlet Witchshe is a member of The Avengers who got her powers from the mind stone during Hydra experiments
SquirrelSquirrel girl has the power to communicate with squirrels and has been a member of the Avengers in the comic books
The Falconhe trained with Captain America
ThorThor is a superhero from Asgard and a member of The Avengers
Valkyrieshe is the oldest Avenger in the MCU
Visionhe is a sentient robot powered by the mind stone and the love interest of Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch
War MachineJames Rhodes when he wears his Iron Man suit
WaspThe Wasp (Hope Van Dyne) was a founding member of The Avengers in the Marvel comics

👽 Guardians Of The Galaxy Dog Names For Your New Pup

These Guardians of the Galaxy dog names are such fun considerations if you want Marvel names that are a little less mainstream. We love the male Marvel dog names “Drax” and “Warlock” and the female Marvel dog names “Nova” and “Rael”. 

DraxDrax the Destroyer wants to defeat Ronan who is the person who killed his family
Gamorashe is the adopted daughter of Thanos and is green
IraniIrani Rael is the leader of Nova Corporation
JackJack Flag was Captain America's sidekick before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy
Ko-Relshe is the captain of Hala's Hope and the mother of Nikki
Mantisshe has strong empathic powers and can control people's emotions through touch
Moondragonshe is Drax's daughter in the comics
NikkiNicolette Gold is a Nova Cadet – the Nova Corps is an intergalactic police force
NovaNova Prime is the former leader of the Nova Corps
RaelIrani Rael is the leader of Nova Corporation
RhommanRhomman Dey is a member of Nova Corps
Star Lordhe is the leader
Starhawkhe is one of the Ravagers, a group of space pirates
WarlockAdam Warlock was created as a weapon to destroy the Guardians but he escapes the Enclave to become a powerful hero
Yonduhe has blue skin and a red fin on his head – he is a villain turned anti-hero

⚡ Dog Names Inspired By Miscellaneous Marvel Characters

These Marvel dog names are simply fab – We love love love the dog name “Hellcat” for a puppy, because if you’ve had one, you know the chaos they can cause without even trying!

Black Knighthe is a comic book character that is both hero and villain – this is an appropriate name for a dog with a black coat
Daredevilhe is a Marvel superhero
Elektrashe is a skilled assassin in the Daredevil universe
Firebirdshe is able to fly and generate flames and heat – this is one of the coolest Marvel names for a dog
Hellcatshe is one of The Defenders
Silver Surfera human like alien that travels through space on a surfboard
Spider ManSpiderman is a superhero who got his powers from a bite from a radioactive spider
StacyGwen Stacy was Peter Parker's first love
Venomhe is an anti-hero symbiote who does evil for good reasons

🐈‍⬛ List Of Marvel Dog Names Inspired By Wakanda For Every Pup’s Personality

Here are some great Marvel names from the Wakanda universe. We love the dog name “Nakia” and “Black Panther” is a great choice for a pitch black Labrador.

Black PantherBlack Panther becomes the King of Wakanda after his father is killed
Nakiashe is the former lover of T'Challa and a Wakanda spy
Okoyeshe is one of the royal guards of Wakanda
T'ChakaKing T'Chaka is the King of Wakanda and the father of Black Panther

😍 Name Your New Pup After Marvel Teams And Groups

The world of Marvel is full of teams fighting evil and groups causing mischief and is also a rich source of inspiration for Marvel dog names for your pooch. There are some great dog names here – which is your favorite? We adore the Marvel dog names “Warrior” and “Alpha”. 

A-Forcean all female team of superheroes
AlphaAlpha Flight are a team of Canadian superheroes
AvengerThe Avengers are the most well-known team of heroes “Avengers Assemble!”
CommandoThe Howling Commandos are an elite combat group during WW2 that at one time was led by Captain America
Defenderthe Defenders are a group of superheroes who defend New York city from supernatural and criminal threats
Eternalthe Eternals are a race of beings with superpowers who are immortal
Fourfor the Fantastic Four who are a team of 4 superheroes who defend the world against threats
GalaxyThe guardians have joined up to fight Ronan the Accuser
GuardianThe guardians have joined up to fight Ronan the Accuser
HellfireThe Hellfire Club is a society who wants power and control who often come to conflict with the X-Men
MidnightThe Midnight Sons are a team of superheroes that appear in Marvel Comics
Morlockthe Morlocks are a group of mutant outcasts that live in the New York City sewers
Ravagerthey are a team of space pirates who have an unidentified affiliation
Serpenta group of snake-themed villains who often clash with Captain America
Skrullthey are a team of alien shapeshifting villains
Warriorthe New Warriors are a team of superheroes in Marvel Comic Books
X-Forcea covert mutant strike force
X-Manfor the X-Men team of mutants who fight for peace between mutants and humans and also fight enemies – your pup could be an X-Man

🦹🏻 Marvel Dog Names Inspired By Evil Villains

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you have to admit, the villains kind of make the story interesting – without them, who would the heroes fight? We love the female Marvel dog names “Phoenix” and “Nebula” and “Mysterio” for a boy.

Amorashe is The Enchantress and is a regular enemy of Thor in the comics
Ayeshashe is the golden high priestess who is a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy
Blackhearthe is a villain the Marvel movie Ghost Rider
Crossboneshe is a Hydra agent who pursues his own agenda against Captain America
Dormammuhe is the antagonist in the Doctor Strange universe
EgoEgo the Living Planet is the biological father of Peter Quill and Mantis who wants to assimilate all the planets into himself
Grandmasterhe is an immortal godlike alien who is a supervillain
Green Goblinhe is a nefarious villain in the Spider-Verse
Helathe Asgardian Goddess of Death and nemesis of Thor – she wants to conquer Asgard
Hobgoblinhe is a villain from the Spider Man comics that has yet to be in the movies
Juggernauthe is a villain in X-Men and the Spider-Verse
Kaeciliusis a dark sorcerer and villain in Doctor Strange
KillianAldrich Killian is the villain in Iron Man 3
Killmongerhe wants the throne of Wakanda to use its resources for global revolution
Kingpina mob boss style villain in the Spider-Verse and Daredevil
Korathhe is a major villain in both Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the Captain Marvel movie
Kursehe is a Thor villain
Lady Deathstrikeshe is a Marvel villain to Daredevil and Wolverine
Lokihe often tries to take over Asgard or Earth and often teams up with other villains to achieve his aims – he is the God of Mischief in Norse mythology and according to legend is not Thor's brother as is commonly depicted in Marvel movies
Magnetohe is an X-Men villain who can control metal
MalekithMalekith the accursed is a dark elf who wants to spread war across all the realms
MandarinThe Mandarin is an enemy of Iron Man in the comics
MysterioMysterio is a supervillain and is an adversary to Spider Man and Daredevil
Nebulashe is the less favored adopted daughter of Thanos (alongside Gamora) and is a supervillain (she later becomes an anti-hero)
ObadiahObediah Stane used to work at Stark Industries but betrayed Stark and turned bad
Phoenixshe is Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise when she is overwhelmed by the powers of the Phoenix
Red Skulla Hydra leader and arch-nemesis of Captain America – he wants global domination
RonanRonan the Accuser seems to be the enemy of everyone in the Marvel universe
Scorpionhe is an adversary in the Spider-Verse
Shockerhe continues to pop up in the Spider-Verse as an adversary but often joins other team in Marvel to bring about evil
Thanoshe wants to rule the world with the infinity stones
The Enchantressshe is a sorceress (Amora) who is an enemy of Thor in the comics
UltronAn AI created by Tony Stark with the aim of achieving world peace. Instead he becomes obsessed with world peace through human extinction
VultureThe Vulture is one of the most sinister villains in the Spider-Verse
Whiplashhe is another enemy that Iron Man must defeat
Winter Soldierhe is brainwashed and turned into an assassin but eventually comes over to fight alongside the heroes
Yellowjacketan alter ego of Hank Pym who uses the Yellowjacket for nefarious purposes
ZemoHeinrich and Helmut Zemo are adversaries of Captain America

🧬 Dog Names Inspired By Marvel Mutants For Your New Pooch 

Be honest, you’ve daydreamed about having some mutation that gives you powers, right? How cool it would be! Here are some of the best mutant dog names for your puppy.

Beastone of X-Men's founding members
Blinkshe can open portals
Boom Boomshe can make bombs and explosives and launch them from her hands
Cannonballhe can generate energy that thrusts him powerfully through the air
Cyclopsa mutant who emits beams of energy from his eyes
Dakenhe is Wolverine's son
Dazzlershe can convert sound to light
Deadpoolhe is a potty mouthed mutant who doesn't play by the rules – his power is regeneration
Dominoshe can create a psionic aura that allows her to manipulate a situation and have it turn out how she wants it to
Gambita mutant who can charge objects with explosive power turning them into weapons
Groothe is a tree-like being that only says “I am Groot” – he is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy series
Havoche can absorb energy and then re-emit it as circular plasma beams
Icemanhe is a founding member of the X-Men in the comic books
JeanJean Grey is a mutant with strong powers who lives at Xavier's school in the X-Men franchise
Jubileeshe is a mutant in the X-Men universe
Marrowa mutant with bones that grow out of her skin that she can use as weapons.
Mystiqueshe is a blue mutant
Nightcrawlera mutant with teleportation power
Northstarhe is a mutant who can fly and move at nearly the speed of light
Professor XCharles Xavier – X-Men's founder and the most powerful telepath in the world
Psylockeshe has the ability to manipulate people's minds
Pyrohe can control fire
SpriteKitty Pryde becomes Sprite – she is a mutant and part of the X-Men
Spykehe has bone spikes that grow out his body that he can retract or extend
Stormshe is a blue eyed and white haired African priestess who is romantically involved with Black Panther in the comic books
Sunfirehe is a Japanese mutant
Wild Childhe has super senses, agility, speed, reflexes, coordination, balance and endurance
Wolverinehe is a mutant and X-Men's leader

💘 Great Names Inspired By Marvel Love Interests For Your New Puppy Love

Even superheroes have to fall in love (and sure, without a love story, how would you ever get your girlfriend to watch these movies with you!). Our top picks for female Marvel dog names are “Betty” and “Maggie”.

BettyBetty Ross and Bruce Banner were in love with each other
ChristineDoctor Strange is in love with Christine Palmer in the MCU
Cleain the comics Doctor Strange loves and eventually marries the sorceress named Clea
GwenGwen Stacy was Peter Parker's first love
JaneJane Foster is Thor's love interest
LukeLuke Cage eventually marries Jessica Jones in the comics
MaggieMaggie Lang is the first wife of Ant Man – he is now with Hope Van Dyne aka Wasp
Mary JaneMary Jane Watson is the true love of Peter Parker aka Spider Man
Nikolaiin the comics he is Natasha Romonova and Nikolai fell in love and got married while they both served in the Russian Army during WW2
OroroOroro Munroe is the love interest of Black Panther in the comics
PeggyPeggy is the lady love of Steve Rogers (Captain America)
PepperPepper Potts ends up marrying Tony Stark aka Iron Man
RhodeyJames “Rhodey” Rhodes and Carol Danvers are in love in the comics

🏹 Name Your Marvel Dog After The Weapons Of Your Favorite Heroes

These weapons are uber-cool! We quite like the idea of “Bow” and “Arrow” for a pair of dogs, but if you only have one new dog, how about “Ebony” or “Thunderbolt”?

AgamottoThe Eye of Agamotto is a mystical amulet with the time stone in it that grants the user control over time and reality
Bionicfor Winter Soldier's bionic arm which gives him superhuman strength and durability
Bow and Arrowthis is to honor Hawkeye's weapons and would suit a pair of dogs
Carnagethe Carnage Symbiote can form his limbs into weapons and even create new ones
ClawWolverine has adamantium-coated retractable claws, allowing for enhanced combat abilities.
Crimsonthe Crimson Bands of Cyttorak are mystical bindings used by Doctor Strange to immobilize enemies
Darkholdused by the Scarlet Witch this is an ancient and malevolent magical book that corrupts the user and contains powerful spells and dark knowledge
DestroyerDestroyer Armor is a sentient suit of armor that shoots laser beams from its face
Ebonya mystical sword with magical properties used by The Black Knight – this is a great name for a dog with black fur
Gungnirthis is Odin's enchanted spear
Hulk Busterthis is a suit made by Tony Start to combat the tantrums of the Hulk and stop him breaking things he shouldn't
Infinityfor the Infinity Gauntlet belonging to Thanos
Mjolnirthe enchanted hammer used by Thor – only the worthy can lift it
Nornthe Norn Stones are often used by Loki in his schemes – they are enchanted gems
Pymfor Ant Man's size changing ability – Pym Particles increase or decrease the distance between atoms
RepulsorIron Man's repulsor beam laser weapons that are on his hands
Shieldfor Captain America's shield
Soulswordthe weapon wielded by Magik a Marvel comic book character
Stormbreakerthe name of the enchanted ax used by Thor
Thunderboltthe weapon used by Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder
UnibeamIron Man's chest repulsor beam laser weapon
Vibrafor vibranium weapons used by Wakandans
Webfor Spider Man's web shooters

🦝 Marvel Dog Names That Pay Homage To Animal Characters Within The Marvel Universe

We love animals – no surprises there, huh? Our favorite male Marvel dog names are “Cosmo” and “Rocket”, and if you have a lady, how about “Bessie” after the vampire cow?

Bastthe Panther God of Wakanda
BessieBessie is Hellcow – a vampire cow
CosmoCosmo the Spacedog is a telepathic super pup who is a Golden Retriever – he hangs out with Star Lord and The Guardians of the Galaxy
Devil Dinosaura big red T-Rex with a psychic link to Moon Girl
Hairballa supercat that appears in the Avengers comics
Hellcowshe is a vampire cow
HowardHoward the Duck is skilled the martial art Quack-Fu and extreme sarcasm
Jumpashe is Wonder Woman's pet flying kangaroo
Lockheedan alien dragon most commonly associated with the X-Men
Lockjawa giant bulldog who can teleport himself and others across dimensions
Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkinsa male humanoid hippo with super strength
PuddlegulpThrogs name before he got Thor's powers
Redwinga falcon in the comics who is the companion of The Falcon – this bird has enhanced intelligence
Rintraha minotaur who is the faithful friend of Doctor Strange in the comics
RocketRocket Raccoon is a superhero who is a major Marvel character
Snowbirdshe is an Inuit Goddess with the ability to shapeshift into various arctic animals
Swarma supervillain whose body is entirely made of bees
Throghe is The Frog of Thunder – a frog with the powers of Thor – he even wields a tiny hammer called Frog Mjolnir
Tippy Toeshe is a squirrel and Squirrel Girl's partner in the comics
Zabua saber tooth tiger with enhanced strength and senses who is a companion of Ka-Zar

🌎 Dog Names Inspired By Imaginary Places In The Marvel Universe

Marvel would be nothing without the imaginary places where all the action happens. We love the male Marvel dog names “Baxter” and “Xavier” and “M” for a girl.

AsgardMythical realm inhabited by Norse gods, including Thor and Odin
Attilanit is a floating city inhabited by the Inhumans
BaxterThe Baxter Building is located in Manhattan and is the headquarters of the Fantastic Four
BlueThe Blue Area of the Moon is visited by various Marvel characters
Buglethe Daily Bugle is a fictional newspaper company from the Spider-Verse
FlameThe Valley of the Flame is a prehistoric location that features in the Ka-Zar comic stories
Genoshathis is a fictional country run by Magneto as a sanctuary for mutants
Halathis is the homeworld of The Kree – a blue skinned military race of beings
Knowherethis is the headquarters of the Guardians of the Galaxy – it is the severed head of a celestial being
Latveriaa fictional country in East Europe that is ruled by Doctor Doom
Mpronounced “Em” – a floating space station created by Magneto
Madripoora fictional island that is often associated with Wolverine and the X-Men
MonsterMonster Isle is an island inhabited by giant monsters that features in the Marvel Monster Comics
Savagethe Savage Land is a hidden prehistoric jungle in Antarctica with advanced tech that is visited by various Marvel characters
ShadowThe Shadowlands is a mystical dimension associated with Daredevil
Symkariaa small country next to Latveria
Tajkamar Taj is a mystical location in Nepal where sorcerers in Doctor Strange go to train
WakandaCountry in Africa known for its advanced technology, vibranium deposits, and home to Black Panther (T'Challa)
XavierXavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is a school for mutants and the headquarters of the X-Men

🎥 Name Your Furry Friend After The Actors That Portray Your Favorite Marvel Character

And last but certainly not least, here are all the wonderful Marvel actors that bring your favorite characters to life on the big screen. Who do you like best?

BautistaDave Bautista plays Drax the Destroyer
BenedictBenedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange
BerryHalle Berry plays the role of Storm/Ororo Munroe
BettanyPaul Bettany plays Vision the robot
BrieBrie Larson plays the role of Captain Marvel
CateCate Blanchett plays Hela
ChadwickChadwick Boseman is Black Panther
ChrisChris Pratt plays Star Lord
CobieCobie Smulders plays Maria Hill
CooperBradley Cooper is the voice of Rocket Raccoon
DallasBryce Dallas howard is one of the actresses that has played Gwen Stacy
DieselVin Diesel is the voice of Groot
DjimonDjimon Hounsou is Korath
DonDon Cheadle is James Rhodes/War Machine
ElizabethElizabeth Olson is Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
EvangelineEvangeline Lilly is The Wasp
EvansChris Evans as Captain America
FlorenceFlorence Pugh plays The Black Widow
GillanKaren Gillan plays Nebula
GwynethGwyneth Paltrow is Pepper Potts
HalleHalle Berry plays the role of Storm/Ororo Munroe
HardyTom Hardy is Venom
HayleyHayley Atwell is Peggy Carter
HemsworthChris Hemsworth plays Thor
HollandTom Holland is Peter Parker/Spider Man
IdrisIdris Elba plays Heimdall
JacksonSamuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury in the movies
JakeJake Gyllenhaal is Quentin Beck/Mysterio
JeffJeff Goldblum is the Grandmaster
JeremyJeremy Renner is Hawkeye in The Avengers
JordanMichael B. Jordan plays Erik Killmonger
JoshJosh Brolin is Thanos
JuniorRobert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron man
KirstenKirsten Dunst played Mary Jane Watson
LaceyLacey Chabert is one of the actresses that has played Gwen Stacy
LillyEvangeline Lilly is The Wasp
LivLiv Tyler plays Betty Ross
LupitaLupita Nyong'o plays Nakia in the Black Panther movies
MackieAnthony Mackie is Sam Wilson/Falcon
NatalieNatalie Portman is Jane Foster
PaulPaul Rudd is Ant Man
PomPom Klementieff plays Mantis
RachelRachel McAdams plays the role of Christine Palmer
RuffaloMark Ruffalo as Bruce banner/Hulk
RussellKurt Russell plays Ego the Living Planet
RyanRyan Reynolds is Wade Wilson/Deadpool
ScarlettScarlett Johansson plays Black Widow in The Avengers movies
SebastianSebastian Stan is Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
TessaTessa Thomson is the actress who plays Valkyrie
TomTom Hiddleston plays the role of Loki
TylerLiv Tyler plays Betty Ross
WillWill Poulter plays Adam Warlock
WongBenedict Wong portrayed Wong in Doctor Strange – set must have been fun with 2 Benedicts!
ZoeZoe Saldana plays Gamora

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed exploring the world of Marvel with us and that you found a great name for your pooch. Tell us what you chose in the comments below.

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