300+ Hockey Dog Names for Your Puck-Chasing Pup

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In the thrilling world of ice hockey, where blistering slapshots, jaw-dropping saves, and dazzling dekes reign supreme, there's a unique camaraderie that unites players and fans alike. But what happens when that unifying spirit extends to the four-legged friends in our lives? Introducing the delightful fusion of two passions – the exhilarating world of hockey and boundless affection for our furry companions – in the quest to find the perfect hockey dog names!

Join us on a breakaway through the frozen landscapes of hockey culture, where the power of the puck, the magic of the rink, and the charisma of legendary players meet the wagging tails of our fur-coated MVP’s.

So, if you're one of the most dedicated hockey fans looking for a way to celebrate your favorite sport every time you call your dog, read on, you’re guaranteed to find these hockey dog names as electrifying as an overtime goal! 

🚺 Hockey Inspired Dog Names For Female Dogs

These legendary figures in the women’s ice hockey league provide some awesome inspiration for hockey dog names for female dogs. We adore the dog names “Cammi”, “Gigi”, and “Halli” – we are certain fellow hockey fans will know the reference immediately.

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AbbyAbby Roque is an American player
AlexandraAlexandra Vafina is a Russian player
AmandaAmanda Kessel is on the US national women's team
AngelaAngela Ruggiero is a former American player
AngelinaAngelina Goncharenko is a Russian player
AnnaAnna Prugova is a Russian player
AnnieAnnie Pankowski is an American player
BaileyBailey Bram is a retired player
BellamyKacey Bellamy is an American player
BriannaBrianna Decker is a former American player
CammiCammi Granato was one of the first women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame
CassieCassie Campbell-Pascall is a retired player
CaylaCayla Barnes plays on the US national women's team
DaniDani Cameranesi is an American player
EmeranceEmerance Maschmeyer is a Canadian player
GigiGigi Marvin plays for Boston Pride
GraceGrace Zumwinkle is an American player
HalliHalli Krzyzaniak is a Canadian player
HayleyHayley Wickenheiser is considered the G.O.A.T of women's hockey
HilaryHilary Knight is an ice hockey forward
JessicaJessica Campbell is a Canadian player and coach
JincyJincy Dunne is on the US women's team
JulieJulie Chu played on the US women's team
KaceyKacey Bellamy is an American player
KellyKelly Terry played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers
KendallKendall Coyne is an American player
MeeriMeeri Raisanen is a Finnish player
MeghanMeghan Agosta is a Canadian player
MollyMolly Schaus is a retired player
NatalieNatalie Darwitz is a retired player
RoqueAbby Roque is an American player
SusannaSusanna Tapani is a Finnish player
TanjaTanja Eisenschmid is a German player
TessaTessa Bonhomme is a Canadian player
ValentinaValentina Lizana is a Swedish player who has now retired
VionaViona Harrer is a German player
ZumwinkleGrace Zumwinkle is an American player

🚹 Hockey Inspired Dog Names For Male Dogs

This list includes some of the most iconic male players to ever grace the ice. Giving your boy dog one of these hockey dog names is sure to be an epic conversation starter wherever you go. Our top pick is “Teddy” for your male hockey dog.

AlexAlex Ovechkin – a hockey legend
ArtemiArtemi Panarin is a Russian player
AustonAuston Matthews – Toronto Maple Leafs
BobbyBobby Orr is considered at the G.O.A.T of ice hockey and is one of the most famous players ever
BossyMike Bossy – one of the great hat trick scorers in the NHL
BrettBrett Hull was popular with hockey fans because he has scored a hat trick many times
CaleCale Makar – Colorado Avalanche
CareyCarey Price – Montreal Canadiens
EddieEddie Shore – Boston Bruins
GordieGordie Howe – a hockey player who has scored 1767 top shelf goals – he is one of the world's most famous players
GretzkyWayne Gretzky – former Canadian ice hockey player
GuyGuy Lafleur – Montreal Canadiens
IgorIgor Shesterkin – New York Rangers
JacquesJacques Plante a hockey legend who popularized goalies wearing face masks
JoeJoe Sakic – Colorado Avalanche
JosiRoman Josi – Nashville Predators
KanePatrick Kane is an ice hockey player
KirillKirill Kaprizov – Minnesota Wild
LeonLeon Draisaitl – Edmonton Oilers
MarcelMarcel Dionne – LA Kings
MarioMario Lemieux played professional hockey – he was a favorite amongst hockey fans and has scored a hat trick multiple times
MartinMartin Brodeur – New Jersey Devils
MauriceMaurice Richard – Montreal Canadiens
MaximMaxim Mamin – HC CSKA Moscow
McDavidConnor McDavid – Edmonton Oilers
MessierMark Messier won 6 Stanley Cup championships
NathanNathan MacKinnon – Colorado Avalanche
NikitaNikita Kucherov – Tampa Bay Lightning
PetteriPetteri Lindbohm – Chicago Wolves
PhilPhil Esposito was popular with hockey fans because he has scored a hat trick many times
RayRay Bourque – Boston Bruins
RomanRoman Josi – Nashville Predators
RoyPatrick Roy is hailed as the best goalie in NHL history
SeguinTyler Seguin – Dallas Stars
SergeiSergei Boikov – Colorado Avalanche
SethSeth Jones – Chicago Blackhawks
TavaresJohn Tavares – Toronto Maple Leafs
TaylorTaylor Hall – Boston Bruins
TeddyClarence “Teddy, Ted” Saunders was an ice hockey player
VictorVictor Hedman – Tampa Bay Lightning
WayneWayne Gretzky – former Canadian ice hockey player and one of the most famous players in the world

🤩 Players Nicknames That Make Fun Dog Names 

Most sports give players fun nicknames based on their signature moves and hockey is no different. There are some incredible nicknames here that translate into interesting hockey dog names. Every single one of these dog names are likely to be a conversation starter – we can’t even pick a favorite because they are all so great!

Big BirdLarry Robinson's nickname
BonesGary Bromley's nickname
Boom BoomBernie Geoffrion's nickname
Captain CrunchWendel Clark's nickname
CementheadDave Semenko's nickname
ChicoGlen Resch's nickname
Crazy EddieEddie Balfour's nickname
CujoCurtis Joseph's nickname
Doughnut BoyDon Koharski the retired referee's nickname
FlashThe Finnish Flash was Teemu Selanne's nickname
FlowerGuy Lafleur's nickname
Golden JetBobby Hull's nickname
GrapesDon Cherry's nickname
GrimThe Grim Reaper was Stu Grimson's nickname
GumpLorne Worsley's nickname
HoudiniPavel Datsyuk's nickname
Iron ManGary Unger's nickname
JumboJoe Thornton's nickname
King KongJerry Korab's nickname
LuckyLuc Robitaille's nickname
Magic ManPavel Datsyuk's nickname
MooseMark Messier's nickname
Mr. ClutchJoe Sakic's nickname
Mr. Douglasone of many nicknames of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky – his teammates called him this because he used to use his middle name when checking into hotels
Mr. HockeyGordie Howe's nickname
Mr. ZeroFrank Brimsek's nickname
Ned FlandersPeter Budaj's nickname
NutsRon Tugnutt's nickname
Oviethis is what they call Alex Ovechkin
PenncakesDustin Penner's nickname
PicklesMarc-Edouard Vlasic's nickname
PunchGeorge Imlach's nickname
RadarAl Arbour's nickname
RoadrunnerYvan Cournoyer's nickname
RocketThe Russian Rocket was Pavel Bure's nickname
Sid the KidSidney Crosby has this nickname and is one of the most famous players of this exhilarating sport
SlatsGlen Sather's nickname
Super MarioMario Lemieux's nickname
SuskiSusanna Tapani's nickname – she's from Finland
TazTerry O'Reilly's nickname
The Boogie ManDerek Boogaard's nickname
The CatFelix Potvin's nickname
The DominatorDominik Hasek's nickname
The EagleEddie Balfour's nickname
The HammerDave Schultz's nickname
The KingHenrik Lundqvist's nickname
TicketsDanny Gare's nickname
TigerDave Williams' nickname
ToeHector Blake's nickname
WolfmanKen Morrow's nickname

😁 Funny Hockey Inspired Names For Your Furry Friend

If you’re a hockey fan with an epic sense of humor, then this list of funny hockey inspired names is sure to get you LOL-ing. We love the names “Muzzy” and “Dinger”.

Barnburgeris what hockey fans call a high-scoring game
Beautya hockey player who is popular because of his skills and his personality
Benderwhen a hockey player has bent ankles whilst skating
Bluethere is a blue line in front of each of the goals about a third of the way down the rink – the blue line is the way a referee judges if a player is offside (when you cross the line into opposition territory before the puck does)
Cellywhen fans and players celebrate after a goal is scored
Chicletthe word for teeth
Chirpthis is when you trash talk the opposition – fans and players do this
Clapperanother word for a slapshot
Cruise MissileConnor Banks is called this in the movie Mystery, Alaska – you can spell it “Cruz” for a cool name for your hockey dog
Dingerthe chewing tobacco that players partake in in the locker room
Dustera person who “collects dust” on the bench because he doesn't get much time on the ice – “Dusty” is a great hockey dog name
Eggwhen the final score is 0-0
Flamingowhen a player stands on one leg to get out of the way
Ginothis is a goal
Gongshowwhen a game gets out of control fans might say “that game was a gongshow”
Hockeyhockey is an exhilarating sport and is a perfect hockey themed name for your furry friend
Muffina shot that wavers in the air – a weak attempt at scoring a goal
Muzzyhockey speak for a mustache – also called a lip sweater
Plumberthe hard working player on a team that usually does the dirty work in a game
Sievea goalie who doesn't save many goals
Silkyfans say a player with great skill has silky hands
Stanleythe Stanley Cup is the trophy awarded to the annual NHL championship winners

😎 Hockey Dog Names Inspired by Your Favorite Team Mascots

Hockey has some of the best team mascots in any sport and they’re as well-known as the players themselves. As silly as it is, we just love the name “Badaboum”, but if you want something a little less extra, the hockey dog names “Boomer” and “Sparky” are great choices.

AlAl the Octopus – Detroit Red Wings
Badaboumformer mascot of the Quebec Nordiques
Bennysecondary mascot for the Winnipeg Jets
BernieColorado Avalanche
BladesBoston Bruins
Boomerformer mascot of the Columbus Blue Jackets
BuoyThe Seattle Kraken
CarltonCarlton the Bear – Toronto Maple Leafs
CarolineThe Carolina Hurricanes
ChanceChance the Gila Monster – Vegas Golden Knights
CocoCoco the Bear – Hershey Bears
DevilN.J. Devil – the New Jersey Devils
FinFin the Whale – Vancouver Canucks
GnashThe Nashville Predators
GrittyPhiladelphia Flyers
HarveyHarvey the Hound – Calgary Flames
HowlerHowler the Coyote – Arizona Coyotes
HunterThe Edmonton Oilers
IceburghThe Pittsburgh Penguins
Kingstonformer mascot for the LA Kings
LouieLouie Bear – The St. Louis Blues
Mick E. MooseWinnipeg Jets
NordyThe Minnesota Wild
NyislesThe New York Islanders
PantherStanley C. Panther – Florida Panthers
PranksterPrankster Bear – Vancouver Canucks (retired)
Sabretooththe Buffalo Sabres
SharkieS.J. Sharkie – San Jose Sharks
SlapshotThe New Jersey Devils
SparkySparky the Dragon – The New York Islanders
SpartacatThe Ottawa Senators
StingerColumbus Blue Jackets
StormyThe Carolina Hurricanes
Thrashretired mascot of the Atlanta Thrashers
ThunderbugTampa Bay Lightning
TommyTommy Hawk – Chicago Blackhawks
ViktorViktor E. Ratt – Florida Panthers
Wild WingAnaheim Ducks
Wingerretired mascot of the Washington Capitals
YouppiMontreal Canadiens

🏟️ Name Your Hockey Dog After Your Favorite Team or Your Favorite Sport Venue

Every fan has a favorite team, so naming your hockey dog to honor it is a no brainer. We love the hockey dog names “Ranger” and “Jet” and “Blackhawk” is the best name ever for a dog with a pitch black coat.

BellBell Center is an arena in Montreal
Blackhawkfor the Chicago Blackhawks
Cap Onefor Capital One Arena in Washington
Coyotefor the Arizona Coyotes
EdmontonThe Edmonton Oilers are one of the hockey teams that Wayne Gretzky played for and they have the best power play percentage currently
Flameone of the cool team names is The Calgary Flames
GilaGila River Arena is in Arizona
Jetfor the Winnipeg Jets – this is one of those team names that also makes an incredible name for your furry friend
KingLA Kings one of the hockey teams Wayne Gretzky played for
Knightfor the Vegas Golden Knights
Krakenone of the badass team names is The Seattle Kraken
Lightningfor Tampa Bay Lightning
Little Caesarthis arena is in Detroit
Louis BlueThe St. Louis Blues are a hockey team that Wayne Gretzky played for
MadisonMadison Square Garden has an ice hockey rink
Mapleone of the NHL hockey team names is The Toronto Maple Leafs
MontyThe Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 24 times
PenguinThe Pittsburgh Penguins are a hockey team – Mario Lemieux played for them
RangerThe New York Rangers are a hockey team that Wayne Gretzky played for
RogerRoger's Place is an arena in Alberta
SenatorThe Ottawa Senators are an NHL hockey team – Clarence “Teddy, Ted” Saunders played 19 games for them
Starfor the Dallas Stars
Wells Fargothis arena is in Philadelphia

🗣️ Hockey Dog Names Inspired by Hockey Lingo and Slang Terms For Your Furry Friend

Hockey has some really cool lingo to go along with such a badass sport. Perhaps you choose to name your dog after a cool power play or trick move, or you might want to honor the number of fights that happen on the ice with a name like “Barney” for your hockey dog.

Applerefers to an assist
Barneythe ice rink is referred to as the barn/also “a barney” is slang for a fight and there is a lot of fighting in ice hockey, therefore “Barney” is the perfect hockey themed name for your furry friend
Bluelinera defense player
Butterflya way to defend the goals where you keep your pads on the ice and your shoulders are up high to cover as much goal area as you can
Chippya player who is aggressive and likes to fight
Danglewhen a player has great skill with the stick that enables him to keep possession whilst moving through the offensive line
Goaliethe goalie is the person who defends the goals to stop the other team from scoring – fans get very cross when a goalie lets a goal through
Goona player who fights
Hoserbefore the zamboni, the losing side had to hose the ice down after a game – hence the term hoser for a loser
Icingshooting the puck down the ice from your own side of the red line
Powera power play is when one team has more players due to someone on the other team being sent off
Sinthe sin bin is where a player has to go when he commits a foul – it's like a timeout
Slap Shotthe slapshot is a hard, powerful and often wild shot that is hit very hard and from a distance
Snap Shotthe snapshot is a quick release shot (no big windup) hit with a powerful force
Snipea well-placed and timed strike that results in a goal being scored
Tillya fight on the ice
Topthe top shelf is the part of the goals between the goalie's shoulders and the top bar
Umbrellaa type of power play where you draw the goalie to one side of the ice and then score from the other

🏒 Hockey Dog Names Inspired by Equipment and Gear

One of the coolest hockey dog names is “Vulcan” – it’s strong and fierce. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, you could choose to name your pup “Biscuit” – really cute and sweet. What kind of personality does your hockey dog have?

Biscuitthis is the common term for a hockey puck
Bonnetrefers to the helmet
Bucketthis is the word for helmet
Cagethe net/goals
Guarda mouth guard to protect your teeth (chiclets) from being knocked out – “Guardian is a great hockey dog name
Helmetto protect your head
Jillprotective jocks for women
Lumbera hockey stick
Mittsa player's hands/gloves
Padsto protect your body from being bashed when players pummel into you
Pillowthe padding on the legs that the goalie wears
Puckthe black disc that gets hit around during ice hockey
Skatesice skates to be able to move on the ice
Twigrefers to the hockey stick
Vulcanthe puck is made from a material called vulcanized rubber

😃 Hockey Inspired Dog Names Derived From Popular Hockey Brands

There are a number of hockey brands out there that supply players with all their gear. Our top pick is “Warrior” – it is the perfect hockey dog name.

Bauermanufacturer of hockey equipment
BrianBrian's are famous for their goalkeeper gear
Eastonthey make a wide range of sports equipment and also service the hockey industry
Grafthey make quality skates
Inglascothese are the official puck suppliers for the NHL – “Lasco” is a cool name for your furry friend
Sher-Woodthey make hockey equipment
Truethey make hockey equipment
Vaughnthey make goalkeeper gear
Warriorthey make hockey equipment

🎬 Name Your Hockey Dog After Fictional Hockey Characters

There are so many nail-biting and super inspirational movies about hockey and accordingly there are many awesome characters to inspire some epic hockey dog names. We adore the name “Mighty Duck” in honor of the popular movie franchise series Mighty Ducks.

AdamAdam Banks from the Mighty Ducks franchise
BradenNed Braden from the movie Slap Shot
BrandonBrandon Walsh from the TV Show Beverly Hills 90210
CharlieCharlie Conway from the Mighty Ducks franchise
ConnorConnor Banks from Mystery, Alaska
DarrenDarren Roanoke from the movie The Love Guru
DaveDave Carlson from the movie Slap Shot
DeanDean Youngblood from the movie Youngbloods
DenisDenis Lemieux from the movie Slap Shot
DerekDerek Sutton from the movie Youngblood
DougDoug Dorsey from the movie The Cutting Edge
FultonFulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks franchise
GaffneyJulie Gaffney from the Mighty Ducks franchise
GlattDoug Glatt from the movie Goon
GordonGordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks franchise
GregGreg Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks franchise
GunnarGunnar Stahl from the Mighty Ducks franchise
Jackone of the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slap Shot
Jeffone of the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slap Shot
JohnJohn Biebe from the movie Mystery, Alaska
JudgeJudge Walter Burns from the movie Mystery, Alaska
KillerDave “Killer” Carlson from the movie Slap Shot
LaflammeXavier Laflamme from the movie Goon
Mighty Duckthe Mighty Ducks franchise
MurrayMurray Chadwick from the movie Youngbloods
NedNed Braden from the movie Slap Shot
OttoOtto Rocket from the movie Rocket Power
PaulaPaula Taymore from the movie Hockey Mom
ReedFulton Reed from the Mighty Ducks franchise
ReggieReggie Dunlop from the movie Slap Shot
RossRoss Rhea from the movie Goon
RussRuss Tyler from the Mighty Ducks franchise
Steveone of the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slap Shot
StevieStevie Weeks from the movie Mystery, Alaska
The BossRoss “The Boss” Rhea from the movie Goon
ThompsonDerek Thompson from the movie Tooth Fairy
TreeTree Lane from the movie Mystery, Alaska
TylerRuss Tyler from the Mighty Ducks franchise
XavierXavier Laflamme from the movie Goon

🏑 Name Your Furry Friend After Field Hockey Players

Just because ice hockey is the most popular form of this sport, doesn’t mean we forgot about all the field hockey players. Check out this list of fun names to honor those who prefer to stay on terra firma, rather than slip and slide around on the ice. We love “John John” for a boy and “Maddie” for a girl.

AislingAisling D'Hooghe – Ireland
ArthurArthur van Doren – Belgium
CarinaCarina Benninga – Netherlands
CranBarrythey make field hockey equipment
DeirdreDeirdre Duke – Ireland
Ditathey make field hockey equipment
DukeDeirdre Duke – Ireland
FergusFergus Kavanagh – Australia
FlorianFlorian Kunz – Germany
Graysa field hockey equipment company
HawkshawSarah Hawkshaw – Ireland
HollieHollie Pearne-Webb – England
JamieJamie Dwyer – Australia
John JohnJohn John Dohmen – Belgium
Kookaburrathey make field hockey sticks
LeeLee Seungil – South Korea
LizzieLizzie Colvan – Ireland (retired)
LucianaLuciana Aymar – Argentina
MaddieMaddie Hinch – England
MinkMink van der Weerden – Netherlands
NicolaNicola Daly – Ireland
SloanIan Sloan – Ireland
SohailSohail Abbas – Pakistan
TeunTeun de Nooijer – Netherlands
TomTom Boon – Belgium

Last Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed exploring the exciting world of hockey with us. Tell us which hockey dog names are your favorite in the comments below.

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