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Butternut Box is revolutionizing the dog food industry within the U.K. by providing fresh dog food to many breeds. They're a company that strictly puts “pooches before profits” and puts dogs around the center of their operations.

If you're a dog owner and want the best for your canine, Butternut box should be on your radar. 

What is a Butternut box?

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Do you want healthy and little processed food for your dog? If so, a Butternox box is precisely that: it's full of healthy food for your dog delivered to your door. Everything in this box is deemed human quality, full of vegetables and meat. The food has been carefully cooked to make simple, tasty, and filling meals for your dogs.

Everything in a Butternox box includes simple and fresh ingredients. All food inside is grain-free, which won't trigger any of your dog's allergies, and all are gently cooked so the temperatures won't affect the food.

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Sounds tasty and wholesome, right? These perfectly portioned boxes are fantastic for any dog breed and of any age.

Typically a Butternut box will cost around £40-£50 for 3 weeks (this can vary according to the size, weight and activity of your dog). However, that's without any extras included in the box. The Butternut Box company also has a refer a friend service.

If you refer a friend to use the Butternut box, you will get discounts on your own boxes. All you will need to do is get them to enter your full name before they check out with their order. Similarly, on your account, you will have your own referral link, which you can use too.

What's great about the Butternut box is that for every friend you refer, they will donate a Butternut Box meal to a dog that's in need. To date, they've fed over 15,000 meals through their refer a friend scheme.

How does a Butternut box work?

What's fantastic about Butternut box is that this service is not generic. It starts off with them asking personalized questions about your dog. They do this so they can cater the Butternut Box according to your dog's lifestyle and build the perfect plan. Typical examples of questions they will ask are: how active are they? How many treats do they have? They also ask for information about your dog's name, gender, breed, age, and more.

Following this, they then deliver the box to your door, and the meals will be well proportioned. To keep the meals fresh, they arrive frozen at your home. All the meals consist of the right balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for all dog's life stages. Similarly, they only use ingredients from suppliers they can trust and then put them in the dog food. Every meal your dog eats has been gently prepared and is made in the U.K.

What's even better is that before your dog can eat them, they undergo a taste test by humans. This is to make sure they're tasty and right for your dog to eat.

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What's included in a Butternut box?

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Well, as mentioned earlier, no two Butternut boxes are exactly the same. These boxes are built according to your dog's age, breed, and dietary requirements. Usually, this box will contain personalized recipes. You can choose from up to 6 different types of recipes.

Most of the Butternut Box's recipes are meat-based and contain pork, beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, and fish. They also allow you to add additional treats such as fish, lamb, and duck. None of them include any additional sugar, salt, and no bad ingredients; it's healthy and wholesome.

Sometimes there are baked biscuits in them, all of which are crunchy and grain-free. The biscuits can either be fish-based, chicken-based, or even vegetarian! All of which are sustainably sourced and fresh.

We know you might be worried seeing how many types of meat are available for your dog in a Butternut box. However, these people care about dog obesity and want to reduce the amount. So they make sure every meal is well proportioned with an adequate amount of nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. They make sure every meal is optimized to suit your dog's dietary needs, and there's little waste.

Depending on your dog's plan, you can even go a step further and add extras to their Butternut Box, but they do often come at an additional price. One example of an extra they give you is compostable poo bags. 

Tasty and handy!

Butternut Box Reviews

Butternut Box is very popular within the British dog owner's community. There are lots of reviews about their boxes on their website. Most of them comment on their dog being in a healthy weight and having a great coat color. Similarly, some dogs have less sensitive stomachs and are less picky from eating.

In addition to their customer reviews, they've scored 4.9/5 on trust pilot and 94% from all about dog food.

Overall, Butterbox seems to be an innovative and fresh way to get personalized dog food to your door. Do note that this service is only available in the U.K. So, if you have a dog in the U.K., then this is perfect for you.

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