PetPlate Dog Food Review: A Pawsitive Experience!

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In this article, we’re diving into an in-depth review of Pet Plate, a fresh dog food subscription service.

We’ll explore various aspects of the brand, from ordering to our dog’s experience, to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what Pet Plate has to offer.

How We Reviewed Pet Plate and Why You Should Trust Us

At Pet Plate, we strive to maintain impartiality in all our evaluations. To achieve this goal, we personally purchased Pet Plate, enabling us to objectively assess its value compared to its cost. 

Our review of The Farmer's Dog is not influenced by any potential commission we may earn if you choose to purchase the product. This commission simply helps us sustain our mission of providing you with high-quality content and insightful evaluations.

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Apart from evaluating the taste, our review also considers other crucial aspects such as cost, delivery, feeding convenience, and answers to any questions you may have.

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PetPlate Review

PetPlate Review

  • Fresh, human-grade ingredients
  • Customized meal plans for your dog
  • Four delicious recipes to choose from
  • Easy and convenient portioning

Why We Liked It

Pet Plate offers a fantastic balance of nutrition, taste, and convenience for your furry friend. With human-grade ingredients, tailored meal plans, and easy-to-use portioned containers, this subscription service makes feeding your dog a breeze. 

While it may be slightly more expensive, the long-term health benefits for your pet make it well worth the investment. 

Who Should Use It
Ideal for pet owners seeking a convenient, healthy, and customized meal solution for their dogs.

  • High-quality, human-grade ingredients
  • Customizable meal plans
  • Convenient portioned containers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging

  • More expensive than traditional dog food
  • Limited to four recipe options
  • Requires room to store in the fridge/freezer

What is Fresh Dog Food? 

Pet nutrition is being revolutionized by fresh healthy dog food. This new approach emphasizes the use of high-quality food, human grade ingredients to create nutritious meals for your pets. 

Unlike traditional kibble or canned food, fresh dog food contains USDA certified meat, vegetables, grain free food, avoiding artificial additives and preservatives commonly found in pet foods. The meals are gently cooked to retain their nutritionally balanced flavor, and packaged for convenient feeding

Fresh food is more digestible and healthier for your pet, providing essential nutrients and improving their overall health. Customizable meal plans cater to the unique dietary needs of your dog. 

To learn more about fresh dog food and why it’s becoming the preferred choice for many pet owners, check out our comprehensive article here.

Things to Consider Before Buying Fresh Dog Food

Before buying fresh meals for your dog, it is important to consider several key factors to ensure that the food you choose meets your pet’s needs and fits into your lifestyle. 

These factors include cost, nutritional needs, storage and convenience, and the availability of recipes for specific dietary needs.

The following provides a brief overview of these key considerations: 

  • Cost: How much are you willing to spend on fresh meals, and does it fit within your budget? 
  • Nutritional needs: What are your dog’s unique dietary needs, and does the fresh dog food you are considering meet those needs? 
  • Storage and convenience: How will you store the fresh dog food? Will you store it in plastic containers, zip lock bags, or pre portioned containers? Is it convenient for you to serve the food this way? 
  • Availability of recipes for specific dietary needs: Does the fresh dog food you are considering offer recipes that cater to dietary requirements, such as your dog’s age, breed, ideal weight, and your dog’s  health.  

Overview of Pet Plate

petplate beef

Pet Plate was founded by Renaldo Webb, who was inspired to create a healthier and fresher meal option for dogs. His personal experience with his dog and the pet food industry led him to develop Pet Plate, focusing on fresh, customized meals. 

The Product

Pet Plate dog food provides fully-cooked, fresh dog food made from high quality, human grade ingredients. The meals are tailored to your dog’s age, breed, weight, and dietary needs and come in convenient, pre portioned containers. 

The Recipes

Pet Plate provides four delicious and nutritious main recipes: Chicken, Beef, Turkey, and Lamb. Each of these recipes is crafted to cater to different taste preferences and dietary needs for a diverse range of dogs. 

Pet Plate offers natural flavor dog food with both whole grain and grain-free options to accommodate specific dietary requirements. 

  1. Chicken: This recipe features a combination of USDA- certified chicken, organ meat, nutrient-rich vegetables, and chicken liver. It is packed with vitamins and minerals to promote your dog’s overall well-being. It even includes green beans, so you know your pup is getting their veggies.  
  2. Beef: Made with high-quality lean ground beef, this recipe also contains an array of fresh vegetables, providing your dog with a well-rounded, hearty meal that supports muscle development and overall health. 
  3. Turkey: The turkey recipe is an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies, as it contains lean turkey meat, turkey liver, and fiber-rich vegetables. It provides a complete and balanced meal to maintain your dog’s vitality. 
  4. Lamb: For dogs that love the rich taste of lamb, this recipe combines premium lamb meat with a mix of vegetables, and lamb liver, ensuring a tasty and nutritious meal packed with essential nutrients. 

Pet Plate's recipes are enriched with essential minerals and vitamins to support optimal canine health. Some of the minerals found in Pet Plate include zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, and calcium carbonate. Additionally, their meals contain safflower oil, vitamin E supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and organic vinegar powder, further contributing to a balanced and nutritious diet for your dog.

They also offer a range of organic treats made in their human grade kitchen including chicken apple sausage bites

Why Pet Plate Stands Out 

Pet Plate distinguishes itself in the pet food industry through several key factors that showcase their dedication to quality, nutrition, and pet satisfaction. 

  • All Natural Ingredients:
    • Uses only whole food ingredients
    • USDA certified meats, fresh vegetables, and whole grains
    • Well-rounded meal plan catering to various dietary needs
  • Customized Meal Plan:
    • Tailored to breed, age, weight, activity level, and dietary requirements/allergies
    • Optimal nutrition for individual needs
  • Gently Cooked and Fresh Ingredients:
    • Gently cooked in small batches to retain natural nutrients, flavor, and aroma
    • Better nutrition and appealing to picky eaters
  • Veterinary Nutritionist Formulated:
    • Recipes developed to meet highest standards of canine nutrition
    • Provides necessary vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients
  • Convenience and Delivery:
    • Pre-portioned, ready-to-serve meals delivered to doorstep
    • No shopping, meal preparation, or guesswork on portion sizes
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging:
    • Uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials
  • Excellent Customer Service and Pet Satisfaction:
    • Reliable and healthy option for feeding furry companion.

Introducing Our Canine Taste Tester

rusti sitting next to petplate box

Introducing Rusti, the dog putting Pet Plate to the test in our review. Rusti, a 1-and-a-half-year-old Doberman Pinscher, weighs about 80 pounds and possesses a lean, muscular frame along with a lively temperament. Rusti's a picky pup with a palate for the finer things in life! That's why he's the perfect pup to try Pet Plate's scrumptious dog food offerings and give his stamp of approval to all the other selective eaters out there.

Rusti has a known allergy to chicken, so we made sure to consider this when selecting Pet Plate recipes for him to try. It's important to cater to individual dietary requirements, and Pet Plate offers a variety of options to accommodate specific needs.

As a young and energetic dog, Rusti requires a balanced diet to support his active lifestyle and maintain overall health. Quality nutrition is key to ensuring he stays healthy and happy as he continues to grow and thrive.

Our Pet Plate Review

Our experience with Pet Plate started off positively, as we were impressed with the prompt shipping and delivery. The packaging was well-insulated and designed to ensure that the meals arrived frozen, which they did, thanks to the generous inclusion of dry ice. 

The Arrival of the Food

rusti next to open petplate box

When the food arrived, everything was neatly organized and easy to unpack. The box included individually-packaged containers of Rusti’s meals, a welcome booklet containing feeding instructions, and useful tips for transitioning our dog to Pet Plate’s meal plan. 

User-Friendly Meal Tubs

We particularly appreciated the pre-portioned meals that came in easy-to-use tubs. These made storing the meals in our freezer simple and hassle-free. Additionally, the tub’s design made it incredibly easy to portion and serve the food without any mess or fuss. 

petplate lamb

Transitioning to Pet Plate Without a Hitch 

petplate feeding guidelines

We closely followed Pet Plate’s recommendations for gradually introducing Rusti to his new meals. Over a week, we mixed an increasing amount of Pet Plate food with Rusti’s old food. We were pleased to find that Rusti made the transition smoothly without any digestive issues or aversion to the new meals. 

Rusti’s Excitement and Enjoyment

rusti smelling petplate food

From the first day, Rusti seemed excited about his new meals. The aroma of the food was enticing, and Rusti eagerly devoured every serving, making sure ot lick his bowl clean. His enthusiasm for Pet Plate remained consistent throughout our testing period, which was a delight to see. 

Quality Ingredients and Nutritious Recipes

As a pet parent, I appreciated the high-quality ingredients used in Pet Plate meals such as sweet potatoes, beef liver, and salmon oil. The company’s commitment to using fresh, human grade ingredients and providing well-rounded nutrition made me feel confident about serving their meals to Rusti.

Pet Plate’s Results

After feeding Rusti Pet Plate meals for a few weeks, we noticed several improvements in his health and well-being. Rusti’s poops became firmer and less smelly, indicating that his digestion had improved. His skin and coat looked healthier and shinier, and we observed no signs of itchiness or irritation from his known chicken allergy. 

Increased Energy and Contentment

One of the most significant benefits we observed since Rusti started on Pet Plate was his increased energy  levels and overall contentment. He seemed more playful and engaged, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.   

Pet Plate Price

Pet Plate's pricing varies depending on factors such as your dog's size, weight, and dietary needs. While the exact Pet Plate cost may differ, you can expect to pay around $2 to $5 per meal, depending on your dog's requirements.

To make Pet Plate more cost-effective, you can mix it with your dog's current food, which not only helps stretch your budget but also provides your dog with some of the benefits of fresh food.

While Pet Plate might seem expensive compared to traditional dog food, the long-term benefits of switching to a fresh diet can outweigh the cost:

  1. Less Vet Visits: Improved nutrition can lead to a healthier dog, resulting in fewer health issues and fewer visits to the vet and fewer health concerns. 
  2. Fewer Health Concerns: A fresh, balanced diet can improve your dog’s overall well-being, energy levels, coat quality, and digestion. 
  3. Convenience: Pet Plate’s subscription service means no more trips to the supermarket for dog food, as your pet’s meals are delivered right to your doorstep. 

Investing in Pet Plate can lead to a healthier, happier dog, making the cost worthwhile for most dog owners.

Pet Plate Reviews

After researching online, we found that Pet Plate has generally received positive feedback from dog owners. On Trustpilot, the brand has an impressive rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Many customers commend the high-quality food, convenience of the delivery service, and improvements in their dog's health.

We also looked at Reddit for more user opinions on Pet Plate. There, too, we found numerous testimonials from satisfied customers who reported positive experiences with the brand. Many users mentioned that their dogs loved the taste of Pet Plate's meals, and they noticed improvements in their pets' overall health and energy levels.

Overall, it seems that Pet Plate has a strong reputation among dog owners for delivering fresh, high-quality food that keeps their pets happy and healthy.

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Other Fresh Dog Food Brands

If you're considering other dog food delivery service companies, here are four popular alternatives:

  • Nom Nom: Offers freshly made, pre-portioned meals, cooked in small batches. Features four main recipes as well as treats and probiotics.
  • The Farmer's Dog: Provides customized, fresh dog food made with high-quality ingredients. Offers a variety of recipes tailored to your dog's specific needs.
  • Ollie Dog Food: Delivers freshly-cooked, human-grade food, customized to your pet's dietary requirements. Offers four different protein options and emphasizes transparency about ingredients.
  • Spot and Tango: Focuses on high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Offers fresh, cooked, and raw meal options, as well as their UnKibble™ alternative.

While Pet Plate stands out in the fresh dog food market, it's always a good idea to explore alternative options to find the best fit for your dog's unique needs.

Pet Plate Recalls

Upon conducting thorough research, as of my knowledge, there have been no reported recalls of PetPlate fresh dog food. 

The brand takes pride in providing high-quality, fresh, and human-grade meals for dogs. They emphasize safety and adhere to strict production and quality control standards, which may contribute to their lack of recalls. 

However, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on any potential updates or changes in the future.


Is PetPlate fresh dog food raw?

No, PetPlate fresh dog food is not raw. It consists of gently cooked, fresh meals made with human-grade ingredients.

Does Pet Plate offer any discounts?

Yes, Pet Plate offers discounts periodically. Additionally, we have a special discount for DogsPlanet readers, which provides 61% off your first delivery.

What if my dog doesn’t like PetPlate fresh dog food?

If your dog doesn't enjoy Pet Plate, you can contact their customer support to discuss alternative recipes or adjustments. They are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Is Pet Plate good for dogs?

Yes, Pet Plate is good for dogs as it provides fresh, high-quality, and well-balanced meals tailored to your pet's unique dietary needs.

Can you refreeze Pet Plate's food?

While it's not recommended, if you must refreeze Pet Plate's food, ensure it has been properly stored and has not been left at room temperature for an extended period.

Does Pet Plate have a return policy?

Pet Plate does not accept returns due to the perishable nature of the product. However, if you experience any issues, contact their customer support to resolve concerns.

Where is Pet Plate located?

Pet Plate is headquartered in New York and their kitchen is located in the United States.

Do I have to prepare anything?

No, Pet Plate meals come pre-portioned and ready to serve. Simply open the container and serve the food to your dog.

Is Pet Plate's dog food grain-free?

Yes, Pet Plate has recipes that are both whole grain and grain-free.

Is Pet Plate suitable for dogs with selective eating habits? 

Pet Plate is often well-received by picky eaters due to its high-quality, fresh ingredients and delicious recipes, making it a good choice for discerning canine taste buds.

How to cancel a Pet Plate subscription?

To cancel your Pet Plate subscription, log in to your account on their website, navigate to “My Account,” and follow the cancellation instructions. Alternatively, you can contact their customer support for assistance.

Our experience with Pet Plate has been overwhelmingly positive. The convenience, quality of ingredients, and customized meal plans make it an excellent choice for dog owners looking to switch to fresh dog food. 

While it may be more expensive than traditional kibble, the long-term benefits for your dog's health make it a worthwhile investment.

Our Final Verdict: Is Pet Plate Worth It?

We've analyzed various aspects of Pet Plate, from the quality of their ingredients and the customized meal plans to the convenience of their delivery service and the overall satisfaction of Rust, our canine taste tester. After considering all of these factors, we believe that Pet Plate is a worthy investment for your dog's health and well-being.

The premium ingredients, veterinary nutritionist-formulated recipes, and the option for both whole grain and grain-free meals cater to a wide range of dietary needs, ensuring that even dogs with specific requirements can enjoy a nutritious and delicious diet.

While the cost of Pet Plate might be higher than traditional dog food, the long-term benefits of feeding your dog a fresh, high-quality diet should be considered. Healthier dogs may experience fewer vet visits, better digestion, and improved skin and coat condition, which could ultimately save you money in the long run.

Moreover, the convenience of having fresh, pre-portioned meals delivered to your door saves you time and effort, eliminating the need for shopping and meal preparation.
Based on our review, we believe Pet Plate is a valuable option for dog owners who want to provide their furry companions with the best possible nutrition.

With a wide variety of recipes to choose from and the added benefit of our DogsPlanet discount code, it's worth giving Pet Plate a try to see the positive impact it can have on your dog's health and happiness.

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