Agouti Husky: Our Ultimate Guide To This Beautiful Dog

agouti husky

If you're a Husky owner (or just a Husky lover!) you might have heard of the beautiful Agouti Husky. Or maybe you're looking for the perfect wolf-like dog? Either way, there's lots to know about these active, medium-sized dogs. Are they a different breed of Husky? Are they actually part wolf? Are they accepted as standard?

Here's our ultimate guide to these wonderful dogs.

What is an Agouti Husky?

An Agouti Siberian Husky is not a different breed of Husky. The word agouti simply refers to the coat color. The agouti gene can be found in many different types of animals, such as rodents, horses, rabbits, and wolves, and is usually associated with wild animals (which is what makes Agouti Huskies so wolf-like)!

Agouti Huskies have banded hair, which means the root, middle, and tip of the hair are different colors. This unique combination gives these Siberian Huskies an almost striped coat. What's more, Agouti Huskies tend to have cream-colored lighter markings (rather than white which is common in other Siberian Huskies), and darker faces and tails. The root and tip of the hairs in an agouti coat are usually black and the stem can be red, cream, or tan.

Appearance – how do they differ from other Siberian Huskies?

Apart from the distinctive coat color, Agouti Huskies really don't differ in appearance from regular Siberian Huskies (although they may look a little more like wolves). Because the Agouti is not a separate breed you can expect them to be medium-sized, have a compact body, a double coat, erect ears, and a sickle-shaped tail.

They can have dark brown eyes or the iconic bright blue Husky eyes.

Do Agouti Siberian Husky puppies change color?

It's common for many dog breeds to change color as they grow – and Agouti Husky puppies are no different. These adorable little dogs might be darker when they're first born and lighten as they get older. You might also notice that it's only the cream patches of color on their bodies that lighten as they grow or completely fade into another color.

More on this later on, but because Huskies have dense double coats they also shed a lot – especially when the seasons change. When they blow their coats you may notice that the new fur is a slightly different color from before!

Are Agouti Huskies purebred?

Yes, Agouti Huskies are purebred Siberian Huskies. They might look like they have more wolf in them but that's not actually true. In fact, agouti is one of the breed standard colors accepted by the American Kennel Club.

It's not, however, common to see an Agouti Husky in the show ring. These pups are generally bred from working and racing dogs and their darker coloring tends to make them ‘undesirable'. Show Huskies are usually lighter colored.

If you're thinking about getting an Agouti Husky puppy it's important to do your research when it comes to the breeder. An Agouti Husky is purebred, but there are a couple of cross-breeds that look fairly similar. Your breeder should be able to give you all the necessary and relevant documentation to show that your pup is purebred.

History of the Agouti Siberian Husky

Because they're not a separate breed, Agouti Huskies have the same origin as Siberian Huskies. These pups are an ancient breed that can be traced back to the Taymyr wolf. They were first bred as domestic dogs by the Chukchi tribe. Changing environments meant the Chuckchis were forced to become nomadic and needed a loyal, strong pup that could help them to haul sleds over cold and icy terrain.

Just like their wolf ancestors, Siberian Huskies needed to have a thick, dense coat that could keep them warm during the harsh winter months. They also needed to be able to endure long distances.

Due to the fact that the Chukchi tribe was fairly isolated from the rest of the world, they managed to keep Huskies purebred. Because they had been bred specifically for endurance and speed, Huskies became naturals at sled racing which is where they caught the eye of the public.

These pups really rushed to fame in 1925 when a man managed to travel 658 miles in 5 days in a Husky pulled sled. He brought life-saving medicine to Alaska where there was a serious diphtheria outbreak.

Nowadays, Agouti Huskies are both loved pets, working dogs, and race dogs. As mentioned, these doggos don't make it into show often but (in our opinion) they're just as beautiful!

Are Agouti Huskies rare?

Huskies with agouti coloring are much rarer than their ‘normal' colored cousins (except white Huskies). They're usually bred from working sled dogs and so aren't often found in litters bred by show Husky breeders.

If you have your heart set on an Agouti Husky puppy, you should research breeders who specialize in working dogs as you're more likely to find one with them.

Agouti Husky price

Because an Agouti Husky pup is rarer than other colors, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. You also need to take into account other expenses you'll occur, such as food, toys, equipment, and vet bills.

And, of course, you can always adopt! Agouti Siberian Huskies aren't show dogs so some of them may end up in animal shelters. It's always worth checking there first (you could save a dog and some money)!

Agouti Husky Temperament

Siberian Huskies, in general, thrive when they're part of a pack. They love to spend time and play with their family members and other dogs. These pups have active brains and are very intelligent – which means you want to make sure they're entertained. A bored Agouti Husky can easily turn destructive (say goodbye to your garden) and be very mischievous.

Because these dogs like having a job to do, they often benefit from going to classes or taking part in sports. When you're out on a long walk, try getting your Husky a bag that they can wear to carry their own water and treats. They'll love the responsibility you've given them!

Husky pups definitely like to be part of a family but they can also be independent. Don't be surprised if your dog likes to go off alone sometimes. But this doesn't mean they're suited to life as a watchdog. In fact, Huskies make pretty terrible watchdogs. They howl a lot at strangers but are more likely to lick them than actually chase them off.

Training an Agouti Husky

These purebred dogs are relatively easy to train but they do require a pack leader with some experience. Huskies aren't for novice dog owners. If you establish yourself early on you'll have a pup that's happy to obey you and that's relatively easy to train. They love to please their owners and respond really well to positive reinforcement (like all dogs)!

As well as regular, fun training sessions Agouti Huskies also need lots of socialization. They're naturally inquisitive and enjoy being around others – so this shouldn't be hard!

Are Agouti Huskies dangerous?

Many think that Agouti Huskies are more dangerous because of their darker coat color and more wolf-ish appearance. But this isn't true! Huskies are loving, silly, and friendly dogs.

It's really important, however, that they're well socialized and trained from a young age. As with nearly all dogs, those that aren't socialized will grow up to be nervous, anxious, and potentially aggressive around other dogs and people.

How much exercise does an Agouti Husky need?

Lots!! These are working dogs that are happiest when pulling sleds over miles and miles of snow. Whilst many of us can't provide them with that on a day-to-day basis, we do need to make sure we take them for long walks, dates at the dog park, and play with them a lot.

Huskies are really high-energy dogs and need to keep moving. Lots of games, interactive toys, and a space for them to roam in can really help. Because Agouti Huskies usually come from working dog litters, many owners of these beautiful dogs say they're even more energetic than other Huskies!

The health of an Agouti Husky

A Husky that is fed well-balanced and nutritious food can live between 12 and 14 years. Although a pretty healthy breed, it's important to take your dog to the vet regularly for check-ups and to catch any potential health conditions early on. It's also important to provide them with lots of exercise and engagement as these pups can be prone to piling on the pounds.

Some conditions that Agouti Huskies may suffer from are cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, hypothyroidism, and hip dysplasia. If you suspect your doggo is suffering from any of these issues, make an appointment straight away.


Agouti Huskies are beautiful dogs that make great family pets. They're actually not a separate breed or sub-breed of Siberian Huskies but rather Huskies with a different type of wolf-ish colored coat. They're accepted in this color by various kennel clubs but are not often seen in show as the agouti coat color is sometimes considered ‘dirty'.

They're seriously active dogs and love to have something to do. They need a firm and patient owner who can make training sessions fun and not allow them to become too independent. For experienced pet parents who lead an active lifestyle and who want a pet wolf, the Agouti Husky could be the perfect option!

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