15 Black Brown and White Dogs (With Pictures!)

bernese mountain dog in snow

When it comes to dog coat colors, there's a broad spectrum to choose from. You've got a stellar range of solids, blends, merle, particolored, and tri-colored out there. But the most timeless and classic coat color combination is the black brown and white dog. Dog breeds; with this coat color often make great pets and are incredibly loyal.

While they have similar coat colors, they do vary by size, temperament, and health. If you take time browsing online, you might find yourself hours into researching and learning about their differences!

There are so many things to consider when looking for a dog! Whether you're a new dog owner, looking for a dog breed for your family, or even to live in a small space, your requirements will vary from the next person.

So to help pick the best black brown and white dog that suits your lifestyle, keep reading. We've composed all the best black brown and white breeds. 

Brown Black and White Dogs

15 black brown and white dog breeds you need to know!

To help narrow down your selection, here are fifteen fantastic dog breeds that deserve to be on your radar.

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog portrait

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle giant that has a calm temperament. They originate from Switzerland and were previously used to herd cattle. With no aggressive bone in their body, they're a large dog that loves to be around other animals and family members.

The pleasantness of this black brown and white dog makes them the right fit for first-time dog owners. They're obedient and easy to train if you start from a young age. 

One distinct appearance of this breed is their gorgeous double-layered tricolored coat. This adorable breed has a black base, rust, and white markings. Its white mark on its chest, between the eyes on the tip of the tail contributes to its gorgeous image. 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

greater swiss mountain dog standing in a field

Originating from the alps and once a herding dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a striking breed. Known also as the Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Grand Bouvier Suisse, or even sporting a swiss name as Lars, this dog is remarkable.

If you've owned a few dogs and love the outdoors, then these charming animals serve as a great company. The versatile nature of this black brown and white dog makes them fantastic performers in different sports, from weight pulling to agility shows. 

Got a big home and yard to play in? Then this dog will be a perfect fit.

This black brown and white dog has symmetrical markings all over their body. Their muzzle and head have white markings running down to their chest, on top of their feet, and tail tip. There are tan markings also above their eyes. Due to their double coat, they need routine grooming and a bath every eight weeks. 

Border Collie

black brown white border collie

The Border Collie is a black brown and white dog with blue eyes. They're often known for their work ethic and are seen as one of the world's most intelligent dog breeds. Part of this is due to their strong herding instincts as they were bred to herd cattle and still do! 

They're known for their loyalty and have high trainability. From an early age, these dogs are quite needy and require a good amount of attention from their owners and children at home. 

The Border Collie has quite a unique coat type, having two! This active breed can either have a smooth, short, and coarse coat or a rough, feathered, and medium-length one. Both are double coats that can lose hair in between seasons. This black brown and white dog has tri-color markings, which vary in size, shape, and position.


beagle on a tree

The Beagle is an extremely loyal and practical dog breed to own if you have an apartment. They’re a friendly little canine with a gentle nature. You never need to worry about barking or upsetting your neighbors with a Beagle! Their floppy ears, big nose, and small height make the Beagle a loveable gentle dog for children and other companion animals in your home. 

Regardless of living in a small space or not, a Beagle is an active dog that requires 30 minutes of daily exercise and attention, including play sessions! If left on their own for a long time the Beagle breed can develop stubborn tendencies engaging in self-destructive behavior. 

Bouvier de l’Entlebuch

Bernese mountain dog

Originating from the Swiss Alps, the Bouvier de L'Entlebuch are highly intelligent and good-natured dog breeds to own. One of the best things about them is that they used to be a cattle dog that transported milk and cheese, mainly being called a dairy dog! They stand out from the crowd with their black base, yellow patches, and white and brown markings. 

If you're looking for a companion, this black brown and white dog is ideal for most homes. They're lively, courageous, kind, and cheerful, never providing a dull moment for both children and adults. This dog breed is highly energetic and needs around 60-90 minutes of active time a day! 


boxer brown black white

The Boxer is a magnificent black brown and white dog breed that is medium sized. They're full of energy and life, needing to be around their owners regularly and get a lot of exercise. 

If you don't give them 2 hours of daily exercise at minimum, they may become a bit aggressive and hyper. Moreover, they take loyalty to the next level, being guard dogs for family and strangers. They're not a dog with a lot of loose hair, they have a short smooth coat that only needs to be washed every couple of months. 

Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog running in a field

If you're seeking a gray black brown and white dog, the Australian Cattle dog might be ideal for you. As their name suggests, they were bred to herd cattle, and today still used to do so. This gray, fawn, brown, and black canine is known for its versatility in handling various climates. 

Interestingly, the coat color combination of the Australian cattle dog often makes them look like they have a red or blue coat! The Australian Cattle Dog is an affectionate dog making them a lovely companion for children yet quite reserved around strangers. The alert and watchful nature of this grey black brown and white dog makes them a pet you can count on. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel portrait

A charming English black brown and white dog breed that is famous among many aristocrats is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Compared to other dog breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has average intelligence. They do not need constant effort for mental stimulation. 

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a clear example of how two contrasting personality traits can work well inside a dog. They're highly athletic, energetic, and also have a calm disposition, making them an interesting toy dog breed to own. One thing is for sure; they're not the best dog breed to own if you're a couch potato.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

corgi road

One cute and petite black brown and white dog that warrants recognition is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Tri-color is just one type of coat option this cattle herding dog comes in out of three!

Other coat colors this dog has are sable, fawn and red. One important point to know if you're interested in bringing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi home is that their coat color significantly changes from puppy to adult! So it can be hard to differentiate whether they'll end up brown, tan, black, or anything else. 

Another crucial thing to know about their coat is that they shed frequently! Therefore in addition to living with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, regular brushing is required. But, if you're not too fussy about the coat of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, then you must know about their nature!

Because they're a former herding canine, they have quite an athletic temperament and are intelligent. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi requires regular daily exercise, around one hour a day! 

But they have quite the bark on them! If you don't train this brown and white breed properly, they could be a bit disruptive to your next-door neighbors (if you live in an apartment). The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is fearless, loyal, and independent.

Standard Collie

collie running in a field with stick in mouth

A slightly larger dog compared to the Border Collie is the Standard Collie. Just like its sibling it's a black brown and white dog that is a great addition to any family. They love to gently play and cuddle up to children, making them a well-rounded intelligent family pet. 

The Standard Collie is also known for its energetic and alert nature. They need a lot of mental stimulation to exhaust their energy compared to other dog breeds. This is a loyal and gentle dog breed but can be quite reserved around strangers. 

Shetland Sheepdog

shetland sheepdog

Originating from Scottish highlands is the Shetland Sheepdog. This dog breed is quite distinct from other dogs due to its unique long double coat. 

It's straight and harsh on the outside and short and furry on the inside. The Sheltie is mainly a black, brown, and white dog with not many other color variations. 

The best thing about the Shetland Sheepdog is its gentle, warm, and charming temperament. Obedience is no problem as they're regarded as extremely intelligent canines. This dog breed commonly participates in obedience and agility competitions due to its active nature.

They’re also a dog breed that is quite sensitive. They simply respond well to verbal commands; if you push them about, they become defensive.

English Bulldog

english bulldog stretching

The English Bulldog is a gentle and wonderful family pet for all types of homes. They love to be around people and crave attention a lot. The English Bulldog is also a versatile dog that adjusts well to an apartment and has a habit of lazing on the couch! They don't really need to exercise for long periods, around 20-40 minutes a day on average.

The English Bulldog has quite a unique appearance. You can easily spot the English Bulldog for its loose baggy skin and thick folds on its face.

While they're mainly a black brown and white dog, they do have other coat colors from fawn, fallow, solid white, brindle and piebald. While they aren't that active, they do require a lot of time from you for grooming.

The English Bulldog must undergo regular washing and bathing to keep their coat intact and limit shedding. 

Basset Hound

basset hound tricolored

The Basset Hound is an intelligent and active black and brown white dog. They're a small dog with short legs, which they previously depended on to hunt hares! 

Alongside their cute crooked legs, they have long floppy ears, wrinkled foreheads, and often expressive eyes. They do more than just look cute.

They are known for their strong sense of smell and will definitely have a good instinct if something fussy happens!

This black brown and white dog is a great match if you want to own a canine for the first time. They're low maintenance and quite lazy in the home. This dog loves nothing more than cuddling up to you while you're watching a movie. They're loyal, tend to get on with just about any human, and love socializing!

Final thoughts 

When looking for a black brown and white dog, there are more than 15 out there! Ironically, many dog breeds with this coat used to be herding breeds. While they had a lot of similar past times, many of these dog breeds are different based on their personality, size, activity, and grooming requirements. 

Before deciding on the right black brown and white dog for you, we suggest you make a checklist of what you want from your four-legged friend. Remember to consider your experience, household setting, time to give it attention, and dedication to owning one.

These are a select few important points to consider before doing research into other breeds. After all, many people get drawn into the color of the black brown and white dog overlooking the important points of owning one! 

Once you've understood your requirements and lifestyle factors clearly, take your time meeting different dog breeds. Whatever dog breed you choose, we can assure you they will add value to your life and give you a new appreciation of love.

What is your favorite black brown and white dog? Let us know in the comments below! 

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