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25 Beagle Colors (With Pictures!)

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If you were a dog, what breed would you be? 

If you asked us, we'd choose a Beagle; they're pretty great at everything. They're a breed that is a master in their game of both work and play. Formerly a hunting dog and now mainly kept as a loving, loyal companion, you can't go wrong with them. 

Yet one of the most remarkable traits of a Beagle is their sense of smell. They can sniff out animals from very far away!

While they're not kept as hunting dogs anymore, Beagle's still work in multiple roles. They're regularly used for therapy, service work, and much more! It's safe to say Beagle's are a special breed outside and inside the home.

In addition to their super talented skill set, their appearance is pretty interesting. There are around 25 different Beagle colors to choose from! It wouldn't be right if we just focused on their other traits and didn't spend time covering them all.

So let's dive into the amazing Beagle colors!   

The Ideal Beagle Owner

The Beagle is incredibly inquisitive and curious, making it tricky to own if you've never had a dog. Their regular questioning nature and being a former hunting breed make them one of the most challenging dogs to house train.

They are a breed that does tend to stick around their owner in any situation. If you're to own one, you'll find their loyalty undevoted. But be warned, you need to be there for them!

This cute medium-sized pup does not do well if left alone at home. They'll likely become destructive and develop separation anxiety. This dog usually needs around 60-90 minutes of exercise each day. In other words, you should have enough spare time to fulfill their energy requirements. 

You can fulfill their energy needs by taking them for long walks or runs. But, because they're a medium-sized breed, they're better off suited for your home if it has ample space and a backyard for them to run around.

To stay on top of their shedding, grooming a Beagle's coat once a week is best to keep them looking smart. If you are to own a Beagle and your pup loves to play more, then you may need to brush them more frequently.

Beagle Colors According To The Kennel Clubs


According to the American Kennel Club, 11 Beagle coat colors fall into the breed standard. They state the breed standard is the following:

  • Black & tan
  • Black, red & white ( tri colored Beagle) 
  • Black tan, & bluetick
  • Black tan & white
  • Black white & tan
  • Brown white & tan
  • Brown and white
  • Lemon & white
  • Black and tan
  • Red & white
  • Tan & white


According to the UKC, they class tri colored Beagles as the most acceptable but also class other color combinations for hounds. They don't, however, accept solid colors or albinism. 


The FCI accepts the following Beagle coat colors:

  • Tri colored Beagle (black, tan, and white)
  • Blue, white, and tan
  • Badger pied 
  • Hare pied
  • Lemon pied
  • Lemon and white
  • Red and white
  • Tan and white
  • Black and white
  • All white. 
  • Mottle

The 25 Beagle Colors

Overall, amongst the AKC, UKC, and FCI's guidelines, around 25 different colors of a Beagle can come in. It's highly unlikely you'll find a Beagle with a single colored coat; instead, they'll have at least two to three colors on them. Most of the time, though, you'll come across a tri colored beagle. To know about their coat colors, keep on reading. 

Black & Tan

If you're looking to bring a Beagle home, it's likely you'll come across the black and tan Beagle. This is one of the most popular coats out there but not as common as other tri color coats. This gorgeous two-color coat is nearly entirely black. You'll find the Beagle's sides, body, back, tail, ears, and some of its face black. 

Tan markings are likely to occur on the tip of its tail, face, and edges of its ears. It's not always guaranteed, but they can come on their legs, chest, and rear. You can do so if you want to own a black and tan Beagle and enter it in a competition. Luckily, the AKC recognizes the black and tan beagle breed as per their 018 code. 

Black Red & White

black red white beagle puppy

One interesting tri-colored breed is the black, red, and white Beagle. The best way to describe this dog is that it has a “saddle” like pattern on its back, sides, tail, and neck. The red on their fur isn't a bright red; it's more like a ginger color, closer to the hair you see on humans.

You'll find this color on their ears, head and eyes, butts, thighs, and underneath their tail. Whereas their tips, muzzle, chest, and paws are white. 

Black Tan & Bluetick

Did you know dogs can have freckles, like us? Yes, it's true, especially with the Beagle's black, tan & blue tick coat. The latter part of its coat, ticking, is a unique freckled pattern with small dots and patches on one specific colored area of the coat.

With this coat, their ticking looks blue but more of a faded shade of grey scattered all over with patches of black grey. This mixture of grey makes it look blue, hence why they're called a bluetick Beagle. 

If you've seen an Australian Shepherd, they have a slightly similar resemblance, but their coats contain larger patches than freckles. These freckles on a Beagle don't usually start developing on their coat till around 3 weeks onwards but sometimes can take longer. 

Apart from their blue ticks, you'll find patches of black on their ears, face, head, back, and tail base. Whereas their paws and muzzle are tan.

Black Tan & White

black tan white beagle

The Black, tan, and white Beagle is the most iconic color and the most well known one out there. Any Beagle you've seen from a film or TV series, it's likely they were this classic tri color. 

What makes them distinctive is their big black patch that begins from their back, curving around their belly to halfway up their tail. The rest of their body will have tan patches on their upper legs, ears, and head, and white on their chest, muzzle, neck, paws, and tail tip. 

Black White & Tan


The black white, and tan Beagle is different from the black, tan, and white color! The main difference is they have a large black patch on their back. However, they do have a slight similarity of having white patches on its leg, tail, and chest. They also have tan patches, mainly on their head, and small markings on other body parts.  

Blue Tan & White

Contrary to the blue tick coat, this Beagle has a blue, tan, and white tricolor coat. Just like the blue tick, their coat isn't really blue but more like a solid silver light gray than looks blue. They tend to hold a gene that has a dilute color, making their black patches look a light blue or gray. 

Brown & White

portrait beagle smiling

These pups have a predominately white coat with light brown patches across it. You're likely to find these cute patches on their ears, eyes, upper back, and base of the tail. On occasions, these patches can be a bit bigger and darker, like a chocolate color. Most of the time, you'll find more white than brown on these Beagles. 

Brown White & Tan

Do you have a picture of a Brown White & Tan Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

If you like dogs with lighter coats, then brown, white and tan may be for you. This dog mainly has small tan markings across where the white and brown part of the body meets and on its ears and head. The brown part of its body is large and covers its back from its neck to real legs, up to the tail. Whereas its four legs, tail tip, chest, and sometimes muzzle are white.  

Lemon & White

An extremely rare Beagle coat that's difficult to come by is the lemon and white Beagle. This stunning Beagle will have a solid white coat and lemon yellow patches, which can look slightly like gold.

This breed will have white paws, muzzles, and tail. However, their lemon patches will be quite unpredictable. 

Red & White

Showing slight similarities to a lemon and white Beagle coat is the red and white coat. Except where you would see the yellow patches, it'll be red.

Tan & White

Do you have a picture of a Tan & White Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

One standard coat color that's quite rare to find on a Beagle is tan & white. Also, being called Hare pied due to the black tips that exist on their hair. They also have light brown patches on their lower tail, back, sides, and ears. While they have blacktips on their coat, they don't fall into the tri color category.  


In an extremely rare situation, you may come across a Beagle that's black. However, finding a Beagle in a solid color is difficult to find, and they're likely to be born completely black. As it's a solid color, this color does not fall into the breed standard for many Kennel clubs.

Black & White

Another rare coat color combination is black and white. Often this coat color combination occurs due to a mutation of the brown gene. In this coat, it's not unusual for them to break from the two colors, adding more, in which the breeder has to change the registration color.

Black Fawn & White

Do you have a picture of a Black Fawn & White Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

Black Tan & Redtick

Do you have a picture of a Black Tan & Redtick Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

Similar to the black, tan, and bluetick Beagle, the red ticked Beagle contains red fur instead of blue. This coat mainly has dark red flecks on a paler body. 


Do you have a picture of a Blue Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

Blue Beagles are another rare breed, but they're not technically blue. They're an all-black Beagle with a dilute gene making them look blue. 

Blue & White

Just like we mentioned previously with blue colors in a Beagle's coat, the same applies to the blue and white Beagle. This dilute black and white coat exists in Beagle puppies but tends to change as they age. 


Do you have a picture of a Brown Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

Like the black Beagle, there is a brown colored coat, but again, as it's a solid color, it's extremely rare to find. 


Do you have a picture of a Lemon Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

The lemon Beagle is rare to see being a solid color. If you spot one, its coat will look like a diluted gold. Their light color makes them look cute and friendly to be around.


Do you have a picture of a Red Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

Just like other solids, red Beagles are completely red; the only difference is they may have different shades of red in their coat.

Red & Black

Do you have a picture of a Red & Black Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

A red and black Beagle is rare but not as difficult to find as solid colors. You can easily identify them by their red base coat, black marks, and patches.

Red Black & White

Do you have a picture of a Red Black & White Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

This interesting tri colored Beagle has a red base coat with black and white markings.


Do you have a picture of a Tan Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

If you see a Beagle with a solid color like tan or copper brown, then it's likely to be a tan Beagle.


While not an albino, there are white Beagles. However, their existence is often a topic of controversy. Many believe that they've been bred unethically for this coat color to be achieved. In a white Beagle, there's little pigment around their eyes, making it difficult for them to be in the light. Because of this, ethical breeders who have white Beagles will purposefully not mate them. 

White Black & Tan

Do you have a picture of a White Black & Tan Beagle? Send it to us and we'll feature you!

This is another typical tri color variation with white, black, and tan markings. 

Beagle Patterns & Markings

Beagles can also have several markings on their coat. According to the AKC, there are six recognized ones which are:

  • Ticked
  • Back
  • Tan
  • White
  • Spotted Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Common Beagle Color?

If you pass a Beagle in the street, you'll most likely see the tri colored black, tan, and white. This is the most popular coat color out of all 25 ones. They have a black patch on their back to their belly and tail. Alongside tan patches on its ears, upper legs, and head and white on its tail tip, paws, and chest. 

What Is The Rarest Beagle Color?

Often the rarest types of beagles you will find have solid colors. Beagles, which are black, blue, brown, tan, and white, can be hard to spot. Alongside this, another rare Beagle color is lemon and white. 

Are Blue Beagles Actually Blue?

Beagles are never truly blue; in fact, the reason they look like they're blue is due to a diluted gene. Often their coat is black or gray, where they have hairs making them look like they are blue. 

Do Beagles Change Color?

Yes, Beagles are known to change color as they grow older. Often when a Beagle puppy grows into an adult, their coat can fade in certain areas turning different shades. 

How Much Does a Beagle Cost?

The cost of a Beagle can vary hugely based on where you're located, the reputation of the breeder, and the coat color you're after. On average, a Beagle can be priced between $500-$1200; however; their price can be much more than this due to other factors. 

Final Thoughts

Beagles are beautiful dogs that come in a wide range of coat colors; 25 if you don't just stick to the Kennel Clubs! If you are seeking to buy a Beagle, you'll often come across tri colored variations the most. While there is a possibility of finding a solid color or a rare double coat like lemon and white, the breeders might charge a high price just for the exclusivity.

Try not to get too mesmerized by a Beagle's coat; you'll want to consider your lifestyle before owning one. Beagles are a curious breed and quite difficult to housetrain, so they require a lot of time, grit, and patience.

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