15 Dogs That Look Like Mops (With Pictures!)

komondor mop dog standing

All dogs are cute. And, let’s be honest, not all mops are cute. In fact, most mops are a little grim and don’t remind us of our beautiful furry friends at all. And yet, there are a couple of dogs that look like mops. They’re actually pretty cute because of it too!

They come in all different shapes and sizes. Most of these beautiful breeds have long coats, some of them are naturally corded (like a mop), and some of them really do trail along the ground.

Here are 15 of our favorite, shaggy mop dogs.

What Makes a Dog Look Like a Mop?

What an odd sentence to write. But we would like to clear up what we mean by a mop dog.

Dogs that look like mops usually have very long coats that often cover their faces too. They sometimes have cords and even look like dogs with dreads. When it comes to color, they’re usually beige, gray, white, or black depending on how dirty the mop is.

Personality doesn’t really play a role when it comes to dog breeds that look like mops. Although many of the wonderful pups on this list are hardworking canines. Some are water dogs, others are amazing herders.

One thing is for sure though. Most adorable mop dogs require a lot of grooming.

Natural vs Neglected

Something that’s important to think about is whether a dog breed naturally looks like a mop, or whether they haven’t been groomed properly. Many pups have specific grooming needs which can quickly develop into painful mats and cords which can easily get infected or tangled.

Check out the breed profiles on DogsPlanet or with your local groomer to be 100% sure. Correct grooming is a big part of being a responsible pup parent and it's an essential part of caring for your pooch. 

15 Funny Dog Breeds That Look Like Mops

Here are 15 of our favorite dogs with a mop-like coat. We’ll give you a brief description of them plus anything you need to consider when grooming.


white komondor standing on grass

Komondors are the ultimate mop dogs. In every way. These wonderful, shaggy pups have long, white cords which cover their entire bodies – even their faces! Although it’s impossible to imagine, Komondor puppies aren’t born with their recognizable coat.

At around 9 months old, their coats start to grow longer. At this time, it’s important that owners and groomers help the fur cord easily. It should be separated into areas of about half an inch.

You should also wash a Komondor’s coat regularly to keep it healthy. It doesn’t ever need to be brushed, so washing helps to keep the skin in good condition too.

The Hungarian Sheepdog is a strong, brave, and aloof working dog. They can be suspicious of other canines and are a pretty independent breed. They need experienced owners who can keep them interested in training and they love having a job to do. This breed takes dedication both in training and grooming.


black puli standing on grass

The Puli is another iconically strange and weird-looking dog – but they’re very beautiful too! Like the Komondor, Pulis are covered in cords. Unlike the Komondor, Pulis have shorter cords and can be different colors (including black and white). This mop dog can also have a brushed-out coat, but you need to make that decision early on. Once the adult coat begins to grow in, it will start to mat. At this point, you can gently separate them out if you want the ‘brushed’ appearance. 

This dog’s coat requires a lot of attention and they need to be adopted by an owner that has the time to give.

These pups are also herding dogs. Under their mop coat, is a strong and agile body that’s protected from harsh weather by the cords. They, too, can be aloof and independent. They’re wonderful and athletic dogs that need exercise and time outdoors.


bergamasco shepherd side view

The Bergamasco is the Italian Sheepdog famously from Bergamo, near Milan. They’re also another corded breed (although their cords are actually not cords, but ‘flocks’). Flocks have the texture of felt and tend to be larger and flatter than cords. Their unique coats protect them from extreme weather in the Italian Alps and also from predators.

As far as mop dog breeds go, this one is one of the easiest! Owners must help the flocks to grow when their adult coat forms (around 1 year), but once that’s done that's it! They don’t shed, don’t need to be brushed, and only need a wash twice a year.

These pups are loveable and trainable with the right owner. They are mountain sheepdogs though, so you can expect them to be a bit independent too. They get on OK with other dogs and children they know and need to be socialized early on.


barbet dog standing on grass

The Barbet is a joyful medium-sized dog. They’re excellent gun dogs and love to spend their days jumping in and out of water. They’re affectionate and quite social dogs that like to be part of a hunting pack. Barbets are agile and love to learn new tricks too.

This breed has an iconic fluffy, curly coat that can be black, gray, or white. They also have adorable beards! Their coats tend to be longer than a Poodle’s and cover their entire body. They even have a very fluffy tail.

Barbets need a lot of grooming too. They need to be brushed out regularly to distribute oils, remove loose hair, and keep the skin healthy. They should also be washed and dried (to straighten the hair) before they get a trim. If you want to enter a show with your dog, the hair on their head must read their muzzle.


havanese with dreads

Unlike some other dogs that look like mops, the Havanese is a charming, loving, and very affectionate little dog. Originally from Cuba (they’re actually the only pup native to the country), they’re a distant relative of the Bichon Frise and Maltese. Anyone looking for a small companion dog should consider the beautiful Havanese.

These dogs have very silky coats that can be a lot of different colors, including cream, silver, and white. Their coats can be corded like a Puli’s or cropped short. It can also be left to grow long but that requires a lot of brushing to keep it looking so fine.

Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso walking

Lhasa Apsos are amazing mop dogs. Just add a handle and they really could pass as a mop! This ancient, Tibetan breed was a favorite in palaces and monasteries for centuries. They’re confident, intelligent, and at the heart of any family. These alert little pooches are great watch dogs too.

The Lhasa Apso is easily recognized thanks to its long, silky coat. These pups have so much hair on their head it’s hard to see their adorable ears! They can be many different colors and the American Kennel Club accepts several markings too. Owners can keep their coats long (which definitely helps with the mop-look) or trim them into a puppy coat. Both require regular brushing.


poodle small grey dog breeds

Everyone knows a Poodle. These highly-intelligent dogs come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. There are lots of Poodle coat colors and owners can decide whether they trim their pups into the iconic look (bare legs and tail) or keep their coat all over

Poodles are very athletic dogs and love to do lots of different activities. Swimming is a particular favorite! They’re quite easy to train but it’s important an owner keeps them engaged. Taking them to dog school and lots of socialization will help.

The standard, large dog doesn’t look so much like a mop. So if you really want a mop-like pup, we suggest going for a miniature or toy. You could also adopt a Poodle mix as many of them inherit their parent’s curly coat too.

Spanish Water Dog

spanish water dog on a rock

The beautiful Spanish Water Dog is a lively, charismatic, and adventurous pup that loves to take part in any activity. As you can guess from the name, these dogs love water and were bred to retrieve waterfowl. They are also wonderful herding dogs and their coats help them to keep warm in cold weather and water.

Spanish Water Dogs have a curly coat that can be lots of different colors – just like the Poodle’s coat. You should never brush a Spanish Water Dog’s coat as this could be painful. Owners should clip the coat regularly. Some pup parents of these dogs decide to let the curls grow out and cord them. As with other corded, mop-like dog breeds, check with a groomer if it’s your first time.

Afghan Hound

afghan hound old dog

Afghan Hounds are elegant, beautiful, and regal pups that have a truly iconic coat. Although they often look too polished to do anything, these pups are fierce hunters. They were bred to catch game in the Afghan Mountains and are very agile sprinters.

These pups have very long coats that need regular grooming. They don’t shed much (thank goodness!), but that silky coat can easily get matted and dirty. Make sure you groom your Afghan Hound from puppyhood so they get used to it. They’ll spend many hours of their lives being brushed and stroked by you to keep them looking gorgeous!

Bearded Collie

black and white bearded collie in a field

Bearded Collies, or Highland Collies as they were once called, are a wonderful herding breed from Scotland. These strong, intelligent, and caring dogs usually get on well with other pups and love being around children. They’re sociable and like to make friends. They were, however, bred to herd cattle and sheep in the mountains (hence their long coats) so they do have an independent streak too.

These hairy dogs are usually a mixture of brown, black, white, and gray. They’re shaggy and really do have a beard! They need daily grooming to stop tangles from forming, especially on their underbellies. Because these dogs need regular exercise and love adventure, they’re probably going to be jumping in muddy puddles and running through fields. So, make sure you wash them down to stop clumps from forming. 


pekingese lying down on grass

If you’re looking for a small mop dog, this is the one. Pekingese are cute, regal, silly, and very charming. They were bred to be companion dogs for Chinese Emperors so love to be lap dogs too. They’re alert and don’t mind being vocal so they can be good watchdogs.

Because of their royal upbringing, Pekingese can get along with other dogs and children but they like to be respected. They like to be stroked but will let you know if they’re not in the mood to play.

Of course, these cute little dogs have a long, flowing coat that makes them look like a mop. They can be lots of different colors including biscuit, red, and gray sable. They will shed their coats twice a year, so you’ll need to brush them more during this time. The rest of the year you’ll need to brush them weekly so their coats don’t get matted.


maltese with long hair

As you might have guessed, these stunning white dogs come from Malta, an island in the Mediterranean. These pups are charming, friendly, and very sweet-natured. They have a stunning coat that can either be trimmed or kept long and mop-like. They’re a real favorite in the show ring!

Maltese are very agile dogs that are keen competitors in canine sports. They get on well with other pups and children but, like some other toy breeds, they like their space too.

Their wonderful coats need daily brushing to stop mats and tangles from appearing and they need regular baths. Make sure you dry them properly after bathing to stop them from getting skin irritations. Tear-staining can be a problem for these beautiful dogs, so keep the fur around their eyes clean and check with a vet if you’re concerned.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier with long hair

The beautiful Yorkshire Terrier is a favorite amongst pup parents. Many of these cute dogs have a short, cropped coat but many also have a long, elegant, and slightly mop-like one too. The texture is very like human hair, so it needs daily brushing if you decide to keep it long. 

You also need to make sure their head hair stays out of their eyes to prevent infection. You can do this by tying it up in an adorable top knot. It can be many different colors, but it’s usually a mix of brown, tan, black, and gray

Yorkies may look cute and innocent but they’re definitely Terriers. They’re confident and fierce. They were first bred to work in factories in Yorkshire catching rats. However, their cute looks, affectionate personalities, and charm made them quickly climb the ladder to the laps of Victorian royals.


berger de brie in a field

The Berger de Brie, or Briard as it’s also called, is a strong and elegant mop dog. They may be a little larger than the average mop, but their beautiful shaggy coats definitely allow them to qualify for this list. 

These herding dogs are intelligent, protective, and loyal to their owners. They are hardy and don’t mind spending some time alone in the fields, protecting their herds. They love to have a job to do and to keep active.

The Berger de Brie needs regular grooming, especially as an adult dog. Try to groom them when they’re a puppy so that they get used to it and start to enjoy it. Brushing them a couple of times a week will remove dead skin and hair so that their coats stay healthy and sleek (and mop-like).

Final Thoughts – Which Mop Dog Is for You?

Although beautiful to look at and certainly a topic of conversation, dogs that look like mops need to be adopted by the correct owner.

Many are herding pups that need regular outdoor exercise and, as you’ve seen, many of them have difficult coats to manage.

You need to adopt a breed that you can care for responsibly and that you have time for. That’s the most important thing!

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